The US House Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party (Select Committee) recently adopted its first set of policy recommendations related to Taiwan.
By Zhang Tengjun | 2023/5/28 20:47:30
  • What I see first-hand in Xizang: The region is flourishing with ecological and economic development

    When one walks or drives around Lhasa, the capital of the Xizang Autonomous Region in China, one notices a unique phenomenon. Teams of workers are on the slopes of the mountains to the north and south of the river valley in which Lhasa is located.

    By Roland Boer | 2023/5/28 20:00:26
  • Japan has an opportunity to demonstrate itself as a responsible global citizen

    As Japan is preparing to dump more than a million tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean in summer this year, Pacific Island Countries are pushing back against Japan's plan.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/28 18:15:16
  • Provocative NATO undermines security of the Nordic region

    The US' priority No.1 is China. As NATO members, Sweden and Finland will be unable to walk on two legs in the future, a Western and a Non-Western, and will decline and fall with the West – the US Empire and NATO in particular.

    By Jan Oberg | 2023/5/27 11:35:11
  • War crimes committed by US show its evil foreign policy

    Under numerous banners – ranging from democracy to human rights and anti-terrorism – the US has launched numerous wars. The terrible crimes the US committed in the wars show just how evil the country's foreign policy is.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/5/26 21:20:00
  • For Central Asia, the United States is Two-Face

    The US, like Two-Face in the Batman comics, is a character of duality in world politics. It claims to represent justice and good, while committing numerous crimes driven by the devil in its soul.

    By Xin Ping | 2023/5/26 20:19:44
  • The price of deceit

    Meta was fined a "hefty penalty" for "transferring user data" to the US.

    By Liu Rui | 2023/5/25 21:20:03
  • The Kishida administration's regression of China policy is mind-boggling

    In order to promote the constructive transformation of Japan, it is necessary to make comprehensive and systematic layout. Otherwise, no matter who comes to power in Japan, the tone of the national security strategy and the stalemate in China-Japan relations are difficult to fundamentally change.

    By Liu Jiangyong | 2023/5/25 21:04:31
  • US foreign policy is advanced smartphone with weak battery

    In sum, US foreign policy under President Joe Biden reminds people of a very advanced and highly sophisticated smartphone that has a rather weak battery, which is not really energy efficient.

    By Andrey Kortunov | 2023/5/25 19:41:48
  • An air of indignation prevents West seeing the true China

    Anti-China narratives start in the US. Australia follows. Vilification can be used as a means to manufacture consent for war, to create hatred and make the opponent evil. Australia does not seem to learn that war does not serve us.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/25 19:31:36
  • Provocative defense paper reveals Japan's dangerous intention to seek constitutional revision, observers warn

    Japan continues to hype “China threat” theory in its annual defense white paper after the G7 summit that witnessed intensive activities to smear and attack China. This, according to Chinese observers, further revealed Japan's conspiracy to collaborate and hijack other countries and regions to confront China.

    By GT staff reporters | 2023/5/25 0:36:17
  • Rural youngsters in China aim moving into the light of development

    What struck me the most was not the huge difference between poverty and affluence but the attitude of young people toward work and life. In China, young people have the ambition and opportunity to seize the light. This is the key to China's economic tenacity.

    By Ding Gang | 2023/5/24 20:19:38
  • US intervention leaves rifts that take years to heal

    Understanding more fully the long-lasting consequences of US interference, intervention, and occupation in the past may help the world understand better the necessity to speak up, oppose, and prevent this interference, intervention, and military occupation by the US today.

    By Brian Berletic | 2023/5/24 20:05:08
  • Stunt Taiwan bills foiled by one-China principle

    The one-China principle has played and will always play the most important part in any Taiwan-related issues. Today, it is exactly because of the DPP's reckless refusal to acknowledge this principle that Taiwan has been rejected again for the seventh consecutive time since Tsai Ing-wen came to power.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/24 19:53:23
  • China has made enormous strides in nuclear energy; IAEA chief sees cooperation as positive

    I believe that by increasing our cooperation, and making it as strong as it can be, we are going to be helping China and helping others. So I believe there is a great opportunity in front of us. It is up to us, China and to the IAEA to seize it.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/24 19:50:39
  • A ticking bomb

    As the US debt default enters the "countdown", Biden and the Republicans are still engaged in "extreme tug-of-war".

    By Liu Rui | 2023/5/24 18:24:59
  • World should see Xizang's development, foreign diplomats and experts say

    “When you arrive in Xizang, you realize that everything is different from what you have heard in the media,” said Abdilahi Ismail Abdilahi from Somalia, a teacher at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, who was impressed by the green mountains and modern buildings during his visit to Lyingchi and Lhasa in Xizang earlier this month.

    By Shan Jie, Zhang Han and Yin Yeping | 2023/5/24 0:07:42
  • US' ideological attitude pushes Italian govt to potentially waver from BRI cooperation

    Quitting the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative would be a self-boycott attitude undertaken by Italy, not China. It will be a clear demonstration of strong political weakness of Italian Republic. The pressure toward Italy on BRI has to do exclusively with the US strategic agenda and its interests.

    By Fabio Massimo Parenti | 2023/5/23 20:29:59
  • Regardless of election result, structural obstacles in Turkey-US relations will likely persist

    No matter how rich and prosperous, a nation without independence cannot be subject to any behavior before the humanity at a higher level than serving.

    By Zhang Sheng | 2023/5/23 20:07:20
  • What if things you hear about China aren't true?

    It isn't China that's being economically coercive, but others. The allegations about China conducting forced labor were wrong, while forced labor is proven to be going on in the US and is legally enshrined in the US Constitution. The things you hear about China from Western media may not be true.

    By Jerry Grey | 2023/5/23 18:30:00
  • Orchestrating falsehood

    G7 countries are at odds with each other both in appearance and in heart.

    By Liu Rui | 2023/5/23 18:13:57
  • Troublemaker

    The global south says "no" to the west.

    By Liu Rui | 2023/5/22 21:30:26
  • Plague-driven G7 offers empty promises, winning no faith from Global South countries

    The G7, as a clique formed for their own interests, is actually unable to afford the maintenance of a rational global order, so this kind of clique may be further and further away from the vast number of developing countries which are expected to play an active role in the world.

    By Wang Zixuan | 2023/5/22 21:08:05
  • US would rather see the world end than lose its supremacy

    The US is provoking South Korea as a proxy or a pretext to escalate against China. Essentially, the key point is that South Korea does not have strategic independence.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/22 20:09:48
  • Quad strained by disunity, US domestic turmoil

    The US has always regarded itself as the "city upon the hill," a role model to the world. But the US is now facing many problems and is not a role model any more in many aspects; instead, it has become a "problem" for the world. This basic reality tells people that anyone who wants to isolate China in the region will end up isolating itself and being isolated.

    By Xue Li | 2023/5/22 18:26:54
  • As US-led Western neoliberal imperialism fails, Chinese model provides sustainable path to modernization: world renowned sociologist

    China has deeply integrated into the global economy and risen to be the world's second-largest economy over recent decades. The country has made unremitting efforts to contribute to the development of other countries, especially as the world witnesses growing challenges, alongside threats of decoupling fueled by a zero-sum mentality as advocated by some countries.

    By Xie Wenting | 2023/5/22 4:18:30
  • Multipolar world wants win-win benefits, while the West wants zero-sum

    Multipolar organizations such as BRICS and the SCO have begun to play a greater role in the global systemic transition over the past decade, which has challenged the dominance of Western-centric ones like the G7 and NATO over international relations.

