There are both advantages and disadvantages of Trump's legacy. He once again educated the Chinese people. He destroyed many myths about the US. But from a win-win point of view, Trump has damaged the China-US relationship and made it difficult to repair in the short term.
By Xin Qiang | 2021/1/19 22:38:22
  • India going too far with strategic overdrafts

    Indian elites should think: At a time when India's economy, society and people's livelihood are deeply impacted by the pandemic, how can it carry out proper diplomacy and make peace with its neighbors?

    By Qian Feng | 2021/1/19 22:18:39
  • American democracy in desperate need of reinforcement at home

    The "serial explosions" of confused values in the US proves that the rear of US diplomacy is now in chaos. The US Embassy in China should look back and declare to "stand with the American people." Your democracy at home is in desperate need of reinforcements, and there is no better place for you to speak out today.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/19 20:18:00
  • How can Australia avoid 'uncharted territory' with China ties

    If Australia keeps blindly sticking to the mentality that China is attempting to interfere in Australia's domestic affairs and challenging the current world order, it will hardly adjust its China policy.

    By Xu Shanpin | 2021/1/18 22:13:39
  • Trump leaves behind a bad China policy legacy

    The Trump administration's China policy possesses the greatest threat to future China-US relations. It has ruined the achievements in bilateral relations the two countries had made since the establishment of diplomatic ties over four decades ago.

    By Zhang Tengjun | 2021/1/18 22:03:14
  • China-EU BIT a model for Beijing-Ottawa ties

    In fact, the China-EU BIT will have a great impact on Canada's policy toward the US and China. Therefore, Canada should draw lessons from the progress of the BIT to set a wise and proper course to reshape its relationship with China.

    By Liu Dan | 2021/1/18 19:18:25
  • Discarding illusion, Chinese view US as it is

    In the past, most Chinese imagined the US to be too good; too perfect. But now the Chinese view the US the way it is: a possibly vicious, pretentious, and sometimes friendly adversary.

    By Wang Wen | 2021/1/18 17:04:48
  • Germany and Europe need to adapt to new normal in post-Merkel era

    The current political situation in Germany is more complicated than it appears. The CDU may face two difficult situations in the parliamentary elections.

    By Cui Hongjian | 2021/1/18 16:52:51
  • Biden admin starts with low-hanging fruit, shuns hard tasks

    Unfortunately, one can hardly see the urgency to battle the COVID-19 epidemic in the orders. There are no surprising actions in his plan – all the new administration will do is continue on the path of its well-choreographed playbook.

    By Shen Yi | 2021/1/17 22:18:32
  • Biden might mix Trumpism and Obamaism in his foreign policy

    Biden may take some of Trump's policies as the basis of his China focus. This could happen if Biden has trouble pushing domestic initiatives.

    By Sun Chenghao | 2021/1/17 21:08:57
  • Capitol Hill riots jolt Europe confidence in US with uncertain future

    The Capitol riots are prone to have spillover effects. Like the waves of democratization, backslides against democracy will probably become a trend.

    By He Zhigao | 2021/1/17 16:21:45
  • High time for Washington to change course for better ties with Beijing

    The US, the world, and China-US relations cannot afford four more years of Trump style foreign policy.

    By Wei Zongyou | 2021/1/17 15:48:40
  • Correcting misleading information by Western media on Chinese vaccines responsible measure in global pandemic fight

    The Global Times yesterday criticized major US and UK media outlets for downplaying the deaths of 23 elderly Norwegian people after receiving a Pfizer vaccine, while hyping up any unfavorable information about Chinese vaccines. After the editorial went online, some public intellectuals in China became very angry, attacking the Global Times and me for being "anti-science.” They said that I'm praising Chinese vaccines in a nationalistic manner and disparaging Pfizer vaccines. They also stressed the importance of building Chinese people's trust in Pfizer vaccines.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/16 22:14:01
  • Trumpism not likely to spill over into Western democracy

    The turmoil on Capitol Hill has caused concerns in many parts of the so-called democratic world. In Australia, for example, there have been concerns that the turmoil in the US will have a negative impact on Australian society,drawing it into vicious partisanship. Sydney Morning Herald published an article on January 8 saying “perhaps [the world] should try to think about making the world safe from America.”

