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People's Daily launches People's Premier League

On Thursday, the operations center for People's E-sports was officially established at the offices of the People's Daily Press in Beijing. A roadmap for People's E-sports industry planning, e-sports industry media strategic planning and the People's Premier League was also released.
Source: Global Times | 2019/4/14 17:23:40

On the horizon

Google is looking to transform internet-age game play, with an expected launch of a streaming service which uses the tech giant's power in the internet cloud.
Source: AFP | 2019/3/17 16:28:40

Video game warriors battle to survive in Poland's Katowice

Top video game players gathered in the Polish city of Katowice on Sunday to fight it out on the shoot-'em-up survival game Fortnite, with prize money totaling $500,000 at stake.
Source: AFP | 2019/3/4 18:43:39

China should adopt own age ratings for games

China is a large country with huge population and obvious gaps in education among people. China's traditional culture is different from that of the Western world, so the country shouldn't simply adopt a ready-made age rating system for games, but figure out its own way.
Source: Global Times | 2019/1/2 17:48:39

Big wins for Chinese esports teams, big win for young generations in China

Saturday was a huge day for China in esports as Chinese teams won the world championships at two major gaming events. Chinese esports club Invictus Gaming (iG) became the Chinese mainland's first team to win the League of Legends World Championship by beating out European team Fnatic 3-0 in Incheon, South Korea. Meanwhile, at this year's BlizzCon in the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles, the China team beat out Brazil 3-0 to win the Hearthstone Global Games competition.
Source: Global Times | 2018/11/5 18:18:40

Obituary: Chinese author Louis Cha changed face of 'wuxia' genre

Millions of wuxia fans from home and abroad flooded social media platforms to express their shock and sorrow after news hit that renowned Chinese martial arts novelist Louis Cha, widely known by his pen name Jin Yong, passed away in Hong Kong on Tuesday at the age of 94.
Source: Global Times | 2018/10/31 19:03:41

'Three-Body Problem' writer Liu Cixin: Online games perfect platform for sci-fi

While talking about the nature of sci-fi and its potential at the recently ended Beijing International Book Fair, celebrated Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin touched on the future of his globally popular sci-fi trilogy The Three-Body Problem, revealing that a video game adaptation is currently in the works and most likely will release sometime after the film version hits big screens in China.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/26 18:13:39

Video game swastikas stir unease in Germany

The first video game to depict Germany's 1933-45 Nazi era uncensored, showing the swastika and Adolf Hitler, has stirred up debate over whether it's an advance for artistic freedom or a new danger of radicalization.
Source: AFP | 2018/8/26 16:43:39

eSports to feature in Indonesia Asiad as non-medal event

Competitive video gaming, known as eSports, will become a non-medal event at the 18th Asian Games scheduled to be held from Aug. 18 to Sept. 2 in Indonesia.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/7/25 8:28:14

'Jurassic' shakes box office

Big-grossing films Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Incredibles 2 again dominated the North American box office this weekend, but two new entrants beat expectations to place third and fourth, according to industry estimates on Sunday.
Source: AFP | 2018/7/2 17:42:19

Cloud computing on the horizon in changing video game world

Console makers long at the center of the video game universe are adapting to an exploding constellation of ways to play, with the cloud looming on the horizon.
Source: AFP | 2018/6/13 18:28:40

China's video game industry sees huge spike in female players

The number of female video game players in China grew prominently over the past year thanks to the immense success of hit mobile games including Travel Frog and Love and Producer, according to a report released by the Chinese game industry data platform CNG in late May.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/6 18:03:39

Japanese traveling frog game becomes hit among young Chinese

"Where has your frog been?" has recently become one of the most popular greetings among young urban residents in China.
Source: Global Times | 2018/1/24 18:03:39

Fans in focus at major E3 video game trade show

Video game giant Electronic Arts on Saturday courted fans with titles such as Star Wars Battlefront and snatched the spotlight ahead of a major industry trade show in Los Angeles.
Source: AFP | 2017/6/12 18:33:39

Video game adaptation 'Assassin's Creed' pins hopes on the Chinese market

Assassin's Creed, the action adventure adapted from popular video game franchise of the same name, is pinning its last hopes on China, the world's second largest film market and one that especially favors Hollywood action blockbusters. In late 2016, the film seriously underperformed when it was released in North America and other countries and regions outside of China during the Christmas season. The film only pulled in $54.53 million in the US and $157.9 million internationally, far below what it needs to break even on its $125 million budget plus marketing costs.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/22 18:23:39

Playing with the past

Li Xin, a 29-year-old sales manager based in Beijing, has long been a computer game addict. He started playing video games in the 1990s, and has played over 100 games.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/20 16:58:39

Lithuania entrepreneurs build 'dream' Tesla factory with Minecraft

Lithuanian entrepreneurs eager to woo Tesla Motors to their shores have built an entire factory to impress the electric carmaker... inside the Minecraft video game.
Source: AFP | 2017/2/5 19:08:39

The 20th Animation, Comics and Game Expo kicks off in Beijing

The 20th Animation, Comics and Game Expo, the largest of its kind in North China, kicked off at the China National Convention Center in Beijing on December 31, 2016. Thousands of products representing the latest in animation, comics and games will be on sale at the event, where guests will also have the chance to enjoy cosplay shows, 2-D celebrity fan meetings, and other entertaining activities.
Source: | 2016/12/31 19:11:57