The Philippines is making a political show in the South China Sea.

China's new energy industry offers opportunities to the world.

When the US raises tariffs on Chinese green technology products, it is harming itself.

  • Destroying global economy

    The US continues to strengthen the existing hegemonic system centered around the US dollar.

    2024/5/14 20:39:54
  • US-dominated international orders

    The so-called "rules-based international order" in the US is essentially "US-dominated international orders."

    2024/5/13 21:46:38
  • Abusing tariffs

    President Joe Biden is set to announce new China tariffs as soon as next week targeting EVs.

    2024/5/12 20:19:15
  • Trapped

    UNICEF: Approximately 600,000 children in Raqqa are facing catastrophic risks.

    2024/5/9 19:08:43
  • Championing peace

    China is willing to launch an initiative with France, on the occasion of the Paris Olympic Games, for a worldwide ...

    2024/5/8 21:03:32
  • Grand delusions

    Sky News said that China has hacked the Ministry of Defence. The UK needs to stop politicizing cybersecurity issues and ...

    2024/5/7 23:38:17
  • 60 years of friendship

    As 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of China-France diplomatic relations, exchanges in core sectors such as aerospace, nuclear energy and ...

    2024/5/6 19:34:45
  • Hindering progress

    The US rumors about "China's overcapacity" are hindering the global energy transition.

    2024/5/5 19:27:56
  • Over-protectionism

    Major multinational car companies continue to invest in the Chinese market. The idea of "overcapacity" in China's new energy sector ...

    2024/4/29 20:58:32
  • Longing for peace

    The debris from the Palestinel-Israel conflict in the Gaza Strip is estimated to weigh 37 million tons, and unexploded shells ...

    2024/4/28 18:08:15
  • Unfair finger-pointing

    The US irrationally points finger at the increase in China's defense spending.

    2024/4/25 20:35:01
  • Insatiable appetite

    The US plunders the world to feed its military industrial complex.

    2024/4/24 9:35:45
  • US blocks Palestine's path to full UN membership

    The US blocks Palestine's path to full UN membership.

    2024/4/23 10:34:24
  • Dragged down

    Britain and Australia failed to be exempted from the US' International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

    2024/4/22 21:53:30
  • Mega-hypocrisy

    The US is aiding Ukraine and Israel while calling for human rights and peace.

    2024/4/21 23:57:41
  • Planning destruction

    The United States suppresses opponents to maintain its technological hegemony.

    2024/4/18 20:20:36
  • Exploited

    Japan is exploited by the US to achieve its China containment strategy.

    2024/4/17 19:31:05
  • Peace, not war

    May peace prevail over war.

    2024/4/17 17:06:11
  • Weaponization of credit rating

    The US is weaponizing the credit rating system.

    2024/4/17 16:34:43
  • Off target

    All the "theories" created by the US against China have collapsed.

    2024/4/16 20:34:02
  • Down the wrong path

    The US pushes the Philippines, Japan to the frontline of conflict with China.

    2024/4/15 19:42:48
  • Growing fear

    59 percent of public K-12 teachers say they are at least somewhat worried about the possibility of a shooting ever ...

    2024/4/14 20:29:58
  • America's overcapacity in exporting turmoil

    America's overcapacity in exporting turmoil to the world.

    2024/4/11 13:36:54
  • Japan's shortsightedness

    'Relying on US to contain China' brings illusions and dangers to Japan

    2024/4/10 18:50:30
  • Bound to fail

    DPP's “dollar diplomacy”

    2024/4/9 19:45:46
  • Mapping the future

    Thailand pushes EU Schengen-style visa for mainland Southeast Asia

    2024/4/8 20:21:52
  • Money overflow

    The overflowing money in the US presidential election

    2024/4/7 19:33:52
  • Aiding war

    The US is aiding the war in Gaza.

    2024/4/6 21:48:56
  • Seeing through deception

    The US is isolating itself from Southeast Asia due to its lack of reliability.

    2024/4/2 22:51:52
  • Blocking free trade

    The US is hindering global free trade.

    2024/4/1 19:40:35
  • Behind the scenes

    Guess who's directing this drama behind the scenes?

    2024/3/31 20:17:03
  • Barbaric treatment

    The UK High Court announced on March 26 that it has adjourned its final decision on the appeal of WikiLeaks' ...

    2024/3/28 22:40:29
  • Finding a scapegoat

    Britain media accused China, Russia and Iran of working to destabilize the UK by using social media to troll the ...

    2024/3/27 22:14:53
  • Double-dealing

    The UK and the US falsely accuse China of carrying out cyberattacks despite their own long history of misconduct in ...

    2024/3/26 23:02:32
  • Hindering exchanges

    Incidents of Chinese students being interrogated in "small black rooms" at the US airports are still ongoing. The frequent occurrence ...

    2024/3/25 22:44:46
  • Which one is free market?

    US inhibition vs China openness

    2024/3/24 20:07:06
  • Inducing confrontation

    The US attempts to hypnotize India into confrontation with China.

    2024/3/22 14:06:15
  • Boundless hypocrisy

    US' space demilitarization is an empty phrase."

    2024/3/21 22:07:18
  • Grand delusions

    Following the US' hype about "national security risks", Canada targetsChinese cargo cranes.

    2024/3/20 19:45:14
  • Under US' influence

    The US incites the Philippines to stir up the South China Sea.

    2024/3/19 21:06:16
  • Democracy farce

    Summit for Democracy exists in name only, with little interest or attention.

    2024/3/18 21:39:38
  • Facilitating criminality

    America is rife with gun trafficking.

    2024/3/17 19:46:15
  • Hidden agenda

    US Firms Set to Invest $1 Billion in Philippines. The Biden administration is hoping to elevate economic relations with Manila ...

    2024/3/14 21:11:49
  • Crashing down

    Boeing has billions in government contracts, supplies jets for world's wars and has iron grip on global travel - but ...

    2024/3/13 22:53:47
  • Hypocrisy in action

    Supplying arms to Israel while providing aid to Gaza—US humanitarian efforts in Gaza are hypocrisy in action.

    2024/3/13 19:36:05
  • Misplaced priorities

    The US State Department is applying for a $40 billion budget to "compete with China" and to "change the game ...

    2024/3/12 20:24:08
  • Preying on the world

    The world can no longer allow whoever has the biggest fist to have the final say, nor can we allow ...

    2024/3/11 18:32:41
  • Overlooking principles

    Openly robbing TikTok? American politicians have completely tarnished the face of the market economy.

    2024/3/10 19:04:33
  • US' crackdown on TikTok tramples upon First Amendment rights

    The US' crackdown on TikTok tramples upon its First Amendment rights.

    2024/3/8 13:15:14
  • Double-dealing

    While the US claims that it does not seek to suppress China, it is preparing various suppression tools.

    2024/3/7 19:55:29
  • Blatant lies

    The Philippines accused Chinese fishing vessels of using cyanide to destroy the sea recently.

    2024/3/6 21:05:54
  • Two-faced

    The behavior of the US and Europe toward China's EVs is contradictory and ridiculous, they promote the development of clean ...

    2024/3/5 20:34:38
  • Misplaced focus

    Misplaced focus.

    2024/3/5 13:52:39
  • Extreme egocentrism

    Extreme egocentrism

    2024/3/5 8:53:05
  • The hypocrite-in-chief

    The US has airdropped humanitarian aid for Gaza.

    2024/3/3 19:05:06
  • Poisoning the ocean

    Poisoning the ocean.

    2024/2/29 11:53:43
  • Inciting tensions

    The US sees China-Kiribati security cooperation with an obvious bias.

    2024/2/28 21:33:22
  • Self-isolation

    For the US, keeping building a "small yard, high fence" is not self-protection, but self-isolation.

    2024/2/27 21:14:21
  • Contaminated

    Japan's dumping of nuclear-contaminated wastewater continues to poison the world.

    2024/2/26 21:19:57
  • Hindering peace

    Who is hindering the efforts to achieve peace between Russia and Ukraine?

    2024/2/25 20:37:32
  • Increasingly delusional

    The Biden administration announced a plan to invest billions in domestic manufacturing of cargo cranes, citing concerns that Chinese-made cranes ...

    2024/2/22 20:33:24
  • Destroyer of peace

    The US on Tuesday again vetoed a draft UNSC resolution on the Israel-Hamas conflict. This is the fourth time the US ...

    2024/2/21 20:48:13
  • Trampling on the free market

    The European Union will launch formal investigation into TikTok.

    2024/2/20 21:19:35
  • The federal bureau of lies

    The director of the FBI Christopher Wray claimed China is increasingly inserting "offensive weapons" within their critical infrastructure during the Munich ...

    2024/2/19 22:13:15
  • Self-destruction

    The EU has launched an unprecedented probe into a subsidiary of CRRC for allegedly using subsidies to undercut European suppliers ...

    2024/2/18 21:42:04
  • Milked dry

    The US State Department and NATO's secretary general urged member countries to take steps to increase defense spending to 2 ...

    2024/2/17 19:48:29
  • Overreaching hypocrisy

    The Five Eyes alliance has repeatedly smeared China, simply to cover up the basic fact that itself is the world's ...

    2024/2/8 19:49:24
  • Futile pursuit

    The "China collapse" theory keeps collapsing.

    2024/2/7 21:13:36
  • Self-harm

    The EU's anti-dumping investigation into China's photovoltaic products hurts its own green deal.

    2024/2/6 20:36:03
  • Warmonger

    Head of war machine NATO is reportedly nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

    2024/2/5 20:51:52
  • Paranoia

    A pigeon suspected of being a Chinese spy in India was detained for eight months.

    2024/2/4 19:57:26
  • Divided States of America

    Divided States of America.

    2024/2/1 23:32:34
  • Trouble abound

    America needs luck to avoid a recession.

    2024/2/1 23:06:28
  • Confrontation over Texas border

    Is US heading toward a civil war?

    2024/1/31 13:06:14
  • Profiting from war

    The US as a non-stop war machine has delivered yet another “outstanding” year-end performance review of foreign military sales: a ...

    2024/1/30 19:56:06
  • A walking war machine

    NATO is a walking war machine.

    2024/1/29 20:17:55
  • Blocking aid

    Eight countries have paused future funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near ...

    2024/1/28 21:02:44
  • Where arc of history bends

    The one-China principle is where global opinion trends and where the arc of history bends.

    2024/1/28 15:27:48
  • Walking war machine

    A walking war machine.

    2024/1/26 18:19:32
  • Wrong perception


    2024/1/25 20:39:21
  • Under siege

    Is the Middle East on the Verge of a Wider War?

    2024/1/24 21:14:49
  • Biggest enemy

    US biggest enemy is itself

    2024/1/23 20:18:27
  • Destroyers of the Earth

    US military's devastating carbon footprint

    2024/1/22 19:28:20
  • Inadvertent self-harm

    US salami-slicing tactics

    2024/1/21 23:10:55
  • US seeks to extend its hegemony into space

    The US seeks to extend its hegemony into space.

    2024/1/20 16:50:21
  • US stokes flames in Taiwan Straits

    Condoning separatist forces means stocking flames in the Taiwan Straits.

    2024/1/19 15:51:38
  • Dominating the moon

    A group of US space experts, government officials and lawmakers gathered in the House of Representatives of the Congress, the ...

    2024/1/18 19:23:50
  • Pass the buck

    The 'China threat theory' originates from the anti-China sentiment in the US and serves as an important tool for the ...

    2024/1/17 20:56:39
  • Exploiting global economy

    Factors such as debt crises, high inflation and interest rates, and weak tradeperformance have hampered global economic growth, WEF President ...

    2024/1/16 20:22:37
  • Self-destruction

    For the US, the greatest concern among people is another war - a civil war. "Civil war has never truly ...

    2024/1/15 19:57:19
  • Under fire

    How long will the humanitarian crisis and tragedy in the Gaza Strip continue, as this round of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which ...

    2024/1/14 19:39:43
  • Dance with the devil

    US military industrial complex is causing death all over the world.

    2024/1/11 19:29:44
  • Tough journey

    The global economy is burdened by slowing growth, gloomy global trade and geopolitical tensions.

    2024/1/10 19:57:03
  • Replay

    The US presidential election again falls into the rivalry between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

    2024/1/9 20:18:26
  • Squashed by partisanism

    Now, the immigration crisis has split the US society

    2024/1/8 20:46:55
  • Vicious politics

    Fears of political violence are growing in the US as the 2024 presidential election approaches

    2024/1/7 19:19:42
  • Directing propaganda

    US has a playbook to attack China

    2024/1/4 20:19:59
  • Monopolizing Earth

    How US maintains an unipolar world

    2024/1/3 21:17:45
  • United States of guns

    The handover from 2023 to 2024 in the US.

    2024/1/2 21:58:38
  • Striving for a prosperous 2024

    2024 will be a better year for China.

    2024/1/1 21:28:31
  • Will world witness a turnaround in 2024 after a chaotic 2023?

    Will the world witness a turnaround in 2024 after a chaotic 2023?

    2023/12/31 18:09:38
  • Hopeful new year

    We wish the world a peaceful 2024 with hopes.

    2023/12/28 20:47:44
  • Wrong conviction

    Europe's EV market has become a victim of the US' Inflation Reduction Act.

    2023/12/27 21:24:24
  • Different realities

    One Chirstmas, different realities.

    2023/12/26 19:27:02
  • An uneasy Christmas

    Under the threat of terrorism, it is an uneasy Christmas for Europe this year.

    2023/12/25 18:51:08
  • Reckless assault

    India has arrested three top executives of Vivo India again after two months.

    2023/12/24 20:41:09
  • Longest wait ever

    The never-ending wait for the collapse of China.

    2023/12/21 16:09:28
  • Crumbling public discourse

    The hegemony of American public discourse is crumbling.

    2023/12/20 21:09:17
  • Hypocrite-in-chief

    The deep-rooted issue of racism in the US has not been eradicated but persists; with the rapid deterioration of China- ...

    2023/12/19 19:29:35
  • Shameful stealing

    A 40-tanker convoy carrying oil taken from Syrian fields was witnessed departing Syria's northeastern al-Hasakah province for US bases in ...

    2023/12/18 22:07:01
  • Next train arriving…

    Partisan conflict, insufficient funds, deteriorating infrastructure, weakened industrial and technological capabilities have repeatedly shattered the dream of high-speed rail in ...

    2023/12/18 11:20:38
  • Grand militarism

    The US Senate passes $886 billion defense spending bill.

    2023/12/14 20:34:57
  • Blind to atrocities

    The US turns a blind eye to atrocities in Gaza.

    2023/12/14 19:54:55
  • Cooling efforts

    A COP28 to save the planet

    2023/12/13 20:45:20
  • UK's blatant interference

    The UK's attempts to find fault with China on the South China Sea issue are self-defeating.

    2023/12/12 20:55:38
  • Business of war

    US rakes in a fortune from war business.

    2023/12/12 16:35:35
  • Out of reach

    Inflation hits this year's Christmas in the US

    2023/12/11 19:49:00
  • Delusional

    US congeress warned Chinese Chinese garlic is a national security risk. 

    2023/12/10 21:28:59
  • Overlooking real problems

    US own problems

    2023/12/7 22:22:35
  • Beyond Santa's ability

    No more waiting

    2023/12/6 19:09:07
  • Overwhelmed

    US aid to Israel and Ukraine

    2023/12/5 19:12:28
  • Blown up promises

    The promises and actual actions of Americans are always so mismatched.

    2023/12/4 21:02:39
  • Pandora's box of AI weaponization

    Australia says AI will be used to help track Chinese submarines under new AUKUS plan

    2023/12/3 21:44:28
  • Destroyer vs Builder

    The US recently announced new measures to strengthen the supply chain exclusivity; China holds International Supply Chain Expo to call ...

    2023/11/30 22:00:08
  • British Museum without stolen artifacts

    If the British Museum returned all the stolen artifacts…

    2023/11/30 19:10:52
  • Walking away with disappointment

    As a chaotic year comes to an end, a number of current members of the U.S. Congress are “fleeing” one ...

    2023/11/29 21:42:40
  • Who's benefiting from concocting 'China threat'?

    Behind the false China threat narrative are its beneficiaries: U.S. defense contractors, congressional lobbyists, funded members of Congress, and those ...

    2023/11/28 21:29:22
  • False hope

    For many Americans, the 'American Dream' has become out of reach. "

    2023/11/27 23:19:53
  • Deadly manipulation

    The US uses lies to manipulate global public opinion

    2023/11/26 20:38:51
  • Warmonger vs pacifist

    Middle east in the past decade

    2023/11/23 23:53:47
  • Stirring up trouble

    The US and the Philippines have started joint air and sea patrols in the South China Sea, the latest efforts ...

    2023/11/22 18:51:56
  • Uncle Sam's blame game

    Uncle Sam's blame game.

    2023/11/21 23:27:02
  • Muddying the waters

    Australia has accused the Chinese navy of “dangerous, unsafe and unprofessional” conduct after an incident in international waters near Japan.

    2023/11/21 22:45:37
  • Surrounded by chaos

    As the 2024 presidential campaign heats up, concerns on the threat of politically motivated violence has intensified in the US.

    2023/11/20 22:57:34
  • Fueling the fire

    The US has approved a $2.35 billion sale of 400 Tomahawk missiles to Japan, as Tokyo seeks to bolster its ...

    2023/11/19 21:05:02
  • Hypocritical face

    The US is showing its hypocrisy in terms of funding Kiev in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    2023/11/16 21:17:24
  • Self-sabotage

    While pushing for “de-risking” from China, the EU risks hurting itself.

    2023/11/14 21:52:21
  • A fishy movement

    Turning Northeast Asia into a front line of camp confrontation is nothing but inviting disaster.

