It is simply impossible to speak and write about China's achievements without surprise and pride, because the key organizer of these achievements is our brotherly Communist Party of China (CPC).
By Erjanik Ghazaryan | 2024/4/5 15:16:07
  • What kind of 'constructive' and 'responsible' approach can we expect from Yellen?

    Us Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen mentioned two words, “constructive” and “responsible,” ahead of her visit to China. Will she deliver it?

    By Ma Yuhan | 2024/4/4 20:46:42
  • Why the US has once again requested a phone call between Chinese and US heads of state

    There are many people who hold a pessimistic view toward ties between China and the US, with countless analyses focusing on conflicts and confrontations between the two. Therefore, in recent years, the most positive development in China-US relations can be attributed to the meetings and phone calls between the leaders of both countries. The communication between the heads of state has played a crucial role in maintaining stability and fostering confidence in the China-US relationship.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/4/3 21:52:13
  • NATO at 75, older but not much wiser

    The 75-year-old NATO's purpose changed from a straightforward security alliance into one which is intent on projecting its own worldview far beyond its borders, a political objective, not a military one. It is also extending its geographical reach just as far as it feels like. The Euro-Atlantic grouping has morphed into global NATO, with ambitions to become imperial NATO.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2024/4/3 10:21:55
  • US-led NATO is military, nuclear fist of expansionist strategy

    US-NATO exploits similar, or the same means and methods: spreading fear, insecurity and disorientation, demonstrating power through a series of massive "defenders" exercises, offering protection of scarred ones, use of separatism, terrorism and human rights.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/2 17:55:54
  • What's behind the Philippines' sadfishing in the South China Sea

    Scheming and colluding with external forces would only muddy the waters. Concerted efforts of regional countries to settle differences peacefully and pursue cooperation are the only way to navigate the stormy seas.

    By Xin Ping | 2024/4/2 17:21:28
  • Economic strategies of the US and India are difficult to 'converge'

    Ultimately, New Delhi will realize that iCET is a "slow poison" that undermines its strategic autonomy.

    By Lin Minwang | 2024/4/1 20:59:05
  • Polarization in the US fuels 'prepper' movement

    Growing political polarization within the US is increasingly serving as a potent catalyst propelling the burgeoning "prepper" movement forward, reflecting a broader societal disquietude regarding the nation's political and economic trajectory.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2024/4/1 20:07:31
  • Three key terms to understand Sri Lankan prime minister's visit to China

    China and Sri Lanka should continue to carry forward the spirit of the Rubber-Rice Pact, jointly tackle challenges, share opportunities and seek common development.

    By Dr. Lou Chunhao | 2024/4/1 17:25:39
  • Promoting integration of China-ASEAN blue economy to advance regional cooperation

    In the face of the blue economy era that sees greater emphasis and dependence on maritime cooperation, pragmatically advancing the integration of the China-ASEAN blue economy not only helps unleash the potential of blue economy cooperation, but also injects new vitality into regional economic integration.

    By Chi Fulin | 2024/3/31 20:09:34
  • ASEAN does not need a spokesperson to represent external power

    There's no necessity for ASEAN to appoint a spokesperson that represents an external power, including the US.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/31 19:27:05
  • Scholars advocate for enhancing China-ASEAN blue economy integration at Hainan forum

    Participants called for the enhancement of China-ASEAN blue economy integration on Saturday at a forum in Haikou, a city in Hainan, South China. Accelerating the formation of China-ASEAN blue economy-themed free trade networks and large integrated markets has become a major task in their comprehensive strategic cooperation, said Chi Fulin, president of China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD).

    By Su Yaxuan and Cao Siqi | 2024/3/30 21:08:21
  • Manage disputes in S.China Sea through dialogue, cooperation: observers at Boao

    The overall situation in the South China Sea is still manageable; however, the current Philippine government's limited political desire to meet China halfway over the South China Sea disputes pose a big challenge to regional peace and stability, says scholars at Boao Forum for Asia.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/30 12:03:56
  • 'China and US are inseparable, conjoined Siamese twins:' Graham Allison

    Occasionally, human beings are born as inseparable, conjoined Siamese twins. There are two heads, but they have the same nervous or gastrointestinal system. If either of them were to strangle the other, they commit suicide – this is how US scholar Graham Allison describes China-US relations in an exclusive interview with Global Times.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/30 11:15:52
  • In South China Sea, China's determination is stronger than US' 'ironclad commitment'

    Manila is getting cocky. Emboldened by US support, it is attempting to forcibly change the status quo in the South China Sea and reach a new breakthrough in Ren'ai Jiao.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/3/29 18:07:30
  • Making trouble in South China Sea wrong move for India

    India hopes that the Philippines will engage in a long-term entanglement with China in the South China Sea, depleting China's strategic resources, tarnishing China's image in the international community, and diverting China's attention in India-related issues. This delusion will not succeed.

    By Zhou Shixin | 2024/3/29 16:13:21
  • Lose-lose situation due to miscalculation, misunderstanding should be avoided in S.China Sea: experts

    As the tension between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea heightens and the overall situation in the region becomes more complicated, a panel of observers called for more concrete cooperation and effective management of conflict during a subforum on the issue at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2024 on Thursday.

    By Xia Wenxin and Liu Caiyu in Boao | 2024/3/29 1:56:54
  • Lose-lose competition undesired for China-US relationship

    Sitting 8,000 miles away and looking at China through the computer screen isn't a way to learn about China, and it's not a way for the Chinese to sit somewhere here in China to look at the US.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/28 20:50:05
  • Manila's plot on Ren'ai Jiao doomed to fail

    In the eyes of the US, the Philippines is a chess piece in the geostrategic game of containing China. We advise the Philippines to think twice before acting, read more about world history and the history of its country being colonized by the US, otherwise it will see those "chess pieces" eventually become abandoned by the US.

    By Bian Haitao | 2024/3/28 18:58:30
  • South Korea's China policy needs to return to common sense

    The ruling People Power Party's attacks around the common sense about China and the accusation of "being subservient to China" is an astonishing statement which clearly lacks common sense.

    By Zhan Debin | 2024/3/28 18:37:45
  • Baltimore bridge collapse further shatters 'American exceptionalism' delusion

    From train derailments and resulting toxic airborne events, to unchecked pandemics, crumbling roads and collapsing bridges, America's many catastrophic infrastructure failures put the utter fragility of our system into stark relief.

    By Elias Cepeda | 2024/3/28 18:03:12
  • The facts and truth about Ren'ai Jiao

    Who is actually creating disturbances and altering the status quo? Who is violating international law and undermining peace and stability in the South China Sea? Let us expose the false information spread by the Philippines and present the truth to the international community.

    By Zong Haiping | 2024/3/28 0:44:32
  • Specter of Dr Fu Manchu still influences UK's modern Sinophobia

    As we explore the complexities of modern-day Sinophobia in the UK, it is essential to recognize that the specter of Dr. Fu Manchu, a fictional character, and the historical prejudices he represents still influence contemporary attitudes toward China and its people.

    By Ding Gang | 2024/3/27 19:47:23
  • Tragic Moscow terrorist attack exacerbates tensions with Ukraine, West

    A prerequisite for the start of the peace process in Russia-Ukraine conflict is the restoration of the minimum necessary trust in relations between Russia and the West. The tragedy in Krasnogorsk obviously does not strengthen such trust.

    By Sergey Biryukov | 2024/3/27 19:22:49
  • Safeguarding National Security Ordinance enhances Hong Kong's status as intl financial hub

    Every sovereign state has the right to enact laws on safeguarding national security. China is no different from any other state. Any allegation that the #Article23 legislation violates the Basic Law of Hong Kong or the principle of “one country, two systems” is unwarranted and without foundation and is blatant slander against China.

