Culture Beat: Reality show displays cultural exchange, empowering women
Published: Jul 07, 2024 10:16 PM
<em>Ride the Wind 2024</em> Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Ride the Wind 2024 Photo: Courtesy of Douban

The international women's cultural exchange and music competition reality show Ride the Wind 2024 held its annual seat finals on Friday. After five themed shows, 12 members won the Ride the Wind annual seats, with Chen Haoyu winning the championship. Since its premiere, the show has trended online through numerous hot topics, promoting cultural exchanges between China and the world.

Ride the Wind 2024 features diverse stages, showcasing the beauty of women that breaks stereotypes. International media outlets have actively reported on it, calling it a bridge for cultural integration. The French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal congratulated the show, highlighting its role in fostering Chinese-French friendship.

During the finals, the show presented the audience with a stage that incorporated elements of traditional Chinese culture, showcasing women's power and self-expression. Chen Lijun, who was named the "Person of the Year," expressed that her participation in Ride the Wind 2024 was worthwhile, as it introduced more people to Yue (Shaoxing) Opera and sparked their interest in it.