Chinese travelers bid farewell to Lonely Planet
Published: Jun 27, 2024 03:07 AM
Lonely Planet Travel Guide China Edition Photo: Courtesy of Sinomap Press

Lonely Planet Travel Guide China Edition Photo: Courtesy of Sinomap Press

On Wednesday, Lonely Planet (LP), the world’s largest private travel guide publisher, announced that it had closed its China office and ceased publishing operations in China due to the impact of the pandemic and strategic adjustments. Chinese travelers have expressed their regret online.

All of LP's official social media accounts in China have also stopped updating. In its statement, LP expressed its regret over the decision but emphasized that it was necessary for various reasons. For the past decade, LP has adhered to the editorial principle of "responsible travel" in China, practicing the concept of sustainable travel and giving back to local communities. These efforts have also won the love and support of readers.

“LP is the best travel guide in my eyes. I have bought dozens of their books and have relied on these practical guides to travel to many places. Thanks to all the researchers. In this information age, updates are so fast, but looking at my bookshelf full of Lonely Planet books brings back wonderful memories,” wrote Tudou, a Chinese netizen, on Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter).

Since 2013, LP has published over 300 Chinese travel guides and travel books in China, selling millions of copies and assisting millions of Chinese travelers in gaining travel inspiration, planning itineraries, and exploring destinations.

"Because I was there, in the moment." This philosophy, as Tony Wheeler once said, will continue to inspire global travelers to explore the world and embrace the unknown.

Founded by Tony Wheeler and Maureen Wheeler in Australia in 1972, LP was originally created for backpackers. With an annual sales volume of seven million copies, the company accounts for about a quarter of the global English travel guide market.