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Around 70,000 peace doves are released into the sky as the parade ends


The last formations are air echelons, which contains around 200 jet fighters of more than 20 types, on a larger scale than any previous military parade in history


Logistics support formations pass Tiananmen


Information assurance formations, including radars and unmanned aerial vehicles, pass Tiananmen


Strategic strike formations pass Tiananmen


air-defense and anti-missile formations pass Tiananmen.


Nearly 1,000 foreign troops from 17 countries participate in the march.


Parade teams march by Tiananmen


President Xi takes a Red Flag limousine from the Golden Water Bridge to the front of Tiananmen and inspects troops.


The military parade commander in chief heads to Tiananmen and reports to President Xi for troop inspection.


Speech of President Xi Jinping


Parade starts with 56-gun salute

9:33 am
The foreign guests prepare for the group photo shoots

09:05 am
Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan begin welcoming foreign guests.

07:50 am
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