    By Maggie Chan Man Ki | 2024/3/26 22:46:46
  • British media feed readers propaganda

    It is convenient for politicians to boost their credibility by pointing to alleged outside threats such as China as a useful distraction. There is a pattern of negative media reporting about China which affects public perceptions and shapes the UK's foreign policy positions.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2024/3/26 22:40:47
  • Why West fails to understand China's economic model

    The entire world – including the West – is likely to be highly dependent on Chinese EV's, solar panels, and wind turbines in the fight against global warming. Rather than acting in a small-minded and narrowly self-interested way, the West should be grateful and magnanimous toward China for doing what they have singularly failed to do.

    By Martin Jacques | 2024/3/26 20:03:48
  • Manila 'inviting wolf into the house' will backfire

    The build-up of military power in the South China Sea will not only bring discomfort to ASEAN countries, but may also exacerbate the resurgence of the cold war mentality, triggering a bloc confrontation in this region.

    By Ding Duo | 2024/3/26 19:15:46
  • US a hypocritical 'human rights champion' as its actions and words don't match

    The US cannot be a champion of human rights unless it is steadfast in saying and doing what is right all the time. This is the same country that is quick to condemn its rivals for presumed human rights infractions, but rarely asks, if at all, if its own moral compass is pointed in the right direction.

    By Anthony Moretti | 2024/3/25 21:26:12
  • 'Small black room' remains obstacle for China-US people-to-people exchanges

    The US should respond to the expectations of the people of both countries through practical actions and actively promote local cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries rather than creating artificial obstacles.

    By Mei Zhengqing | 2024/3/25 20:17:40
  • Moscow attack shouldn't be used to split mankind

    This is the time for mankind to be united in condemning such terrible acts. We should not try to use this terrorist attack to split mankind into opposing camps. We do hope those behind this terrorist attack, directly or indirectly, will be brought to justice as quickly as possible, and their commitment to kill innocent people will be fully exposed.

    By Victor Gao | 2024/3/25 17:23:55
  • Australia is likely to lose catastrophically if it goes to war with China: former Australian diplomat

    The Philippines could find itself in a proxy war position. If the US decided that fighting for Taiwan island is not the way to go, then having the Philippines fight for the South China Sea would suit the US very well.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/25 15:35:54
  • Quality education supports Xizang's devt

    Under the leadership of the CPC, various undertakings in Xizang have led to earth-shaking changes, and people in Xizang have enjoyed their fundamental rights in all spheres. In particular, the development of education in Xizang has made important contributions to the development of China's education course.

    By Liang Junyan | 2024/3/24 19:42:42
  • The US will likely increase military presence in S.China Sea during upcoming elections: analysts

    The politicization of US military operations is further strengthened, and the joint operations of allies are significantly enhanced, according to the latest report on US military activities in the South China Sea (SCS) released by the Beijing-based think tank South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI) on Friday. The analysis suggests that there might be a proxy in the region, but it is unlikely that a proxy war will occur.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/23 2:38:38
  • Arrogant Japan must apologize for its colonial behaviors toward S.Korea

    From the perspective of South Korea, making unilateral concessions will only make Japan act in a more arrogant fashion. Even though the two countries have to cooperate where cooperation is needed, Seoul must not waver in its principles on historical and territorial disputes.

    By Da Zhigang | 2024/3/22 21:45:33
  • US security commitments bring more harm than benefits to the Philippines

    By offering security commitments to Manila, the US has firmly controlled the Philippines, thus making the Southeast Asian country a screw in Washington's "hegemonic aircraft carrier."

    By Dai Fan | 2024/3/22 20:53:15
  • China, Australia should cherish good partnership, resolve differences through dialogue

    China and Australia should be good economic partners rather than political rivals, as the two countries enjoy all-round and multi-field relations, and their common interests far outweigh their differences. For the sake of peace, stability and prosperity in the vast Asia-Pacific region, the two countries ought to get on good terms.

    By Wen Sheng | 2024/3/22 0:26:21
  • Aquilino should get out of the Indo-Pacific

    As the military leader of the US in the Indo-Pacific region, Aquilino's interpretations align with domestic extremism in the US, suggesting that he harbors extremist evil intentions inherently. Having such a person lead the US Indo-Pacific Command poses a potential threat to the countries in this region. He should be rolled out from here.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/3/21 22:56:27
  • The Arab world has already left unipolarity and hegemony behind

    The Arab world is already in the post-US and post-West era. The US will never again have the hegemonic position it once enjoyed in the region during the 1991-2013 period. Similarly, the European powers will never again have the dominant role they once had in the region during the 1914-1945 period. The two periods represent a fleeting moment and an aberration in the long Arab history.

    By Ebrahim Hashem | 2024/3/21 20:24:02
  • Cognitive warfare on Hong Kong continues to fail

    The legislation of Article 23 of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has been completed. Prior to and following this procedure, anti-China forces in the US and the West have repeatedly manipulated public opinion, denigrating Article 23 legislation and continuously disparaging Hong Kong.

    By Stanley Ng Chau-pei | 2024/3/21 20:19:50
  • Are EU-Russia relations trapped in a never-ending cycle of contradiction?

    On Monday, Vladimir Putin once again won Russia's presidential election, sparking a new emotional wave in Europe amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    By He Zhigao | 2024/3/21 19:43:18
  • US crackdown on China desperate, delusional

    The US model is based on imperialism abroad and a parasitic form of capitalism at home. If their ego prevents them from learning the China model, Americans should go back to their roots and study the writings of founders like Alexander Hamilton and the classical economics of the 19th century. At the current trajectory, the US is on a path to implosion and a disastrous collision with the reality of a multipolar world.

    By S.L. Kanthan | 2024/3/21 19:30:04
  • China's democratic path provides wisdom for global governance: foreign scholars at democracy forum in Beijing

    Western democracies are becoming more and more like procedures, while China's democratic path provides wisdom for global governance in today's world that faces many challenges, said scholars who attended a forum on democracy in Beijing on Wednesday.

    By Qian Jiayin and Zhang Yuying | 2024/3/21 12:17:18
  • All countries have opportunity to sit equally at the table, says a Brazilian scholar at democracy forum in Beijing

    China opposes hegemonism and power politics, as well as the monopolization of international affairs by a few countries, and allows each country or group of countries to find their place in the global multipolar system.

    By Qian Jiayin and Zhang Yuying | 2024/3/21 12:02:07
  • International scholars call for an end to West's double standards and bullyism at democracy forum in Beijing

    The democracy promoted by the West is based on their value system and should not be imposed on others; they have no right to preach in this regard," Paudyal emphasized.

    By Qian Jiayin and Zhang Yuying | 2024/3/21 11:51:23
  • SpaceX has made progress, so has China's aerospace industry

    SpaceX's Starship rocket launched its third test flight last week and "accomplished several major milestones and firsts," according to the US company. This latest progress of Starship, the "star" of the global rocket launch market, has gained international attention and sparked heated online discussions in China, with some arguing that "the gap between China's spaceflight and that of the US has further widened" and "the absence of a SpaceX equivalent in China is the result of systematic problems in the country's spaceflight industry."

    By Shi Hao | 2024/3/20 20:41:29
  • Why China should not be perceived as 'military threat'

    Western sources seem hell-bent on constantly pushing the "China threat." Whether it comes from the mouths of politicians, the security establishment or mainstream media, the invective directed at China seems unrelenting, like background noise.

    By John Queripel | 2024/3/20 19:24:17
  • Russia's high voter turnout: What does it indicate?

    According to the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC), Vladimir Putin secured a landslide victory in the country's presidential election with over 87 percent of the vote after all ballots were counted on Monday, marking his reelection with a record number of votes. Before the Russian presidential election, no one doubted that Putin would win.