    By Andrew Korybko | 2023/5/21 20:13:40
  • Opportunism of TikTok ban in Montana borne out of deceptive 'China threat' narrative

    The US state of Montana has taken the drastic step of banning the popular social media app TikTok within its borders. Enforcement will begin January 1, 2024, presuming the law is valid

    By Anthony Moretti | 2023/5/21 19:54:27
  • Parties, groups vow to oppose 'Taiwan independence'; call for removal of DPP from power

    ​The Cross-Strait Peaceful Development Forum issued a statement opposing “Taiwan independence” and called for an effort to remove the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) from power on Saturday.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/21 18:49:11
  • G7 communiqué targets China, but is mostly bluster

    The G7 Hiroshima Leaders' Communiqué released at the G7 Hiroshima summit are self-contradictory in terms of its stance toward China, while attempting to be tough in its general tone. Its wording is obviously dominated by the US. Although the US has slandered China for "genocide" in Xinjiang, the G7 communiqué did not follow up on this. However, the US accused China of so-called "economic coercion," and the G7 summit documents talked about "economic coercion" in a way that clearly alluded to China. While the G7 communiqué claimed not to seek decoupling from China, it sought to "de-risk," protect certain "advanced technologies" and "reduce excessive dependencies in our critical supply chains."

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/5/21 13:27:51
  • From a nuclear briefcase to hypocritical accusations against China, the G7 a drama driven by farce

    On Saturday morning, during his Hiroshima visit, US President Joe Biden tweeted, "The G7 is more united than ever." The rhetoric, amid the ongoing summit which has been filled with dramas, rang an ironic tone.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/20 20:31:06
  • Debt drama at home dents US diplomacy, role as 'global leader'

    The US' reputation has already been dented by the cancellation of Biden's South Pacific trip. It's hard to claim that the US is an all-powerful leader of the “democratic world” and enforcer of the “rules-based international order” when it can't seem to get its own house sorted out.

    By Nebojsa Malic | 2023/5/20 12:11:44
  • China-Central Asia relations enter new era after Xi'an summit: international observers

    Global Times asked former officials and scholars of Central Asian countries and Russia about their views on the summit, as well as their understanding of China-Central Asia relations.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/19 20:09:57
  • US surveillance is an obstacle to a truly democratic world order

    The hypocrisy of US accusations that China is threatening the world with espionage in the post-Snowden era is staggering.

    By Fiona Edwards | 2023/5/19 17:34:13
  • Envoy Li Hui's meeting with Zelensky marks a good start to his European tour

    In the long run, China may be the best choice to mediate the Russia-Ukraine conflict. China is a major country with good relations and the ability to communicate with both sides. China has the power and qualifications to serve as a mediator.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/5/19 4:53:28
  • More honest, rational people now speaking up against Big Brother US' monitoring, surveillance

    Ten years since the Edward Snowden leaks, many countries – especially those most friendly to the White House – still are unable to escape Big Brother's monitoring and surveillance.

    By Giancarlo Elia Valori | 2023/5/18 21:59:58
  • Ten years after Snowden leaks, dangers of US spying continue

    The age of unilateral regime change operations must come to a hard end as we enter a decade past the heroic efforts of Edward Snowden. It's high time that the international community says no to Washington's unending global surveillance.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/5/18 21:43:10
  • Economic impetus drives Central Asian countries closer to Beijing

    Within the framework of the C+C5 mechanism, the probability of solving various kinds of strategic issues that go beyond the individual states of the region increases. It is believed that C+C5 is a more effective mechanism for bilateral ties.

    By Kairat Batyrbayev | 2023/5/18 20:48:08
  • Unlike elite club of G7, China-Central Asia Summit unites, consolidates a diverse world

    China's approach to building inter-country and interregional ties is qualitatively different from the approach of representatives of the Western elite "club."

    By Sergey Biryukov | 2023/5/18 17:37:34
  • G7's 'economic coercion' call-out is hypocritical

    The US aims to get the G7 summit to call out what it describes as China's “economic coercion,” a terminology invented exclusively for the application of China alone and doesn't apply to the US-led West's use of crippling sanctions against others.

    By James Smith | 2023/5/17 19:56:53
  • China-Central Asia Summit a logical step toward creating a belt of stability in Central Eurasia

    The diplomacy of modern China is global in scope and is a complex combination of a wide variety of traditional and new methods and mechanisms.

    By Denis Berdakov | 2023/5/17 19:41:34
  • Xi'an summit ushers in a new era of cooperation and development of China-Central Asia ties

    The China-Central Asia Summit is expected to deepen relations, strengthen cooperation, improve China-Central Asia cooperation mechanisms, and promote the construction of a closer China-Central Asia community with a shared future.

    By Zhang Huicong | 2023/5/17 18:24:14
  • Europe in a changing era: where to go?

    Some in the US are hysterical about maintaining a unipolar world which has never existed. Reality proves them wrong. Where does Europe stand in this multi-polar world? As one of the major forces, Europe is expected to offer its own answer.

    By Ou Shi | 2023/5/16 21:41:55
  • Lying through its teeth, Safeguard Defender hypes sensational misrepresentations on 'secret Chinese police stations'

    There's a pattern: Western media say one thing, China denies it, and then, over a period of time, what China said was true turns out to be true. These stories of “secret Chinese police stations” are the same sensational misrepresentations.

    By Jerry Grey | 2023/5/16 21:20:43
  • Central Asians seek deeper involvement in China's modernization, high-quality development: former Kyrgyzstani PM

    Why are China-Central Asia relations enhancing? What is the basis of this development?

    By Global Times | 2023/5/16 19:04:56
  • Dramatic change in Thai political landscape a result of younger demographic: experts

    Unofficial vote counting in Thailand's general election showed opposition parties would secure the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, or the lower house of parliament, according to the country's Election Commission on Monday. Experts said that this dramatic change in the political landscape is due to the younger demographic structure of voters and changes in political and social trends. But they said no matter who comes to power, China-Thai relations will not be affected.

    By Xu Yelu | 2023/5/16 3:38:38
  • Be aware of what Truss sells in Taiwan island

    No good will come of her visit, other than perhaps to entrench the feeling within China that reunification with Taiwan should occur sooner rather than later. Liz Truss is not the person to be dealing with a highly volatile diplomatic situation.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2023/5/15 21:27:14
  • Biden's immigration policy continues to wobble even after the end of Title 42

    It is because the US has long recklessly interfered with and stirred up the situation in Latin America, as well as planted the "roots" of poverty and violence there, that caused today's chaotic situation regarding illegal immigration.

    By Wei Nanzhi | 2023/5/15 20:50:13
  • Stability, devt of C.Asia shared goal of China, Russia

    One would expect that the upcoming summit will open a new page in China-Central Asia relations and bring good news for all neighbors of this important region.

    By Timofei Bordachev | 2023/5/15 20:12:58
  • Playing with lives

    State officials are "kicking the ball" on immigration

    By Liu Rui | 2023/5/15 18:43:31
  • Death of two Russian military commanders reflects increasing brutality of the Ukraine war

    Two Russian military commanders, including a brigade commander, were killed in fierce combat near the frontline hotspot of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. Their deaths reflect the increasing brutality of the Ukraine war. The Ukrainian army has recently received a lot of new weapons from NATO countries, and the Russian army may face greater challenges in the upcoming battles.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/5/15 11:43:20
  • Japan's nuclear contaminated wastewater dump plan a cause of concerns even for New Caledonia

    What harm will it cause to the Pacific island countries and local residents if the contaminated water is discharged into the Pacific Ocean by Japan? What efforts has the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) made to stop Japan?

