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Lifeblood of dance

She was the dance choreographer for director Zhang Yimou's film House of Flying Daggers. She founded the dance studio Yabin Studio, building it into an internationally recognized brand name through high quality performances over six years. She is also an actress of TV drama Rural Love, which has made her a familiar face to Chinese audiences across the nation.
Source: Global Times | 2015/4/7 18:13:01

Meet in Beijing Arts Festival to start with coproduction of classic ballet 'Swan Lake'

The 15th Meet in Beijing Arts Festival will open on April 23 with a Sino-US coproduced ballet Swan Lake, the festival's organizers announced at a press conference Thursday.
Source: Global Times | 2015/4/6 18:03:01

Adaptation of Chinese erotic classic finally coming to mainland

"Never underestimate your audience," famed choreographer Wang Yuanyuan stressed several times during her interview with the Global Times. This statement underlined the confidence she has in her decision to continue presenting her once highly controversial work The Golden Lotus, now retitled as The Lotus.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/31 17:23:01

Spring Equinox

Every time the mass media talks about contemporary dance in China, topics always seem to focus on the negative side: the art form's limited audience, performances that are difficult to understand and hard working dancers struggling to make a living. The last point is especially high profile as even dance celebrities like Jin Xing need to take jobs as TV hosts or judge reality shows to support their dance troupes. However, Willy Tsao, who many see as the father of contemporary dance in Hong Kong, argues that the media's portrayal of contemporary dance is far from true.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/30 18:38:01

Giant Brazil street parade as carnival revs into top gear

Dancers on stilts, bare-chested cowboys, Carmelite nuns and plenty of bare flesh flooded Rio's streets Saturday as revelers cranked up the volume at Brazil's carnival festival.
Source: AFP | 2015/2/15 17:53:01

Chinese dance drama promotes "Maritime Silk Road" at UN HQ

"I thought the story was very powerful. It was about family, love, adventure, friendship, and inheritance," Maria Kucinski said after watching a traditional Chinese dance drama "Dream of the Maritime Silk Road."
Source: Xinhua | 2015/2/7 11:09:38

At Bolshoi, world ballet stars dance for Ukraine's young dancers

A dozen top ballet stars including Svetlana Zakharova and Natalia Osipova put up a dazzling performance on Sunday at a keenly awaited but politically sensitive gala at Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre in support of young dancers in the war-torn country of Ukraine.
Source: AFP | 2014/12/8 18:38:02

Chinese modern dance makes debut in Malta

Professional dancer of Beijing Modern Dance Company performs in Valletta University, Malta on Novmber 22, 2014.
Source: Xinhua | 2014/11/23 10:40:22

'74 is the New 24': Dance pioneer Moroder announces new album

Giorgio Moroder, one of the pioneers of synthesized dance music, has announced his first album in 30 years with the declaration: "74 is the New 24."
Source: AFP | 2014/11/18 18:28:03

Dancers of Kecskemet City Ballet perform in Budapest

Members of the Kecskemet City Ballet perform the Fifth Season choreographed by Dora Barta and Andrej Petrovic in Budapest, Hungary on Oct. 7, 2014.
Source: Xinhua | 2014/10/8 11:02:09

Chinese Fujian Art Troupe performs in Senegal

Artists from Chinese Fujian Art Troupe dance at the Grand Theatre in Dakar, capital of Senegal, Sept. 29, 2014. Chinese Fujian Art Troupe visited Senegal on Monday and presented a soiree with the theme "The Stunning Charm of Fujian".
Source: Xinhua | 2014/9/30 11:15:21

Blokes of a feather

From September 25 to October 5, the English ballet dancer and choreographer Matthew Bourne's male version of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake will run at Shanghai Culture Square.
Source: Global Times | 2014/9/15 16:08:01

Tap billing

Australian dance spectacle Tap Dogs is stepping into Shanghai this month after sweeping through 330 cities across six continents.
Source: Global Times | 2014/9/1 17:33:01

Chasing the K-pop dream

K-pop glamour has conquered much of Asia and beyond, but for every headlining boy and girl band, there are many more like Billion struggling on the margins of South Korea's best-known cultural export.
Source: AFP | 2014/8/5 19:48:01

Dance and the city

For the past two weeks, the Beijing Dance Festival, which ended on Sunday, provided a platform for dancers and choreographers from all over the world to bring intense artistic enjoyment to the capital.
Source: Global Times | 2014/7/29 19:13:01

Stepping closer

“It's more like a big family than a dancing school,” said Yang Weiyi, a member of TangoBang, a Shanghai-based community devoted to tango dancing. “It's a place where I always feel like I belong.”
Source: Global Times | 2014/7/21 17:28:01

Ballet on ice

The Classical Russian Ballet of Moscow will kick off a nationwide tour of China with its signature ice ballet Swan Lake. This production of Tchaikovsky's masterpiece will feature contemporary ice dancing maneuvers artfully combined with ballet to retell the timeless story of Prince Siegfried and swan queen Odette.
Source: Global Times | 2014/7/16 17:28:01

Western songbird

In an eye-catching and gem-studded dress, Gulmire Muhammed spins on the stage to deafening applause and cheers. This was her performance on final of the Chinese version of UK TV show So You Think You Can Dance - but could an ethnic Uyghur possibly succeed?
Source: Global Times | 2014/7/16 21:28:01