    By Cui Heng | 2024/3/20 19:16:47
  • With Article 23 legislation passing, Hong Kong's prosperity will surely continue and flourish

    With strong support from the country, the natural laws of economics, and the collective efforts of Hong Kong society, the prosperity of this city will surely continue and flourish. Hong Kong has a huge space to maintain its own characteristics, and as a hub connecting the East and the West, it cannot be replaced by any other place, nor can it be changed by some forces in the US and the UK.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/3/19 22:00:57
  • Japanese media report misleading, Fukushima's nuclear-contaminated wastewater harmful

    Recently, a Japanese media outlet reported that the tritium content in the liquid effluent discharged by Chinese nuclear power plants far exceeds the annual emission limit of tritium in nuclear-contaminated wastewater from Fukushima. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out on March 12 that the nuclear-contaminated water produced in the Fukushima accident is in nature different from the liquid effluent from normally functioning nuclear power plants, and they could not be put in the same category.

    By Kong Jun | 2024/3/19 20:58:55
  • US chronic boasting about democracy falls flat

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken led an American delegation to attend the third Summit for Democracy in Seoul on March 18. According to the US State Department, the summit is essential because it "has brought together hundreds of leaders from governments, civil society, and the private sector committed to strengthening democratic governance, protecting human rights, and advancing the fight against corruption."

    By Anthony Moretti | 2024/3/19 18:01:14
  • No one is interested in the Summit for Democracy

    The third Summit for Democracy takes place from March 18 to 20 in Seoul, South Korea. Two years ago, the first summit organized by the Biden administration caused great controversy.

    By Xiang Haoyu | 2024/3/18 21:21:51
  • Boeing an epitome of US hegemony, with nuts and bolts falling all over the ground

    Boeing, a leading global aerospace manufacturer, has recently been involved in a number of accidents, which are raising eyebrows around the world. Three months into 2024, various types of the company's planes have seen problems. These problems include a door panel blowing off, an engine fire, a tire falling off and a plane rolling off the runway.

    By Shen Yi | 2024/3/18 18:39:35
  • China and Australia talking more diplomatically a good sign

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi kicked off his visit to New Zealand and Australia on Sunday. In Australia, he will hold the seventh China-Australia Foreign and Strategic Dialogue with Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/18 18:31:35
  • Putin wins record victory, leaves the West frustrated

    Russian President Vladimir Putin won the latest election, which means he will remain in power until at least 2030. Many Western media outlets claimed that this is a "nightmare" for the West.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/3/18 17:59:07
  • FM's visit catalyst for progress in China-Aussie ties

    The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is visiting New Zealand and Australia from March 17 to 21. It is the first time since 2017 for the top diplomat of China to make an official trip to Down Under.

    By Chen Hong | 2024/3/17 17:53:33
  • Missile milestone for US allies, but security dilemma for Asia

    According to a news report on Breaking Defense, the two US allies of Japan and the Philippines are nearing important milestones in their plans to invest in new missiles that will extend the reach of their militaries in the Western Pacific. The first set of BrahMos missile systems the Philippines bought from India is expected to reach the Philippines by the end of March. Around the same time, 30 personnel from Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force are expected to receive guidance from the US Navy to operate Tomahawk missiles the Japanese government plans to purchase from the US.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2024/3/16 21:35:12
  • US' double standards, hypocrisy undermine prospects for lasting peace in Gaza

    The US government is pushing itself into a quagmire, demonstrating a high level of double standards and hypocrisy. This will be a tragic chapter for both the Palestinian people and Israel, as it undermines the prospects for lasting peace in the region.

    By Victor Gao | 2024/3/15 16:08:01
  • Legitimate act of China in safeguarding peace, stability in South China Sea should not be defamed

    China's legitimate actions to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea cannot be slandered, and China's determination to defend national territorial sovereignty and maritime rights cannot be underestimated.

    By Zong Haiping | 2024/3/15 14:54:15
  • Western attempts to badmouth Chinese economy an outdated political tactic to deflect internal conflicts

    It is clear that some Western politicians, vying for positions of power, distort facts and vilify the Chinese economy because they view China as an “alien” that does not conform to the West's path of political and economic development. This creates a simplistic narrative of "good guys" versus "bad guys."

    By Giancarlo Elia Valori | 2024/3/14 19:12:44
  • Unpacking GCI: China's strategic vision comes of age

    All of us have to learn from each other and assist each other in the uneasy process of maturing as a civilization. The GCI provides valuable guidance on how this process of mutual learning and mutual assistance should develop further

    By Andrey Kortunov | 2024/3/14 17:17:46
  • China leads the way in championing clean energy development: IEA Executive Director

    Emissions don't have a passport. Therefore, it is important that clean energy growth is not only in the advanced economies.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/14 16:56:49
  • Conflicts the US has involved itself in don't promote peace

    It's very clear that standing beside Israel has become less and less of a popular position among the American people. This conflict in its brutality and the level of death and chaos that has occurred has shown that this is not an ally the American people want to side with.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/13 15:54:20
  • 'Stadium diplomacy' proves China is African countries' true partner

    The West has painted the construction of stadiums as China's smokescreen for siphoning natural resources and burdening the continent of Africa with debt. Nothing can be further from the truth.

    By Dennis Munene | 2024/3/12 21:18:27
  • US risks leading UN to path of 'brain dead'

    The world will not be a safer place without the UN as a prominent actor. One can hope the American officials stop creating obstacles, so that the UN is able to carry out its honorable mission.

    By Anthony Moretti | 2024/3/12 20:34:07
  • China a key player in global climate change governance with green and low-carbon efforts

    The expression "green and low-carbon development" has been mentioned frequently at China's two sessions this year. Looking ahead, China will continue to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, participate in global climate and environmental governance, and work with all countries for a clean and beautiful world for future generations.

    By Yang Xiaorong | 2024/3/12 17:29:44
  • Manila's South China Sea provocations jeopardize core ASEAN principles

    The territorial disputes in the South China Sea are complex, yet they can and should be resolved through diplomatic means. Opting for an alternative course of action would prove disastrous for all parties involved.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/12 16:49:49
  • China a force of moderation in global governance: former Egyptian diplomat

    What Egyptians and others appreciate very much is the pacifist and principled diplomacy of China, in the sense that China is a force of moderation, a friendly country that seeks to cooperate with others: former Egyptian diplomat

    By Global Times | 2024/3/11 19:20:07
  • 'Xinjiang card' an opportunistic, exaggerated political campaign against China

    The Xinjiang card some Western forces have been playing has never really been about human rights but an opportunistic, exaggerated and political campaign that comes and goes as a weapon to attack China on the issue of supply chains, justify decoupling and even product bans which are in fact motivated by protectionism.

    By James Smith | 2024/3/11 16:32:27
  • China's goal of 5 percent growth in 2024 is entirely realistic

    The reason why some Western media outlets were keen to declare China's target growth rate as unrealistically high is because achieving it will destroy the remnants of their claims of “peak China” – the idea that China's economy has ceased to far outgrow economies in the West.

    By John Ross | 2024/3/11 15:10:34
  • Regarding US TikTok plunder, ByteDance must not back down

    American political elites cannot stand the global popularity of TikTok, which is beyond the control of American capital, as well as its leading role, so they want to take it over.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/3/10 22:32:11
  • West's political maneuvering over Xinjiang issue will face more contempt

    The so-called human rights that exclude survival and development can only be describes as an empty slogan. We do not interfere with others' understanding of human rights. The US and the West should learn to respect China's interpretation of human rights.

    By Wang Yan and Zhang Yuanshi | 2024/3/10 18:57:04
  • China's two sessions clear reflection of system designed to achieve consultation, cooperation and consensus

    China's annual two sessions have begun this week. This critical series of meetings in spring is vital to defining China's approach to economic, political and foreign policy issues for the whole year. It also offers observers a window into the latest ideas and practices of China's development in various aspects, including the whole-process people's democracy, high-quality development, Chinese modernization and the wisdom the country provides to global governance.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/9 19:15:01
  • China's policy is determined and resolute: Malaysian expert

    The so-called “Chinese economic collapse” put forward by Western countries is completely incorrect, as they do not truly understand China.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/8 18:22:21
  • How Nuland's retirement will affect US anti-Russia and Indo-Pacific policies

    Victoria Nuland, the third-highest ranking US diplomat, will retire and leave her post this month, the State Department said Tuesday. Nuland has been a frequent target of criticism for her hawkish views on Russia and its actions in Ukraine.