    2023/11/13 22:04:59
  • Sisyphean uplift

    As its credit rating keeps dropping, what else can the US do to handle it?

    2023/11/12 20:23:40
  • US rejects Gaza ceasefire calls

    US impedes global efforts to foster peace in Gaza.

    2023/11/10 20:52:48
  • Sinking credibility

    US credibility is sinking amid the escalating Israel-Palestine conflict.

    2023/11/8 16:56:55
  • 2024 US elections shadowed by global unrest

    Global unrest casts uncertainties over the 2024 US elections.

    2023/11/8 13:31:26
  • Lonely veto

    The US once again says no to UN resolution to end the Cuba embargo.

    2023/11/6 20:45:38
  • Blind Support

    Thousands of protesters gathered near the White House, criticizing the US aid to Israel and calling for a ceasefire. Can ...

    2023/11/5 23:30:43
  • Profiting off trouble

    It is the US military-industrial complex that makes the profit in the end.

    2023/11/2 21:50:45
  • Hindering progress

    The US views the development of artificial intelligence technology with so-called democratic values.

    2023/11/1 21:17:38
  • Failed juggler

    Zelensky's struggle to keep Ukraine in the fight

    2023/10/31 19:42:10
  • Toxic moves

    G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food.

    2023/10/30 21:01:09
  • A ruthless stand

    The US vetoed the humanitarian ceasefire.

    2023/10/29 20:56:29
  • Battered by bullets

    Mass shooting in Maine, Lewiston is the deadliest shooting this year in the US

    2023/10/26 20:06:17
  • Monumental obstacles

    US car strike escalates

    2023/10/25 21:25:15
  • Dangerous maneuver

    The Philippines is acting recklessly in the South China Sea

    2023/10/24 20:19:04
  • Grand hypocrisy

    US default would threaten global economy

    2023/10/23 21:52:57
  • Blood-tainted veto

    US refuses to put Gaza ceasefire on the table at UN.

    2023/10/23 18:00:51
  • Abusing power

    The US vetoed the UN ceasefire resolution on Gaza.

    2023/10/22 20:07:37
  • Killing of peace dove

    The US kills the dove of peace by vetoing the UN's ceasefire resolution on Gaza.

    2023/10/20 18:10:05
  • Self-isolation

    Who has the US' "small yard, high fence" strategy truly isolated?

    2023/10/19 20:16:35
  • Tug of war

    Who will be the House Speaker? The issue is tearing the US Congress apart again.

    2023/10/18 21:36:25
  • Destroyer of worlds

    A crackled US is still destroying the world.

    2023/10/17 22:20:17
  • Self-sabotage

    The US chip export controls China. It is putting American chipmakers in danger.

    2023/10/16 22:39:58
  • Overwhelmed

    America cannot fulfill all its demands and ambitions it has.

    2023/10/15 22:02:57
  • Biased reporting

    Biased reporting.

    2023/10/13 17:25:11
  • Losing steam

    The United Auto Workers union's strike against Detroit's Big Three automakers has taken an unprecedented toll on the US economy ...

    2023/10/12 18:43:42
  • Stretched too thin

    The continuous military aid has sparked domestic concerns in the US, with fears that sending large quantities of weapons overseas ...

    2023/10/11 20:56:17
  • Self-defeating policies

    Anti-subsidy probe will eventually harm European wind turbines and steelmaker

    2023/10/10 20:13:34
  • Fueling tension

    The US is fueling the tensions between Israel and Palestine

    2023/10/9 19:44:57
  • Out of options

    Nothing in the toolbox against China is effective anymore.

    2023/10/8 20:10:42
  • Failed containment

    Huawei's breakthrough demonstrates that the US sanction system itself is against the logic of technological progress and industrial logic, and ...

    2023/10/7 18:34:34
  • Hackneyed cliches

    The US has always been a hard containment of China with one hand and a soft knife with the other. ...

    2023/10/6 21:54:14
  • Misplaced priorities

    Is "slowing down China" more important to the US than "speeding up America"?

    2023/9/27 19:49:29
  • Grand theft

    The US engages in economic coercion but smears China.

    2023/9/26 21:50:44
  • Trouble abound

    The US is facing many headaches now.

    2023/9/25 20:41:46
  • West invests heavily in weapons, but very little in global development

    West invests heavily in weapons, but very little in global development.

    2023/9/25 8:23:54
  • US caught in Canada-India diplomatic row

    The US is caught in the Canada-India diplomatic row.

    2023/9/22 19:35:22
  • Memorable Games

    The Asian Games will open on Saturday.

    2023/9/21 23:07:14
  • Overreaching lies

    The US is "a thief crying 'stop thief'" as it is the No.1 country that engages in surveillance and reconnaissance ...

    2023/9/20 21:35:40
  • Clock ticking to government shutdown

    A US government shutdown looms.

    2023/9/19 20:40:41
  • Endless delusion

    "China collapse" has never and will never become true.

    2023/9/18 20:33:29
  • West's modern 'witch hunt'

    The West's modern "witch hunt."

    2023/9/18 16:18:19
  • Money-driven

    The DPP betrays and harms Taiwan.

    2023/9/17 20:10:39
  • Shake down under

    Australian, UK and US tech companies already reaping AUKUS benefits

    2023/9/15 21:15:48
  • 'Beacon of democracy' does not allow rational voice toward China

    The "beacon of democracy” does not allow a rational voice toward China.

    2023/9/14 18:07:23
  • Helpless efforts

    rising US recession risk

    2023/9/13 20:34:36
  • Chronic protectionism

    "Small yard, high fence" will backfire

    2023/9/12 20:00:27
  • Insincerity

    US President Joe Biden said at a news conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Sunday after upgrading the US-Vietnam relationship, “I ...

    2023/9/11 22:51:11
  • Mired in mayhem

    Chaos-filled 9/11 anniversary

    2023/9/10 21:51:11
  • US sends 'commonplace type of munition' to Ukraine

    “This is a commonplace type of munition,” says John Kirby on US providing depleted uranium rounds to Ukraine.

    2023/9/10 11:29:14
  • Huawei defies US sanctions

    Huawei defies US sanctions.

    2023/9/7 12:17:01
  • Flexing military muscles

    Is the US carrier approaching the Yellow Sea to deter China, or to humiliate itself?

    2023/9/6 20:35:02
  • Deadly obliviousness

    Japan notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) that China's ban on Japanese seafood from the Fukushima nuclear power plant ...

    2023/9/5 22:21:23
  • Spreading chaos

    The US jeopardizes global security with depleted uranium mlnitions.

    2023/9/4 22:32:41
  • Breaking through barriers

    Us policy towards China is ultimately wrong.Huawei will beat the technology sanctions.

    2023/9/3 22:29:38
  • Toxic hypocrisy

    Although some American politicians said Japan's dumping plan is “safe,” they actually refused to eat Fukushima fish.

    2023/8/31 19:47:03
  • Wrong focus

    Japan and the US put their focus on geopolitics despite public opposition

    2023/8/30 19:35:07
  • Japan's toxic 'bomb'

    Japan drops the "bomb" of nuclear-contaminated water into the Pacific.

    2023/8/30 17:19:37
  • Missing artifacts

    The recent revelation that some 2,000 artifacts from the British Museum's collection inexplicably went missing has shocked not only the ...

    2023/8/29 17:24:56
  • Japan serves special dish

    The GAC is highly concerned about the risk of radioactive contamination to Japan's food and agricultural products exported to China

    2023/8/28 18:15:44
  • Senseless cacophony

    Biden claims that the Chinese economy has troubles and that China's rapid rise is unsustainable, since the US considers China ...

    2023/8/27 22:20:11
  • Playing deaf

    In the face of public outcry from around the world, the US government supports the discharge of nuclear-contaminated wastewater into ...

    2023/8/24 20:34:15
  • Contaminated

    Japan dumps nuclear-contaminated water.

    2023/8/23 23:39:27
  • Killing the oceans

    Japan insists on discharging nuclear contaminated wastewater into the sea. All oceans will be polluted.

    2023/8/22 21:00:24
  • A burdened servant

    The ruling party in Australia is discussing the AUKUS nuclear submarine agreement.

    2023/8/21 19:36:56
  • Japan's reckless dumping of nuclear wastewater poses a grave danger to Earth

    Japan's reckless dumping of nuclear wastewater poses a grave danger to Earth.

    2023/8/21 15:47:06
  • US pawns

    "Camp David summit" will sound the trumpet for the march toward a "new cold war."

    2023/8/20 21:06:18
  • Dead end

    If the US, Japan and South Korea continue to upgrade their cooperation, this could lead to an arms race in ...

    2023/8/18 20:00:51
  • Down the wrong path

    US in the Pacific region seeks to reinforce the so-called economic and technological "new cold war" through an enhanced geopolitical ...

    2023/8/17 21:49:18
  • A walking contradiction

    While paying lip service to not seeking decoupling, the US has triggered a new Cold War by its actual actions.

    2023/8/16 22:59:20
  • A greener world

    A greener world in ecological civilization construction.

    2023/8/15 22:55:48
  • Benefiting from tragedy

    US profits from European energy crisis caused by Russia sanctions

    2023/8/14 20:45:23
  • Hooligan logic

    Americans subscribe to the "social Darwinism" logic of the robber, with "teeth and claws" in the international community, this "dark ...

    2023/8/13 20:42:33
  • US attempts to cannibalize TSMC and hollow out Taiwan's chip industry

    US attempts to cannibalize TSMC and hollow out Taiwan's chip industry.

    2023/8/11 19:54:58
  • Backfiring moves

    Us sanctions on Chinese chips

    2023/8/11 1:01:11
  • Stirring up trouble

    The US is a troublemaker in the South China Sea.

    2023/8/9 21:51:25
  • Miscalculated actions

    The US' "chip chokehold" plan backfires.

    2023/8/8 22:48:06
  • Two-faced

    Two-faced US has shown its true color again.

    2023/8/7 20:11:50
  • Draining global economy

    The US has long abused the dollar hegemony to transfer its own crises.

    2023/8/6 19:33:51
  • Aggravating risks

    US announces military aid package for Taiwan.

    2023/8/3 19:26:20
  • A ticking time bomb

    Fitch cuts US credit rating a notch from AAA.

    2023/8/2 20:48:11
  • Self-defeating

    China decoupling comes with a high price tag for America.

    2023/8/1 20:20:16
  • Shamelessly deceptive

    The US media maliciously hype "Chinese malware."

    2023/7/31 20:02:51
  • Deadly deal

    The US announces $345M weapons package for Taiwan. Is the US turning Taiwan into a powder keg?

    2023/7/30 18:39:47
  • Engulfed in flames

    Canadian wildfire

    2023/7/27 20:49:32
  • Wreaking havoc

    Wuhan Earthquake Monitoring Center suffers cyberattack from the US

    2023/7/26 18:47:24
  • Deliberate ignorance

    US turns blind eye to illegal gun trafficking

    2023/7/25 21:03:39
  • Delusional

    US media: China is preparing merchant ferries for amphibious warfare

    2023/7/24 20:33:13
  • A US puppet

    Japan's export curbs on chip-making equipment to China take effect

    2023/7/23 19:42:41
  • US' self-limiting plan

    Today, the United States is increasingly living in a "national security fortress".

    2023/7/20 20:06:25
  • Time's up!

    Extreme weather is not only a great disaster for humankind, but also a heavy blow to the global economy, and ...

    2023/7/19 21:44:04
  • Blind to reality

    Washington is falling deeper into the Cold War trap.

    2023/7/18 22:12:55
  • Shameless exploitation

    Will the US forces' constant plunder of Syrian oil fields ever end?

    2023/7/17 20:54:17
  • Self-destructive

    Who hurts the most from the US' new curbs on AI chip export to China?

    2023/7/16 20:36:23
  • Japan uses subsidies to buy silence

    If the dump of nuclear wastewater is indeed harmless, why would the Japanese government subsidize the fishing industry in Fukushima? ...

    2023/7/16 12:14:56
  • Uncle Sam's word games

    Is the US' de-risking just a fancy disguise for decoupling?

    2023/7/14 16:43:18
  • Unwelcomed

    The NATO summit demonstrates that the Western military alliance has returned to “Cold War schemes”, as Russia warned.

    2023/7/13 19:29:16
  • Hypocrite in chief

    NATO accused China of challenging its interests and threatening its security.

    2023/7/12 19:18:42
  • Who poses a real risk for the world?

    Who poses a real risk for the world?

    2023/7/12 15:14:14
  • Two-faced

    US President Biden provided cluster munitions for Ukraine despite human rights concerns.

    2023/7/11 18:59:19
  • Spreading chaos

    NATO's expansion to the Asia-Pacific will undoubtedly worsen regioanal stability.

    2023/7/10 21:31:25
  • Playing victim

    China threat inflation is all the rage in the US these days

    2023/7/9 20:30:00
  • Under threat

    On February 23, 2022, the US Department of Justice announced the termination of the China Initiative.

    2023/7/6 20:27:34
  • Trapped

    The US is trapped in its gun violence.

    2023/7/5 20:31:51
  • Japan's nuclear gamble

    Is the impact of Japan's radioactive wastewater dump truly negligible?

    2023/7/5 16:11:40
  • Suicide mission

    Washington is pushing Seoul toward an intensified confrontation with Beijing.

    2023/7/4 20:04:45
  • Overlooking real trouble

    The US will only turn itself into a global 'drug den' by scapegoating China.

    2023/7/3 20:39:48
  • Uncle Sam's balloon farce

    It turned out the Chinese “spy balloon” was just another Washington's wild fantasy.

    2023/7/2 12:42:42
  • The domino effect

    The US hurts its own chip industry with its chip export ban to China.

    2023/6/29 20:08:23
  • Destructive division

    America's global status is undermined by its domestic political polarization.

    2023/6/28 20:23:32
  • Relentless lying

    Western media hypes the "spy balloon," but the audience are fed up.

    2023/6/27 21:08:42
  • Under a spell

    Under the influence of interest groups and monopoly capital

    2023/6/26 19:41:26
  • A thief crying 'stop thief!'

    According to Blinken, the US was not decoupling from China, but “de-risking and diversifying” and protecting US critical technologies, so ...

    2023/6/25 18:43:38
  • Impending doom

    US political violence

    2023/6/20 20:53:08
  • Deadly double-dealing

    Democrats and Republicans scream about the threat'of Russia and China while the US military has guns pointed at the entire ...

    2023/6/19 19:56:01
  • A fatal friend

    Why should the people in Taiwan be used as cannon fodder by the US?

    2023/6/18 20:12:13
  • US digs the grave of dollar's doom by imposing sanctions

    US digs the grave of dollar's doom by imposing sanctions.

    2023/6/18 12:39:31
  • US' suicidal sanctions

    US' suicidal sanctions.

    2023/6/17 23:07:40
  • Playing dirty

    Canada freezes ties with AIIB

    2023/6/15 20:15:00
  • Hidden agenda

    US needs effective communication rather than self-talk to improve relations with China

    2023/6/14 20:15:26
  • Polar opposites

    US' de-risking vs China's cooperation

    2023/6/13 19:06:22
  • US plays trick of thief crying 'stop thief' in espionage charges against China

    The US plays the trick of a thief crying "stop thief" by accusing China of espionage in Cuba.

    2023/6/13 12:12:51
  • A pawn

    Seoul is gradually falling into US' strategic trap to contain China

    2023/6/12 20:45:53
  • Agent of disarray

    US' Taiwan card

    2023/6/11 21:25:21
  • Proud troublemaker

    The US ranks No.1 in terms of debt, division and dysfunction

    2023/6/8 20:08:46
  • Japan's dangerous move

    The crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has sent seawater into an underwater tunnel designed to release nuclear-contaminated wastewater into ...

    2023/6/7 19:12:36
  • Low morale

    US Secretary of State Blinken claimed that the Taiwan question isn't an internal Chinese matter, sending a dangerous signal that ...

    2023/6/6 20:37:15
  • Imminent disaster

    President Joe Biden has signed legislation to lift the debt ceiling, which allowed the Treasury Department to resume new debt ...

    2023/6/5 20:39:54
  • Crumbling dollar hegemony

    A backlash against dollar hegemony is brewing across the world

    2023/6/4 20:33:32
  • The old trick of a 'Peeping Tom'

    The old trick of a “Peeping Tom” before the Shangri-La Dialogue

    2023/6/2 11:16:12
  • Misplaced focus

    Better look back at what is happening at home while you are too obsessed with calling China the “greatest challenge”!

    2023/6/1 19:45:44
  • Crumbling delusions

    The US' two ridiculous theories about China are crumbling down.

    2023/5/31 19:55:37
  • A US' farce

    Can 'Buy America' really save America?

    2023/5/30 22:46:45
  • Out of credit

    A debt ceiling deal can't save the declining dollar credit.

    2023/5/29 20:05:41
  • A new dawn

    The maiden commercial flight of China's home-made C919 passenger plane completed successfully.

    2023/5/28 21:00:31
  • Parroting “China threat”

    Meet Sunak, a top student parroting “China threat” from the US

    2023/5/25 22:05:13
  • The price of deceit

    Meta was fined a "hefty penalty" for "transferring user data" to the US.

    2023/5/25 21:20:03
  • A ticking bomb

    As the US debt default enters the "countdown", Biden and the Republicans are still engaged in "extreme tug-of-war".

    2023/5/24 18:24:59
  • Orchestrating falsehood

    G7 countries are at odds with each other both in appearance and in heart.

    2023/5/23 18:13:57
  • Troublemaker

    The global south says "no" to the west.

