Culture Beat: 'The Great Ones' shines spotlight on makeup artists, craftsmanship
Published: Jul 02, 2024 11:32 PM
Promotional material for The Great Ones Photo: Courtesy of Zhejiang TV

Promotional material for The Great Ones Photo: Courtesy of Zhejiang TV

The Great Ones, a show airing on Zhejiang TV, presents Chinese craftsmen's love and pursuit of perfection, reflecting their concentration and perseverance.

These makeup artists combine classical Chinese aesthetics with modern makeup techniques to create a series of stunning works. Inspired by ancient poetry and other cultural elements, they transform the emotions and artistic conception behind the words in a script into visual images through the use of colors, lines and textures. "Putting poetry on a face" shows the possibilities of makeup art. This not only reflects the artists' deep understanding and respect for traditional culture, but also shows the wisdom of new-age craftsmen in discovering a balance between innovation and tradition.

The program balances the intensity of competition and the beauty of art. It not only shows the personal style and professional skills of makeup artists, but also reflects the diverse charm of makeup art, realizing artistic expression. It is not only a program that showcases the beauty of makeup art, but also one that acts as a platform for cultural exchange and creative collision, opening a window to the colorful world of makeup art for the audience.

Additionally, the makeup artists also integrate traditional Chinese cultural elements and skills into modern makeup art, allowing the audience to appreciate its beauty while also absorbing the charm of art and culture, improving their aesthetic appreciation. Under the guidance of the program, audiences can appreciate the beauty of diversity and understand that behind beauty is a love for life and the pursuit of dreams.