    By Yang Xiyu | 2021/1/16 17:56:41
  • Does Brahma Chellaney speak for Indian or American interests?

    If the Indian government follows Chellaney's advice and changes its position on the Tibet question, such as refusing to recognize that Tibet is part of China, then China may as well not recognize Sikkim as part of India. China could even change its neutral attitude on the Kashmir issue. China can absolutely take advantage of India's own problems, such as the armed separatist factions in Northeast India.

    By Long Xingchun | 2021/1/15 23:07:54
  • Last-minute impeachment full of political schemes

    In short, the purpose of the Democrats is to prevent Trump from taking the plunge to bring the US into a dangerous situation and restrain Trump's behavior.

    By Zhang Jiadong | 2021/1/14 17:07:52
  • Poll finds Germans diverge from US' anti-China campaign

    Germany has a vision as a great power. Under the keywords of multilateralism, great power competition and strategic autonomy, the country has started to make changes.

    By Sun Keqin | 2021/1/14 9:45:59
  • Aborted Taiwan trip shows US won't fight for island

    The cancellation of the Taiwan trip also sends a strong signal that the US will never fight for Taiwan.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/13 21:33:07
  • Social media disputes show EU worries over cyber power

    In fact, Western countries regard the “freedom of speech” as a means to interfere in the domestic politics of other countries and tout Western democracy in international politics.

    By Gao Jian | 2021/1/13 20:23:39
  • World recoils in horror at alarm sounded by Capitol riots

    The Capitol riots illuminate how grave the polarization and bipartisan rivalry are in the US, which has gone beyond international community's prior anticipation with its unprecedented violence.

    By Xin Qiang | 2021/1/13 19:00:20
  • History will remember China's achievements and US' shames in COVID-19 battle

    China has had no COVID-19 death cases for several months, which is good. But it is still a tough battle to control the coronavirus from spreading and to prevent the COVID-19 resurgence on a large scale.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/13 17:47:27
  • US and Europe battle over power to silence voices on social network service

    The fact that Trump was silenced on social media platforms shows us the true face of US freedom of speech, which only protects capitalists' free speech.

    By Shen Yi | 2021/1/12 21:33:40
  • Hidden peril for social unrest in the US has been sown

    Under the incitement of President Donald Trump and other political elites, their collective moves will produce more destructive results.

    By Su Hao | 2021/1/12 20:53:40
  • Smearing CPC shows US' nature to damage

    The US has tried to use foreign crises to resolve its own domestic crises and use China-US confrontations to alleviate its domestic division. Such an approach does not touch the fundamentals and will not succeed.

    By Li Haidong | 2021/1/12 18:38:39
  • US soft power hard to return as its core rots

    After the Capitol riots, some countries have expressed their regret and many other countries have been very disappointed. They believe the riots have ripped off the fake mask of US democracy.

    By Zhang Tengjun | 2021/1/12 14:10:33
  • US hard to dress itself as a global beacon of democracy again

    Chinese people should never learn from the US in this regard. We must constantly improve and strengthen our independent judgment.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/11 22:18:05
  • Biden faces hard reality of restoring US soft power

    In terms of global influence, the most evident embodiment of US' soft power can be seen in the wear and tear with the loss of its credibility.

    By Lü Xiang | 2021/1/11 22:03:40
  • Clash of two Americas becomes more evident

    The majority of Chinese people now have comprehensive knowledge of the US. They believe this country will continue to be the most powerful country in the long term. Meanwhile, they think the US will no longer deserve much respect as it once enjoyed.

    By Wang Wen | 2021/1/11 21:37:21
  • Southeast Asia of special importance to China

    Vaccine cooperation will likely be high on Wang's agenda. Certain Western media outlets and countries have been accusing China of attempting to expand influence in Southeast Asia with the so-called vaccine diplomacy.

    By Li Kaisheng | 2021/1/11 21:13:39
  • Craft's upcoming Taiwan visit a provocation making no difference in the Straits

    Kelly Craft herself is pro-Taiwan and has been in touch with Taiwan representatives in New York before her upcoming visit. However, a visit to the island just as she is about to wrap up her service at the UN will bring no real commitments to the island – it is a symbolic function at best.

