Black-clad Western puppets continue rampage amid HK anti-mask law

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/7 7:23:37

Rioters burn items at the Causeway Bay metro station entrance in Hong Kong on October 4, 2019. Photo: AFP

Over the weekend, violence in Hong Kong escalated. On Sunday, demonstrators gathered, but turned out in lower numbers than expected. However, the scale and extent of their actions were heightened by an increase in violence and bloody attacks. 

Innocent bystanders, including a taxi driver and well-known film actress, Cai Mai Tai-lo, were assaulted. It was also reported that a journalist suffered minor burns from a petrol bomb. Demonstrators vandalized MTR stations Friday night, which forced city officials to close them on Saturday.

What we have seen with this latest round of demonstrations is how Western politicians and media continue to remain silent. Meanwhile, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken the lead to denounce the anti-mask law that was enacted Friday by the Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR).

US and Western media outlets were quick to criticize the ban. Their efforts inspired further protests, and this time to be carried out by any means necessary. These same agencies only fuel the opposition and encourage the protesters by generating fake reports that influence public opinion on how the mask ban hinders freedom of expression and runs counter to the will of the people. 

In the face of such unstable social order, the time has arrived for residents to choose sides and uphold the rule of law. A crumbling security apparatus designed to safeguard social order is destroying the city's foundation and reputation as an international financial hub.  

Closed MTR stations and boarded storefronts will never ensure freedom. The level of fear felt by Mandarin speakers as they walk down the streets is a contradiction to the principles of democracy. Anarchy has never served the interests of any society.

The mask ban is not a threat to freedom of expression nor peaceful assembly. Its purpose is to deter the demonstrators, most of whom have worn masks to hide their identities since the riots began months ago. The move is also meant to reduce the level of violence violent and restore order by upholding the interests of the general public. Unfortunately, many rioters continue to disobey the law. It was also enacted so residents could feel reassured amidst the ongoing chaos.  

There may be a few demonstrators who are entirely aware of the damage they have caused to their city's future, as they dive headfirst into political conspiracies, placing their gains above the common interests of all residents.

Politicians like Pelosi to continue to play a more sinister role. However, they will find themselves disappointed should things change following the anti-mask law. US activists and foreign media will no longer be satisfied when order is restored. Meanwhile, the future of the trade war remains unclear as a malicious tide continues to rise brought on by so-called Washington elites. The methods they use are designed to create more violence and unrest throughout the city.  

Obscurity is the only result that emerges when US values are measured against Hong Kong's. But one thing is sure, both sides have different pursuits. US politicians have given most of their attention to restricting China's development. With their mindset, prosperity, stability, and democracy do not factor into the equation on US national interests. Washington only views the Pearl of the Orient as a political tool designed to contain the Chinese mainland. If the protesters could reach a proper level of sobriety, then they would easily see through such amateur tricks.

Opposition forces continue to engage in political games among parties. This appeals to those who think they should defy the government. Meanwhile, US politicians and foreign media are obsessed with annihilating the interests of the city's residents. The two forces combined have manipulated public opinion and mislead protesters, inspiring them to turn their home city into a land of chaos. The protesters have increased their assault on police forces and residents who hold different political viewpoints, while simultaneously referring to themselves as the heroes of democracy. Their actions have humiliated the logic and wisdom that Hong Kong society has enjoyed for centuries.

Those who live here deserve a weekend off after working hard on throughout the week. How shameful it is to deprive them of rest and relaxation by turning their living environment into a nightmare.  

It's time for logic to resume its position among Hong Kong public opinion. It would be in the best interests of everyone for the city to reclaim its natural identity.

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