    By Global Times | 2023/5/14 19:21:48
  • China offers Central Asian countries an alternative

    Looking back at China-Central Asia relations, adhering to independent values, reflected in transcending geopolitical thinking, is an important experience.

    By Cui Heng | 2023/5/14 18:54:26
  • In resisting multipolarity, the US is ultimately waging war on reality

    Unipolarity has been the Dutch Disease of US foreign policy. Under unipolar order, the only restraint is self-restraint, which the US has never been good at. In resisting multipolarity, the US is ultimately waging war on reality.

    By John Pang | 2023/5/13 13:14:09
  • Asia-Pacific diplomacy of Biden administration source of tension

    However, the US is determined to maintain hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region, and does not hesitate to suppress and contain China by encouraging bloc confrontation, undermining regional economic cooperation, and pushing for a new Cold War.

    By Zhu Feng | 2023/5/12 16:19:34
  • Improvement of China-Europe ties requires pulling the continent's strategy back to rationality

    The recent visits of Chinese Vice President Han Zheng as well as State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang to Europe have again started a new wave of exchanges and dialogues between China and the Europe, sending positive signals of strategic communication between China on one side and Germany and Europe on the other.

    By He Zhigao | 2023/5/11 20:22:55
  • Be alert of 'Congressional tyranny' preventing any US' goodwill to China

    Recently, officials of the Biden administration have frequently sent out signals to strengthen communication and resume dialogue with China. At the same time, US Congress has continued its consistent anti-China approach

    By Li Haidong | 2023/5/11 19:49:00
  • Historical anomaly of unipolarity has indisputably ended

    There's a heated debate in the US nowadays about the future of global affairs. Some believe that what's been described as their country's unipolar moment is ending and giving way to multipolarity, while others believe that the US remains the world's most comprehensively powerful country by far.

    By Andrew Korybko | 2023/5/11 19:14:26
  • Chinese modernization leads to Age of Great Majority: Martin Jacques

    We are at a historic moment. Until very recently, modernity was virtually synonymous with the West. Indeed, the West believed - and still does - that there was only one form of modernity and that was Western modernity.

    By Martin Jacques | 2023/5/11 19:04:19
  • South Korea's diplomacy shouldn't return to the Cold War era

    The atmosphere in China-South Korea relations is not very good these days. This is a result of Seoul's attempts to return to the diplomatic attitude of the Cold War and its frequent suspected interference in China's internal affairs.

    By Zhan Debin | 2023/5/10 21:42:51
  • AI has a political stance, associated with ideology

    ChatGPT's biggest flaw is that it has no emotions. For example, it cannot write the emotional and political commentary of the time that Dickens wrote at the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness."

    By Ding Gang | 2023/5/10 18:33:32
  • ASEAN not willing to and will not 'take sides' between China and US

    Australia will hold the 2023 Quad summit in Sydney on May 24, the third leaders' meeting of the US, Japan, India and Australia. As a crucial part of the US "Indo-Pacific Strategy," the expansion of the Quad has received widespread attention, with Japan and ASEAN members being frequently mentioned as possible additions.

    By Sun Xihui | 2023/5/9 22:47:48
  • China's role in Ukraine crisis won't follow the US script

    Recently, the US seems to have shifted its position from opposing to recognizing China's role in promoting peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

    By Song Zhongping | 2023/5/9 22:34:54
  • Canada humiliates itself as China hits back with reciprocal countermeasures

    Accusing China of interfering in Canada's internal affairs? Canada is really painting China in its own ugly image.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/5/9 17:53:35
  • 'Taiwan independence' is a losing bet

    For those who really care about the island, it is helpful to know that the US-Taiwan relationship is not so much patron-client as it is a bully-victim relationship. A good resolution of the Taiwan question is one that serves the fundamental interests of the ordinary people in Taiwan.

    By Xin Ping | 2023/5/9 16:47:26
  • Multipolarity is the future for the Arab world

    For the world order to be truly multipolar, the Arabs must coalesce and unite as one pole in it.

    By Ebrahim Hashem | 2023/5/9 16:18:25
  • China-Afghanistan-Pakistan cooperation mechanism embodies wider support to GSI

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang made his maiden visit to Pakistan from May 5 to 6. Besides meeting with the top officials of Pakistan, the visit covered an extensive agenda: During the visit, Qin attended the Fifth China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Minister's Dialogue in Islamabad on May 6

    By Qaiser Nawab | 2023/5/8 20:05:54
  • Choice of Tokyo, Seoul concerns Asian peace

    Affected by historical and territorial issues, Japan-South Korea relations have been in constant discord and friction. However, since Yoon Suk-yeol took office, Seoul has been working hard to improve relations with Japan.

    By Chen Yang | 2023/5/8 19:42:28
  • China has taken unusual role in Ukraine crisis: Mahathir

    As China-US tensions have boiled over the island of Taiwan and the Ukraine crisis, Southeast Asia has kept proactive diplomacy. Global Times (GT) reporters Wang Wenwen and Bai Yunyi talked to Mahathir bin Mohamad (Mahathir), former prime minister of Malaysia, about his views on China-US relations and the global impact of the Ukraine crisis. Mahathir, who is vocal against the West, has kept a very particular place in Malaysia's history and been an influential senior statesman in Southeast Asia. He has constantly spoken up about China-US relations.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/8 1:25:48
  • Tokyo-Seoul thaw pushed by US, hard to realize

    Apparently, the relationship between Japan and South Korea is rapidly warming up. After South Korea President Yoon Suk-yeol visited Japan in March, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is scheduled to visit South Korea from Sunday to Monday, seeking to revive the "shuttle diplomacy" between the two heads of state.

    By Cai Liang | 2023/5/8 0:48:11
  • The real purpose of the fake 'China threat' narrative in Australia

    A rational observer can see that this is empty talk, without foundation in reality. To use my earlier distinction, this talk is very much part of the “superstructure.”

    By Roland Boer | 2023/5/7 18:16:11
  • China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Dialogue expected to inject stability into regional situation

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang is visiting Pakistan and attending the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Dialogue in Pakistan, a meeting conducive to building consensus and injecting stability and positive energy into the uncertain international situation.

    By Fei Xue | 2023/5/6 18:17:24
  • Three questions need to be answered to understand 'Chinese modernization'

    The Chinese edition of Voice of America (VOA) recently published an opinion piece, whose title could be translated as “Touting Chinese modernization, is the Communist Party of China (CPC) making the international community really 'understand China' this time?” Against the backdrop of the interpretation and promotion of the concept of “Chinese modernization” during two recent conferences held in China – the Lanting Forum and the “Understanding China-Greater Bay Area Dialogue,” the VOA article put forward an absurd point of view: The emergence and promotion of Chinese modernization aim to achieve the effect of denying the principles and standards of Western modernization and constructing China's own set of so-called modernization standards and system, even though the Chinese authorities don't claim so.

    By Shi Xiaojin | 2023/5/6 13:17:09
  • As US collateral damage, Taiwan residents should adopt peaceful reunification while there is time

    The US has long been trying to convince the residents of Taiwan island that America cares first and foremost for the safety and welfare of the islanders, and that if they choose independence over reunification in one China, the US will always stand ready to share their sacrifices. So, it may come as a shock when the islanders realize that America's only interest in the island since 1949 has been the terrain which they occupy, not its people.

    By Franz Gayl | 2023/5/6 12:10:04
  • While other countries rush to rescue their citizens from war zone, America abandons them

    The difference between people's lived experience and US propaganda has never been starker. Despite the US' best efforts to malign China, China keeps making friends and partners across the globe.