    By Su Lun | 2024/3/7 17:38:02
  • Three fallacies of US statement on South China Sea

    The US State Department issued a statement on Tuesday regarding the situation in the South China Sea, discrediting China's policies and exaggerating maritime tensions by claiming that it "stands with our ally the Philippines."

    By Ding Duo | 2024/3/7 16:48:09
  • Why public trust in politicians hits spectacular low in the UK

    Nobody who has watched British civic life in recent years will have been in the least bit surprised that a recent study by the country's Office for National Statistics (ONS) has found only 12 percent of the public trust their politicians, a spectacular low.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2024/3/6 20:32:44
  • BYD's ro-ro ship vs British opium-laden ship: a different path of China's rise

    Approximately a fortnight ago, a large ro-ro ship loaded with more than 5,000 electric vehicles (EVs) from a port in southern China arrived in ports in the Netherlands and Germany.

    By Ding Gang | 2024/3/6 19:48:06
  • Dangerous brinkmanship or back to dialogue: Peace and stability of the South China Sea is at the critical point

    The current tension in the South China Sea is caused by the Philippines unilaterally changing the status quo and rushing to build permanent facilities to serve the illegitimate interests of some politicians.

    By Yang Xiao | 2024/3/5 19:41:25
  • China's support of global governance fits with its sense of history

    China's annual two sessions began this week. This critical series of meetings in spring is vital to defining China's approach to economic, political and foreign policy issues for the whole year. It also offers observers a window into the latest ideas and practices of China's development in various aspects, including the whole-process people's democracy, high-quality development, Chinese modernization and the wisdom the country provides to global governance. The Global Times selected the opinions of foreign scholars to shed light on these concepts.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/5 10:56:07
  • Two sessions to show a pathway for world to overcome mistaken view of group confrontation: German think tank founder

    This week, China kicked off the two sessions, one of the most important political gatherings annually. The event offers an important window for the outside world to understand China's development, and where the world's second-largest economy is headed and top policy priorities in 2024.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/5 6:42:23
  • Xinjiang cotton industry maintains good momentum despite US crackdown: political advisor

    The US and its Western allies' relentless crackdown against Xinjiang's cotton industry since 2020 has failed, as the industry has been maintaining sound development momentum, and is seeing rising competitiveness not only in the Chinese market but also internationally, Liang Yong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and a member of the China Association for Promoting Democracy, one of China's eight noncommunist political parties, told the Global Times. Liang is also the director of Xinjiang cotton industry development leadership office.

    By Li Xuanmin and Chen Zishuai | 2024/3/5 6:33:49
  • China and Europe can be forces of stability amid global turbulence

    The 60th year of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) isn't easy. MSC Chairman Christoph Heusgen called on everyone to look for "silver linings" among the dark clouds. Indeed, pessimism is more likely to attract attention than problem-solving. Looking beyond Europe or the North Atlantic, China, a partner, a force for stability, rather than a rival or a threat, can help overcome the lose-lose dilemma.

    By Ou Shi | 2024/3/4 19:40:23
  • Renewal of US-China STA requires reasonable minds to prevail

    Many scientists and researchers in the US and China are continuing to sit on the edge of their seats as they await the final decision on the possible renewal of the US-China Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement (STA).

    By Denis Simon | 2024/3/4 19:05:21
  • NATO will reduce Sweden's security, peace

    Why did Sweden abandon its 200-year-long stay out of war and its contemporary non-aligned and neutral status, which had served it so well?

    By Jan Oberg | 2024/3/4 17:04:05
  • Messi incident won't affect HK's mega-event economy development plans: NPC Deputy

    The incident involving Lionel Messi not playing in Hong Kong has no impact on the city's plans to host mega events, as it is considered just an isolated case, according to a Hong Kong deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) speaking to the Global Times. The city is set to host several major events to enhance its prestige.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/4 0:24:31
  • Can bombing ease tensions in the Red Sea?

    Using violence may be cruel, but it is efficient in international relations, in the eyes of cynical US politicians. Maybe from the US perspective, the world is one big jungle and “elephants” can reach for fruits however they see fit, even if by stamping on countless “ants.”

    By Xin Ping | 2024/3/2 13:50:11
  • This time, Putin's nuclear warning is unusual

    For Putin, it is better to hold nuclear deterrence, forcing the West to compromise or show restraint on key issues, rather than actually using the weapons. Once nuclear weapons are used, the situation will escalate, and the Kremlin is likely to lose control over what happens next.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/3/2 0:18:44
  • Britain: Stop throwing stones – you live in a glass house

    There is a country where politicians want to arrest and fine you just for wearing a mask at a protest, or send you to jail for up to six months for shouting too loudly at a public demonstration. If the police think your protest event is causing "more than minor" disruption, they can arrest you. In fact, there is a whole raft of legislation designed to stifle dissent in this country. It disguises this incremental form of repression as well-intended measures to protect public order and safety - but it is designed to protect only itself from criticism. This is Britain.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2024/3/1 14:02:34
  • Why is the West inventing an imaginary Arctic threat of China-Russia cooperation?

    A collection of Western media outlets from the US' NBC News to the UK's Daily Mail and Canada's The Globe And Mail have hyped up a report from open-source intelligence firm Strider Technologies earlier this month about growing China-Russia economic cooperation in the Arctic. Energy and logistics investments are misportrayed as being driven by secret military intentions. However, the real secret intentions are those of the Western media, conjuring up perceptions about China's intentions in the Arctic.

    By Andrew Korybko | 2024/3/1 13:07:44
  • Playing 'China threat' card in the Pacific, the US is doomed to be frustrated

    In light of the Chinese police cooperating with Kiribati, the US once again turned its attention to this Pacific Island nation, and "cautioned" countries in the region against assistance from Chinese security forces, according to a Reuters report on Monday.

    By Chen Hong | 2024/2/29 19:20:38
  • Britain reaps the whirlwind for dumping Huawei

    Recent studies found that the UK now has the least effective 5G rollout in the G7 group of advanced economies, and London lags behind rest of Europe when it comes to 5G network quality. This comes despite the government having made an electoral manifesto pledge to make gigabit broadband available to 85 percent of the UK by 2025 and nationwide by 2030. It further pledged £5 billion to achieve these results.

    By James Smith | 2024/2/29 18:23:05
  • Rising pet surrenders in US reveal economic inequality

    The economic strain felt by average working individuals in the Western world, particularly in the US, has reached a critical juncture, compelling many to reassess fundamental aspects of their lives, including decisions about family and pets. As inflation continues to surge, the financial burden on households has become increasingly untenable, leading to difficult choices and heartbreaking consequences.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2024/2/29 17:05:14
  • Space development: Star Wars or Star Trek?

    If humankind is committed to its survival and prospering, it has to choose the Star Trek path over the Star Wars path.

    By Andrey Kortunov | 2024/2/28 18:35:33
  • Aaron Bushnell's death points to US extreme, fundamentally ill foreign policy

    While it is too late to save Bushnell, it may not be too late to create avenues and outlets for people like him to fight for justice in life, rather than forfeit their lives to shake the US and Americans from their foreign policy of death.

    By Brian Berletic | 2024/2/28 18:29:24
  • Regional conflicts contribute to US arms sales, jobs

    Where does America find the funds to support Ukraine so generously? Well, it all depends on how you crunch the numbers.

    By Ding Gang | 2024/2/28 17:53:50
  • EU needs to acknowledge the end of Global South compliance with Europe-centered world order

    For the EU, returning to the path of peace and development is the solution to its estrangement with Global South countries.

    By Ma Yuhan | 2024/2/27 20:56:04
  • DPP authorities should recognize the reality and deal with the fishing boat incident properly

    The DPP authorities should understand the situation clearly and promptly adopt an appropriate attitude and take concrete measures to properly address this issue, giving an explanation to the families of the deceased and compatriots on both sides of the Straits.

