Exhibition reviews artist’s career of three decades
Published: Jun 28, 2024 12:00 AM
Photo: Courtesy of Tag Art Mueum

Photo: Courtesy of Tag Art Mueum

A new exhibition featuring over 130 artworks created by artist Ma Ke since 1997 kicked off at the Tag Art Museum in Qingdao, East China’s Shandong Province.

Over nine sections, the Preludes and Meditation exhibition reviews the artist’s three-decade career through paintings, manuscripts, archives, and documentaries. These artworks were placed into the two-story exhibition space at the Tag Art Museum, presenting the artist’s creations from different perspectives. With Cui Cancan as the curator, the exhibition is the largest showcase for the artist so far. 

At a talk during the exhibition, the artist explained the relationship between the artist's personal experience and his creations. The artist said that his Journey to the West series is the rewriting of the renowned traditional novel of the same name as it responds to the great exchanges between the East and the West in history. 

The opening chapter of the exhibition, Infinite Painting, presents the key point at the exhibition: How to achieve the infinite space of painting in the future.

This unit also presents more than 30 works on paper by Ma Ke. These works span different periods of his career, allowing the audiences to get a glimpse of the artist’s broader attempts and some touching cases. Compared with huge creations, paper works seem pure. They are more like private diaries, retaining the original vividness, emotion and talent of the artist.

The exhibition is set to run until September 8.