    2023/5/22 21:30:26
  • Out of touch with reality

    Washington is rife with anxiety about China, to the point of irrationality.

    2023/5/21 20:38:17
  • Cumbersome burden

    US debt ceiling and partisan standoff

    2023/5/18 21:26:34
  • Imposing hypocrisy

    G7's 'economic coercion' call-out is hypocritical

    2023/5/17 20:18:36
  • Worlds apart

    US politicians and businessmen's attitude toward China is like ice and fire.

    2023/5/16 20:18:47
  • Playing with lives

    State officials are "kicking the ball" on immigration

    2023/5/15 18:43:31
  • Sinking morale

    The representativeness of G7 in the international community has significantly declined.

    2023/5/14 19:53:12
  • First feeder of NATO in Asia

    Japan, the first feeder of NATO in Asia.

    2023/5/12 21:18:02
  • The dying dollar

    Countries across the world have accelerated de-dollarization and increasingly shifted to other currencies that would provide stability

    2023/5/11 17:17:35
  • Rising debt, bust economy

    US choking on debt

    2023/5/10 20:15:18
  • In the crosshairs

    After a series of shootings, The US is on track to have the worst year of mass killings in 2023 ...

    2023/5/10 17:39:36
  • Escaping US' shackles

    The peace process in the Middle East is unfolding

    2023/5/10 1:22:59
  • Drowning in debt

    The US debt ceiling has turned into a crisis, and this could be a partisan issue and a great a ...

    2023/5/8 17:45:48
  • Orchestrating destruction

    NATO is reportedly planning to open a liaison office in Tokyo, the first of its kind in Asia, which Chinese ...

    2023/5/8 1:49:11
  • Mother of all disorder

    New report unveils how CIA scheme color revolutions around the world

    2023/5/4 19:33:30
  • Unquenchable appetite

    A group of 25 US arms dealers are on their visit to Taiwan as part of their efforts to sell ...

    2023/5/4 0:07:54
  • World ushers in the age of AI

    The world ushers in the age of AI.

    2023/4/28 21:58:34
  • Crumbling dominance

    Shift away from dollar is now picking up speed

    2023/4/27 19:01:20
  • US hindering China's push for peace

    US will not settle Ukraine in peace

    2023/4/26 18:19:01
  • Shattered values

    US' action against TikTok will backfire

    2023/4/25 20:16:52
  • Self-destruction

    G7's kamikaze-like export ban on Russia undermines prospect of peace

    2023/4/24 22:53:02
  • Self-annihilation

    American hegemony destroys itself and destroys the world

    2023/4/23 20:23:42
  • Master manipulator

    Master manipulator

    2023/4/21 1:35:20
  • Big Brother is watching

    The US is spying the UN

    2023/4/19 20:28:12
  • Climbing up

    China's Q1 GDP signals a good start to achieving a strong full-year recovery.

    2023/4/18 18:11:11
  • Tug of gun control

    Parents in the US are increasingly concerned about gun violence, with 77 percent concerned.

    2023/4/17 18:26:23
  • Free at last

    The "powder keg" has ushered in a "tide of reconciliation" in the Middle East, and the US can no longer ...

    2023/4/16 22:56:48
  • Refusing to be US' puppet

    Refusing to be US' puppet.

    2023/4/14 13:04:38
  • Under surveillance

    The US is spying on its allies.

    2023/4/13 20:08:23
  • US arms dealers' cash cow

    Tsai Ing-wen is allowing US military-industrial complex to rake in, sacrificing the well-being of Taiwan residents.

    2023/4/12 20:52:03
  • Will US distance itself from a scandal-ridden Dalai Lama?

    Will US distance itself from a scandal-ridden Dalai Lama?

    2023/4/12 16:13:15
  • Dalai Lama's dilemma

    After decades of channeling funds to the Dalai Lama, a moment of a buyer's remorse for the US?

    2023/4/11 23:09:01
  • One-man show

    The US' lonely clash with China

    2023/4/11 21:48:44
  • Backhanded

    Even the US' key allies, including South Korea, Israel, and Ukraine, cannot escape from Wahington's eavesdropping.

    2023/4/10 21:30:00
  • What is behind US' aid packages?

    The US claims to be the world's largest foreign aid country. But what is behind US' aid packages?

    2023/4/9 20:30:46
  • Fiery puppetry

    Tsai Ing-wen is playing with fire again.

    2023/4/6 20:02:43
  • The spy in chief

    The US hacks phones to spy on the world.

    2023/4/5 20:43:54
  • The moribund dollar

    Is the world saying goodbye to US dollar hegemony?

    2023/4/3 22:23:31
  • Agent of chaos

    Warmonger's bloody record.

    2023/4/3 0:55:04
  • Tainted summit

    Democracy is the common asset of human being, instead of a tool for the US to maintain its hegemony.

    2023/3/30 21:34:41
  • Blood money

    The US government, the real "Lord of War"

    2023/3/29 23:38:28
  • American Dream or human rights nightmare?

    Are migrants on a pathway to the American Dream or a human rights nightmare?

    2023/3/28 15:42:38
  • Killer pills

    US teen drug overdose deaths have doubled in three Years as Fentanyl abuse 'deadly'

    2023/3/27 21:12:51
  • Manipulation

    How the US brainwashes the world with "evaluation hegemony"

    2023/3/26 20:02:12
  • Crushing responsibility

    Lack of technical experience and trying to get countries to accept nuclear waste

    2023/3/23 20:03:14
  • Ghost of McCarthyism haunts TikTok Hearing

    Ghost of McCarthyism haunts TikTok Hearing.

    2023/3/24 0:04:00
  • Sustain the war

    Is Kishida hoping to show the world a country pursuing peace or a nation seeking military build-up?

    2023/3/22 20:31:23
  • Hidden agenda

    Beneath human rights is hegemony

    2023/3/21 21:10:33
  • Destroyer of worlds

    The 20th anniversary of the Iraq War: Lies and war created by the US continue to harm the world.

    2023/3/20 20:26:33
  • Crown of thorns

    New tricks the US is using to limit China

    2023/3/19 18:38:22
  • Colossal intimidation

    The US government has threatened to ban TikTok in the US unless its Chinese owners divest their stakes in it.

    2023/3/16 20:44:48
  • Bankrolling US ambitions

    Australia pays own money to serve the US' Indo-Pacific Strategy.

    2023/3/15 20:45:08
  • Appearance over reality

    The appearance of the US as a human rights defender does not correspond to reality.

    2023/3/14 23:13:57
  • Wrecking the economy

    How the SVB collapse explains the US economy

    2023/3/13 21:54:46
  • Regulating bride prices

    The wedding custom, as a ritual lasting for thousands of years, is unlikely to be regulated by law. The ideal ...

    2023/3/13 19:26:48
  • Weaponizing human rights

    The “multifaceted America” behind human rights scandals

    2023/3/12 20:21:09
  • Obsessive militarism

    The unlimited greed of the US to continue expanding its military power at its peak should serve as a warning ...

    2023/3/9 22:49:36
  • Game of lies

    Uncle Sam is playing a game of lies regarding Tokyo's decision to dump nuclear-contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean.

    2023/3/8 21:17:27
  • Dwindling freedom

    Sixty-four days into 2023, the US has already surpassed 100 mass shootings.

    2023/3/8 1:29:03
  • West's dumping ground

    Is Africa the West's dumping ground?

    2023/3/6 22:30:55
  • Depressing future

    Many Ohio residents suffer from headaches and other symptoms

    2023/3/5 22:05:46
  • Don't forget Platform Workers!

    The platforms ought to assume the responsibility and highlight the protection of the floating population.

    2023/3/3 21:32:28
  • Is US hyping China threat to cover up Ohio accident?

    Is US hyping China threat to cover up Ohio accident?

    2023/3/2 18:21:37
  • Japan's green hypocrisy

    Japan's green hypocrisy,

    2023/3/1 23:49:34
  • Costly 'friendship'

    Being an ally of the US is deadly.

    2023/3/1 22:28:51
  • The detention capital

    The US has a bad record on arbitrary detention.

    2023/2/28 19:24:26
  • Killing Earth

    Japan's dumping wastewater is a disaster of the world

    2023/2/27 21:19:24
  • To eat, or not to eat?

    Tokyo is speeding up its plan to dump nuclear-contaminated water into the sea

    2023/2/26 19:05:43
  • Don't leave the elderly behind

    Senior people should not be abandoned by new technologies.

    2023/2/24 21:57:18
  • America's widening wealth gap

    America's widening wealth gap.

    2023/2/23 18:11:13
  • NATO's dance of death

    NATO's dance of death.

    2023/2/23 14:54:55
  • Off the rails

    Train derailment in Nebraska is the third in US in weeks

    2023/2/22 20:12:06
  • Political showroom built on grinding Ukraine War

    Western politicians turn grinding Ukraine War into a political show.

    2023/2/22 16:29:34
  • Wringing out profits

    Biggest winner in the Ukraine Crisis

    2023/2/21 20:22:01
  • Huge profits from Nord Stream sabotage

    US has huge profits to gain from Nord Stream sabotage.

    2023/2/21 17:47:15
  • Passing the buck

    Pete Buttigieg blames Trump for Ohio train derailment amid criticism: 'We're constrained.'

    2023/2/20 19:44:07
  • Biggest winner in the Ukraine Crisis

    Western military-industrial complex reaps huge wealth from the Ukraine Crisis.

    2023/2/20 14:59:03
  • The falsifier in chief

    US balloons have repeatedly entered other countries' airspace. It is double standards to criticize Chinese balloons

    2023/2/19 20:44:22
  • Pursuing real elegance, not digital elegance

    Hopefully, everyone can truly live an elegant life in the real world, not the digital world.

    2023/2/17 19:13:21
  • Trapped

    No end in sight for America's everywhere epidemic of mass shootings

    2023/2/15 21:11:55
  • US plays down toxic Ohio train derailment

    US plays down toxic Ohio train derailment.

    2023/2/15 19:39:07
  • Shameless hypocrisy

    The US is hyping the "balloon" incident to divert attention from the Ohio vinyl chloride leak

    2023/2/14 22:14:06
  • Overdramatization

    Biden shoots down balloon, Trudeau wants to join in the fun?

    2023/2/13 20:35:49
  • US the culprit

    Washington owes the world an explanation of the Nord Stream explosion.

    2023/2/12 21:50:47
  • A heart-warming service

    Hopefully, such “scenic spot advertising” can be more, to give tourists a better travel experience but also to boost the ...

    2023/2/10 20:03:56
  • America's deep-seated drug problem

    America's deep-seated drug problem.

    2023/2/10 0:18:21
  • Covering up

    Indigenous school scandals reveal Canada's blood-stained human rights record.

    2023/2/9 23:56:54
  • US fabricates national security lies for its own political gains

    US fabricates national security lies for its own political gains.

    2023/2/9 14:56:21
  • American way of battling climate change: shooting down a weather balloon

    American way of battling climate change: shooting down a weather balloon.

    2023/2/8 9:25:36
  • America's political black hole

    American politics swallowed by the black hole of partisan fights.

    2023/2/7 21:48:32
  • F-22, the balloon killer

    F-22, aka the “balloon killer”, is the only fighter in the world to have defeated a weather balloon.

    2023/2/7 9:12:24
  • Abusing power

    The US has a longstanding practice of exerting frequent long-arm jurisdiction over other countries. In recent years, the practice ...

    2023/2/6 21:07:49
  • Uncle Sam's overreaction

    US overreacts by shooting down Chinese weather balloon.

    2023/2/6 11:05:15
  • Blinded by hate

    American anti-China politicians make a fuss about Chinese meteorological balloon.

    2023/2/5 21:33:56
  • Innovative reuse

    The renovation is an innovative initiative to attract talents, provide solid protection for enterprises to resume work and production after ...

    2023/2/4 0:14:55
  • Political bias blocks EU's space cooperation with China

    Political bias blocks EU's space cooperation with China.

    2023/2/3 18:15:05
  • Self-sabotage

    The US targets Chinese companies with the excuse of "national security," but that is backfiring on the US economy.

    2023/2/2 19:37:06
  • NATO's crusade

    NATO is crusading to East Asia.

    2023/2/1 22:37:04
  • A disobedient US

    The US has lodged appeals against a series of WTO rulings that found various US behaviors breached global trade rules.

    2023/1/31 21:24:31
  • Senseless obsession

    "China collapse" is only the US' daydreaming.

    2023/1/30 20:20:34
  • America's war game

    Uncle Sam attempts to drag the whole world into its war game by hyping war with China in 2025.

    2023/1/30 12:32:53
  • On the edge

    US debt crisis dims prospects of global economy.

    2023/1/29 20:55:06
  • US turns into a 'war zone' of gun violence

    US turns into a “war zone” of gun violence.

    2023/1/28 18:08:43
  • Rethinking the view of love and marriage

    It is more important for a person to have a sound personality and independent thinking than to be married or ...

    2023/1/28 18:12:16
  • Hard to say goodbye

    Now that the adjusted COVID-19 policy has made mobility easier, going back home is once again the best way to ...

    2023/1/27 20:49:27
  • Toward brighter New Year

    Hopping into a triumphant Year of the Rabbit.

    2023/1/19 20:18:33
  • Tug of green energy war

    EU Challenges USA's Inflation Reduction Act With Net-Zero Industry Act

    2023/1/18 22:27:46
  • Trickster

    The US wants to fool Africans and turn Africa into an arena for competition between major powers

    2023/1/17 21:22:44
  • Game of classified documents

    Cases of classified documents have been used as a tool for partisan struggle.

    2023/1/16 21:42:21
  • Pushing for trouble

    Japan PM's US and Europe tour brings risks to East Asia

    2023/1/15 21:05:06
  • Stilts fun is back

    As Chinese New Year approaches, folk artists have been practicing walking on stilts on the streets.

    2023/1/13 16:49:00
  • US two parties in a race to be the toughest guy against China

    US two parties in a race to be the toughest guy against China.

    2023/1/12 19:48:35
  • Misguided pact

    US and Japan agree to step up security cooperation

    2023/1/12 19:23:34
  • Copy and paste

    House approves special US-China committee to keep strategic competition high on Congress's agenda

    2023/1/11 20:27:42
  • Capitol riots 2.0 in Brazil

    Capitol riots 2.0 in Brazil.

    2023/1/11 10:13:06
  • Baby shooters

    The US' young children tend to gain more access to firearms.

    2023/1/10 20:16:26
  • Endless paranoia

    The US stokes regional instability by including space in security pact with Japan.

    2023/1/9 19:41:05
  • Faux emergency

    The US is exploiting the epidemic to smear China and spread panic

    2023/1/8 19:43:41
  • Ice and snow sports boom

    The changes brought by the Beijing Winter Olympics to Beijing and even Chinese society are becoming more and more visible.

    2023/1/6 20:30:17
  • Historic deadlock drags on in US House

    Historic deadlock drags on in US House.

    2023/1/6 10:02:39
  • Stuck

    US House in chaos after Kevin McCarthy loses speaker votes

    2023/1/4 18:40:40
  • Paranoia in space

    'We're in a space race': Nasa sounds alarm at Chinese designs on moon

    2023/1/3 20:58:10
  • Unstable state

    It is predicted that the US may face a recession in 2023.

    2023/1/2 20:19:10
  • Japan's dramatic U-turn

    Japan's dramatic U-turn.

    2022/12/30 16:28:19
  • Braving the waves

    China is moving toward a brighter year of 2023.

    2022/12/29 21:25:11
  • Habitual fault finder

    Habitual fault finder.

    2022/12/28 13:05:55
  • Over a barrel

    More than 6,000 minors have been killed or injured in gun incidents in the US

    2022/12/27 19:40:09
  • Mission impossible

    The West end the year in disarray

    2022/12/26 19:02:50
  • Sickening cacophony

    Western countries manipulate public opinion to harm the whole world

    2022/12/25 21:52:04
  • Europeans brace for an expensive Christmas

    Europeans brace for an expensive Christmas.

    2022/12/23 17:28:57
  • Pain, pain, go away

    While the Ibuprofen dance, unlike the medicine itself, cannot bring down a fever, its popularity mirrors the positive and relaxed ...

    2022/12/23 15:53:12
  • Chilly Christmas

    Sweden faces recession lasting into 2024.

    2022/12/22 20:55:14
  • A rules-breaking US

    The US spurns global trade rules.

    2022/12/21 20:23:28
  • Overloaded

    Guns confiscated at US airports hit record levels

    2022/12/20 21:39:10
  • In chaos

    US infrastructure is in chaos now.

    2022/12/19 21:00:23
  • Marching toward confrontation

    A step forward of the US government in an attempt to have more intense competition with China rather than cooperation

    2022/12/18 21:18:44
  • Milked to destruction

    US rate hikes damage global economy

    2022/12/15 21:46:54
  • Empty promise

    The US plans to commit $55 billion to Africa over the next three years.

    2022/12/14 20:32:25
  • Priced out

    The winter is coming……

    2022/12/13 18:30:20
  • Cold war on the moon

    Hunting for trouble

    2022/12/12 22:54:17
  • Rules for thee, not for me

    WTO's appeal mechanism is not functioning because of US obstruction

    2022/12/11 19:27:45
  • A small power can generate great things

    "I hope that with my efforts, more visually impaired women can see possibilities in life."

    2022/12/9 16:05:03
  • Botched work

    In Western countries, climate change actions are subject to their foreign political and economic objectives.

    2022/12/8 20:30:40
  • US uses Europe as a pawn to contain China

    US uses Europe as a pawn to contain China.

    2022/12/8 12:49:23
  • Dangerous game

    The US and Australia are playing a dangerous game.