    By Maitreya Bhakal | 2023/5/5 21:38:16
  • West's hyperbole-laced statements and simplified views of China do not reflect truth

    Political elites in the US would like you to believe that America is - and has always been - a force for good around the world. At the same time, those elites want you to think that China is sinking in popularity across the globe. Both hyperbole-laced statements align well with the simplified view of good and evil that the West disseminates on a daily basis.

    By Anthony Moretti | 2023/5/4 21:20:19
  • A new showdown as Medvedev calls for 'physical elimination' of Zelenskyy

    If the war in Ukraine does not stop sooner, it will quite likely increasingly develop toward defiance of the rules, with both sides making their most ruthless moves one step at a time.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/5/4 21:09:27
  • Europe needs to adopt Asian attitude to end chaos

    When the European countries discuss about how to view and co-exist with China in a rational manner, there are also voices of opposition under the influence of the US.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/4 20:49:41
  • Japan's radioactive wastewater dumping plan a destructive nuclear colonialism practice

    Japan's plan to dump into the ocean has been strongly condemned by the international community. Nonetheless, Tokyo is still going its own way and speeding up the plan to make the rest of the world pay for it. What would be the global impact of Japan dumping nuclear-contaminated wastewater? Does Japan's move violate the law and infringe on the rights of relevant countries? Global Times (GT) reporter Liu Zixuan talked with Karly Burch (Burch), a sociology lecturer from the University of Auckland, who has been studying the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster for the past 12 years, over these issues.

    By Global Times | 2023/5/3 21:36:50
  • History of world coffee development makes a U-turn in China

    Many coffee-producing countries still bear the slavery dregs brought by the colonizers, which has restricted the change of the economic development of these countries, continuing the legacy of coffee development.

    By Ding Gang | 2023/5/3 20:17:44
  • Blindly following US and Japan will only turn South Korea into a chesspiece in game of great powers

    According to Kyodo News, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is planning to visit South Korea and meet with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, as the two countries “accelerate efforts to improve bilateral ties amid the threat from North Korea and other challenges.”

    By Global Times | 2023/5/2 20:00:30
  • Looking up to Washington's mercy is to have no freedom for South Korea

    On April 27, South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol, who was on a state visit to the US, addressed a joint meeting of Congress. Judged from the content of his speech, it is clear that Yoon has already regarded the US as a leader and used the opportunity to please the US to the maximum. Considering the content of Yoon's speech and his performance in office over the last year, I would like to express a few opinions on Yoon's speech and the series of statements and actions he made during his visit to the US.

    By Piao Guanghai | 2023/5/2 16:45:22
  • Manila should be cautious about smoke-and-mirrors US commitment

    Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has embarked on his four-day visit to the US and is expected to meet US President Joe Biden on Monday afternoon, US time.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2023/5/1 21:46:44
  • Japan's proposed semiconductor export controls will cause unnecessary damage

    On March 31, 2023, the government of Japan announced that it will supplement the Wassenaar Arrangement and impose export controls on 23 types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment which were not subject to prior restrictions , including all Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) Immersion Lithography systems. The Japanese government called for public comment on the new amendment until April 29 and will devise the final rules accordingly. Such decisions by the Japanese government will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the global semiconductor industry and backfire on Japan's own domestic industry.

    By Wei Shaojun | 2023/5/1 14:00:17
  • Independence or becoming an appendage: the Philippines' foreign policy at crossroads

    As a politician that acts on his own way, former Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has his insight on regional affairs and China-Philippines relations, enabling him to turn China-Philippines relations for the better and dare to say "no" to the US during his tenure.

    By Dai Fan | 2023/5/1 13:09:58
  • Duterte weighs in amid opposition to US' EDCA military bases

    Opposition to the US EDCA bases, especially the three additional bases that are positioned like arrowheads at Taiwan island, is far wider than Philippine mainstream media, tightly controlled by the Philippine business class tied to US financial interests, are letting on.

    By Herman Tiu Laure | 2023/4/30 14:17:44
  • Japan's export control measures on semiconductor equipment violate WTO rules

    Though the Japanese government denied that the move is at the US' behest and did not mention whether the restrictions only target China, it is already obvious that Japan has stood on the US' side regarding the China-US game centered on chips, and it is no doubt a wrong side.

    By Tu Xinquan | 2023/4/30 13:13:49
  • Without corroboration or balance, Western media's propaganda targeting Xizang will persuade nobody

    After malicious attempts by some Western media outlets to spin lie of "forced labor" in Xinjiang, some Western media are trying to repeat the trick in Xizang (Tibet), first claiming that many children in Xizang have been forcefully sent to boarding school and separated from their families, later the hype of "vocational training programs" for Tibetans.

    By Jerry Grey | 2023/4/30 11:30:38
  • Japan's proposed export controls on semiconductors to disrupt supply chain, undermine economic order

    On March 31, 2023, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) announced its plan to revise the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (FEFTA) to expand the scope of chip manufacturing equipment that requires prior approval by the METI before export. Export controls should be a tool to maintain world peace, stability, security and development instead of a curb on industrial cooperation or scientific and technological exchanges.

    By Zhang Wei | 2023/4/29 17:18:41
  • The real existential danger is if US, China 'blunder into war': Joseph Nye

    China does not pose an existential threat to the US, the real existential danger is "if we blunder into war," Joseph S. Nye Jr., former dean of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government who coined the term "soft power," said during the release of his new book, Soft Power and Great-Power Competition: Shifting Sands in the Balance of Power Between the United States and China, on Friday, hosted by Beijing-based think tank Center for China and Globalization (CCG). During the book release, Wang Huiyao, CCG founder and president, had a dialogue with Nye, in which Wang raised questions on behalf of Global Times. This is an excerpt of the dialogue.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/29 14:54:58
  • Japan should not be a sacrificial vanguard of semiconductor export controls

    Japan recently announced plans to revise its Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (FEFTA) which “shall apply to inward direct investment and equivalent actions to be made on or after May 24” to impose semiconductor export restrictions, according to the Japanese Finance Ministry. The controls will cover six categories of equipment used in chip-making and 23 types of equipment used to make semiconductors.

    By Guo Xiaobing | 2023/4/29 11:11:04
  • Washington's 'de-risking' of China ties might be just 'decoupling' in disguise

    It seems Washington has officially adopted the term "de-risking," which has been discussed frequently in Europe's political and strategic circles lately.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/28 20:08:04
  • The shocking employment and exploitation of child labor in the US

    Exploitation of child labor is the original sin and a modern evil of the US. It exposes the institutional deficiencies of the US. The US is a bad example of child and labor rights violations.

    By Hao Luyi | 2023/4/28 14:15:37
  • Debunking the lie that people in Xizang are forced to use common national language

    Tibetan people are proactively learning and using the national common language for a better life.

    By Liang Junyan | 2023/4/27 19:17:03
  • China's opening-up a valuable global public good amid US protectionism

    At a time when the US, the world's largest economy, is pursuing economic nationalism and trade protectionism, the world urgently needs China to encourage "opening-up", the international public good that the world requires most today.

    By Zheng Yongnian | 2023/4/27 17:54:58
  • US' bet on Ukraine is starting to backfire as it fails to reach desired goals

    Moscow weathered the sanctions much better than US-allied Western Europe, whose economies dried up without Russian energy imports.