    By Li Muye | 2024/2/27 20:46:49
  • US Empire of Chaos decouples from reality, morality

    A post-Pax Americana world is emerging, and it will be free from the anti-Sun Tzu dogma of the Empire of Chaos.

    By S.L. Kanthan | 2024/2/27 20:39:55
  • Pillars of US founding are being abandoned

    America has left three pillars of a free society - the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to pursue happiness and prosperity. Yet, these truths of the American founding are being abandoned.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/27 19:21:07
  • Taiwan authorities shouldn't ignore, distort or manipulate mainland's goodwill of peaceful reunification

    If the goodwill from the mainland receives a positive response from Taiwan island, then reunification can certainly be peaceful. Achieving the goal at a minimal cost is the best outcome.

    By Shen Yi | 2024/2/26 21:03:34
  • Uncertain new outlook amid crumbling old order

    If the US continues to have the ability to construct a unipolar world order, then this world order will be the worst that human society has ever seen. People must have a clear understanding of this.

    By Zheng Yongnian | 2024/2/26 20:52:34
  • Russia-Ukraine conflict further subordinates Europe to the US

    Everything that happened in Ukraine was completely predictable. The US knew the risks of expanding NATO up to Russia's borders. It continued pushing and pushing, causing this war.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/26 19:15:44
  • The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a catalyst for new international order

    The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a touchstone for great power politics and the direction of the international landscape.

    By Gao Jian | 2024/2/26 17:45:25
  • What lies ahead for Julian Assange is bound to make anyone squeamish

    If this latest judgment goes against Assange, Wilkie's observation is hard to dispute. “If Mr Assange is extradited to the US, it would be a direct attack on media freedom, as it would set a frightening precedent for all journalists that they too are at risk of being locked up, just for doing their job.”

    By Dr Binoy Kampmark | 2024/2/25 20:29:38
  • Two years after Russia-Ukraine conflict, Western hypocrisy is harder and harder to sell

    That frustration has made the Russians consider that they can't really trust any Western-brokered peace deal, and that this peace will have to be agreed on the basis of the realpolitik, the real situation on the ground.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/25 18:20:26
  • Two candidates, no difference

    We don't elect our president, and whoever is chosen by our party superiors and overlords is chosen specifically because they will continue America's uninterrupted streak of violent international adventurism: American scholar Elias Cepeda.

    By Elias Cepeda | 2024/2/24 12:29:04
  • China must be prepared to deal with changes brought about by Russia-Ukraine conflict

    It is important for China to grasp the main characteristics and medium- to long-term trends of the era of change under the Russia-Ukraine conflict and to fully prepare for international and domestic responses.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/23 20:38:42
  • Australia descends into the abyss of an arms race

    Pessimistic predictions of the regional situation and negative perceptions of strategic competition among great powers are the ideological roots of Australia's expansive defense strategy. However, such a strategy will only fail to increase Australia's security.

    By Qin Sheng | 2024/2/22 20:01:07
  • Harassing Chinese students an embarrassment for America

    Detaining Chinese students who have approval to study in the US is bad policy. Detaining Chinese scientists who are working all over the US is bad policy. Derailing efforts to bring the brightest minds to the US is bad policy. The time to stop all of this is now.

    By Anthony Moretti | 2024/2/22 15:10:58
  • Colorful lights during Spring Festival ignite Chinese people's expectation

    Today, the people of Shanxi continue to preserve traditional Chinese New Year customs in a modern way. The hearts of the people of Shanxi are as warm and bright as the colorful lights, lighting up countless homes and praying for peace across the country.

    By Ma Ruiqian | 2024/2/22 13:28:01
  • Garment plants show China's economic transformation

    When more and more consumers around the world do not want to "dress the same," it provides a huge opportunity for the development of China's textile manufacturing industry.

    By Ding Gang | 2024/2/21 20:19:28
  • Article 23 legislation imminent, necessary for Hong Kong

    With Article 23, Hong Kong will no longer be susceptible to manipulation or infiltration by international anti-China forces aiming to use this city to destabilize either the HKSAR government or the Chinese central government.

    By Lawrence Ma | 2024/2/21 19:39:39
  • Coexisting and cooperating with China is the only choice for the US

    China has to make the US political elites recognize that it is futile to deal with China in the same way as it historically dealt with the Soviet Union and other major powers in history.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/2/21 16:21:06
  • Regular patrols send warning to provocations by Taiwan authorities

    The mainland's regular patrols in the Xiamen-Kinmen waters serve as a warning to Taiwan authorities. Apart from making empty threats, they simply do not have the capital to cause trouble in the Taiwan Straits. The mainland's counteract capability is overwhelming, and every time there is friction and conflict, Taiwan's only ultimate choice is to retreat.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/2/20 20:55:19
  • Reunion of ethnic cultures a highlight in Inner Mongolian families during Spring Festival

    The 56 ethnic groups in China eagerly anticipate the Spring Festival every year, hoping to see ethnic integration and cultural displays. For the 56 ethnic groups in China, the Spring Festival is not just a festival but a reunion – a reunion of ethnic cultures.

    By Su Yaxuan | 2024/2/20 18:31:33
  • What divergent voices about China at MSC convey

    The attitudes toward China at the MSC were diverse. The debate reflected the significance of China's participation in this forum. Only by actively and proactively voicing China's voices can the world see a more authentic image of China.

    By Sun Chenghao | 2024/2/20 17:53:14
  • Washington bears most responsibility for sustaining the Russia-Ukraine conflict

    The US bears a lot of responsibility for starting the Russia-Ukraine conflict and most of the responsibility for sustaining it. Proxy wars are used to further the ends of the American empire to the detriment of the countries involved.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/20 17:03:05
  • Limitations of West's reflections on security dilemma

    There is a growing imbalance in the West between its policy goals of development and security and its policy instruments of military and diplomacy.

    By Cui Hongjian | 2024/2/19 22:52:06
  • As Africa's relations with West grow uncertain, China-Africa ties continue to strengthen

    As the continent goes back to the drawing board to determine how to move forward with the West, the number of African countries keen on joining hands with China and deepening relations has only grown. The year of 2024 will be a busy, productive year for China and Africa.

    By Joyce Chimbi | 2024/2/19 22:38:24
  • Once again, US empty promises to South Pacific fall flat

    COFA countries and other related countries should be more aware: Instead of being used as tools of the US hegemonic strategy, it is better to uphold their own sovereignty and dignity in a dignified manner, which is truly beneficial to the long-term interests of these countries.

    By Chen Hong | 2024/2/19 20:34:05
  • Shanxi, once known for 'coal', embraces green environment and lifestyle now

    My hometown Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, was once known for "coal" and "pollution." But those days are long gone. With its strong promotion of the green transition and development of tourism, my hometown has become a hot tourist destination. #HometownWitness

    By Li Aixin | 2024/2/19 19:54:38
  • Zibo's barbecue craze will not easily cool down amid China's booming holiday economy

    The holiday consumption market in China has experienced significant growth, and Zibo's rise in popularity as a result of its famous barbecue and the bustling Badaju market is a testament to the country's economic potential.

    By Yu Ning | 2024/2/18 18:26:49
  • How war will evolve after Ukraine's Avdiivka withdrawal

    The retreat of the Ukrainian army from Avdiivka occurred when Joe Biden's request for approval of the foreign aid bill was obstructed by the Republican Party in Congress. Western support has become unreliable, and this impression has gradually spread in the overall situation of the Ukrainian war, weakening the confidence and long-term expectations of Kiev and boosting Russia's morale.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/2/18 0:49:47
  • During Spring Festival, Wuhan is a clear sign that China remains a hot land for investment

    For some time those who badmouth China's economy, there is no shortage of words such as "consumption downgrade", "market depression," "development slowdown," but through the Spring Festival holiday I found that this phenomenon is not completely non-existent, but at least not universal. People become more cautious when spending money. Yet people's standards for high quality products and services have been increasing.