    2022/12/7 20:14:52
  • Over-bloated

    The PGII is proven to be another empty promise from Washington.

    2022/12/6 20:28:38
  • Out of reach

    It is reported that 1 in 4 Germans won't buy Christmas presents this year

    2022/12/5 21:27:03
  • Squeezed

    Europe faces a double whammy of energy and geopolitical crises

    2022/12/4 23:10:34
  • Blue-collar workers shine in global competition

    As an old Chinese saying goes, "Every trade has its master." Now, it's time for blue-collar workers to shine and ...

    2022/12/3 0:08:59
  • Deception

    Washington finds excuses to expand nuclear arsenal

    2022/12/1 20:23:48
  • A new rivalry

    Tensions are brewing between Musk and Apple.

    2022/11/30 21:35:06
  • Grand exploitation

    US rate hike shifts inflation burden to the world

    2022/11/29 20:41:12
  • A puppet show

    US' loyal puppet: Canada hypes up "China threat" in its Indo-Pacific strategy.

    2022/11/28 21:42:11
  • Eating away chips

    The US is distorting the global semiconductor supply chains and disrupting international trade.

    2022/11/27 22:45:31
  • Fighting addiction

    Parents should better reflect themselves on why – kids only resort to online games when they are psychologically hollow.

    2022/11/25 16:18:57
  • Defending interests

    France and Germany agree that the Europe should safeguard its own interest first

    2022/11/24 22:15:57
  • Harris eyes to stir up trouble in South China Sea with Philippines visit

    Harris eyes to stir up trouble in South China Sea with Philippines visit.

    2022/11/24 20:48:36
  • Bracing for a tough Thanksgiving

    Americans brace for a tough Thanksgiving in the shadow of a “tripledemic” and inflation.

    2022/11/23 14:41:33
  • The gun violence loop

    Repeated US gun violence

    2022/11/22 20:11:57
  • Preying on the world

    US exploits the world through dollar hegemony

    2022/11/21 18:40:33
  • Buying 'mom quotes' an inappropriate way to motivate kids

    Parents should understand that the secret of family education success cannot be bought or simply copied. Instead of blindly believing ...

    2022/11/18 18:09:45
  • Runaway inflation

    UK inflation jumps to 41-year high of 11.1%

    2022/11/17 19:07:54
  • A rerun

    Donald Trump announces a White House bid for 2024

    2022/11/16 20:12:03
  • Hard landing

    British envoy: UK 'looking closely' at trade with US absent major agreement Dame Karen Pierce, the British ambassador to Washington, says ...

    2022/11/15 20:07:42
  • Betrayal

    Developing countries at COP27 call for "climate justice"

    2022/11/14 20:29:36
  • On the edge

    Europe plunging into recession as inflation hangs on

    2022/11/13 19:12:26
  • Ancient culture gains new life on school uniforms

    For local students, the fusion of Dunhuang traditional culture with their school life is already no surprise to them. In ...

    2022/11/11 22:32:27
  • Cold descent

    Winter is coming for big US tech firms.

    2022/11/10 19:38:14
  • Monster spy

    Five Eyes Alliance spies on the world.

    2022/11/9 19:08:37
  • Moving blindly

    Leaving a mess behind.

    2022/11/8 18:32:17
  • A failed system

    "We need someone to solve gun violence, racism, inflation, and..."

    2022/11/7 21:31:55
  • Misplaced priorities

    How money flows amid US Midterm Elections

    2022/11/6 17:50:57
  • 'Donkey pedicure' cures stressed Chinese youths

    In China, clips about trimming donkey's hooves are going viral for their magically healing power.

    2022/11/4 20:31:31
  • Volcanic division

    US partisan struggle further escalates before midterm elections

    2022/11/3 19:47:56
  • A hurricane of misery

    COVID-19 tornadoes swept through the US

    2022/11/2 20:10:11
  • Supreme selfishness

    US cracks down on others to maintain its hegemony

    2022/11/1 18:51:49
  • A stark contradiction

    Decoupling from China is opposed by the business community

    2022/10/31 22:03:02
  • US the exploiter

    Hypocrisy of US in treating its allies

    2022/10/30 22:05:18
  • A special sports meeting

    Students had a great opportunity to learn about agricultural production through these special activities.

    2022/10/28 18:14:49
  • Out-of-touch politicians

    More and more Americans now believe that the political opposition between the Democrats and Republicans will destroy America if it ...

    2022/10/27 20:08:32
  • Lucrative business on Capitol Hill

    Nearly 1/5 of US Congress members made stock trades in industries that could be affected by their legislative committee work, ...

    2022/10/27 13:11:04
  • Wild U-turn

    For a short one day, the US was almost one step closer to adopting a diplomatic approach to the Russia-Ukraine ...

    2022/10/26 20:10:50
  • United states of gun violence

    Gun violence continues to threaten the safety of US children.

    2022/10/25 20:59:36
  • UK's Whack-A-Mole

    Frequent changes of governments or prime ministers are futile in addressing Britain's problems.

    2022/10/24 23:58:31
  • A brighter future

    China is heading toward a brighter future.

    2022/10/23 22:35:30
  • Shortest stay at 10 Downing Street

    Liz Truss quits after just 45 days in office.

    2022/10/21 19:41:11
  • Proud of Chinese brands

    A recent study revealed that 79.83 percent of Chinese university students polled are willing to support domestically made products.

    2022/10/21 17:25:55
  • Liz Truss's final U-turn

    Liz Truss's final U-turn.

    2022/10/21 1:58:17
  • Inescapable inflation

    UK inflation rises to 40-year high of 10.1 percent, while Liz Truss announces her resignation.

    2022/10/20 21:30:10
  • Sowing destruction

    US' 'decoupling' push endangers world stability.

    2022/10/19 21:36:58
  • A US in denial

    100-percent probability of US recession in next 12 months

    2022/10/18 21:51:07
  • A prosperous society

    The CPC charts course for Chinese modernization.

    2022/10/18 0:18:07
  • A bright future

    The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened on Sunday. The country will move faster to build ...

    2022/10/17 0:42:00
  • A small heart-warming gesture

    Heart-warming gestures can be found everywhere in the Chinese society.

    2022/10/14 19:23:13
  • US' tunnel vision

    US security plan puts 'relentless focus' on China and Russia

    2022/10/13 23:20:24
  • Grand hypocrisy

    The US leads to the rise of gas price in Europe.

    2022/10/12 17:24:47
  • Fueling the fire

    G7 will discuss the situation in Ukraine. Western aid is actually escalating the conflict.

    2022/10/12 0:25:05
  • Deviation from fair competition

    Deviation from fair competition.

    2022/10/10 15:28:49
  • Empty pockets

    With inflation soaring, new data shows Americans are worried about the upcoming holiday season and what spiking costs could mean ...

    2022/10/9 23:38:47
  • More youths focusing on regimen

    As young people continue to raise awareness on healthy habits, regimen is expected to become more and more popular among ...

    2022/10/8 19:56:07
  • Mechanical Dogs

    As robots are increasingly involved in our daily lives, people should not only prepare to embrace robots but also learn ...

    2022/10/7 17:44:10
  • US the all-pervasive eavesdropping power

    US the all-pervasive eavesdropping power

    2022/9/29 14:40:25
  • Coldest winter

    Pipeline leaks worsen European energy crisis

    2022/9/28 21:38:19
  • Down the wrong path

    British pound tumbles to record low

    2022/9/27 18:00:37
  • Exploitation

    Federal Reserve's third 75 basis point interest rate hike 

    2022/9/26 19:56:12
  • Losing grip

    Declining US hegemony

    2022/9/25 20:46:30
  • Why camping is hip

    There is a huge potential for consumption in tents, camp vehicles, canopies, deck chairs, and cooking utensils. The booming camping ...

    2022/9/23 17:32:18
  • Migrants used as political pawns in US

    Migrants used as political pawns in US.

    2022/9/22 14:47:32
  • Declaring victory

    Declaring victory.

    2022/9/21 12:36:10
  • Weaponizing the dollar

    America cures its inflation by giving it to the world

    2022/9/20 20:07:58
  • Over-phishing

    US is the main culprit of global cyberspace insecurity

    2022/9/19 22:20:08
  • Unchaining peril

    The report submitted on Monday by the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the nuclear-powered submarine cooperation ...

    2022/9/18 21:27:16
  • Digital nomad lifestyle

    Some young people living in first-tier cities are now moving home into RVs, and are known as "modern digital nomads."

    2022/9/16 17:32:36
  • Skyrocketing inflation hits American households hard

    Skyrocketing inflation hits American households hard.

    2022/9/15 13:43:56
  • US launches cyberattacks targeting China's university

    US launches cyberattacks targeting China's space and aviation university.

    2022/9/14 17:05:18
  • Inflated pledges

    Are the West's climate funding promises to Africa just another bubble?

    2022/9/13 21:10:17
  • Destruction from within

    US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said on Sunday that the "threat landscape" in the country has evolved from ...

    2022/9/12 21:19:52
  • UK's new PM Liz Truss is inheriting a big mess

    UK's new PM Liz Truss is inheriting a big mess.

    2022/9/8 16:23:52
  • Counterproductive sanctions

    China to start paying for Russian gas in rubles, yuan

    2022/9/7 21:40:58
  • A freezing Europe

    A dark winter is looming ahead.

    2022/9/6 20:31:53
  • Trouble ahead

    Will Liz Truss pull the UK out of daunting crises?

    2022/9/5 22:29:58
  • Don't look up

    Don't look up.

    2022/9/4 19:01:54
  • What's in the freshman's suitcase?

    Sometimes this love is too strong, and parents should do it in moderation, since college life after all is ultimately ...

    2022/9/2 15:57:07
  • NATO eyes the Arctic

    NATO eyes expansion into the Arctic

    2022/9/1 12:15:18
  • America's ambitious moonshot

    America's ambitious moonshot

    2022/8/31 10:49:27
  • Winter is coming

    European Union countries will face five to 10 terrible winters if nothing is done to reduce gas prices, Belgium's energy ...

    2022/8/30 20:37:04
  • All talk, no show

    The £3bn Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales has broken down just one day after departing from Portsmouth ...

    2022/8/29 19:22:50
  • Passing the buck

    Blame China for US' drug problem

    2022/8/28 21:41:44
  • Why cycling is getting popular

    People's enthusiasm for cycling will not fade, because it not only reflects the development of the sports industry and more ...

    2022/8/27 0:18:12
  • Back to square one

    Western countries have turned back to increase carbon emissions.

    2022/8/25 21:02:16
  • Outgunned

    Confronting 4 viruses, the US vaccine circle faces a perfect storm

    2022/8/24 21:43:31
  • Tough job

    With Russia-Ukraine conflict lasting for half a year, the world is confronting a tough job.

    2022/8/23 19:34:31
  • The virtue-signallers

    Taiwan has become a “stage for a show” for politicians around the world.

    2022/8/22 22:23:18
  • Destructive by design

    The "separation of powers" has become a tool for partisan strife in the US.

    2022/8/21 20:49:42
  • Scott Morrison - the Minister for Everything

    Scott Morrison - the Minister for Everything Cartoon: Carlos Latuff

    2022/8/20 0:03:13
  • Teaching with wisdom

    You can be a top student from a top university, but you could still feel a burden to tutor your ...

    2022/8/19 16:35:13
  • Expensive plugging

    European electricity prices hit new highs

    2022/8/18 20:34:04
  • Tough times

    UK inflation tops 10%, highest since 1982

    2022/8/17 20:31:36
  • Faux remedy

    Can Inflation Reduction Act help curb inflation?

    2022/8/16 20:51:41
  • US legacy in Afghanistan

    US legacy in Afghanistan

    2022/8/15 21:19:29
  • Ketchup if you can

    Ketchup prices skyrocket in US

    2022/8/15 20:21:44
  • Clad in hypocrisy

    Thousands of troops from Indonesia, the United States, and allies held a live-fire drill on Friday as part of what ...

    2022/8/14 21:14:17
  • Chinese young people feel commuting pain

    The length of commuting time has become an important indicator as to whether a city can attract more talented.

    2022/8/12 18:13:38
  • Chipping away at stability

    US CHIPS Act is a disruption and economic coercion.

    2022/8/11 20:38:27
  • US partisan conflicts escalate as both parties target the 2024 presidential election

    US partisan conflicts escalate as both parties target the 2024 presidential election.

    2022/8/11 14:08:12
  • Self-sabotage

    Pelosi trip sets back Biden's effort to woo Asia against China

    2022/8/10 20:00:41
  • Growing paranoia

    US spy agencies pivot to China

    2022/8/9 20:38:50
  • US hypocrisy on Taiwan question

    US hypocrisy on Taiwan question

    2022/8/9 16:08:04
  • Widening inequality

    The American dream shattered by racism

    2022/8/8 22:23:23
  • US' blame game

    US Government Dysfunction

    2022/8/7 20:21:32
  • Pelosi spreads chaos and disaster in the name of democracy

    Pelosi spreads chaos and disaster in the name of democracy.

    2022/8/6 11:23:43
  • Simpler weddings

    Chinese young people nowadays tend to hold weddings in untraditional ways.

    2022/8/5 18:18:24
  • Daydreaming G7

    It is clear that the G7 foreign ministers still think they are living in the era of the 'Eight-Power Allied ...

    2022/8/5 0:02:17
  • Suicidal mission

    Like a "political god of plague," Pelosi didn't do any good to the region except bringing risks and tensions to ...

    2022/8/3 22:38:05
  • US' shameless hypocrisy

    Blinken's latest claim about Pelosi's potential trip to Taiwan confuses right and wrong, and exposes the hegemonic mindset of some ...

    2022/8/2 20:13:58
  • Pelosi's dangerous gamble

    Pelosi's dangerous gamble

    2022/8/2 11:53:40
  • The US dragging anchor to their doom

    The US democracy and its constitutionalism has fallen from the pedestal. However, the US is still hypnotizing itself, refusing to ...

    2022/7/31 22:54:57
  • US claws at China's chip industry fanning flames on tech confrontation

    US claws at China's chip industry fanning flames on tech confrontation.

    2022/7/31 11:30:49
  • Keeping cool during trips

    From a market perspective, it is unrealistic to either impose the costs on the drivers or restrict passengers' freedom to ...

    2022/7/29 19:41:24
  • Signs of overload for US economy

    The Federal Reserve on Wednesday enacted its second consecutive 0.75 percentage point interest rate increase as it seeks to tamp ...

    2022/7/28 23:35:29
  • How long can Biden continue to hide the future?

    President Joe Biden and White House officials are continuing to downplay recession fears, even as they brace for a highly ...

    2022/7/27 23:48:18
  • Blood for oil

    US plunders oil in Syria.

    2022/7/27 19:49:26
  • Britain's Got Talent: 2022's anti-China bias version

    Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have clashed over who would take the toughest stance on China in the battle to ...

    2022/7/26 20:51:13
  • FBI's new conspiracy theory

    An exclusive CNN report claimed that the FBI determined the Chinese-made Huawei equipment atop cell towers near US military bases ...

    2022/7/25 21:43:29
  • The worst type of recycled gift

    Is the US officials' proposal of "friend-shoring" a new solution or a "recycled gift"?

    2022/7/24 19:44:08
  • Finding trustworthy vocational education

    It's suggested that before people go to a training center, they should check what certificates are officially recognized by the ...

    2022/7/22 23:02:39
  • US ties Europe to its chariot

    The US is trying to tie Europe to its chariot.

    2022/7/21 20:50:12
  • Stage of human rights built over innocent Afghan lives

    US and its allies build a stage for human rights over innocent Afghan lives.

    2022/7/19 23:18:12
  • Playing with fire on Taiwan question can ignite conflict

    US regards the Taiwan islands as a cheap political tool

    2022/7/19 21:22:33
  • Biden returns from Middle East trip empty-handed

    Biden returns from Middle East trip empty-handed

    2022/7/18 22:21:42
  • A planet at the stake

    Temperatures rising has been spottedly worldwide

    2022/7/18 21:28:42
  • Fighting a losing battle

    Can the US' trade war with China continue?

    2022/7/17 20:37:20
  • Young people more conscious of health

    The health consumption market will be developed at an accelerated pace with a promising future.

    2022/7/15 18:00:01
  • Turning one's back on reality

    The US inflation reached a forty-year high of 9.1 percent.

    2022/7/14 19:59:38
  • Caught in Washington's grip

    A Middle Eastern NATO?

    2022/7/13 20:31:02
  • Be careful what you wish for

    Japan will open a box that brings endless trouble if it amends constitution.

    2022/7/12 22:01:28
  • Cart before the horse

    UK prime ministership race

    2022/7/11 19:39:19
  • Built on lies

    US' Xinjiang Act is built on pure lies.

    2022/7/10 21:36:16
  • China's Silver Drivers

    As life expectancy increases and quality of life improves in China, it is believed that more and more elderly people ...

    2022/7/9 1:00:32
  • A farce at 10 Downing Street

    The cat knows "no one is remotely indispensable” at 10 Downing Street.

    2022/7/8 10:16:06
  • Politics before justice

    Is US Supreme Court America's temple of justice or a battleground for partisan struggle?

    2022/7/7 19:49:35
  • Johnson's grip on power floundering

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his administration are deep in another crisis as two senior cabinet ministers resigned.

    2022/7/6 21:26:54
  • Bloody 4th of July

    Deadly shootings cast a cloud over this year's Independence Day celebration in the US.

    2022/7/5 18:23:10
  • Stifled celebrations

    Supply chain crisis has forced the cancellation of public firework displays during July 4 celebration across the US.

    2022/7/4 20:02:16
  • Bloated hype beyond all reason

    Due to constant hypes from anti-China forces, the “China threat” has “bloated” in the eyes of some in the US.