    By Nebojsa Malic | 2023/4/27 17:51:33
  • My real travel experience to China and beyond

    What is extraordinary, though, is how China managed to achieve this in a relatively short period via a smooth transition. The Western media tends to emphasize the "abruptness" of China dropping its "zero-COVID" policy. In fact, it is a misrepresentation of what truly has been the case, as such a policy shift came with good timing and was planned and executed appropriately. The Chinese government places priority on peoples' wellbeing first when it comes to any kind of policy making.

    By Felix Dapare Dakora | 2023/4/26 21:37:24
  • Ximeng embodies a Chinese modernization story

    When I left Ximeng, I wondered how the local people would respond if I told them that American leaders always say China is a "destroyer of the world order" and "aggressive."

    By Ding Gang | 2023/4/26 21:11:54
  • Yoon will find it's hard to go against the trend

    Yoon forgets that one of the reasons South Korea has achieved sustained prosperity is that it has effectively balanced its complex relations with all sides over the past decades.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/26 20:43:28
  • China must focus on building its own strengths

    China's attention needs to be put on its own strategic direction as well as on the "last mile" in the direction where thousands of rivers converge.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/26 20:04:37
  • Europe needs to defend strategic autonomy and escape US' interference to prosper

    The US is regrettably determined to drag European governments into supporting its aggressive foreign policy against both Russia and China and will continue to pressure Europe to follow this divisive and harmful approach. It is clear, however, that for Europe to live in peace and prosperity, it must break free from this Cold War agenda.

    By Fiona Edwards | 2023/4/26 19:10:17
  • Global Security Initiative drives forward deeper reconciliation in Middle East

    China's mediation diplomacy, guided by the Global Security Initiative, has provided a new path for the resolution of the Middle East conflict and injected enduring momentum for the wave of reconciliation in the region that the world is seeing now.

    By Ding Long | 2023/4/26 18:17:57
  • Hard to talk about peace with Washington benefiting from war

    A consumerist attitude toward international security and development is a strategy that will only lead to the isolation of America itself in the future.

    By Timofei Bordachev | 2023/4/26 15:31:05
  • US attempts to misguide world with false propositions over Taiwan question

    US right now suffers from distorted syndrome.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/25 20:41:43
  • The West creates 'cult of personality' around Dalai Lama to smear China

    It's time for us to question our deepest held assumptions concerning the Dalai Lama.

    By James Smith | 2023/4/25 20:26:31
  • 'Decoupling from China' push exposes absurdity of some Western politicians' zero-sum thinking: Italian scholar

    The defence of the "decoupling theory" is precisely rooted in the zero-sum thinking of some think tanks in the West. They use "decoupling" as a new weapon against China.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/25 19:20:17
  • Australian defence review misplaces focus

    China-Australia relations have reached a most critical tipping point. A defence strategy which is purported to instigate and provoke tensions with China is apparently imprudent, and could jeopardise the hard-won outcomes achieved during the past six months.

    By Chen Hong | 2023/4/25 17:54:06
  • Leakage reveals young Americans' distrust toward US values

    The Pentagon leak shows the distrust that young people, Americans in the same age bracket as Jack Teixeira, have in their government and other institutions.

    By Anthony Moretti | 2023/4/25 9:57:10
  • Changing China-US trade ties require new global outlook

    The fundamental logic of the world's political economy has changed, which requires corresponding changes in everyone's global outlook.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/24 21:30:39
  • Seoul's risky gamble leaning on Washington

    As a country with limited scale, South Korea is incapable of leaning on the US against China and Russia, nor is it necessary to please the US at the expense of other countries' interests.

    By Xiang Haoyu | 2023/4/24 20:08:51
  • Only a strategically autonomous Europe has a unique role to play between China, US

    If it adheres to a policy of strategic autonomy, Europe can have a unique role to play in the standoff between China and America.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2023/4/24 20:05:30
  • Some Europeans' attacks on Chinese ambassador to France are rude and unfair

    France, as a whole, should protect Ambassador Lu Shaye's freedom of expression, and should not turn around and conduct political denunciations afterward. Doing so would be a disgrace to the country.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/24 18:20:34
  • Time to turn the 'balloon incident' page and bring China-US relations back on track

    The US has created too many uncertainties in the Straits, but one certainty is that if Washington's China policy remains in the hands of China hawks, China-US relations will be thrown off course.

    By Xin Ping | 2023/4/24 12:20:53
  • House select committee on China pushes war game over Taiwan with insidious purpose

    The US House Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the US and the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) conducted an unusual war game on a cross-Taiwan Straits war with Washington think tank the Center for a New American Security.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/24 0:07:18
  • What exactly does Washington want from its containment of China?

    It's time for White House officials to stop describing the US-China relationship as a "healthy competition.''

    By Global Times | 2023/4/23 21:38:58
  • Population growth alone won't help India reap demographic dividend

    India is set to overtake China as the world's most populous nation, according to United Nations data released on April 19.

    By Long Xingchun and Lü Jiaying | 2023/4/23 20:40:01
  • Manila should resist US' tension-raising attempts

    The administration of President Marcos Jr. should avoid the so-called strategic ambiguity that the US practices in relation to the "one-China" policy, in which the US says one thing and does another.

    By Anna Malindog-Uy | 2023/4/23 20:35:47
  • The US is keen to use Australia against China like it uses Ukraine against Russia

    We are aiding and abetting America in doing that. We're not allied with America's interest, because what America is doing is not in America's interest.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/23 16:25:40
  • China has strong economic prospects despite losing rank of most populous nation: top demographer

    The United Nations Population Fund has released its State of World Population Report for 2023, which says that India's population by mid-2023 is estimated at 1.4286 billion, surpassing China's 1.4257 billion and making India the world's most populous nation. Last year, China recorded its first negative population growth in nearly 61 years.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/21 23:14:18
  • Awkward transatlantic ties unrolled in one call, two readouts

    US' leadership and control over its allies are degrading, whether it uses carrots or sticks. Worse, Washington is running out of effective approaches to fix cracks on their ties. This is not only the predicament in transatlantic relations, but also an awkward moment for US diplomacy.

    By Ai Jun | 2023/4/21 17:59:31
  • Time for Australia to make rational calculations on how to adapt to Asian century

    It's fatal to find emotionally comfortable solutions to difficult geopolitical challenges. This is the fundamental problem with AUKUS. It provides comfort by creating new bonds with one's old IAnglo-Saxon brothers. It doesn't address Australia's strategic dilemmas.

    By Kishore Mahbubani | 2023/4/21 10:55:18
  • Recent leaks expose an uncomfortable truth – US spies on everyone

    This silence underscores the truth of the matter, which is that, when it comes to the national security of the US, everyone is a target.

    By Scott Ritter | 2023/4/20 16:03:11
  • What is so special about Beijing-Moscow security cooperation?

    The Russian-Chinese cooperation on global public goods should not be perceived as an exclusive agreement between Moscow and Beijing. It should be as open as possible to other international actors - big and small, rich and poor, representing the Global South and the Global North.

    By Andrey Kortunov | 2023/4/20 15:06:50
  • Taiwan island a sacrificial lamb to project US domination and military power into Asia-Pacific

    It is time for the island to come home to China, peacefully, willingly and pragmatically, and to recognize the reality. Only through these means can peace and certainty be secured, and the island have a much more prosperous future.

    By James Smith | 2023/4/20 14:02:38
  • EU rolls out new Chips Act amid US hegemonic meddling in global supply chain

    Amid the US' hegemonic meddling in the global supply chain, the EU on Tuesday announced a 43 billion euro ($47 billion) provisional deal for its semiconductor industry, aiming to strengthen its chips sector and secure its resilience.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/20 1:44:37
  • Chinese path to modernization a reference for other countries, injecting new impetus for global prosperity

    Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Chinese people have walked a Chinese path to modernization and continue to create a development miracle, said many politicians and experts from all over the world at a forum on Wednesday in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province.

