Lawmaker claims Hong Kong rioters set office on fire

By Zhang Han and Chen Qingqing Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/15 23:08:39

Junius Ho Kwan-yiu, a lawyer and pro-establishment legislator in Hong Kong Photo: Fan Lingzhi/GT

Hong Kong lawmaker Junius Ho Kwan-yiu on Saturday night said on Facebook and the Twitter-like Sina Weibo that "rioters had set fire" to his office in Tsuen Wan district, which was vandalized by protesters in July and was being renovated.  

Three unidentified men threw eggs and what seemed to be flares, which is not only illegal but a threat to public safety, Ho said on Facebook. 

He called for police to thoroughly investigate the case and arrest the suspects. 

Ho also uploaded a video on the two platforms which shows his office room on the second floor of Tsuen Fung Centre on fire. 

A report by Hong Kong-based Ming Po said that the firefighters received a fire alarm at around 9:00 pm and extinguished it shortly after arriving. The report said the suspects first destroyed the office's CCTV system and the wooden board that sealed the office. 

Ho's assistant told the Global Times that alleged rioters might have started the fire to boost the morale of protesters who were scheduled to hold an unauthorized assembly on Sunday. 

Ho's office was trashed by dozens of masked protesters in July. 

Protesters accused Ho of standing against black-clad protesters in a conflict on July 21 which injured at least 45 people. The protesters smashed the glass panes of Ho's office and threw eggs after blacking out the surveillance camera with paint, Hong Kong Free Press reported. 

Mainland netizens expressed their concern about the chaos in Hong Kong and asked Ho on Weibo to stay safe. 

Meanwhile, some pro-protester netizens responded on Ho's Facebook post, saying he staged the fire. Some even suspected the "flame" was a red LED bulb.

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