    By Yuan Zheng | 2021/1/10 23:48:00
  • Social media ban of Trump shows hypocritical US standard on freedom of speech

    Just imagine if an influential public opinion figure was banned on social media platforms in other countries, especially those deemed as enemies by the US. The US would vehemently accuse those countries of suppressing freedom of speech!

    By Lu Yu | 2021/1/10 21:28:40
  • Is US entering an ideological 'Civil War'?

    US' battle to ban Trump's social media accounts may become its “Civil War” in ideology. This battle will have a profound impact. The foundations of the US system are shaking in controversy: GT editor-in-chief Hu Xijin

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/9 17:26:05
  • Twitter's suspension of Trump's account shows freedom of speech has boundaries in every society

    The banning of the US president's social media account for “risks of further incitement of violence” shows that freedom of speech does indeed have boundaries in every society, and humans are not capable of regulating freedom of speech in its full sense. This is a pity, but it's also a reality.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/9 12:23:39
  • Africans understand how China benefits them

    China's competitiveness has increased on the world arena, both socially and economically. And this has been good news for Africa and other developing countries because they have a richer menu to choose from in their search for development inputs.

    By Humphrey P. B. Moshi | 2021/1/8 19:58:39
  • Chinese vaccines a banner of fairness and justice despite West's unfair scrutiny

    Tao Lina, a former employee of Shanghai center for disease prevention and control, recently published a post on Chinese social media Sina Weibo, criticizing the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine's user guide for not being rigorous enough, saying it might make its vaccine look like the most unsafe in the world and lead to misunderstandings. The post soon made some foreign media outlets and anti-Chinese vaccine forces feel like they'd hit the jackpot. They spared no effort to hype up the rhetoric that Chinese vaccines are "the most unsafe in the world."

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/8 18:36:23
  • Merkel's insistence on China ties bears fruits for Berlin and Brussels

    The German federal election is still eight months away. Some in the German political realm have begun to ponder the China policy of the post-Merkel era. But before we grasp an idea of what this entails, we'd better re-examine the China-Germany trajectory under Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    By He Zhigao | 2021/1/8 14:26:19
  • US-Maldives defense bond may irk India

    What China needs are maritime safety and trade and economic interests in the region. In this larger gambit, India is the one who will be hurt more – because regional influence means nearly everything to it.

    By Long Xingchun | 2021/1/7 23:03:39
  • Pro-US strategy may push India into the abyss

    India has almost completely become a petty follower of the US, and India's strategic autonomy has been greatly weakened. Juster's remarks were obviously pushing the India deeper down the road of no return.

    By Liu Zongyi | 2021/1/7 22:43:44
  • Beyond polls: How do Chinese and Japanese view each other?

    Some surveys carried out in late 2020 showed different public opinions among Chinese and Japanese people toward each other. How do Chinese and Japanese view each other? Why was there such a big difference between the two people's perception?

    By Global Times | 2021/1/7 20:00:14
  • Will China-UK ties be hijacked by radical politicians like Farage?

    Those who take an extreme and hard line toward China have become more and more proactive to lead public opinion. If the trend of public opinion cannot be steered properly, it will pose a risk to the long-term development of China-UK relations. It is time for rational and pragmatic ones to speak out.

    By Wang Zhanpeng | 2021/1/7 17:43:39
  • US system may be too weak to quickly restore loyalty to constitution

    We condemn all unlawful violence. We condemn all those who glorify violence for political purposes.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/7 16:40:12
  • Capitol vandals show fragility of US democracy

    The turmoil on Wednesday may only be a beginning. It could be followed by a large-scale riot. Law and order in Washington will be gravely disrupted.

    By Zhang Tengjun | 2021/1/7 14:25:45
  • Hegemonic US is the real threat to Arctic

    Washington only sees the Arctic as a strategically important place to strengthen its political and economic influence – regardless of the protection of the area.

    By Song Zhongping | 2021/1/6 23:38:40
  • Australia needs to recalibrate its China policy to optimize national interests

    If Australia's China policy is to return to a normal, professional and constructive track, the Australian government should invite those who really understand diplomacy, China and China-Australia relations and those with a global vision to take part in policymaking. Those who blindly hype up the “China threat” and talk of war should not be included.