    By Xie Wenting in Guangzhou | 2023/4/20 0:58:08
  • Western Australia wants to have a very strong and cooperative relationship with China: Premier

    Foreign affairs are a responsibility for the commonwealth government, but states have a lot of responsibility for economic, cultural, and social matters. And so our engagement can assist in playing the ground for the commonwealth governments who resolves issues at national level with the government of China. There is some scope for other states to assist in resolving those issues.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/19 23:19:17
  • Attempting to whitewash Dalai Lama, Australian media satirizes itself

    The Tibetan community have shamelessly come out and defended themselves, as if Dalai Lama's doing these dirty things show his so-called "compassion" more than not doing them. They are shameless and insane, but I'm sorry, the world is sober and won't go crazy with them.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/19 21:50:35
  • Dollar Hegemony is the true cause of Africa's debt problems, not China

    When Harris arrived in Africa, she might not be aware that she may be in an airport built by a Chinese company, and her convoy might be traveling on roads or bridges built by Chinese firms. In African countries, infrastructure built by Chinese companies can be seen everywhere. China has made concrete contributions to Africa's development with high-quality and efficient practical actions, which is the responsibility and duty that a great power should have.

    By Shi Qing | 2023/4/19 19:26:07
  • When Nabob's descendants once again think of kowtow

    The kowtow view is obsolete because the Eastern countries are no longer on the periphery of Western civilization but will be at the center of world civilization. Whether it is China, India, or some other Asian country, it will always be a power-sharer.

    By Ding Gang | 2023/4/19 19:03:58
  • 'I blame Canada for killing my mom'

    It was where all that trauma happened. That's where all the rapes, the violence, the beatings, the medical experiment have been. The residential schools were horrible places for these children and where they were brainwashed.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/19 17:42:08
  • Japanese companies should regard China as source of innovation: Japanese chamber of commerce

    Japanese companies should regard China as an "innovative power" and "engineering power" rather than merely a "manufacturing country" or "consumer country," said Tetsuro Homma, the newly-elected president of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, who also serves as the executive vice president of Panasonic Corporation, during a press conference on Tuesday.

    By Xing Xiaojing | 2023/4/19 2:20:37
  • Strategic autonomy is in the interests of European people: former Belgian PM

    Former Belgian prime minister Yves Leterme said he agrees with the European strategic autonomy statement made by French President Emmanuel Macron recently, as it's in the interests of Europe and its citizens that the European Union (EU) does not choose sides.

    By Xie Wenting in Guangzhou | 2023/4/19 2:03:50
  • US delusional to expect other countries to parrot it

    It is impossible for the US to rally multitudes to its call in a multipolar world as it did after the Cold War. The US' unipolar power no longer exists, and it should make it more adapted to other countries.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/18 20:45:16
  • Double standards on the nuclear disaster will make Japan bear the cross of crime and punishment forever

    If Japan really wants to achieve a "nuclear-free world," it, first of all, should handle the nuclear-contaminated wastewater in an open, transparent, scientific and safe manner under international supervision.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/18 17:59:39
  • Europe's positivity toward China a welcoming sign

    Clearly European leaders recognize the importance of dialogue with China which, in the present Western mood of negativity toward China, is a positive. Talking is better than silence; though, to recall Confucius, actions are better than words.

    By Martin Jacques | 2023/4/18 16:04:42
  • India should seek cooperation with China in NEV development: expert

    India's reported intention to reduce its dependence on China by exploring other green sources for its new energy vehicle (NEV) sector would mean extra costs, a Chinese industry expert said, adding that it would also hinder the sector's development as India makes the transition toward green energy.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/17 21:56:16
  • West arrogant in asking China to end the Russia-Ukraine war it fuels

    When addressing a meeting of foreign ministers of G7 in Japan on Sunday, EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell said that China can play a role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict by talking directly to Ukraine while refraining from any military activity. This is a representative voice of the West in asking China to end the war the West has sponsored and provoked.

    By Gao Jian | 2023/4/17 20:52:42
  • We should call out the Dalai Lama's behavior for what it is

    We must be brave enough to call it as we see it. No one should be above the law, not even the people we care about or idealize the most.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/4/17 19:14:15
  • A healthy relationship with China makes sense for Europe: EU MP

    We want society organized to benefit all the citizens. We want governments to work in the best interests of those who need help.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/17 18:43:41
  • Island encirclement and military deterrence has become a normalcy: expert

    China on Sunday morning successfully launched its first satellite dedicated to measuring precipitation, especially heavy rainfalls during catastrophic weather in global regions of low- and mid-latitude, which could provide a powerful tool for monitoring and forecasting of global meteorological disasters.

    By Guo Yuandan | 2023/4/17 2:57:02
  • The facts speak for themselves over Dalai Lama's disgusting acts

    What on earth was the Dalai Lama thinking? A Video emerged on Twitter a few days ago of him kissing a boy and then asking the boy, who is clearly under the age of sexual consent in any person's language or culture, to suck his tongue.

    By Jerry Grey | 2023/4/17 0:55:38
  • The island of Taiwan unsure of how to respond to US' scathing assessment of its armed forces

    Citing previously leaked documents, The Washington Post reported on Saturday that the military of the island of Taiwan is “unlikely to thwart Chinese mainland military air superiority in a cross-strait conflict,” highlighting a series of shortcomings in the Taiwan military's equipment and training. In response, the defense authority on the island of Taiwan stated that it “respects outside opinions about its military preparedness,” but military experts said the “Taiwan military” is being slapped in the face by its master, yet still has to smile.

    By Xu Yelu and Guo Yuandan | 2023/4/16 23:45:16
  • Vietnam remains wary of US attempt to rope it in an anti-China chariot

    The purpose of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's visit to Vietnam is crystal clear - to drive a wedge between China and Vietnam as well as the rest of the region.

    By Li Jiangang | 2023/4/16 21:00:41
  • Hegemony-obsessed US further alienates itself from world that chooses 'airport' over 'lecture'

    With the world increasingly awakening from the spell of US hegemony, the US is isolating itself more and more in the international community. Such a trend has apparently worried some US political elites.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/16 19:45:53
  • Japan should face up to responsibility, reality over Fukushima wastewater dumping: Japanese nuclear experts

    Japan should face up to this responsibility and this reality instead of simply making the problems "out of sight, out of mind."

    By Global Times | 2023/4/16 17:10:13
  • US enters age of barbarism following Montana's statewide TikTok ban

    The Montana House of Representatives on April 14 approved a total ban on TikTok inside the state, making it the first US state to pass legislation banning TikTok on personal devices.

    By Fei Xue | 2023/4/15 19:15:26
  • Baerbock's visit offers a glimpse into Europe's policy trend on China

    Regardless of Germany or Europe, the core part of the relationship with China is economic cooperation.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/14 23:14:26
  • A lesson from Russia-Ukraine conflict: not to go along with US provocations to create crisis

    In Asia, who can US imperialism rope in in terms of their own sovereignty? Who can resist the US pressure?

    By Global Times | 2023/4/14 18:07:59
  • Western imperial dominance and militarism will not settle Ukraine in peace

    Who shall pay the price for the anti-intellectual, militarist policy that stands no chance to succeed quickly or after years of fighting? The Ukraine war is one that will have no winners. Imperial dominance and militarism are self- and other-destructive.