    2022/7/3 20:22:43
  • Gratitude expressed for firefighters

    People in this country are protected by unsung heroes, and ordinary people care about those who devote themselves to the ...

    2022/7/1 22:43:41
  • Down a disastrous path

    Japan PM seeks major upgrade of NATO partnership

    2022/6/30 20:23:29
  • NATO's arm reaches Asia

    NATO pivots to Asia in aggressive expansion.

    2022/6/30 1:18:46
  • Fragile alliance

    NATO alliance shows cracks under a weakening US leadership.

    2022/6/29 15:06:41
  • A summit at US' service

    Dancing to the US' tune

    2022/6/28 20:36:31
  • The end of choice

    US revokes the federal constitutional right to abortion.

    2022/6/27 23:35:20
  • NATO swallows the consequence of its expansion

    NATO swallows the consequence of its expansion.

    2022/6/27 17:25:57
  • Brainless act of self-harm

    US' trade war against China hurt Americans the most.

    2022/6/26 23:31:20
  • The "land of liberty" has no room for female bodies' freedom

    The "land of liberty" has no room for female bodies' freedom.

    2022/6/26 23:24:11
  • Healthcare hustle

    The elderly people are advised to keep an alert on these healthcare products tricks so that they could keep both ...

    2022/6/24 17:03:11
  • UK's cruel refugee move

    UK's plan to send refugees to Rwanda

    2022/6/23 23:20:36
  • Europe deeply split on warmongering NATO

    Europe deeply split on warmongering NATO

    2022/6/23 20:58:28
  • NATO's stamina wanes

    NATO's stamina wanes

    2022/6/23 13:40:41
  • Ambivalent message

    When China imports oil from Russia, the US concerns about "global security." When India imports oil from Russia, the US ...

    2022/6/23 0:12:22
  • Militarizing Hello Kitty

    Washington is leaning over to untie the ropes that it once bundled up on Japanese militarism.

    2022/6/21 18:11:33
  • Empire of lies

    Slandering Xinjiang -- the new normal of the “empire of lies”

    2022/6/21 14:29:35
  • Unreasonable ban

    US ban on goods from China's Xinjiang takes effect June 21

    2022/6/20 18:26:10
  • Fueling endless conflict

    The US is not pushing for an end to the Ukraine conflict

    2022/6/19 21:42:27
  • Catching fish at school

    Unlike the traditional, grades-focused teaching approach, many teachers in Chinese schools have created innovative new ways to educate students in ...

    2022/6/17 18:49:05
  • Sinking ratings

    Biden approval rating drops for third straight week.

    2022/6/15 23:13:56
  • US faces dual risks of inflation, recession

    Inflation or recession, that is the question.

    2022/6/15 22:25:31
  • Stock nosedive

    US stock sinks, inflation fears mount.

    2022/6/14 20:27:51
  • A thankless job

    America is pushing teachers to the brink.

    2022/6/13 20:27:06
  • Intractable issues

    Biden is burdened by inflation and oil prices.

    2022/6/12 20:50:56
  • NATO aims at new powder keg in Asia Pacific

    After Ukraine, US-led NATO wants to turn Asia Pacific into a new powder keg.

    2022/6/11 14:27:16
  • Pricier ice cream for China's Gen Z

    Even though this might be an easy way for ice cream producers to make some quick cash, experts have warned ...

    2022/6/10 23:10:35
  • Same-old trick

    President Biden plans to announce a new economic framework for Latin America on Wednesday, focusing on climate change, workers' rights ...

    2022/6/9 20:12:17
  • US stuck in vicious cycle of misery

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told senators on Tuesday that she expected inflation to remain high and the Biden administration ...

    2022/6/8 20:49:31
  • US starves Africa over Ukraine

    US' triggering the Ukraine crisis and sanctions toward Russia have seriously affected food security in Africa

    2022/6/7 21:08:55
  • Well-trained pawn

    Well-trained pawn.

    2022/6/7 18:56:48
  • Second amendment rights

    David, please name a head to today's cartoon, here's the background: The Second Amendment passed in 1791 protects an individual right ...

    2022/6/6 22:54:55
  • Learning the wrong lessons

    Ohio Gov. DeWine set to sign bill requiring only 24 hours of training for teachers to carry firearms.

    2022/6/5 19:50:14
  • Lonely summit

    Latin American countries say no to Summit of the Americas.

    2022/6/1 12:05:42
  • Destroying intl order

    The US is the biggest destroyer of the international order

    2022/5/31 21:09:35
  • Human rights hypocrisy

    In a statement on Saturday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he was concerned that the conditions Chinese authorities ...

    2022/5/30 21:23:17
  • Gun barrel politics

    In the aftermath of Tuesday's school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, where an 18-year-old gunman killed 19 children and two teachers, ...

    2022/5/29 20:38:06
  • When graduates meet AI interview

    Have you ever imagined that artificial intelligence might have a say in whether you can get into a company? This ...

    2022/5/27 21:28:18
  • America's lucrative gun business

    US gun lobbies don't care who pays the price.

    2022/5/26 14:25:32
  • Summit of the Americas or America's summit?

    Biden administration scrambles to avoid embarrassing boycott from Latin American summit

    2022/5/25 21:11:13
  • Dreaming of containment

    It's only a US dream!

    2022/5/24 22:23:54
  • A lamb to the slaughter

    Sacrifice Ukraine for US hegemony

    2022/5/23 22:22:15
  • Biden's Asia trip touting China containment strategy

    Biden's Asia trip touting China containment strategy

    2022/5/23 10:32:38
  • Blood transfusion for the modern Frankenstein

    Blood transfusion for the modern Frankenstein

    2022/5/20 9:50:14
  • Disinformation master

    Uncle Sam's disinformation campaign.

    2022/5/19 23:22:54
  • West's photo-op on Ukraine

    It's showtime!

    2022/5/19 0:22:11
  • Gun violence pandemic

    Racial animosity and gun violence haunt the US.

    2022/5/17 23:04:13
  • NED democracy's Trojan horse

    Take a look at what's really inside the NED's "gift."

    2022/5/16 21:22:55
  • Freedom to die

    One million died due to COVID-19 in the US, a country that upholds freedom and democracy.

    2022/5/15 20:45:14
  • Bridesmaids for rent

    Are you willing to rent your bridesmaids or groomsmen on your big day?

    2022/5/13 23:15:33
  • Worst COVID-19 record

    US death roll from COVID arrived at 1 million

    2022/5/13 0:51:58
  • US pulling ASEAN into the quagmire of confronting China

    US pulling ASEAN into the quagmire of confronting China

    2022/5/12 18:25:22
  • US economy at the cost of COVID deaths

    US' economic prospecity is at the cost of COVID deaths

    2022/5/11 20:31:09
  • Misplaced priorities

    Biden said on Monday he was willing to accept Congress passing separate bills to aid Ukraine and to provide funding ...

    2022/5/10 20:01:27
  • COVID wave threatens 100 million

    Coronavirus wave this fall and winter could potentially infect 100 million, White House warns

    2022/5/9 21:40:08
  • Unethical equation

    The death toll from COVID-19 in the US has exceeded 1 million. A tradege of US-style "human rights."

    2022/5/8 21:29:00
  • Balcony gardening

    Chinese households' balconies have become tiny vegetable patches. As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, some residents stocked up on ...

    2022/5/6 21:34:40
  • Passing the buck

    The head of U.S. Strategic Command, which oversees the nuclear arsenal, warned Congress Wednesday that Washington faces a heightened nuclear ...

    2022/5/5 20:57:45
  • A double-dealer

    The Russia-Ukraine conflict has lasted for more than two months, the world can see that the US is a gainer ...

    2022/5/4 20:00:43
  • Overreaching ambition

    NATO should protect Taiwan?

    2022/4/28 23:40:07
  • NATO targeting peace

    NATO won't bring peace

    2022/4/27 22:19:47
  • Selfish motive ignores destruction

    The war manipulator comes to Ukraine to inspect its work

    2022/4/26 23:15:44
  • US' vicious cycle mentality

    Americans lock themselves in information cocoons.

    2022/4/25 21:05:59
  • Social media manipulation

    Ukraine war is also an information war.

    2022/4/24 22:29:25
  • Eco-friendly on the way

    With such an eco-friendly approach in mind, China has showed the world its resolute in environment and climate protection.

    2022/4/23 16:15:38
  • US' Russian cancel culture

    Unplugging Russia from G20

    2022/4/21 21:16:51
  • 'Don't cool too soon'

    US President Joe Biden is expected to announce in the following days another round of military support to Ukraine, worth ...

    2022/4/20 21:20:46
  • Disrupting peaceful deal

    “No security deal without my permission!” US and Australia gang up to sabotage China-Solomon Islands security deal.

    2022/4/19 21:39:45
  • Flagging ratings

    Inflation hit 8.5% in March as a mix of post-pandemic demand, price gouging and the Ukraine war dragged down Biden's ...

    2022/4/18 20:55:59
  • Unmasking The Superpower: 'Voldemort' of global order

    US' approach is quite similar to Voldemort's - they both believe in power, recruit followers, use violence, & repeatedly want ...

    2022/4/18 9:46:17
  • Unheard advice

    "The concept of classical herd immunity may not apply to Covid-19," Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of ...

    2022/4/17 21:08:03
  • Fitness, Gen Z style

    The epidemic has reshaped how Chinese people view health and how they exercise. It has awakened people to the importance ...

    2022/4/15 19:48:31
  • Unmasking the superpower: Human rights destroyer

    Native Americans, refugees from US-initiated wars, Floyds and children separated from their parents at the border will remember the US ...

    2022/4/15 11:43:22
  • Australian paranoia over China-Solomons deal

    Australia patronizing, arrogant toward Pacific Island nations

    2022/4/14 22:36:02
  • Playing deaf and dumb

    April 13 marks the one-year anniversary of Japan's decision to dump contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into ...

    2022/4/13 21:36:31
  • Narrative monopoly

    The West monopolizes the Ukraine crisis narrative

    2022/4/12 22:30:41
  • Unmasking the superpower: Poison disseminator

    After WWII, the US covered up the crimes committed by Japan's Unit 731. For decades, it has still played the ...

    2022/4/12 10:37:05
  • The price of treating COVID like flu

    Don't treat COVID like flu, WHO once warned.

    2022/4/11 20:48:44
  • Unhealthy obsession

    NATO pinpoints its next target

    2022/4/10 19:43:06
  • Hegemony tentacles

    NATO is attempting to expand its sphere to China's neighboring countries.

    2022/4/7 21:47:13
  • Unmasking the superpower: Cold War schemer

    From dismembering the Soviet Union to designing the "Ukrainian Trap", suppressing European powers and containing China, US politicians view every ...

    2022/4/7 15:21:55
  • Malicious arms deal

    US approves $95 million boost to Taiwan's air defense system

    2022/4/6 22:30:27
  • Targeting its prey

    US recent moves show that it is treating Latin American countries as its backyard.

    2022/4/5 20:43:38
  • Peace talks not on US agenda

    After the latest round of talks between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey on Tuesday, both sides said the negotiations released ...

    2022/3/31 19:02:37
  • Unmasking The Superpower: Vampires in the war

    Amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, arms dealers have made a big fortune in the ongoing war, and financial predators have also ...

    2022/3/31 11:43:07
  • Hypocritical Aussie concern

    About six months ago, Australia signed the controversial AUKUS pact, which will enable it to acquire nuclear submarine technology from ...

    2022/3/30 20:07:02
  • 'Z' the latest victim

    Zurich Insurance (ZURN.S) has removed its Z logo from social media after the letter became a symbol of support in ...

    2022/3/29 19:52:23
  • US support for neo-Nazi group?

    Some call them war heroes, others neo-Nazis: Ukraine's Azov Regiment is at the heart of the propaganda war between Kyiv ...

    2022/3/28 22:08:48
  • Unmasking the superpower: Warfare-addicted

    A warfare-addicted US has become the biggest threat to global peace and stability.

    2022/3/28 17:48:44
  • Damned if he does...

    Joe Biden is set to announce a tax aimed at US billionaires as part of his 2023 budget plans on ...

    2022/3/27 22:08:37
  • Glued to the screen

    Do you swipe your phone before bed every night?

    2022/3/25 16:03:11
  • Failed humanitarian deal

    The 15-member UN Security Council on Wednesday failed to adopt a resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Two members (Russia ...

    2022/3/24 19:52:58
  • Unmasking the superpower: Where the Ukraine crisis started

    Unmasking the superpower: Where the Ukraine crisis started

    2022/3/23 23:57:09
  • Cracks on sanctions

    Ahead of a summit of EU leaders later this week, the European Union is struggling to agree on its next ...

    2022/3/23 19:49:47
  • Blowback for Japan's sanctions

    Russia's Foreign Ministry said it will suspend negotiations for a postwar peace treaty with Japan, deemed as an apparent reaction ...

    2022/3/22 20:09:46
  • Global opposition to toxic wasterwater

    The international community continues to oppose Japan's plan to discharge treated water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station into ...

    2022/3/21 20:21:33
  • House of Hegemony

    Meet Uncle "Lord of War" Sam.

    2022/3/20 19:50:45
  • Buyer beware

    From the perspective of ensuring food security, it's important to establish a set of rules and standards for the production ...

    2022/3/18 20:52:42
  • Watching Europe burn

    Fueling the fire from the other side of the ocean.

    2022/3/17 21:58:50
  • Mixed messages

    Does the US really have nothing to hide?

    2022/3/16 23:21:06
  • The hopeless fault-finder

    The US is using the Ukraine issue to employ public opinion warfare against China.

    2022/3/15 20:31:41
  • Race against variants

    As the Deltacron variant emerges, the world needs to fast up vaccine delivery and vaccination.

    2022/3/14 20:30:50
  • US' game of manipulation

    When the US stirs up trouble, Europe suffers.

    2022/3/13 21:27:44
  • Lunch safety cannot wait

    Food safety, particularly for children, is a sensitive issue that the Chinese people take seriously. However, a recent scandal at ...

    2022/3/11 22:50:10
  • An excuse to militarize

    The Ukraine crisis awakens the specter of Japanese militarism. Japan is considering strengthening its military amid the current situation in ...

    2022/3/10 22:45:08
  • Milking the crisis

    US military-industrial complex is really raking it in amid the Ukraine crisis.

    2022/3/9 20:08:14
  • Contentious sanction

    The US may act alone to ban Russian oil imports, as Europe fears an energy crisis if it follows the ...

    2022/3/8 21:07:25
  • Australian doublespeak

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned about the emergence of a “new arc of autocracy” while pledging to build ...

    2022/3/7 20:56:41
  • Playing the Taiwan card

    Playing the Taiwan card.

    2022/3/7 13:36:03
  • Puppet master

    It seems the US is really good at manipulation.

    2022/3/6 19:39:35
  • Pay to Play

    It is hoped such measures will bring more students to engage in sports that benefit their health.

    2022/3/4 19:08:32
  • Good kitty should take sides

    Amid the spiraling crisis in Ukraine, a ludicrous news story hit the headlines: Russian cats are sanctioned. For some Westerners, ...

    2022/3/4 0:49:50
  • Running over rules

    The US does not abide by the rules and always play the bully

    2022/3/2 23:06:16
  • Cause of war

    Cause of war

    2022/3/2 22:23:12
  • Pushed for space

    It is the eastern expansion which resulted in the Russia-Ukraine tensions.

    2022/3/2 0:23:13
  • Two-faced approach

    Although the US said it wants to find a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis, it ships weapons to Ukraine. ...

    2022/2/28 20:49:36
  • Security or instability?

    Is NATO a source of security or instability to Europe?

    2022/2/27 21:03:56
  • Discarded card

    Uncle Sam: Just one of many cards.

    2022/2/24 22:45:02
  • The true firestarter

    FM spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that it was the US actions that were raising tensions, creating panic, and even playing ...

    2022/2/24 0:11:15
  • Canada's human rights hypocrisy

    Canada is once again double standard over human rights.

    2022/2/22 20:26:54
  • Dancing with COVID

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce how England will "live with COVID" as he considers dropping all ...

    2022/2/21 22:59:37
  • US fake war hype

    Ukraine 'invasion' day passes peacefully, defies 'war hype'

    2022/2/17 20:14:08
  • The world's thief

    US embezzles Afghanistan's assets

    2022/2/16 20:43:06
  • Double celebration

    Olympic Games in Chinese Lantern Festival

    2022/2/15 19:40:01
  • MAGA spreads

    Truck protest against vaccine mandates in Canada

    2022/2/14 21:39:32
  • Crumbs off the table

    US plans to free half of $7 bln in frozen Afghan funds for aid.

    2022/2/13 19:23:21
  • Spurring snow zest

    Compared with already popular recreation like yoga and fitness, ice and snow sports are still in their budding phase. What ...

    2022/2/11 21:49:38
  • Beijing 2022 showcases Chinese culture

    Beijing 2022 makes full use of China's rich culture elements.

    2022/2/10 19:16:10
  • Setting the standard

    Beijing innovated high-tech standards for the Winter Games.

    2022/2/10 1:32:16
  • Endless slander

    Demonizing Beijing Winter Games a sad example of US efforts to obscure China's achievements

    2022/2/9 0:24:00
  • Beijing Olympics green legacy

    Beijing 2022 will leave a legacy in low-carbon urban development.

    2022/2/8 21:15:52
  • Soaring enthusiasm

    Chinese people show more and more interest in Winter Games

    2022/2/7 21:07:28
  • Fever pitch for Games mascot

    Mascot Bing Dwen Dwen has become insanely popular amid Beijing Winter Olympic fever.

