Culture Beat: Trinley Dechen’s distinctive artistic style showcased
Published: Jun 27, 2024 10:57 PM


The solo exhibition Trinley Dechen: A Ten-Year Retrospective 2014-2024 recently kicked off, showcasing the evolution of Trinley Dechen's distinctive artistic style over the past decade. Dechen, an artist from Xizang with a global perspective, has exhibited his works all over the world, gaining widespread attention for his unique blend of traditional and contemporary art.   

Dechen's art can be best understood within a coordinate axis system, with the horizontal axis representing contemporary artists and the vertical axis representing Tibetan art history. Among contemporary artists, Dechen's works are very distinctive, and his unique plateau tones are unique in the world. In the history of Tibetan art, Dechen pioneered a new Tibetan aesthetic with abstract language.

The retrospective includes 10 series from 2014 to 2024. The Cloud Series, one of his early works, portrays his spiritual journey with references to mandalas and Buddhist symbology. The Himalayan Village Series captures the essence of the artist's childhood village with high-contrast colors and surrealist shapes. The Landscape Series depicts sacred Tibetan mountains and waters, symbolizing the vibrancy and beauty of life.