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Chinese-Canadian writer commemorates Jewish refugees in Shanghai during WWII in 10-part novel series

Filled with a mixture of dread and hope, two carriages of Jewish refugees set forth on a journey to Shanghai from Harbin, capital of Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, in 1938.
Source: Global Times | 2019/8/28 17:03:41

National Library of China celebrates 110th anniversary with exhibition and academic forum

A press conference on the upcoming 110th anniversary of The National Library of China was held in Beijing on Wednesday.
Source: Global Times | 2019/8/28 17:03:40

'Millennium' saga comes to an end

It is only right that a best-selling novel series about an unstoppable computer-hacker assassin should go out with a bang.
Source: AFP | 2019/8/28 16:28:40

Realistic literature, art becoming important mainstream trend in China: report

Realistic literature and art is becoming the mainstream and an important driving force in improving the quality of artistic works in China, according to a report on the country's art development in 2018.
Source: Xinhua | 2019/8/27 16:58:41

Getting close to Putin

The Chinese version of Putin: Innenansichten der Macht, a German book on the life of Russian President Vladimir Putin, debuted at the Russian Culture Center in Beijing on Thursday.
Source: Global Times | 2019/8/26 17:03:39

Foreign language editions of Fang Dazeng books announced at BIBF

Two books about Fang Dazeng, a war corespondent who disappeared during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1931-45) in 1937, will be published globally in multiple languages including English, Korean and Arabic, the book's publisher New World Press announced at the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) on Wednesday.
Source: Global Times | 2019/8/25 15:48:39

Evolving relations

China New World Press's new book 40 on 40: Four Decades of Evolving Sino-American Relations will be published in overseas markets, the publishing house announced along with its cooperative partner, US publishing house Cengage, at the ongoing Beijing International Book Fair on Wednesday.
Source: Global Times | 2019/8/22 18:08:41

Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press signs cooperation agreement with Elsevier to promote 3D printing technology in China

During the first day of the 26th Beijing International Book Fair on Wednesday, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press signed a cooperation agreement with world renowned publishing house Elsevier to publish in the Chinese mainland a series of English books on the latest technological advancements in 3D printing.
Source: Global Times | 2019/8/22 17:33:41

Bilingual panda pictorial annals published in Sichuan Province

Authorities in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, known as the home of pandas, have published Chinese and English pictorial annals of the giant bear.
Source: Xinhua | 2019/8/21 17:33:40

Fifteen foreigners win top publication prize for bringing Chinese culture to world

A total of 15 foreign writers, translators and publishers won China's top publication prize for introducing China and Chinese culture to the world at a ceremony held in Beijing on Tuesday.
Source: Xinhua | 2019/8/21 17:28:40