    By Fan Wei | 2024/2/17 18:33:27
  • US and Western collective efforts to re-center are the source of tensions all over the world: Australian scholar

    Pessimistic "Munich Security Report 2024" displays an "anxiety from the traditional Western colonial powers - The world is changing around them, and they are no longer in total control over these changes," said Warwick Powell (Powell), chairman at Smart Trade Networks, adjunct professor at the Queensland University of Technology and former policy advisor to Kevin Rudd. The Munich Security Conference, one of the world's most renowned forums for debating the most pressing challenges to international security, will take place from February 16 to 18. What is the biggest problem of "security" today? What can we expect from the upcoming conference? Powell shared his views with Global Times (GT) reporter Li Aixin.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/16 12:44:55
  • European pathological 'spy concerns' cannot solve their own crisis

    According to Newsweek, the Norwegian government stated in its latest annual report on security challenges that Chinese intelligence services operate "all over Europe" and that Chinese intelligence networks pose a security threat to Europe. The Norwegian intelligence agency has fabricated baseless accusations against China without providing any factual evidence, maliciously slandering and smearing China. This claim is just a new version of the "China threat" theory and an old trick to discredit China.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/15 20:11:55
  • Springing to a festive common ground around the world

    ​Late last year, the United Nations (UN) officially listed the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, as a UN floating holiday in its calendar of conferences and meetings, starting this year. This came as long-awaited good news for many primarily East Asian cultures and societies, which have long celebrated the Lunar New Year as perhaps the most revered holiday of the year.

    By Ei Sun Oh | 2024/2/14 11:26:32
  • China shows cultural confidence as the world shares Spring Festival's spirit, legacy and joy

    In New York, the US, a local ice hockey arena is filled with the dynamic posters with Chinese red, dragons and auspicious clouds as the main tone and the “Happy Chinese New Year” on the 360-degree surround screen which is fostering a festive atmosphere to a climax before becoming a sea of jubilation.

    By Ai Pang | 2024/2/12 17:24:49
  • Hollywood is out, Chinese movies are in

    This weekend, millions are on the move in China as the country celebrates the Spring Festival. Many people are heading home to reunite with friends and family, and some are going on vacations. Many too, are flocking to the cinema to enjoy with the feast of new films during the festive season. It is well known that cinema and Spring Festival go together like dried plums and coconut juice. This year, however, there is something different happening in China's movie theatres.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2024/2/12 12:05:33
  • Heading into 3rd year of Russia-Ukraine conflict, NATO reveals its true nature as an undertaker

    The Russia-Ukraine conflict is about to enter its third year, and NATO has no plans to end the bloodshed there. The latest evidence is NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg's statement –the West must be prepared for “decades-long confrontation” with Russia. Just two days before Stoltenberg's remarks were published, Russian President Vladimir Putin articulated in his first interview with a Western media outlet in two years: We are ready to talk.

    By Ai Jun | 2024/2/11 21:01:51
  • People will judge the Carlson-Putin talk for themselves, not by what their media tells them

    Whether Tucker Carlson succeeded in any meaningful manner has been judged immediately by the world's commentators, moments after the interview with Putin was broadcast; but perhaps it will be judged more meaningfully by the public, and by history.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2024/2/11 12:44:43
  • America must learn to keep its cool

    Editor's Note: In an election year, the world is witnessing a "tale of two Americas," with a growing number of controversies within the US escalating. What has caused the deep divisions in the country? Where are they headed? The Global Times has invited scholars from both China and the US to explore the issue. This is the third article of the series.

    By Anthony Moretti | 2024/2/10 12:39:51
  • US non-stop military drills with allies push Asia-Pacific toward more dangerous situation

    The conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East have not distracted Washington from flexing its military muscles in the Asia-Pacific. Through one drill after another, the US is coercing regional countries into taking its side, further intensifying regional conflicts and transforming the Asia-Pacific into a more dangerous place.

    By Xia Wenxin | 2024/2/9 19:15:05
  • From Cotton to Pelosi: the rise of new McCarthyism in US politics

    Cotton and Pelosi have both fueled deep-seated racial and ideological prejudice and hostility towards China and its people. They have learned nothing from the past; they have shown nothing but contempt for the present; and they have offered nothing but fear for the future.

    By Xin Ping | 2024/2/9 11:00:20
  • Game-changing aid package to Ukraine unlikely during Scholz's trip to Washington

    No game-changing aid package is expected to be announced during the upcoming US-German Summit, even though some symbolic pledges can't be ruled out for the sake of upholding Western morale and reinforcing perceptions of trans-Atlantic unity in this conflict.

    By Andrew Korybko | 2024/2/8 17:19:27
  • Anti-China narrative psychological projection of US

    The US has struggled with a congenital defect – its addiction to wars. The cackle of American think tanks and corporate media are clamoring for a delusional hot war against China. The narrative against China can only be described as psychological projection.

    By S.L. Kanthan | 2024/2/8 17:02:59
  • US troops unwelcome, time to leave Syria, Iraq and respect sovereignty of nations

    The US military is fundamentally unwelcome in the Middle East, and if the US government truly “does not seek conflict” as it claims, it should withdraw its troops from the Middle East.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2024/2/8 16:51:31
  • Common interest for China, ASEAN to maintain SCS peace, stability

    It is in the common interest of the region and the EU to maintain and promote peace, security, stability, safety, and freedom of navigation in accordance with international law, including UNCLOS.

    By Lei Xiaolu | 2024/2/8 10:23:49
  • Why Western perception of China should be reshaped

    Even if some still view China's rise as a threat of the “dragon,” they must also enter into a new global situation of coexistence with China whether they like it or not.

    By Ding Gang | 2024/2/7 21:06:45
  • Can the 'Franco-German axis' tackle the current crises in Europe?

    If Attal's visit to Berlin can truly put aside the long history of competition between France and Germany, amplify the cooperation between the two, and come up with practical solutions to the current crises, it is believed that the “Franco-German axis” can still move forward on the bumpy ride of coopetition.

    By Zhao Yongsheng | 2024/2/7 20:45:26
  • The Philippines needs healthy China ties rather than US military bases for economic recovery

    The Filipino nation is in need of the economic recovery through China's trade and imports, as well as assistance for the development of the infrastructure program “Build, Build, Build.” The country does not need more US military bases.

    By Herman Tiu Laurel | 2024/2/7 19:47:46
  • Texas border crisis exposes divided America

    The Texas border crisis manifested the institutional decay and governance decline in the US, highlighting the "America against America" dynamics in a dramatic way.

    By Shen Yi | 2024/2/7 19:22:43
  • India should prioritize what benefits itself and Global South over unwarranted suspicions toward China

    India should prioritize peace, stability and development, and adopt a neighborly approach toward other countries, considering them as partners and potential friends rather than harboring unwarranted suspicions.

    By Victor Gao | 2024/2/6 20:47:54
  • Internal clashes of civilizations foment conflicts, prompt deep division of the US

    The primary driving force behind the US' decline and potential civil war is the internal civilizational conflict, which encompasses political correctness, worldviews, values, lifestyles and cultural perspectives.

    By Xu Liang | 2024/2/6 19:24:32
  • China will reach climate goal while West falls short

    China's dramatic breakthrough in new green technologies is offering hope not just to China, but to the whole world, because China will increasingly be able to supply both the developed and developing world with the green technology needed to meet their global targets.

    By Martin Jacques | 2024/2/6 17:59:29
  • China should have the courage to unsheathe the sword when necessary in South China Sea

    China should not only have the wisdom and patience to maintain security and stability in the region, but also have the capacity to defend its own rights and respond to all kinds of provocative behaviors with new approaches, with the courage to unsheathe the sword when necessary.

    By Wu Shicun | 2024/2/6 17:50:01
  • India-Maldives standoff tests Neighborhood First commitment

    Any attempts to bully Maldives into Delhi's will run against India's pledge of Neighborhood First.

