Rand report echoes Cold War mind-set, overstates threats

The long-term picture really depends more on the future of the Chinese and US economies, and especially on whether reforms in China are successful.

Will Russia alter US view on Assad govt?

Violation of airspace can hardly be avoided if air operations are conducted in a narrow airspace.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-8 0:38:01

Accountability must be demanded in MSF hospital attack

The reason why the US can act in this unscrupulous manner lies in its strong, hard power.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-8 0:38:01

Stacking the deck

Reshuffle of the Japanese cabinet
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-8 0:33:01

Japan young protestors put students in Hong Kong and Taiwan to shame

The two movements were both primarily peopled with students, but they failed to create a positive impression on me.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-7 22:53:02

Will India be next frontier for US tech giants?

To develop, the Internet economy cannot build castles in the air or take off regardless of a frail economic foundation.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-7 22:53:01

Flight of professionals and specialists leaves Syria with unsteady foundations

Many Syrians agree with the declaration by the Assad government that the refugee crisis is a political one, aiming at eroding the country of qualified citizens.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-7 22:48:01

Xi’s visit deepens Sino-US understanding

Neither side can afford to let a single area of disagreement undermine the larger relationship.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-7 22:43:02

Tu’s Nobel reminds Chinese that devotion to science pays in the long run

The fact that Tu lacks these qualifications also reminds us that science should be more accessible to all.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-7 22:38:02

VW response can be model for crisis-hit firms

Volkswagen has also adopted a proactive attitude toward mitigating the negative influence of the fallout.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-7 22:38:01

Successful global trade agreements require China's participation

The TPP is not an opportunity China cannot miss. Any global trade framework will not be perfect without China's participation. We have nothing to be insecure about.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-6 16:23:08

Nobel Prize opens possibilities to China's scientists

Chinese scientist Tu Youyou was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine together with a Japanese and an Irish-born scientist Monday, for their efforts in combating parasitic diseases.
Source: Global Times | 2015-10-6 1:25:12

China should dream big in outer space

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced on Monday they had found strong evidence of the existence of flowing water on Mars.
Source: Global Times | 2015-9-29 23:58:01

Social media offers poor arena for academic battles

When Hao Xianghe, a post-graduate first-year of Renmin University of China majoring in history, posted a few academically judgmental and personally abusive words against two well-known historians on his social media account, he probably didn’t think they could lead to an inglorious breakoff with his professor.
Source: Global Times | 2015-9-29 23:58:01