    2022/2/6 22:23:23
  • Beijing 2022

    With the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, various competitions will start one after another.

    2022/2/6 0:52:30
  • An easier road home

    From the “green-skinned train” to high-speed rail, from motorcycles to private cars, the upgrades are the result of social progress ...

    2022/1/29 16:36:53
  • Fashion statement

    “How much do you earn a month?” “When are you going to get married?” “Did your final exams go well?” ...

    2022/1/28 23:19:39
  • Abandoned in deep water

    Lithuania has been abandoned in deep water by the US

    2022/1/27 20:54:15
  • Too tired to flex muscles

    The US has frequently sent aircraft carriers to the South China Sea to provoke, but several accidents has been seen. ...

    2022/1/26 23:46:29
  • Aussie fake news

    Australian media recently made allegations that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's personal WeChat account was “blocked” by China and turned ...

    2022/1/25 19:22:26
  • Running out of supplies

    American grocery stores are starting to have so many empty shelves due to the epidemic

    2022/1/24 19:31:22
  • Humanitarian disaster

    More than five months after the fall of Kabul, the Afghan economy is on the brink of collapse, leaving millions ...

    2022/1/23 20:50:21
  • Widening the wealth gap

    Cost of masks and tests in the US deepens a pandemic wedge between rich and poor.

    2022/1/20 20:29:47
  • Troubled first year

    Biden is in office for almost 1 year, but the US now is troubled by problems of inflation, supply chain, ...

    2022/1/19 20:37:58
  • Caught in COVID whirlpool

    Australia on Tuesday suffered its deadliest day of the pandemic as a fast-moving Omicron outbreak continued to push up hospitalisation ...

    2022/1/18 19:02:14
  • Concealing the truth

    The US government is going to stop tracking COVID-19 deaths.

    2022/1/17 21:23:25
  • Real face of hypocrisy

    US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that his administration would make "high-quality masks" available to all Americans for free. ...

    2022/1/16 19:27:34
  • Student visits temple for a leg up

    What can students do before exams, in addition to diligent studies? In South China's Guangdong Province, a first-grade student at ...

    2022/1/14 20:23:41
  • A bad example

    Boris Johnson admits on Wednesday that he attended No. 10 garden party on May 20, 2020 "to thank groups of ...

    2022/1/13 22:25:57
  • Wrong strategy

    Omicron variant will "find just about everybody," Fauci says

    2022/1/13 0:08:52
  • Blind ambition

    Australia spent #3.5 billion to purchase military tanks from the US, reportedly aiming at countering China.

    2022/1/11 21:55:11
  • Aging fast

    Record low number of Japanese reach adulthood as demographic woes deepen

    2022/1/10 22:31:08
  • Overwhelmed, and in tatters

    Daily UK Covid case figures exceeded 200,000 for the first time with the spread of the Omicron variant.

    2022/1/9 21:34:11
  • Crumbling democracy

    1st anniversary of the Capitol riot

    2022/1/6 21:31:52
  • Self-inflicted damage

    Lithuania's mistake to confront China

    2022/1/5 20:49:05
  • Capitol 'crisis'

    COVID cases are skyrocketing at the U.S. Capitol

    2022/1/4 20:15:40
  • Hard to defend

    Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki blasted the US military for failing to contain the spread of the COVID-19 and allowing the ...

    2022/1/3 23:51:29
  • New Year hope and unity

    Year 2022 is coming.

    2021/12/30 17:01:59
  • Blundering trajectory

    All parties to Outer Space Treaty must remember pledge to act responsibly

    2021/12/29 23:05:15
  • Wrong reasons

    Delta US airlines turning back is a result of US labor shortage

    2021/12/28 23:32:28
  • Going off piste

    US applies for officials to attend Winter Games amid diplomatic boycott

    2021/12/27 22:50:05
  • Stockpile of shame

    Expired COVID vaccines in Africa shame West

    2021/12/26 20:24:05
  • Netizens make way for infant at risk

    This is the true meaning and power of public resources. It's a real-life display of Chinese people's respect for life ...

    2021/12/24 17:15:20
  • McCarthyism deja vu

    The so-called "China Initiative" launched by the US is repeating  McCarthyism

    2021/12/23 21:42:10
  • Japan's growing burden

    Japan has agreed to increase its share of funding for U.S. troops stationed in Japan to 1.06 trillion yen, or ...

    2021/12/22 23:15:11
  • Giant baby of 'democracy'

    G7's futile efforts to interfere in Hong Kong

    2021/12/21 22:46:17
  • Manchin's deadly blow

    Democratic senator stymies Biden's Build Back plan

    2021/12/20 22:44:17
  • 'Tiger dad' forcing kindergarten kids into higher mathematics courses tamed by court

    A father with a doctorate degree surnamed Mao has reportedly forced his 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter to learn advanced ...

    2021/12/17 15:53:39
  • Fractured nation

    Three retired US generals warned of a civil war if 2024 election is falsely contested.

    2021/12/19 20:58:39
  • Addicted to war?

    US Senate passes $770 billion defense bill

    2021/12/16 22:17:39
  • Diminished message

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was propelled to shorten his trip and return to Washington after a traveling journalist ...

    2021/12/15 23:33:39
  • Inviting trouble

    What will Lithuania's US courtship bring?

    2021/12/14 23:28:39
  • Christmas shadow

    Omicron outbreak

    2021/12/13 23:23:39
  • Failing grade

    Public view on Biden's handling of the pandemic and the economy takes yet another hit.

    2021/12/12 18:42:13
  • Leaked love

    Users' privacy should be a top priority for internet companies at all cost.

    2021/12/10 19:00:53
  • A circus in town

    Washington wants to form a “democratic gang,” but the world has turned that old page long ago.

    2021/12/9 22:08:39
  • Putting on a show

    The so-called Summit for Democracy hosted by the Biden administration kicked off on Thursday. It is nonetheless, a show.

    2021/12/9 20:03:39
  • No.1 lackey

    Australia is the No.1 lackey of the US.

    2021/12/8 23:03:39
  • Democratic hypocrisy

    How does the US define democracy?

    2021/12/7 22:53:40
  • Democratic ideals?

    Look at what US democracy is.

    2021/12/6 21:33:39
  • Created in its own image

    America's democratic experiment has ultimately led nowhere.

    2021/12/5 20:12:16
  • Abe's madness

    Abe is tempting Japan to play with fire by threatening China.

    2021/12/2 20:26:48
  • Democracy hypocrite

    The US is a democracy hypocrite.

    2021/12/2 1:09:15
  • Back-stabbing friend

    A report has found that Australia's closest security allies, such as the US, have been the biggest beneficiaries of Beijing's ...

    2021/11/30 21:52:36
  • A gloomy Christmas

    A gloomy Christmas is coming to the US due to a Christmas tree shortage – one of the many problems ...

    2021/11/29 21:08:14
  • Chaos of US 'democracy'

    The US has been exporting wars under the guise of "democracy."

    2021/11/28 21:26:25
  • Crackdown on deceptive APP practices

    There is a need to effectively strengthen supervision to combat illegal business practices and upgrade the rules governing transactions. ...

    2021/11/26 18:08:39
  • Quixotic fate

    A loyal servant, huh?

    2021/11/25 22:27:39
  • A sincere invitation

    'Democracy summit' a wimpy show of US, Taiwan island

    2021/11/24 21:43:40
  • Deep divisions

    Divided States of America

    2021/11/23 21:43:39
  • Gun violence epidemic

    So, what will Uncle Sam do?

    2021/11/22 22:48:40
  • Gambling on crumbs from the US' table

    For the sake of some petty benefits from the US, Lithuania abandoned its "one-China" principle and chose to free fall.

    2021/11/21 20:23:20
  • Good work culture

    Only by doing jobs well and efficiently can companies create a good work culture.

    2021/11/19 21:33:39
  • Crumbling democracy

    Can Biden's Summit for Democracy support the crumbling US democracy?

    2021/11/18 21:20:58
  • Following the money

    Some COVID-19 vaccine makers in the West are making a lot of money in rich countries while ignoring the need ...

    2021/11/17 23:39:01
  • Two-faced aid

    The US wants to help Afghanistan, but in a way that is more like turning off someone's tap and pretending ...

    2021/11/16 21:28:39
  • Dampening the Christmas spirit

    This Christmas season might be hard for Americans because of problems like inflation and a supply chain crisis.

    2021/11/15 21:53:39
  • Settling in for winter

    Winter is coming, and the novel coronavirus is hitting Europe again.

    2021/11/14 22:23:39
  • Soft touch teaching software

    Teachers often ask each other: How do you motivate your students to be more willing to write their homework?

    2021/11/12 20:38:40
  • 'Voluntary' cooperation

    "Coercion? That's laughable. It is voluntary," said the US to some chipmakers while asking them for data.

    2021/11/10 21:07:34
  • Failed disrupter

    The US plans to invest in five to 10 large global infrastructure projects in January to counter China's Belt and ...

    2021/11/9 22:33:40
  • Act of hegemony

    Washington is asking for supply chain information from several chipmakers, some of which have already said yes to it.

    2021/11/8 21:13:39
  • Skeptics' squawk

    Sesame Street's Big Bird decided to get vaccinated, and it caused a massive flap among skeptics, including Texas Republican Senator Ted ...

    2021/11/7 22:43:39
  • Down jackets heat up winter talk

    Isn't the hot debate about the price of homemade down jackets a reflection that China is spending big on its ...

    2021/11/5 14:04:35
  • Potential return

    The Republican Party may embrace a potential return in 2024.

    2021/11/4 22:23:40
  • Net zero at snail's pace

    We will see a slow progress for Australia to achieve its plan on achieving net zero by 2050.

    2021/11/3 23:13:39
  • Band-Aid solution

    Biden apologizes for Trump exiting climate accord and putting the world “behind the eight ball.”

    2021/11/2 22:08:39
  • Climate hypocrite

    The US has acted as a climate hypocrite.

    2021/11/1 21:43:40
  • Friends of convenience

    US President Biden tells French President Macron that the US was 'clumsy' in Aussie sub deal.

    2021/10/31 22:03:39
  • Admission fraud annoying and abominable

    There is no such a thing as free lunch. If they want their children to be admitted into a prestigious ...

    2021/10/29 17:58:39
  • A lean Christmas

    The UK is likely to face Christmas turkey shortage this year.

    2021/10/28 22:33:39
  • End of Merkel era

    It's the end of Angela Merkel era.

    2021/10/27 21:53:40
  • Hypocritical target

    Australia sets 2050 net zero emissions target

    2021/10/26 20:43:39
  • Declining popularity

    US President Joe Biden's approval rate has declined due to his administration's poor handling of COVID-19 pandemic and US hasty ...

    2021/10/25 20:33:39
  • Dangerous climate for talks

    Resurging pandemic in the UK before COP26

    2021/10/24 21:33:40
  • Plastic beauty is skin deep

    As for babies, whether their heads are round or flat, this will never change the fact that they are the ...

    2021/10/22 20:03:39
  • Recovery at risk

    Energy crisis could threaten global economic recovery amid the pandemic.

    2021/10/21 21:18:39
  • Obsessed with absolute security

    US hypes 'nuclear threat' from China, Russia to legitimize absolute security and arms race.

    2021/10/20 22:38:39
  • Having it both ways

    “I am no Sinophobe -- very far from it,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in an interview with Bloomberg ...

    2021/10/19 21:03:39
  • Disastrous move

    Japan's new prime minister, Fumio Kishida, has said that there can be no delay to plans to dump contaminated water ...

    2021/10/18 20:58:40
  • Spy drive

    The US intelligence service is looking to recruit Chinese speaking operatives.

    2021/10/17 20:38:40
  • Open mind more valuable than mere diploma

    A diploma from top universities cannot necessarily prove whether or not a person is qualified for a certain job. As ...

    2021/10/15 23:53:39
  • Out in the cold

    By standing up to China, Australia may end up standing alone.

    2021/10/14 21:30:09
  • Gun violence hits US minors

    Shootings in the US involving children and teenagers have been on the rise in recent years. Experts say idleness caused ...

    2021/10/13 20:28:35
  • Mysterious US sub accident

    US submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) collided with an “unknown object” while submerged in the waters of the Asia-Pacific region recently. The ...

    2021/10/12 21:47:58
  • Compounding its problems

    India is making trouble on the border issue despite the many problems it's facing inside its country.

    2021/10/11 19:23:40
  • Frayed too far?

    Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and US Trade Representative Katherine Tai held a video call on Saturday. Will China-US trade ...

    2021/10/10 19:43:39
  • Holiday breaks from school, but don't play video games

    For many children in China, this past Nation Day holidays had a different meaning. These were the first 7-day-long public ...

    2021/10/8 21:38:39
  • No breathing room

    Can the US avert a disastrous debt default?

    2021/10/7 20:08:41
  • Drifting off course

    The US uses AUKUS to push UK to sail into the Taiwan Straits

    2021/9/29 22:03:39
  • Lonely wait

    Australian Prime Minsiter Scott Morrison said China refuses to take Canberra's call.

    2021/9/29 0:08:39
  • Wars on terror? More like a game of hegemony for the US

    The game of hegemony

    2021/9/28 0:13:39
  • On a road to nowhere

    Despite in name of cooperation, the Quad will lead to nowhere

    2021/9/26 22:33:39
  • Youth add dose of health to TCM industry

    Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM has become increasingly popular in recent years, although it is facing controversial debates in some other ...

    2021/9/25 19:03:39
  • Racist culture

    Haitian immigrants

    2021/9/23 22:58:39
  • 'Face saver'?

    The US, the country worst hit by the epidemic, will hold COVID-⁠19 Summit.

    2021/9/22 22:40:04
  • Stab in the back

    France is making it loud and clear that it objects to the security pact the US, UK and Australia announced ...

    2021/9/21 20:07:38
  • Desire to be attractive traps the vain in skin deep

    After all, in many cases, beauty is only skin deep.

    2021/9/17 14:13:39
  • Hegemony over human rights

    US wages war around the world for its hegemony instead of "human rights"

    2021/9/16 20:23:39
  • US military contractors' gain

    US military contractors benefited most from war on terror

    2021/9/15 20:18:39
  • Trapped in own mess

    Results of War on Terror

    2021/9/14 22:28:40
  • Blame game

    Japan LDP leadership election candidates target China

    2021/9/13 22:53:39
  • Uncall of duty

    Trump skips joining Biden at 9/11 memorial ceremonies

    2021/9/12 19:58:39
  • Care needed to bridge the gap

    The elderly should not become “marginalized” in the digital age.

    2021/9/10 20:48:39
  • Back to square one

    From Taliban to Taliban

    2021/9/9 23:00:38
  • Growing risk

    Children make up more than a quarter of the weekly US COVID-19 cases

    2021/9/8 20:53:39
  • Going around in circles

    20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks

    2021/9/7 21:48:40
  • Frying pan to fire

    Surging gun violence in the US killed many people including kids in the past few months

    2021/9/6 21:18:39
  • India's American eyewear

    India blindly follows the US

    2021/9/6 18:45:37
  • Avalanche of troubles

    Biden is facing many challenges.

    2021/9/5 19:27:20
  • Just a penny

    Afghan war has cost the US $2.313 trillion to date, while US humanitarian aid for Afghanistan is about 3.9 billion.

    2021/9/2 20:23:39
  • Rising militarization

    Japan's Defense Ministry has shockingly request nearly $50 billion for the 2022 fiscal year.

    2021/9/1 21:43:40
  • Leaving a mess behind

    All US troops have departed.

    2021/8/31 20:33:40
  • Hospital bed crisis

    Surges in COVID-19 infections led to shortages of hospital beds and staff in the US

    2021/8/30 20:47:44
  • Afghanistan: 2001 vs 2021

    Twenty years passed, there are still similar scenes outside the window

    2021/8/30 19:51:43
  • Disorderly retreat

    America is back... from Afghanistan.

    2021/8/29 21:33:39
  • The big lie

    The 90-day investigation that US President Joe Biden has ordered the US intelligence agencies to conduct to dig the origins ...

    2021/8/26 22:39:07
  • Radioactive waters

    Japan's government adopted an interim plan Tuesday to release Fukushima nuclear water via undersea tunnel.

    2021/8/25 22:53:40
  • Crunch time

    Boris Johnson to personally plead with Joe Biden to extend deadline for US withdrawal.

    2021/8/24 20:28:40
  • Positive spin

    Photos which show US soldier giving children water went viral. But the US destroyed their homes in the first place. ...

    2021/8/23 21:08:40
  • Biden's burdens

    Most voters deem Biden unfit to be president, poll shows

    2021/8/22 21:05:06
  • Loan trap

    “I could starve to death, but my idol must go viral” – this has become a motto of many crazy ...

    2021/8/20 22:53:39
  • Hypocrisy on refugees

    Do you know what real hypocrisy is like? Check this.

    2021/8/19 20:28:39
  • Hot potato

    It's yours now

    2021/8/18 23:13:03
  • Digging own hole

    Hard to climb out.

    2021/8/18 21:38:40
  • Saigon 2021

    1975 in Vietnam; 2019 in Syria; 2021 in Afghanistan; Who will be the next "ally" abandoned by the US?

    2021/8/18 15:13:56
  • Dogs get priority

    US military dogs in Kabul evacuated from the city's airport among other officials as Taliban takes control of Afghanistan.

    2021/8/17 20:26:32
  • Yesterday once more

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said last week, "This is manifestly not Saigon."

    2021/8/16 21:33:21
  • Fleeing the ruins

    The US is fleeing. But will that be the end of the havoc the US has wreaked in Afghanistan?