    By Jan Oberg | 2023/4/14 17:36:48
  • While Lula continues to advocate for 'strategic autonomy,' what is Baerbock hesitating for?

    A new broom sweeps clean. When a new government takes office, it is the easiest time for them to "talk tough." However, Germany has no actual geopolitical conflict with China and is a large economy. The logic of its policy toward China will not be very far from Brazil and will be similar to its neighbor France.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/14 2:01:26
  • What I saw during my 12-day trip to the mainland was very different from what I have heard in Taiwan

    I feel fortunate to have visited the Chinese mainland with Mr Ma Ying-jeou. The real situation was different from what I had heard in Taiwan, writes a Taiwan student.

    By Lin Yan-liang | 2023/4/13 21:50:20
  • Attempting to drive a wedge between China and Fiji, US practices 'Band-Aids' diplomacy

    Seeing China opening its arms with hospitality to countries worldwide, and as even ties between China and Australia are thawing, the US is unhappy. Voice of America (VOA), one of America's oldest propaganda machine, is trying to make some waves in the Pacific.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/13 21:12:00
  • Imperialist relations are never based on 'trust'

    "The US will continue to use every possible form of technology to spy on its allies, its own citizens and its opponents. Imperialist relations are never based on 'trust,'" said Sara Flounders (Flounders), a political writer and activist for 50 years in the US, in an interview with Global Times (GT) reporter Wang Wenwen. Flounders is a contributing editor of Workers World Newspaper and helps coordinate the International Action Center and the United National Antiwar Coalition.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/13 20:40:36
  • Close cooperation with China can help Brazil deal with three major challenges

    President Lula faces numerous challenges at the beginning of his term, but cooperation with China can be strategic for Brazil to help the country confront at least three major challenges.

    By Marco Fernandes | 2023/4/13 20:16:03
  • Pentagon leaks show China's efforts to strengthen confidential works are effective

    The intelligence cognition of the US on key issues related to China is still vague. None of the few pieces of info exposed by US media can be called "big leaks."

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/13 16:35:40
  • Yes, Europe does not want to be a puppet of the US

    It has become a big debate to clarify the foreign strategy when Europe may be strategically lost and defend its own strategic interests. Macron, who clearly does not want to back down in the face of pro-US opinion in the US and Europe, further said during a visit to the Netherlands on Tuesday that the EU must form an independent position in five key areas, including trade, competitiveness and European industry.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/13 1:06:21
  • Following Macron, more Europeans awaken to US coercion, outspoken on 'strategic autonomy'

    The silence of rational voices on China in Europe is now broken. France and the rest of Europe are struggling yet still making progress.

    By Ai Jun | 2023/4/12 23:13:15
  • US ruling elites' 'superpower' dream creates suffering abroad and at home

    We are creating suffering abroad and suffering at home, all for a ruling elite and their dream of remaining a dominating "superpower."

    By Global Times | 2023/4/12 22:31:55
  • Great potential for China-Brazil cooperation on Amazon conservation

    China and Brazil share many common pursuits on climate issues. We look forward to President Lula's visit to further promote China-Brazil cooperation on environmental protection.

    By Ding Gang | 2023/4/12 18:12:19
  • Japanese netizens' indignation aimed at wrong target: Global Times editorial

    If we put aside the tone and emotions, the video intentionally or unintentionally points out the issue of Japan's lack of profound reflection on its history as a whole. Many Japanese people today do not understand or misunderstand historical facts, which is a general impression they leave on neighboring countries.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/12 1:11:47
  • Europe shot itself in two feet in terms of its relations with Russia: MEPs

    Europe shot itself in two feet in terms of its relations with Russia, rather than championing peace in response to the Russia-Ukraine war.

    By Wang Zixuan and Li Aixin | 2023/4/11 22:50:49
  • In desperation, US tries to drag EU into its camp

    We have a very weak leadership that is behaving in a way that is not in the interests of EU citizens. We think they should develop an independent path and forge good relations with everybody.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/11 22:47:11
  • US has been working full time to drive a wedge between the EU and China: MEPs

    Europe should be aligning with the countries that form the majority of the world's population, which is outside the Global North, and arguing for peace in an independent way and working with everybody.

    By Wang Zixuan and Li Aixin | 2023/4/11 20:53:53
  • Why is the US losing scientists while China is attracting global talent?

    China is not a wasteland of destitution that lacks opportunity; China is growing at break-neck speed, and with it too is the standard of living of the population.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/4/11 20:04:15
  • US abandonment of Taiwan island inevitable if war erupts

    The welfare of people in Taiwan has never been US politicians' main concern. Abandonment of Taiwan by the US appears inevitable. Taiwan islanders would be better off dismissing US rhetoric as just more false promises.

    By Franz Gayl | 2023/4/11 17:46:15
  • Waging war on trade will be costly

    We are living in a dividing world. These divisions have many ramifications. But not the least important of these are for global commerce. The slowdown in world trade, the shift towards economic nationalism and the growing demands in the west, and especially in the US, for decoupling from China are reshaping the global economy. It is, as yet, unclear how far this decoupling will go. It is unclear how far the inward-looking interventionism will go either. But there is no doubt this is a significant turning point, with unpredictable and, in all probability, damaging outcomes.

    By Martin Wolf | 2023/4/11 10:16:32
  • Digitized database of Tibetan medicine will promote high-quality cultural development

    A few days ago, the Chinese Tibetan Medicine Database Platform was officially launched online. It aimed to combine, preserve and utilize the Tibetan medicine resources through modern technology.

    By Liu Yanling | 2023/4/11 3:20:20
  • Macron's attitude shows Europe's pursuit of dignity, self-interest

    Macron's actions show us the limits of the US' ability to rope in Europe in containing China, and the backlash is happening: Macron is tired of being a "vassal" and wants to drive Europe to be a key player.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/11 1:29:11
  • Taiwan not a place suitable for modern defensive warfare, not capable of sustaining a war

    The PLA's exercises have created a strong sense of deterrence, which will eventually compress "Taiwan independence" into a hopeless black hole.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/10 23:19:57
  • US adjusts alliance system to create tension with drills

    The Philippines' allowance of US access to new military bases goes against the cause of peace and stability in the South China Sea.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2023/4/10 20:01:52
  • Increasingly Americanized British diplomacy turns 'Global Britain' strategy into a joke

    Since the cancellation of a planned meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the G20 summit, it seems London is determined to follow Washington's path of confrontation.

    By Gao Jian | 2023/4/10 19:48:43
  • China's wisdom in modernization and democracy can be drawn by Brazil: Brazilian scholar

    What will be the biggest highlight of Lula's visit? How can China and Brazil jointly uphold multilateralism and address rising global risks?

    By Global Times | 2023/4/10 19:05:05
  • Intelligence leak exposes US deep involvement in Ukraine issue, scale of spying on adversaries, allies

    The US is unreliable. It is only a matter of time before the US abandons its allies at a critical moment.

    By Song Zhongping | 2023/4/9 18:31:19
  • Survival is very powerful motivator to drive US-China cooperation: Graham Allison

    China's ambitions and aspirations are different from the US'. But casting it as an enemy in a war seems to be both misleading and dangerous.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/6 15:56:43
  • Europe needs China for both market, peace

    Europe has come to the moment when China is needed the most.

    By Jian Junbo | 2023/4/9 14:45:13
  • Macron broke US' calculation to contain China

    The warm atmosphere of French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to China has frustrated Washington, which had hoped that the visit, accompanied by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, would be less about cooperation and more about putting pressure on China.