    By Tian Jingling | 2021/1/6 20:28:39
  • Strong yuan indicates China's resilience amid turbulent Sino-US ties

    The perspective of yuan is just one of the indicators for us to understand the time during turbulent Sino-US relations. It does send a clear message about China's resilience.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/6 12:16:10
  • Impact of 'Trumpism' on US constitutionalism, democracy dies hard

    The political zeitgeist Trump represents cannot be underestimated. And US' populism will not die easily under Biden's presidency. Now, there are many political groups committed to sticking with Trump's politics beyond his time in office. Overall, “Trumpism" and its impact on US constitutionalism and democracy may not fade away for a long time.

    By Zhao Minghao | 2021/1/5 22:23:24
  • Can Biden administration rope in Vietnam to counter China?

    Under a Biden presidency, the US will increase its efforts to cater to Vietnam. In this case, if Hanoi undergoes major changes in its leadership, it's likely the two countries will move closer to each other.

    By Li Kaisheng | 2021/1/5 22:08:40
  • Wang's visit reflects China-Africa amity

    The year 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the restoration of China's lawful seat at the UN and the 20th anniversary of its accession to the WTO. It is believed that China and Africa will make further efforts to safeguard the collective interests of developing countries and defend multilateralism.

    By Sun Hong | 2021/1/5 19:13:39
  • Germany's presidency of EU Council sets model rapport with China

    Indeed, the BIT completed at the close of 2020 was not only a good ending to seven years of bilateral negotiations, but also a driving force for the current sluggish European economy. And it left a good legacy for Germany's rotating role as the presidency of the EU Council.

    By Wu Huiping | 2021/1/5 18:38:39
  • Why is post-Brexit Britain adopting different path with EU toward China?

    The beginning of 2021 has strikingly illustrated that Europe is one of the most important regions in which contradictory trends on relations with China are contending with each other. Post-Brexit Europe is in full flux. And the UK's relations with China have sharply deteriorated.

    By John Ross | 2021/1/5 17:23:40
  • Lessons from sudden death of a Pinduoduo employee

    Chinese society needs to rethink the internet sentiment opposing the “996” work model and the strong reaction to the Pinduoduo employee's sudden death. We should let such thinking rationally penetrate into the rhythm of social progress.

    By Shan Renping | 2021/1/4 23:04:49
  • China-Africa unity sees friendship of new era

    China highly values its bilateral ties with Africa because the continent is always a priority for China's diplomacy. Africa always firmly bolsters China on the international stage and supports China when it comes to issues concerning China's core national interests.

    By He Wenping | 2021/1/4 19:18:39
  • Overloaded West faces crisis of democracy

    Any country that is moving forward should find a balance between order and freedom, between power and responsibility, and between individual and collective interests. In a major crisis, the libra zodiac symbol of balanced weights needs to tilt toward one side. A properly chosen program should give way to effectiveness. Also, freedom should give way to lives. And arguments should give way to cooperation.

    By Wang Wen | 2021/1/4 17:53:55
  • EU-China BIT adds more weight to multilateralism despite challenges

    Undoubtedly, the EU-China BIT deal can bring the Europe and China even closer for trade and investment. Great potential awaits businesses from both sides.

    By Xin Hua | 2021/1/4 17:06:11
  • Domestic vaccines boost Chinese society's confidence in local pharma

    The biopharmaceutical industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years. The whole industry needs to speed up to mature comprehensively to serve the people of this country and also make contributions to the world.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/4 14:22:44
  • Japan's domestic obstacles limit its chances with Five Eyes alliance

    As to whether Japan will formally join the Five Eyes alliance, I think Japan is strong in will but weak in capability.