    2021/8/15 20:18:39
  • Improve online classes to fight fake students

    Many colleges and universities have already promised to use technical means to prevent and identify students' fake attendance. But it ...

    2021/8/13 20:13:39
  • Shaky summit

    Sitting in a shaky house, Uncle Sam still believes the US is the "beacon of democracy."

    2021/8/12 21:03:40
  • Reliable ally?

    Is Uncle Sam a reliable ally?

    2021/8/12 19:43:39
  • Sweeping the evidence

    Hmm? What is Uncle Sam doing?

    2021/8/11 22:21:21
  • Reluctant withdrawal

    Didn't the US say it is pulling out troops?

    2021/8/10 22:04:31
  • Global deception

    Will Uncle Sam be able to continue deceiving the world in terms of investigation into COVID-19 origins?

    2021/8/9 19:10:47
  • Epidemic of infighting

    Is this the way how the US fights COVID-19?

    2021/8/8 20:53:39
  • Making food safer

    Special importance should be attached to food safety.

    2021/8/6 23:18:40
  • Republicans' dilemma

    "To support mask-wearing, or not to support it, that is the question," the elephant ponders while warching its approval ratings ...

    2021/8/5 21:38:39
  • Lie after lie

    Lie after lie. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

    2021/8/4 23:53:40
  • Sealing up the truth of Fort Derick

    Virus origins tracing

    2021/8/4 13:56:14
  • When science meets politics

    When science meets politics. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

    2021/8/3 21:23:39
  • Playing with fire

    The US is playing with fire by spreading poltical virus.

    2021/8/2 20:28:39
  • Spoil sports

    In recent years, the Olympics have become increasingly politicized by some forces.

    2021/8/1 21:08:40
  • Masters of web clean click baiting

    In recent years, “traffic monetization” has brought huge economic benefits.

    2021/7/30 22:58:39
  • Dangerous conductor

    The US is the super spreader of coronavirus and political virus.

    2021/7/29 23:49:25
  • GT Cartoon: Terrorizing COVID-19 origins tracing

    GT Cartoon: Terrorizing COVID-19 origins tracing

    2021/7/28 18:42:04
  • Living in the past

    Living in the past. Illustration: Chen Xia/GT

    2021/7/27 21:48:40
  • Growing suspicions

    By last Saturday, an open letter demanding that the World Health Organization investigate Fort Detrick has garnered over 10 million ...

    2021/7/26 19:26:58
  • Politics of distraction

    The US is facing many domestic problems, but it is too busy with the "China threat" to solve these problems.

    2021/7/25 22:12:11
  • Consumers reject fingerprint collection from strangers

    Consumers should pay attention to protect their privacy. They have the right to refuse unreasonable information collection.

    2021/7/23 19:43:40
  • Through the lens

    Through the lens

    2021/7/22 22:08:25
  • Mysterious disease

    With so many coincidences, it is hard not to think about the relationship between the novel coronavirus and the "e-cigarette ...

    2021/7/21 23:43:40
  • Misleading Asia

    A Reuters article on Tuesday claimed that “Asia is sliding into a dangerous arms race as smaller nations that once ...

    2021/7/21 18:34:41
  • Fictitious claim

    The US government and its allies from Europe and the Asia-Pacific accused China of a global cyber hacking campaign that ...

    2021/7/20 19:26:19
  • Hiding the truth

    A total of 1.2 million Chinese netizens have signed an online open letter as of Monday night, demanding the WHO ...

    2021/7/20 0:58:39
  • What lies inside?

    Virus origins tracing

    2021/7/18 23:58:39
  • "Glories" to the US

    Ridiculously, the US, with a cumulative number of more than 33.97 million cases and a death toll of over 608,000, ...

    2021/7/16 19:12:08
  • Thinking inside shoebox

    Recently, hype over sneaker boxes is energizing youths in China.

    2021/7/16 18:53:39
  • Message from W

    George W. Bush Slams U.S. Pullout From Afghanistan As A 'Mistake'

    2021/7/15 21:53:40
  • "DEFENSE" Paper

    Japan's latest defense paper, whose cover features a warrior on horseback, was criticized by some Japanese netizens.

    2021/7/14 23:58:40
  • Death Camp

    Over 160 graves found at a former residential school in Canada.

    2021/7/13 22:08:39
  • Outcompeting China?

    The US thinks China-US relations are stable only when the US holds absolute advantage over China, so it seeks to ...

    2021/7/11 21:13:40
  • Bio boosting

    It is not the “optimized” CV that will get the applicants the job they want. It's their ability. So people ...

    2021/7/9 20:08:40
  • Trump's longshot lawsuit

    Trump sues Twitter, Google and Facebook for censorship

    2021/7/8 21:48:40
  • Vague policy

    Washington still hasn't had a clear China policy.

    2021/7/7 22:03:40
  • Business is business

    The US can't stop Europe doing business with China.

    2021/7/6 21:53:40
  • Politicizing COVID

    Some Western scientists have become the victims of the politicization of the novel coronavirus.

    2021/7/5 23:23:40
  • Too soon to celebrate

    The US undoubtedly faces the most challenges on this Independence Day.

    2021/7/4 23:12:36
  • Village people's animal house love

    Recently, a wild zoo on the Fenghuang Mountain in Enshi, a small city in Central China's Hubei Province has attracted ...

    2021/7/2 23:18:39
  • Full speed ahead

    After achieving China's first centennial goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the Chinese feel very confident ...

    2021/7/1 21:23:40
  • Going strong at 100

    Happy 100th birthday to the Communist Party of China!

    2021/6/30 19:14:52
  • Unsuccessful attempt

    No matter how hard the US tries, it still cannot damage China-Russia relations.

    2021/6/29 20:08:40
  • On their own

    As the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan approaches, US President Joe Biden said that Afghans "are going to ...

    2021/6/29 0:59:28
  • Charting its own course

    On Friday, Ukraine withdrew from its endorsement of an anti-China joint statement made at the 47th session of the UN ...

    2021/6/27 22:18:39
  • Somewhere over the rainbow

    After all, the purpose of hard work is to enjoy a better life. The ultimate lesson: never miss the beauty ...

    2021/6/25 20:08:39
  • Good riddance

    After printing its last issue, Hong Kong's media outlet Apple Daily stopped publication on Thursday.

    2021/6/24 22:58:23
  • Not good enough

    The White House announced Tuesday that the US will not meet President Joe Biden's goal of having 70 percent of ...

    2021/6/24 0:43:39
  • Hurting himself

    Xinjiang polysilicon ban will hurt the US itself

    2021/6/22 22:53:40
  • Inconsistent US

    Shortly after Biden-Putin summit, US said it is preparing "another package of sanctions" in the case of Russian opposition leader ...

    2021/6/21 22:33:39
  • Human rights?!

    Human rights?!

    2021/6/20 22:32:42
  • Doses with motives

    The 2.5 million doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine took off from the US on their way to the island of ...

    2021/6/20 20:38:39
  • No improvement

    Even US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin exchanged "gifts" to each other, it has not changed the ...

    2021/6/17 23:53:39
  • Revealing clues

    A research study run by the US National Institutes of Health has turned up evidence of possible coronavirus infections in ...

    2021/6/16 21:18:39
  • Awarding lies

    BuzzFeed News was awarded a Pulitzer Prize, the highest honors in US journalism, for a series of stories that ...

    2021/6/15 21:28:39
  • Mr Yankee outraged at China's nuclear warheads

    Mr Yankee became outraged upon hearing about the number of China's nuclear warheads

    2021/6/15 21:04:06
  • Divided priorities

    G7 countries have different views toward confronting China

    2021/6/14 22:58:39
  • Focused on China

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken testifies before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Review of the FY ...

    2021/6/10 22:03:39
  • Targeting China

    G7 nations must overhaul global trade rules to stop powerful countries using economic coercion, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said ...

    2021/6/9 19:52:32
  • Politicizing Olympics

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday the US was consulting with allies and other countries on a ...

    2021/6/8 19:23:40
  • Pushing US interests

    US President Joe Biden has issued a statement pledging to affirm his “special relationship” with Europe at this week's G7 ...

    2021/6/7 22:18:39
  • Big promises, small reward

    Three US senators made a flying visit to the island of Taiwan Sunday morning.During their short stay, the three senators ...

    2021/6/6 19:58:40
  • Envious suburban lifestyle of urban angst

    There is nothing wrong with a craving for a peaceful countryside life where people put simplicity above stress. But young ...

    2021/6/4 16:58:40
  • Social media pariah

    Donald Trump has shut down his blog

    2021/6/3 21:53:39
  • 'Big Brother' friend

    US spying leaders of European countries

    2021/6/2 22:08:39
  • Racing ahead

    The US already behind in 5G

    2021/6/1 19:38:40
  • Big brother is watching you!

    The US has used Denmark's secret service to spy on leaders of many European countries

    2021/6/1 0:18:39
  • Failure to intercept

    The US Missile Defense Agency, reports that an intercept was not achieved during a test of the Navy's ability to ...

    2021/5/30 20:28:39
  • Stupid solutions to gaokao

    Gaokao is not only an exam for students, but also for parents. Parents should not add extra pressure to their ...

    2021/5/28 19:08:39
  • Beautifying hazard

    Japan has spent a lot of money to Beautify Fukushima nuclear accident

    2021/5/27 22:33:40
  • Shameful closure

    Australia is to close its embassy building in Kabu

    2021/5/26 21:48:39
  • False hope

    US won't sincerely help the island of Taiwan in terms of distributing vaccines

    2021/5/26 20:53:39
  • Insurmountable obstacle?

    The latest troubling sign for the Summer Games came Monday when the State Department advised US citizens against traveling to ...

    2021/5/25 21:28:39
  • Obstructing progress

    Biden's "price cut" for the infrastructure plan remains mired in congressional resistance

    2021/5/24 22:13:40
  • To escalate or to deescalate?

    Blinken to visit Israel, West Bank on May 26-27, source says

    2021/5/23 22:48:40
  • More care needed for senior net surfers

    More and more seniors are surfing the internet – especially through smartphones.

    2021/5/21 16:47:11
  • Vaccine politicization

    Washington has politicized COVID-19 vaccines.

    2021/5/21 0:03:40
  • Ripping off Australia

    US exports to China grow at 'expense' of Australia after Beijing's trade ban.

    2021/5/19 22:03:39
  • Disrupting peace

    Israel-Palestine peace process is facing challenges since US approved $735 million arms sale to Israel.

    2021/5/18 21:28:40
  • Bloody legacy

    The US withdrawal from Afghanistan leaves many challenges for Afghanistan's peace process.

    2021/5/17 23:58:20
  • Money can't heal

    The city of Columbus, Ohio, has agreed to pay $10 million to the family of Andre Hill, a 47-year-old black ...

    2021/5/16 21:53:29
  • Society needs to deliver help to delivery workers

    Last year, the Chinese government announced its support for flexible employment in the job market. However, more work needs to ...

    2021/5/14 21:13:39
  • Unfair criticism

    Some US politicians have again passed the buck to Dr Anthony Fauci.

    2021/5/13 22:03:40
  • Undercounted deaths

    Fauci said there's "no doubt" that the US has undercounted its deaths from COVID-19.

    2021/5/12 21:53:40
  • Protecting the highest peak

    China will use an "isolation strip" atop Mount Qomolangma to cordon off the north slope of the world's highest mountain, ...

    2021/5/10 23:28:40
  • Rocketing hypocrisy

    Both China and the US have seen debris fall from the atmosphere, but the US media have given a very ...

    2021/5/9 20:28:39
  • Cultural ice cream bars hit sweet spots

    Cultural relic-shaped ice cream bars match these features, which explains their popularity.

    2021/5/7 16:08:39
  • Sinking ship

    US efforts to rally allies against China are doomed to fail.

    2021/5/6 21:53:39
  • GOP patent blockers

    A group of 12 Republican lawmakers called on the Biden administration not to support a request by 60 countries, including ...

    2021/5/5 22:08:39
  • Keeping China policy

    The Biden administration has inherited Trump's China policy.

    2021/4/29 21:33:40
  • Weak promise

    Will Quad help India's epidemic fight?

    2021/4/28 21:53:39
  • Uncle Sam's generosity

    The US is sending India vaccines that Washington is afraid to use

    2021/4/27 22:27:41
  • Risking exposure

    Epidemic or vote?

    2021/4/26 22:13:39
  • False friendship

    India's call for Washington to ease curbs on the export of vaccine raw materials was rejected.

    2021/4/25 22:38:40
  • Protecting our precious senior 'silver'

    It is time for authorities to supervise this silver economy and make sure that the elderly are not taken for ...

    2021/4/24 20:03:40
  • Doubtful outcome

    US opens global summit on climate

    2021/4/22 21:11:50
  • Rushed response

    Tesla vs. consumer complaints

    2021/4/21 22:08:40
  • A friend in need?

    The Biden administration had told India that its request for a lifting of the ban on the export of vaccine ...

    2021/4/20 21:10:14
  • Back to normal

    As many Americans have been saying that they want to get back to normal. They are getting their wish, at ...

    2021/4/19 21:30:09
  • Blind to Fukushima

    Some netizens have mocked Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg for her silence on Japan dumping Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water.

    2021/4/18 22:28:39
  • Scanning codes for food needs new order

    It has become quite common for restaurants in China to use scanning codes instead of human services for taking orders. ...

    2021/4/16 16:13:39
  • Long overdue

    US President Joe Biden said that he plans to withdraw remaining US troops from the "forever war" in Afghanistan before ...

    2021/4/15 21:28:29
  • Blame game

    The 2021 threat assessment report from the US intelligence agencies has described China as the biggest threat to the US.

    2021/4/14 21:13:40
  • Partner in crime

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted, "We thank Japan for its transparent efforts in its decision to dispose of ...

    2021/4/13 22:33:28
  • Vaccine export dilemma

    India has halted exports of Remdesivir amid rising Covid-19 cases.

    2021/4/12 21:43:00
  • Nuclear waste disaster

    The Japanese government is poised to release treated radioactive water accumulated at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea ...

    2021/4/11 21:06:18
  • Don't swallow vlogger ploys of over-drinking

    Being noticed and profits go hand in hand – but it's dangerous.

    2021/4/9 21:58:39
  • Copying China

    With a "democratic Belt and Road Initiative," an infrastructure construction plan, and so on, is Uncle Sam taking lessons from ...

    2021/4/8 20:35:02
  • Neglecting itself

    The US has become unable to do its own business well. How has it come to this place?

    2021/4/7 21:33:40
  • Final bow

    LG has official quit making phones.

    2021/4/6 20:58:40
  • Unsafe-book

    Details from more than 500 million Facebook users have been found available on a website for hackers.

    2021/4/5 20:02:19
  • Misplaced focus

    US President Joe Biden unveiled a roughly $2 trillion American Jobs Plan focused on infrastructure and the climate crisis in ...

    2021/4/1 19:58:40
  • Origins tracing under political pressure

    GTCartoon- Science VS Politics

    2021/3/31 23:19:30
  • Thankless spot

    Japan faces pressure to join China sanctions ahead of US trip

    2021/3/30 22:13:40
  • Unfair persecution

    US utilizes BCI to smear Xinjiang cotton.

    2021/3/29 22:13:39
  • Mr Yankee outraged at China's poverty alleviation in Xinjiang

    #GTCartoon MrYankee has his say: the right to live in "eternal poverty" should be protected.

    2021/3/29 17:44:13
  • Painted with hypocrisy

    The West fallacy on Xinjiang cotton.

    2021/3/28 22:18:21
  • Net cafes can entertain new ideas

    For internet café owners, the era of waiting for customers to come has passed.

    2021/3/26 21:03:40
  • 'All for itself' vaccines

    Western countries are banning vaccine exports.

    2021/3/25 22:23:10
  • Human rights hypocrite

    US, so-called human rights defender, is flying its flag at half-staff for mass shootings.

    2021/3/24 22:43:39
  • Following Trump's playbook

    Biden follows Trump's playbook of China policy.

    2021/3/23 21:23:40
  • Lonely Olympics

    Overseas fans banned from Tokyo Olympics over COVID-19 fears.

    2021/3/22 21:31:37
  • Rallying against racism

    Crowds gather around the US for "stop Asian hate" protests.

    2021/3/21 20:18:40
  • Aiming at Asians

    Aiming at Asians

    2021/3/20 10:16:54
  • Care beats out original jobs

    People now also care a lot about anything they are closely related to, whether pets or objects. In the future, ...

    2021/3/19 21:03:39
  • Human rights hypocrite

    On March 17, Venezuela, Syria, Belarus and other countries criticized the human rights situation of the US at the 46th ...

    2021/3/18 21:08:42
  • Innovation leader

    The White Paper on Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights issued by Chinese company Huawei at its headquarters in Shenzhen on ...

    2021/3/17 20:16:44
  • Exporting death

    The US remains the largest arms exporter

    2021/3/17 1:58:39
  • Fighting sexual assault

    Australia March 4 Justice: Thousands march against sexual assault

    2021/3/15 22:48:39
  • Price of a life

    $27 million settlement with George Floyd's family

    2021/3/15 0:53:39
  • Pets smile with animal protection policies

    While fighting against animal cruelty, we should also let people know how to keep pets healthily. Starting from educating children ...

    2021/3/12 19:06:17
  • A new horizon

    China's top legislature on Thursday adopted the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range ...

    2021/3/12 0:23:40
  • Dysfunctional group

    Every member of the Quad hopes to dominate the group

    2021/3/10 22:13:40
  • Global burden

    The US Senate approved a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan on Saturday.

    2021/3/10 1:43:40
  • Separate interests

    Japan PM Suga may visit Washington in April for summit with Biden

    2021/3/8 23:57:48
  • Inflamed tensions

    More than 100 people, including children, gathered outside the State Capitol in Boise, Idaho, Saturday to burn face masks to ...