    By Xie Chao | 2024/2/6 17:33:48
  • US Air Force's plans to reorganize in preparation for war with China won't work

    Not only are US ambitions unacceptable, but they are also unrealistic, including the US Air Force's plans to reorganize its forces in preparation for a potential war with China.

    By Brian Berletic | 2024/2/5 20:15:01
  • China-Germany educational cooperation helps dispel ideological misunderstanding

    Adopting a passive-defensive attitude in higher education cooperation with China is a mistake.

    By Wang Jianbin | 2024/2/5 19:57:48
  • Researchers, scholars explore methods to boost China's influence of thoughts

    While China has already solved the problems of being bullied and starved, now it needs to solve the problem of being scolded.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/4 23:41:45
  • As Washington views Taiwan region as pawn, 'doubts about the US' grow in the island

    Over the years, the “America skepticism” has been fermenting in Taiwan, which is closely related to China-US relations and the situation in the Taiwan Straits, and has manifested in the following forms.

    By Wang Shushen | 2024/2/4 19:13:49
  • With war next door, EU noses into Indo-Pacific

    What the EU is doing is growing its geopolitical reach into the Indo-Pacific.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2024/2/4 18:59:22
  • US interfering hinders peaceful settlement of South China Sea issue: Philippine scholar

    The involvement of the US in the South China Sea using the Philippines is complicating the peaceful settlement of disputes.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/3 17:19:58
  • Crises in Ukraine and the Middle East linked by West's struggle for hegemony

    From Russia's point of view, what is happening in the Gaza Strip is a huge tragedy. The reason for this is the paralysis of international efforts to solve the Palestine-Israel conflict. This paralysis is the result of the actions of the US and, to a lesser extent, European countries, for whom violent conflicts around the world are part of a great diplomatic game.

    By Timofei Bordachev | 2024/2/2 12:40:49
  • Why neighbors are resentful of India's interfering

    Recently, an "India Out" campaign has been heating up in Bangladesh. On social media, the "India Out" campaign mainly calls on Bangladeshis to boycott Indian products and oppose India's interference in Bangladesh's internal affairs, similar to the "India Out" campaign in the Maldives. Together, these two campaigns express the strong antipathy India's neighbors feel toward India. Meanwhile, the news of a possible visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to China also drew Indian attention.

    By Lin Minwang | 2024/2/1 22:26:13
  • Lessons to learn in order to prevent another 'balloon' incident

    Now, one year on, we need to learn three lessons from the "balloon" incident on how to build the right way for China and the US to get along with each other in the new era and avoid a recurrence of such incidents.

    By Zhang Tengjun and Nie Weixi | 2024/2/1 22:21:45
  • Ongoing largest military exercises suggest NATO's escalation toward potential conflict

    It would be misleading to call NATO's ongoing exercise simply a war game because that evokes scenes of people in costume reenacting historic battles or modern armies charging about, field-testing their tactics and equipment.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2024/2/1 22:10:23
  • Dark room in Dulles - nightmare for Chinese students

    Being taken away by the police at the airport, put into a dark room, held and interrogated for hours, and then sent back to the home country... These events sound like something that would only appear in a James Bond movie. However, this same spy movie horror is happening to Chinese students entering the US over and over again.

    By Yi Xin | 2024/2/1 21:32:14
  • Why is it difficult for Washington to have new-generation leaders

    The current situation in the primary stage of the 2024 US presidential election indicates an increasing possibility of a rematch between former president Donald Trump, representing the Republican Party, and the incumbent Democratic President Joe Biden. As the oldest president in US history, Biden is 81 years old, while Trump, who swore to "take back" the country, is 77 years old.

    By Zhang Wenzong | 2024/1/31 23:29:57
  • UK's BNO visa scheme, nothing but a scam

    In January 2021, Britain offered British National (Overseas) (BNO) passport holders in Hong Kong the right of citizenship in the UK. When reflecting on the actions of the UK government over the past three years, it is difficult not to question whether the BNO visa scheme is a genuine promise or a deceptive scam.

    By Jiang Yichu | 2024/1/31 18:39:01
  • Harassing Chinese students US self-inflicted damage

    China must further improve its economy and continuously expand its market size. This is the fundamental tool for us to counter the anti-China policies and actions of the US. In the long run, our market expansion must be faster than that of the US. This will be most detrimental to the radical political elites in the US. Strong development and market expansion speed will be the decisive factors in the comprehensive competition between China and the US.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/1/31 1:10:28
  • US and UK 'must be held accountable': South African attorney

    The US and UK "must be held accountable for the conduct and what is happening within Gaza," said Wikus van Rensburg (Rensburg), a South African attorney leading a group of nearly 50 lawyers in a class-action lawsuit against the two countries for their complicity in Israel's actions in Gaza. In an interview with Global Times (GT) reporter Wang Wenwen on her I-Talk show, Rensburg talked about his plan. Despite the challenges ahead, he remains positive.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/30 20:06:48
  • US underestimates efficiency and resilience of Chinese economy

    Currently, many people in the US believe that the Chinese economy is in decline and will continue to decline indefinitely.

    By Peter Walker | 2024/1/30 19:51:27
  • Time for US to consider leaving Taiwan Straits

    Some Western media outlets have been raising the old debate lately about the US' "strategic ambiguity" on the Taiwan question, believing it was reawakened by the election of Lai Ching-te as Taiwan's regional leader.

    By Shen Yi | 2024/1/30 19:42:25
  • Who is changing the status quo across the Taiwan Straits?

    When more than 100 countries and international organizations have reiterated their support for the one-China principle and strongly opposed "Taiwan independence" right after the regional election on the island, the US had better think twice about what it will bring to itself and to China-US relations by changing the status quo across the Taiwan Straits.

    By Xin Ping | 2024/1/29 21:34:50
  • Everyone should wake up to US' blame game in Red Sea, Ukraine crises

    Recently, the US asked China to "help" maintain the flow of Red Sea shipping. The US is currently in a state of conflict with Houthi rebels in Yemen. The cause of the conflict is a failure of the US to push for a ceasefire and peace negotiations in Israel, which has caused regional tensions and instability. The US and UK, in turn, have responded with a bombing campaign in Yemen. However, according to US officials, it is China who should apparently be making the peace.

    By James Smith | 2024/1/29 20:11:09
  • Can rationality return to Philippine foreign policy?

    Despite the recent easing of tensions in the South China Sea, the Philippines once again provoked China by airdropping supplies to its illegally grounded warship on Ren'ai Jiao (also known as Ren'ai Reef) and sensationalizing the trespass of Philippine fishermen on Huangyan Dao (also known as Huangyan Island).

    By Dai Fan | 2024/1/29 20:06:16
  • Australia's prosperity relies on China's economic success, not its failure: former Australian official

    Australia has changed its military posture from defending our mainland and smaller South Pacific neighbors to a forward thrust into north Asia to help the US strike China at close range in the event of war. I think this change in mentality and posture is provocative, dangerous, and unnecessary.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/29 14:55:16
  • Why France and India embrace path away from US for a multipolar world

    The transition to and maintenance of a multipolar world will be challenging, not just for India and France, but for everyone from China to Saudi Arabia, Moscow to Lisbon, and Africa to Latin America. Everyone must work together to create a stable, win-win architecture for the coming multipolar world. Is that the crux of the discussions between President Macron and Prime Minister Modi?

    By S.L. Kanthan | 2024/1/28 21:27:10
  • US failure in 'having it both ways' in Middle East demonstrates unappealing 'leadership'

    The US has shown a biased approach to dealing with the Palestine-Israel conflict, and its failure to address the symptoms of the Red Sea crisis led to the current stalemate in the region. Against this backdrop, it wants to prove its leadership to the world, but it can lead nobody through the way it presents now.