    By Wang Guangtao | 2021/1/3 16:14:22
  • China must be sober-minded to counter West's attacks on human rights

    As 2021 begins, Chinese society is elated with success and full of ambition. COVID-19 outbreaks in several areas did not affect the mood of the country in ushering in the new year. My colleagues and I continue to guard the country's ideological beacon tower. It is rather quiet, but that quietness also reflected the firmness of the country's shield and the enormous excitement of domestic festivities.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/3 0:39:57
  • US factor should not be magnified in China's relations with other countries

    I have recently participated in many academic seminars. When discussing China's bilateral issues with other countries, the US factor is always included. Sometimes the US factor even became the theme of these seminars, as if eliminating the US factor is the panacea for resolving China's bilateral issues. In fact, generalizing or magnifying the US factor is not conducive to China's handling of bilateral issues.

    By Xu Liping | 2021/1/2 20:19:25
  • Free COVID-19 vaccination in China requires cooperative efforts from all sectors

    At Thursday's media briefing, Chinese health officials mentioned the price of vaccines. The price will depend on the scale of use, and the premise is that it would eventually offer free access to the vaccines. The policy is still yet to be clarified.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/31 17:31:24
  • A recap of top 10 anti-virus news events in the daunting year of 2020 as we head into 2021

    The year of 2020 has been full of distress, unexpected events and struggles. Bu it is coming to an end. Humanity's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has been fought throughout the year. The fateful year of 2020 is bound to be remembered by history. Let me recall the top 10 anti-virus news events of this daunting year.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/31 14:58:16
  • China-EU investment deal paves way for 2021 recovery

    Deeper China-EU ties will decrease possibility that the US will be able to hijack Europe for its anti-China chariot. Hopefully, the completion of the China-EU BIT talks will sound an alarm bell to the US administration and send this message: cooperation is the only way out for China-US relations.

    By Gao Jian | 2020/12/31 12:58:39
  • Stable China-Russia relations won't budge after Biden takes office

    The overall status of China-Russia relations during the Biden era is relatively clear – the long-term trend of stable development since the beginning of the 21st century will go on.

    By Cui Heng | 2020/12/30 18:19:19
  • 2020 lays bare historic crisis of Western governments

    The year 2020 stands out as a "historical turning point" not only for the social implications of the pandemic and the upheavals which it will create. It is also a measure of how it represents a shift in the global balance of power. Asia has maintained steady while the West suffers severe economic depletion and spiraling crises.

    By Tom Fowdy | 2020/12/30 16:02:51
  • West fools and ruthlessly exploits so-called 'citizen journalist' Zhang Zhan

    Why was Zhang the only one sentenced to 4-year imprisonment for picking quarrels and provoking trouble? I hope she can get out of what the Western ideology instilled in her mind. I hope she can reexamine herself with a clear-head on the grounds of the national laws.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/29 22:24:00
  • Unwise for Australia to play 'Taiwan card'

    China will never allow Australia to play the “Taiwan card.” The bottom line of the “one China” principle cannot be challenged.

    By Xu Shanpin | 2020/12/29 20:18:39
  • Muslims' religious freedom fully respected, guaranteed in China

    The Chinese Islamic community resolutely opposes it with strong indignation. We urge the US and other malicious overseas forces to respect facts. We call on them to stop meddling in China's affairs under the guise of religion.

    By Yang Faming | 2020/12/29 18:05:49
  • New national defense law to protect China's development interests

    When it comes to development interests and safeguarding China's territorial interests, we have to do something to make our military stronger. This is not only about protecting our territorial and maritime interests, but also our interests overseas.

    By Song Zhongping | 2020/12/28 22:44:14
  • Japan asking India to commit more won't spice up the QUAD

    Although the participation in QUAD may raise India's international importance and give India some bargaining chip with China, policymakers in New Delhi would think twice about joining a military alliance and walking into hostility and confrontation with China. After all, China is India's biggest neighbor.

    By Long Xingchun | 2020/12/28 19:39:46
  • US tricks with 'Tibet card' lose effect in face of social, economic progress

    With the development of China and the strengthening of its international influence, the international anti-China forces can hardly play the Tibet card at will any more.

    By Li Tao | 2020/12/28 18:09:03
  • Women's rise epitomizes China's development

    By discussing the neglected rise of Chinese women, this column intends to remind my English readers of a new angle: females as key variables to the rise of the Chinese state.