    2021/3/7 23:44:31
  • Online cram school problems

    An alternative for parents can be encouraging and guiding their children to take full advantage of every minute in their ...

    2021/3/5 19:13:39
  • Ignoring sanctions

    Russia sneered at the new sanctions from the US and the West, with neither impact nor implications.

    2021/3/4 21:23:39
  • Anti-China strategy

    The White House announced Tuesday that US Vice President Kamala Harris had a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Scott ...

    2021/3/3 21:04:26
  • Desperate children

    According to a recent report from Center for American Progress, nearly 11 million children are poor in the US, and ...

    2021/3/2 21:38:39
  • Eyeing a comeback

    In his first public speech since leaving office, Donald Trump disavowed the creation of a new political party and hinted ...

    2021/3/1 20:13:40
  • Growing prosperity

    China's per capita GDP is expected to reach 72,447 RMB ($11,182) in 2020, an increase of 2 percent over the ...

    2021/2/28 19:33:39
  • Baby burden should be fixed before baby boom

    To boost the birth rate, it's time to ease the burden on Chinese young's shoulders.

    2021/2/26 18:13:39
  • Unstable currency

    Bitcoin plunges

    2021/2/25 22:28:39
  • Closer to Mars

    On February 24, 2021, the first Mars exploration probe from China, Tianwen-1, successfully implemented its third near-fire braking and entered ...

    2021/2/24 21:53:39
  • Top partner

    China back as top India trade partner even as relations sour.

    2021/2/23 22:53:40
  • Grim milestone

    The US death toll of the COVID-19 reaches 500,000 on Sunday.

    2021/2/22 20:53:39
  • Deserved welcome

    US President Joe Biden used his first address before a global audience to declare that “America is back, the transatlantic ...

    2021/2/21 20:33:14
  • Show me the 'lucky money,' but don't count on it

    As long as blessings are sent, the “lucky money” will have completed its mission. This is how the harmonious atmosphere ...

    2021/2/19 19:38:40
  • Space ties

    It is reported Russia is preparing to sign a memorandum of understanding with China to cooperate on a vision for ...

    2021/2/18 20:43:40
  • BBC - Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    Fake news is like Pinocchio's nose, the more you lie, the longer it grows. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

    2021/2/18 20:04:38
  • Frozen out of power

    At least 21 people were killed and more than 5.5 million homes had no power as of Tuesday as ...

    2021/2/17 21:18:39
  • Misguided priorities

    Americans cannot reach a consensus on whether they should wear masks, while China has introduced its first legislation on wearing ...

    2021/2/9 22:18:39
  • Russian presence

    Russia's Foreign Ministry has created an account on TikTok social networking service.

    2021/2/8 21:28:40
  • Superspreading bowl

    Fauci warned that the Super Bowl could become a "mini hyperspread" event

    2021/2/7 22:48:39
  • Phone powered up, but intellectually powered off?

    Thanks to China's education authorities, teachers and parents are now tending to be more persuaded to supervise school kids from ...

    2021/2/6 18:43:40
  • Ratings slump

    After Donald Trump left office, his arch-rival CNN lost its cash cow as well, with ratings plummeting 44 percent. The ...

    2021/2/4 20:48:40
  • Difficult revolt

    GameStop emerged as the hottest stock on Wall Street and the latest symbol of a widening populist revolt against entrenched elites.

    2021/2/3 20:58:39
  • Vaccine 'war'

    A senior EU official has suggested the UK is trying to start a vaccine war, in a major escalation of ...

    2021/2/2 20:43:40
  • Vaccine doubters

    On January 30, a group of protesters gathered outside Dodger Stadium, one of the largest vaccination sites in the US, ...

    2021/2/1 20:23:39
  • Unfair shares

    At the end of January, a flash mob with money took place on Wall Street. Retail investors ganged up in ...

    2021/1/31 20:13:23
  • Incentivizing staying at home

    Separation with family this festival will usher in a better reunion later on.

    2021/1/29 23:37:03
  • Rejoining climate battle

    US President Joe Biden has signed a series of executive orders designed to address climate change, including a new ban ...

    2021/1/28 21:08:39
  • Renewed cooperation?

    US President Joe Biden held his first call Tuesday with his Russian counterpart, according to the White House, confronting Russia President ...

    2021/1/27 23:08:39
  • Not going away

    Former US president Donald Trump opened the "Office of the Former President" in Palm Beach, Florida, to "carry on the ...

    2021/1/26 23:28:40
  • 'Buy American' concerns

    Biden's 'Buy American' plan put other governments on alert, causing concern that their companies would be excluded from the US' ...

    2021/1/25 20:03:39
  • Out with the old, in with the new

    US president Joe Biden talks up transatlantic ties in first call with Boris Johnson. Johnson told the president that his ...

    2021/1/25 1:03:39
  • Mutual help with heart and soul

    Though the epidemic is still affecting people's lives, it has taught the Chinese people to cherish life, and to also ...

    2021/1/22 21:08:39
  • Tough task

    US President Joe Biden was officially sworn into office on Wednesday in Washington. Compared with confrontational policies, the China-US cooperation ...

    2021/1/21 22:18:40
  • White House cleaner

    Leaving a mess behind...

    2021/1/20 21:47:29
  • Trump's legacy

    The Trump administration's China policy possesses the greatest threat to future China-US relations. It has ruined the achievements in bilateral ...

    2021/1/19 21:03:39
  • 'Yes, this is the only trash.'

    Biden administration starts with low-hanging fruit, shuns hard tasks

    2021/1/18 19:13:39
  • Ignoring virus defenses

    No plans to test most of the 25,000 National Guard for COVID-19 before they deploy across Washington, DC.

    2021/1/17 20:33:40
  • Heartfelt eggs warm COVID workers in winter

    Chinese medical workers are selfless and all Chinese people are united as one in this fight.

    2021/1/15 18:38:40
  • Unwelcome Pompeo

    In the last few days of his tenure, Mike Pompeo has become more active, which has made the world vigilant.

    2021/1/13 20:33:39
  • Danger ahead

    FBI warns "armed protests" being planned at all 50 US state capitols and in Washington DC.

    2021/1/12 20:43:40
  • Poor numbers

    The approval rate for the cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga stood at 41.3 percent, down 9 percentage points ...

    2021/1/11 21:43:39
  • Zipped-tight

    Twitter banned the account of US President Donald Trump.

    2021/1/11 15:16:51
  • Unliked and Unsubscribed

    How could Trump survive without tweeting?

    2021/1/10 22:18:40
  • Crumbling US democracy

    The "internal collapse" of US Democracy

    2021/1/10 18:46:43
  • Winter warmed by deliverymen

    It is hoped more and more people can treat each other with empathy and provide some help and convenience to ...

    2021/1/8 20:15:58
  • Weakened democracy

    Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, reflecting the US' weakened democracy.

    2021/1/7 20:28:39
  • Trump's 'Divided States of America'

    Trump's "Divided States of America"

    2021/1/7 15:36:56
  • Angering the US

    India's S-400 deal with Russia may trigger US sanctions

    2021/1/6 23:38:39
  • Tearing US apart

    US political division is tearing the country apart.

    2021/1/6 19:18:40
  • Taking too long

    It will take the US 10 years to finish vaccination at current pace

    2021/1/5 19:38:40
  • Neglecting the pandemic

    Some Western politicians are neglecting the pandemic.

    2021/1/4 22:18:40
  • Race for normality

    Will vaccines save the world in 2021?

    2021/1/3 19:53:40
  • Caught in COVID-19 trap

    The US is caught in a COVID-19 trap.

    2020/12/30 22:18:39
  • Injection of hope

    COVID-19 vaccine provides an injection of hope in 2021.

    2020/12/30 19:42:45
  • Japan seals off

    Japan halts the entry of foreign nationals.

    2020/12/29 22:43:40
  • Hole in 19 million

    Confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 19.1 million in the US on Sunday and Trump was playing golf on the same day.

    2020/12/28 20:13:39
  • Half of China overweight, needs slimming

    Obesity may lead to sub-health and severe heart disease. Therefore, people, particularly children, should be encouraged to partake in well-balanced ...

    2020/12/25 19:18:39
  • Merry isolated Christmas

    Merry isolated Christmas in 2020.

    2020/12/24 20:43:39
  • Break their word

    Some US political elites are breaking their own words.

    2020/12/22 22:43:40
  • A larger threat

    The UK is now facing a larger threat of the COVID-19 epidemic.

    2020/12/21 21:58:40
  • Tiers before Christmas

    London begins emergency lockdown

    2020/12/20 20:33:40
  • Young people drown in debt

    Internet loans can create nightmares if one overdraws the “money from tomorrow” to fill one's bottomless temptations.

    2020/12/18 18:13:39
  • A giant leap

    The Chang'e-5 capsule carrying rocks and soil from the Moon landed safely on Earth.

    2020/12/17 21:13:39
  • The COVID-19 Santa

    Santa tests positive for coronavirus

    2020/12/16 20:28:40
  • Bruising win

    The Electoral College on Monday decisively confirmed Joe Biden as the next president.

    2020/12/15 20:48:40
  • Confusing plan

    US states started getting COVID-19 vaccine, but distrubition is messy.

    2020/12/14 20:08:41
  • Trading places

    Other countries are ready to fill the void in the world's largest market.

    2020/12/13 21:23:40
  • Homework only for kids, not parents

    It's always good to have parental involvement in homework, but their focus should be on how to help kids do ...

    2020/12/11 19:48:40
  • Human rights of the narrow-minded

    "We are human rights caretakers, but only for others." – the US

    2020/12/10 22:51:56
  • One last trick

    Will the Biden administration get rid of the trap created by Trump?

    2020/12/10 20:23:40
  • Time's up for US misery

    Time magazine regards 2020 “the worst year ever.”

    2020/12/10 11:08:40
  • Keeping it within

    Trump to sign an executive order aimed at prioritizing COVID-19 vaccine shipment to Americans

    2020/12/9 19:53:40
  • Christmas virus warning

    Fauci warned Christmas is 'greater challenge' than Thanksgiving

    2020/12/8 20:58:40
  • Cutting the vaccine line

    The US is poised for vaccine.

    2020/12/7 21:03:40
  • Wrecked ethics

    The US' so-called humanitarianism is hit by the COVID-19.

    2020/12/6 22:08:41
  • Should kids be allowed to livestream?

    While many agree that bad livescreaming content needs to be banned, the question will be how to go forward – ...

    2020/12/4 19:18:40
  • Milestone landing

    Chang'e-5 marks a milestone in space exploration.

    2020/12/3 22:13:40
  • False appearances

    A perfect picture of hypocrisy

    2020/12/2 22:47:18
  • Reap what you sow


    2020/12/2 22:04:36
  • No win situation

    Australia's call to boycott Chinese goods will be a no win situation.

    2020/12/2 21:53:40
  • The obvious choice

    "Pandemic" is the 2020 Merriam-Webster Word of the Year

    2020/12/1 23:08:41
  • No to garbage

    China to end all waste imports on January 1 next year

    2020/11/30 19:43:40
  • Eyes on future prize

    The US media reported that Trump may start 2024 campaign during Biden's inauguration.

    2020/11/29 20:13:40
  • Reboot rechargers for smart cars

    It is very important to provide fast, convenient and high-quality travel services for users, in which charging stations form an ...

    2020/11/27 20:58:40
  • Indian iPhone tantrum

    India's iPhone tantrum

    2020/11/26 22:13:40
  • Superspreader holiday

    A superspreader holiday is coming.

    2020/11/25 21:13:42
  • Transition time

    Biden's transition time has come.

    2020/11/24 20:58:40
  • World's digital leader

    China acts as the world's digital leader.

    2020/11/23 21:23:40
  • Hole in the presidency

    A hole in the presidency

    2020/11/22 19:33:40
  • Rave reviews or blackmail bribes?

    Stores should offer good-quality products, and consumers should give honest reviews that can help others make informed consumer decisions.

    2020/11/20 16:18:40
  • Poking them in the eye

    'Five Eyes' could be poked blind if China's sovereignty and security harmed, warns Chinese FM spokesperson

    2020/11/19 19:58:40
  • Sleepless in NY

    COVID-19 epidemic has forced many Americans to leave New York

    2020/11/18 20:13:41
  • Feeling left out

    The US and some other Western countries feel worried about being marginalized after the signing of RCEP

    2020/11/17 22:43:41
  • Pathological lie

    Trump claimed he won on Twitter

    2020/11/16 21:43:40
  • Free trade propelled higher

    The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was signed on Sunday by the 15 participating countries. The agreement will boost regional ...

    2020/11/15 21:25:30
  • Live-streaming double jeopardy

    We have to stay sharp in advance of any purchase and spend wisely. This will help avoid disrupting the festive ...

    2020/11/13 16:38:40
  • Divergent directions

    US division

    2020/11/12 19:23:40
  • Non-stop cases

    US hit 200,000 daily coronavirus cases

    2020/11/11 22:08:40
  • Trump's wrath

    Trump says he has fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper

    2020/11/10 20:38:40
  • Tough to tie

    It's difficult for Biden to bridge US division

    2020/11/9 19:58:41
  • Unwise words

    White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tests positive for COVID

    2020/11/9 1:22:15
  • Double the pleasure

    Indeed, we might even ponder: will the Double 11 festival eventually become “traditional” in a few generations' time?

    2020/11/6 20:18:40
  • Raging epidemic

    The US has registered a one-day new COVID-19 cases with over 100,000 infections. What's next?

    2020/11/5 21:38:40
  • Dreaming of Canada

    "How to immigrate to Canada" trends on Google. Many Americans are dreaming of Canada. But will that dream come true?

    2020/11/4 20:54:18
  • The people's voice

    The US election is here! Americans are ready for it with a record number of guns and ammo purchases in ...

    2020/11/3 21:28:40
  • Escaping America

    If the American dream was ever real, it isn't now.

    2020/11/2 20:53:40
  • Pompeo ghosted in SE Asia

    Happy Halloween, Mr Pompeo! How many treats did you get on your trip to Southeast Asia?

    2020/11/1 19:50:03
  • Polar Bears know the truth

    Polar Bears know the truth

    2020/10/30 17:26:52
  • Online love in socially estranged day

    How did you come to know your girlfriend or boyfriend? Is online dating a possible answer?

    2020/10/29 23:38:40
  • Trapped Santa

    Pandemic will affect Christmas

    2020/10/29 22:28:40
  • Tough year

    India's GDP growth in 2020 is expected to be zero or even negative.

    2020/10/28 22:53:40
  • Believe it or not, climate change is real

    Believe it or not, Uncle Sam, man-made climate change is no hoax.

    2020/10/28 22:31:15
  • Climate inaction

    Believe it or not, Uncle Sam, man-made climate change is no hoax.

    2020/10/28 18:59:08
  • Contentious appointment

    Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as a member of the US Supreme Cour led to a 6-3 conservative majority. Is ...

    2020/10/27 21:51:04
  • Clean Network web

    The US is luring more countries to its so-called Clean Network. But is that for the good of those countries?

    2020/10/26 22:28:41
  • Making up new men

    In our busy and highly pressured daily lives, being pretty, being delicate, and being charming can be a good way ...

    2020/10/23 20:28:40
  • Elusive stimulus

    US President Donald Trump accused congressional Democratic leaders of blocking a new economic relief deal, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ...

    2020/10/22 19:58:42
  • Closer to a deal?

    The US and Russia edged toward an arms control deal Tuesday after Moscow agreed to extend the accord known as ...

    2020/10/21 20:38:42
  • Extreme measures

    Presidential debate commission adopts rules to mute microphones

    2020/10/20 21:23:40
  • Few takers

    Under the pandemic, Australian agencies for procurement service are going bankrupt and milk powder sales have slowed.

    2020/10/19 23:13:40
  • Lost in the tech maze

    Senior citizens are “refugees” in the digital realm

    2020/10/19 0:08:39
  • Migrant workers deserve space and understanding

    A Chinese netizen recently posted a video online showing a special waiting hall area for rural migrant workers at some ...

    2020/10/16 20:48:40
  • Late participant

    Apple joins 5G race

    2020/10/15 22:33:40
  • Stacking the court

    US Supreme Court nomination

    2020/10/14 21:13:40
  • Costly pandemic

    Coronavirus pandemic to cost Americans $16 trillion, study finds

    2020/10/13 20:53:40
  • Scary ending

    Trump wants to hit campaign trail every day through election

    2020/10/12 21:58:40
  • Unwanted surge

    India may soon overtake US to have most COVID-19 cases in world

    2020/10/11 22:34:49
  • New wedding boom

    Elaborate arrangements of universities will turn into precious memories and confidence for graduates to embrace their bright future with infinite ...

    2020/10/9 16:28:40
  • White House exposed

    COVID-19 has rapidly spread in the White House

    2020/10/8 21:43:40
  • The main event

    US presidential debate

    2020/9/29 20:48:40
  • Tax tactic

    It is reported Trump avoided federal income taxes for years.

    2020/9/29 1:33:40
  • Unfair trade

    About 3,500 US companies sue over Trump-imposed Chinese tariffs

    2020/9/27 20:38:40
  • Enriching poor students

    The number of Chinese students dropping out of school decreased.

    2020/9/26 19:28:34
  • At arm's length

    The German government does not want to be pressured by the US on 5G.

    2020/9/24 22:28:40
  • Staining the world

    US spreads political virus at UN

    2020/9/23 21:33:40
  • Stopped in time

    US Judge Temporarily Halts Trump's WeChat Ban

    2020/9/22 20:23:40