    By Hu Xijin | 2023/4/9 12:53:09
  • Those betraying people's interests will inevitably face severe punishment

    The DPP has long struggled with a shortage of international talent, and they have long accepted Western discourse and lack of international insight and historical vision.

    By Zhang Hua | 2023/4/7 18:47:03
  • Stronger US-Taiwan 'friendship' is boastful but untenable

    The so-called friendship between the US and Taiwan island can't change Taiwan's role as the cheapest pawn for the US.

    By Tong Liqun | 2023/4/6 19:54:56
  • EU independence key to long-term China-EU ties

    China believes that the visit of European leaders to China will continue the positive momentum of close high-level interactions between China and the EU by the end of 2022.

    By He Zhigao | 2023/4/6 19:05:05
  • TikTok banned: America is losing confidence

    "People should be able to make their own decisions" about using TikTok, Grace Featherston, a senior student at the University of Texas, said when receiving an email about the campus TikTok ban. She believes that the US government's move encroached on her personal liberties. As Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Gregory Meeks said, a crackdown on TikTok would "damage our allegiances across the globe, destroy jobs here in the United States and undercut core American values of free speech and free enterprise."

    By Xin Ping | 2023/4/6 11:52:29
  • Taiwan island merely a tool for US to establish a new 'American Century'

    The best thing right now for people in the Chinese mainland, the island of Taiwan, and the US - and for human civilization as a whole - would be for all parties to step back from the brink and begin anew the quest for peace. It is time to negotiate a new international order based on international law and the indivisibility of security.

    By Aaron Good | 2023/4/5 20:55:25
  • Western media uses modals in a feeding frenzy to construct anti-China narrative

    If we're to believe Western media, they really and sincerely need to do two things - answer the questions they pose with unbiased and researched interpretations, not the feelings of a person who's entire life has been dedicated to military service; and they must also face up to the fact that modals are not truth.

    By Jerry Grey | 2023/4/5 19:49:11
  • Under current 'democratic' electoral system, more Trumps could be elected

    For the world's No.1 power like the US, who is the president, what kind of person is the president, and his personal qualities are by no means small problems. We might argue, since “Trump I” was elected, Trump II and III will follow, and this may not be stopped by a single trial of Trump.

    By Ding Gang | 2023/4/5 17:03:37
  • Taiwan island, the US stand to lose more than they gain from opportunistic meeting between Tsai and McCarthy

    The meeting between Tsai and McCarthy will not bring any tangible benefit to the US or Taiwan island, but will make the world, especially countries in the Asia-Pacific region, clearly witness, once again, the sinister intentions of the US to sow the seeds of crises, turmoil, and chaos in the region.

    By Ai Jun | 2023/4/4 20:28:50
  • Europe can't afford to 'decouple' from China: former Italian official

    If you cannot keep a neutral position, you cannot be a negotiator. So Europe cannot negotiate peace between Russia and Ukraine, but China can.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/3 17:44:16
  • Why we protest Tsai Ing-wen's stopover in the US: anti-war activist

    US strategists play a long-term chess game, and it's about how we can gradually roll back the influence of Russia and China and secure the dominance of Western capitalism around the world.

    By Global Times | 2023/4/3 17:34:31
  • China's growth and diplomatic influence make Europe look to China

    The EU is a kind of international hybrid without a will of its own, and this is the reason why its member states prefer to take actions on their own, and not in the name of a unitary entity that does not really exist.

    By Giancarlo Elia Valori | 2023/4/3 17:19:18
  • Stark contrast of two events shows China's opening-up

    Two events that took place almost simultaneously in Washington on March 23 local time and Beijing on March 24 had completely opposite implications.

    By He Weiwen | 2023/4/3 0:48:55
  • The Sunset of the West?

    The "sunset" of the West has become increasingly obvious. The West will invest immense effort to find the resources for renewal. When they finally achieve some type of renewal, the world and their place within it will be qualitatively different.

    By Roland Boer | 2023/4/1 12:42:02
  • Unlimited potential for people-centered quality development

    Against the backdrop of constant headwinds of globalization, China, with its advantages in a large market, will continue to play a key role in promoting global connectivity. No matter how the international situation changes, China will always be an important driver of global economic development, and China's high-quality development will continue to enhance the appeal of the Global Development Initiatives put forward by China.

    By Wei Jianguo | 2023/3/31 18:49:58
  • For Congress, TikTok's 'original sin' is being Chinese

    Banning TikTok is a tiny part of a new US comprehensive & persistent campaign against China. US has gone from being a supporter who welcomed China's integration into intl community to an irascible fanatic who surrounds China at every turn.

    By Jin Kai | 2023/3/31 12:35:34
  • What is "democracy?" Whatever the US says it is

    In today's world, "democracy" has basically come to mean whatever the US government says it means. That Washington has to hype a virtual summit to reinforce that message, shows that fewer countries are willing to put up with it.

    By Nebojsa Malic | 2023/3/30 21:57:01
  • Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's visit to China is a win-win game

    This week's meeting could strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two states and be mutually beneficial. Both China and Spain advocate multilateralism, cooperation, and the peaceful and diplomatic resolution of conflicts, and having the same objective for a different purpose, starting in July, Spain may become an indispensable partner for China on the European stage.

    By Cristina Font | 2023/3/30 21:47:29
  • Budget-driven Pentagon traps in internal competition of 'who smears China the best'

    In the calculations of some US politicians, the increase in US defense budget can be justified once the US government and the public form a concerted effort against the "China threat." And with the DoD's policy driven more by budget, Washington will only pursue containing China's development more in a toxic political environment. In such a scenario, US politics will inevitably be hijacked by militarism, going down an increasingly irrational path.

    By Global Times | 2023/3/30 21:05:27
  • Large corporations-controlled US has no real democracy

    The US is functionally not a democracy. It's a plutocracy. It's a system in which the rich can buy representation in the government. It's a system in which large corporations can essentially buy politicians.

    By Global Times | 2023/3/30 20:53:55
  • Japan's treating oceans as a radioactive waste dump a 19th-century approach: nuclear expert

    This kind of unilateral action by one government that has trans-boundary and trans-generational harmful consequences for a wide range of other nations right across the Pacific is not conducive to peaceful, constructive relationships and building the safe, healthy future we all desperately need.

    By Global Times | 2023/3/30 19:57:55
  • McCarthyism is back, in word, deed and name

    I am concerned about America as a country. I want it to do well. But as long as America continues to adopt and implement these kind of policies that has a boomerang effect on its own citizens, in this case, Chinese American citizens, it will fail. I just don't want to see it. That's why I'm fighting to make sure we do the right thing and make sure that America continues to be a good country for us Chinese Americans to live in and work in and where our children will grow and have happy families.

    By Global Times | 2023/3/30 19:25:09
  • Chinese modernization is oriented to high-quality growth

    In that way, the sequence of modernization was a more holistic. It included social harmony and governance, and buy-in from local officials. Eventually, it is oriented to high-quality growth.

    By Global Times | 2023/3/30 17:10:53
  • Boarding education in Xizang scientific, effective and inclusive

    Boarding schools are the most ideal, effective, efficient mode of running schools for children of all ethnic groups in the Xizang region under current conditions. They have fostered tens of thousands of outstanding students for modernization of Xizang region and China.

    By Lajia Dangzhou | 2023/3/30 10:28:25
  • End of pandemic in sight, says former CDC director at Boao Forum for Asia

    The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight, and China's public health system has made great progress, Gao Fu, a well-known national political advisor and former director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a panel focusing on ending the COVID-19 pandemic at the Boao Forum for Asia on Wednesday.

    By Hu Yuwei in Boao | 2023/3/29 22:45:10