    By Wang Wen | 2020/12/28 17:10:33
  • Russia moves East, India West, straining ties

    In sum, decision-makers in Moscow should not regard China and India as two parallel foreign policy priorities that Russia has to choose between and/or keep separate from each other. They should rather approach Beijing and New Delhi as partners, which will become more valuable for Russia if they find ways to work more actively with each other.

    By Andrey Kortunov | 2020/12/27 17:52:50
  • Xinjiang exhibits new peace and prosperity despite Western smears

    The harmony in Xinjiang has triggered unease from the anti-China forces in the US and the West. They hype up rumors and lies to achieve their ulterior motives. They turn a blind eye to the harmonious lives in Xinjiang led by the Communist Party of China and deliberately smear the situation in Xinjiang. This is shameless.

    By Adiljan Haj Kerim | 2020/12/27 17:32:58
  • US spins 'China spying on AU' lies

    In a broader perspective, the so-called China spying AU allegation fits into the grand narrative of “Chinese espionage” created in the US.

    By Shen Shiwei | 2020/12/27 16:48:33
  • China, US must rebuild relations brick by brick: Charles W. Freeman Jr.

    Skilled work requires a skilled workman and there is a great deal of work to be done to repair Sino-American relations.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/27 11:20:04
  • How Alibaba probe can promote harmony among enterprises, entrepreneurs and Chinese society?

    China has launched an anti-monopoly investigation against Alibaba, which triggered a varying degree of speculation as anti-monopoly is not an area that China was familiar with in the past. I think there may be inevitably a certain level of speculation, but it shouldn't be encouraged.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/26 21:02:12
  • Mao's legacy foundation for China's rejuvenation

    Saturday marks the 127th anniversary of the birth of Mao Zedong, one of the great men of the last century. The Chinese people miss the late Chinese leader deeply. Mao participated in the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and led the CPC and the Chinese people to establish People's Republic of China, laying a solid political foundation for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. As time passes, his remarkable achievements have taken on more extraordinary historical significance.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/26 14:39:34
  • After 10 months of confusion, chaos and deaths, can West have a clear virus-fight strategy?

    China has passed with flying colours, the West has failed miserably. 2020 will be seen as marking the Great Transition, a growing recognition around the world that the baton of global leadership is passing to China.

    By Martin Jacques | 2020/12/25 21:38:39
  • Is China-US constructive engagement and interaction possible under Biden?

    Will a Biden presidency improve US-China relations? It is best to put aside unrealistic expectations and await actions from Washington.

    By Clifford A Kiracofe | 2020/12/25 19:13:39
  • The EU mustn't yield to US pressure or lose autonomy over an investment treaty with China

    The EU mustn't yield to US pressure or lose its autonomy. It needs to strengthen its own capabilities to establish a more balanced transatlantic relationship.

    By He Zhigao | 2020/12/25 19:03:39
  • India embraces the US at cost of Russia ties

    China-US relations will also encounter challenges and uncertainties. For example, the Trump administration has created many traps for the new Biden government over China-related issues. Does Biden have the will and determination to eliminate them one by one? How will the new administration adjust US China policy? More time is needed to tell.

    By Qian Feng | 2020/12/24 21:58:47
  • What can India offer to turn the US into a 'pawn'?

    India sometimes overestimates its strength, particularly its capabilities to plan strategically. Does India have any leverage to make the US its strategic pawn? It would be more feasible for India to return to reason and meet China half way. After all, China has reiterated its willingness to maintain its peaceful India policies, despite the recent border conflicts.

    By Lin Minwang | 2020/12/24 20:16:30
  • US prefers SCS instability so it can thrive

    Be it capability or intent, Washington has already become the most unstable element to the situation in the sea. Observing the South China Sea situation requires knowledge and also rationality. It is self-evident who on is making waves in this otherwise peaceful sea.

    By Hu Bo | 2020/12/24 17:33:39
  • Canadian elites ought to stop short-sighted rhetoric and engage with China

    If Canada makes good on a pullback of its economic relationship with China, the world's fastest-growing economy, the harm will be disproportionally felt by everyday Canadians.

    By Robert Walker | 2020/12/24 16:48:40
  • China-Russia joint air patrols a strong signal for regional stability

    The China-Russia joint aerial strategic patrol also signals to the world that the two countries are the linchpins of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and Eurasia. They have no intention to challenge the regional order. They are propelled to respond to external powers which threaten regional security.

    By Yang Jin | 2020/12/23 21:48:39
  • BRI, RCEP best solution for South Asia and Southeast Asia recovery

    Under the circumstances that regional cooperation in South Asia is facing difficulties, BRI and RCEP provide such a great chance to accommodate regional cooperation in both South Asia and Southeast Asia.

    By Lu Yang | 2020/12/23 19:38:40
  • Ezra Vogel's hallmarks will be continued

    Those of us who largely agree with Ezra will of course continue to argue in both China and the United States for the kind of reasonableness and understanding that were the hallmarks of his career and life. He would want it no other way.

    By Michael D. Swaine | 2020/12/23 18:24:51
  • China-Russia joint aerial strategic patrol sends signal to region

    As long as China and Russia strategically support each other, the alliance game played by the US will be like petty tricks. The desire of the US to crush China and Russia is pure wishful thinking.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/23 11:43:40
  • New Delhi's moves with Hanoi on S. China Sea won't make waves

    We can see that India will not give up its hope of counterbalancing China by playing the South China Sea card. Nonetheless, New Delhi has little discourse power on this issue. And its maneuvers are unlikely to make any waves.

    By Liu Zongyi | 2020/12/22 23:55:43
  • Suga's military spending hike a pushy gambit

    Japan cannot develop comprehensive combat capabilities without the assistance of the US. Therefore, in the very long term, Tokyo will need to keep Washington close as a military ally and partner.

    By Song Zhongping | 2020/12/22 22:37:29
  • Lessons for China from US COVID-19 crisis

    In this period of transition, voices are urgently asking what might become of the China-US relationship once Biden takes office. Will the world's two largest economies recover their ties? Reset them in certain spheres? Will the West further intensify its aggressive anti-China campaign?

    By Global Times | 2020/12/22 19:23:39
  • Will Five Eyes alliance become an anti-China axis?

    The idea to build the Five Eyes alliance into a new anti-China axis is a wishful thinking. It will only encounter harsh realities.

    By Gao Yang | 2020/12/22 18:13:39
  • A window of opportunity is open for resetting China-US relations: Kuhn

    China and the US, working together, should become bulwarks of peace and engines of prosperity, which would benefit all humanity.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/22 15:48:39
  • Ruling party rift overshadows political stability of Nepal

    Of course, China hopes Nepal can have a stable government which does not change too frequently so that everyone benefits. This also includes China-Nepal ties.

    By Long Xingchun | 2020/12/21 21:53:06
  • Can UK draw in India to boost its Asia-Pacific strategy?

    The increasingly severe social and livelihood issues in the UK are inherently connected to its high-profile anti-China foreign policy.

    By Gao Jian | 2020/12/21 20:58:40
  • China's green contributions underestimated

    China's new development pattern has been established. Chinese people in the new era should catch up with the trends and go forward boldly.

    By Wang Wen | 2020/12/21 19:39:18
  • Voices of moderate US scholars like Ezra Vogel will still exist

    The China-US relationship needs a new framework, during which people-to-people exchanges are an essential part. This is the daunting challenge that the new Biden administration must face up to.

    By Tao Wenzhao | 2020/12/21 18:38:39
  • Passing of Ezra Vogel a call of renewed US-China scholar exchanges

    Nevertheless, it will be difficult for us to see another rational and heavyweight figure like Vogel in US academic circles in the future.

    By Wu Xinbo | 2020/12/21 17:07:48
  • Sweden govt should ponder what led country to nightmare

    The Swedish government should reflect on how it has led its country into this nightmare.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/21 14:23:39
  • US presidential transition crisis prelude to larger domestic rifts

    Following the 2020 presidential election, the shocking transition resistance and unexpected incidents at the Pentagon demonstrated a crisis of confidence in US democracy and with the American electoral system.

    By Yang Xiyu | 2020/12/20 23:53:40
  • Divided US won't offer substantive help to Hong Kong secessionists

    The election has left politicians on both sides of the aisle with ulterior motives. This makes it harder to resolve big differences on some issues.

    By Li Xiaobing | 2020/12/20 23:12:38