    By Xia Wenxin | 2024/1/27 19:20:52
  • Rise of China is the most apparent manifestation of globalization: French scholar

    France, the EU, and China share a common vision: a multipolar world where major powers cooperate with common rules to regulate competition, limit rivalries, and promote partnerships.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/26 18:04:21
  • Trend of call to withdraw troops demonstrates ebbing of Western empire, flow of multipolarism

    One recent development symbolizes the ebb of Western hegemony, involving one of the most visible aspects of modern US and European imperialism, the presence of Western troops occupying nations around the globe.

    By Brian Berletic | 2024/1/26 17:06:58
  • Philippines' efforts to build 'united front' against China misguided: expert

    Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr is reportedly set to sign an agreement on maritime cooperation with Vietnam during his visit to the country, a move that has been seen as building a “united front” against China over the South China Sea issue. However, analysts noted that any attempt to exclude China and form small cliques to deal with the South China Sea issue will only make the problem more complex.

    By Liu Xin | 2024/1/26 0:28:37
  • In the process of modernization, China safeguards rights, realizes common devt

    China has taken active measures to safeguard the rights of specific groups such as ethnic minorities, women, children, the elderly and persons with disabilities, to protect them any kind of discrimination, and ensure they are looked after and their needs are met.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/25 23:21:05
  • Assisting Africa's security and development needs does not have to be a football match

    In years to come, the continent will present both some of the most dangerous challenges and many of the most spectacular opportunities for those willing to engage with Africa.

    By Andrey Kortunov | 2024/1/25 21:48:17
  • Washington is the biggest democracy destroyer and human rights violator in the world

    The US, with its notorious track record and blatant wrongdoings in human rights, should stop acting like a thief crying "stop thief!" Going against the global trend will only make the country an international laughingstock.

    By Sun Shifeng | 2024/1/25 20:15:21
  • Open letter from Chinese Civil Society Organizations to the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council

    We strongly urge the Human Rights Council to remember the original intention and mission of establishing the universal periodic review mechanism, eliminate confusing noises, and prevent lies and false accusations from impacting the Council's consideration of significant human rights issues with genuine practical significance.

    By Chinese Civil Society Organizations | 2024/1/25 20:07:39
  • Possible Biden-Trump rematch could tear US political life to pieces

    The US is becoming, as The Economist claimed, the "disunited states of America."

    By Victor Gao | 2024/1/24 21:00:22
  • Taiwan's fate shouldn't be tied to US war machine

    When pro-independence forces tie Taiwan's fate tightly to the US war machine, Taiwan's economic development choices are already severely limited. It is hoped that more Taiwan people will see the prospects for their island from the truths spoken by Trump.

    By Ding Gang | 2024/1/24 20:15:50
  • Resilience, openness, high-quality devt: Why it matters to take a holistic view on the Chinese economy

    Thanks to China's continuous pursuit of openness, European companies have thrived in China over the years and continue to do so.

    By Ou Shi | 2024/1/24 19:39:56
  • China's rise is a matter of concern for US, but not a problem for France

    China could be a rival, could be a competitor, but ''enemy'' is not the correct word to describe China.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/24 19:26:29
  • Like Lincoln with US, China's determination to keep the country united necessary, proper

    Lincoln said a house divided against itself, cannot stand. His determination to keep the US united led to a war. Yet it is agreed by most that this was a necessary and proper event. Don't other countries have the right to defend their own "union"?

    By Andrew Frennier | 2024/1/23 20:59:37
  • Icebreaking spirit to create a better opportunity for peaceful coexistence between China, UK

    That's what the icebreaking spirit is – creating a better opportunity for peaceful coexistence so that people can grow and develop together.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/23 19:53:47
  • Without effective intl mediation, regional hotspots likely to spill over in Middle East

    The Israel-Palestine conflict, the Red Sea crisis and the recent cross-border military operations by various regional countries all indicate the spill-over effects of conflicts in the Middle East.

    By Wang Jin | 2024/1/23 19:48:40
  • How the US soft power machine lost its way

    Recently, an editorial in The Hill came close to begging US leaders to again use its athletic, creative and similar communities to spread a kind of gospel that the US is a place of virtue and its values should be endorsed across the globe. Why would any international audience accept such a message right now?

    By Anthony Moretti | 2024/1/23 19:47:07
  • BRICS a vital role for global governance

    Many people compare BRICS to NATO, which is incorrect. This organization has no headquarters, has nothing to do with military arrangements, and deals mainly with economic issues. BRICS unites the efforts of countries seeking to overcome Western imperialist economic hegemony on the path of strengthening economic integration and developing economic activities.

    By Giancarlo Elia Valori | 2024/1/22 21:46:26
  • What is inside the Western media's toolbox against China?

    Whether enacted into law or not, these texts indicate the non-peace confrontational world views, self-image and demonization drives of the US foreign policy establishment.

    By Jan Oberg | 2024/1/22 20:28:27
  • Uzbekistan and China: millennia-long friendship and cooperation

    Recently, we have welcomed the year 2024, crossing the threshold of a new life cycle. The first month of a new year is always a time of meetings of the closest friends, a time of new hopes and accomplishments. It is profoundly symbolic that I will make my first visit this year to the Celestial Empire at the invitation of the distinguished President of the People's Republic of China, His Excellency Xi Jinping.

    By Shavkat Mirziyoyev | 2024/1/22 8:03:27
  • China's stronger recovery in 2024 a big opportunity to provide boost to the world: WEF Managing Director

    As China's recovery gets stronger and stronger over the course of this year, which is the expectation from two-thirds of our chief economists, there will be a big opportunity to provide a boost to the rest of the world.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/20 13:41:46
  • Armchair general Shapps 'mobilizes the English language' to fight for his job

    On Monday, Britain's Defense Secretary Grant Shapps gave an intemperate speech in London about the UK's current defense posture. His first public pronouncement since he took up his post purported to provide an overview of the needs of the country's armed forces, how they can protect the nation's interests and prosecute Britain's foreign policy objectives and how the government will achieve this.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2024/1/19 17:29:37
  • Turkmenistan exploring more devt opportunities with China

    In 2024, China and Turkmenistan will take the high-quality construction of the BRI as the central theme, comprehensively promote the alignment of their development strategies, further deepen cooperation in various fields, and continuously enrich the connotation of the comprehensive strategic partnership.

    By Xu Changzhi, Su Chang and Chen Dongjie | 2024/1/18 22:17:43
  • America is losing credibility on its one-China policy

    There are so many steps it could take: stating unequivocally its opposition to “Taiwan independence,” freezing its arms sales to Taiwan, and expressing support for China's peaceful reunification.

    By Yi Xin | 2024/1/18 20:34:55
  • The Mystery of the Disappearing Defense Secretary

    The hospital scandal has added another layer to the partisan Republican-Democrat feuding that affects every aspect of Washington. Congress was already trying to hammer out a compromise spending bill to avoid a shutdown in a few days.

    By Andrew Frennier | 2024/1/18 16:46:20
  • What messages China's 5.2% growth has revealed

    The economy is indeed crucial, as everything in the country begins with it. It is key to improving people's livelihoods, promoting social equity, strengthening the ability to safeguard national security and expanding China's international influence, since they all need to be achieved based on the simultaneous increase of the scale and quality of the economy.

    By Hu Xijin | 2024/1/17 20:33:18
  • The US needs to take a page from China's long-term thinking, strategy

    I'm a big believer in the future of the China-US relationship, and even now, despite the challenges, it's going to change. Everyone always talks about the differences between the US and China. But in fact, the similarities are far more interesting and far more comprehensive than people understand.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/16 18:07:12
  • Growing intl isolation awaits Taiwan's 'independence' politics

    As long as Taiwan insists on independence politics, its international isolation ultimately will only increase and the outcome will not differ.

    By James Smith | 2024/1/16 14:16:59
  • Why is the 118th US Congress trapped in unprecedented 'legislative dysfunction'?

    Such a situation has been particularly prominent since the current Congress began its work. Many lawmakers have used radical words and actions to seek attention. They have been eager to attack their opponents, neglecting the concerns of their constituents and US society.

    By Zhang Tengjun and Wang Yufan | 2024/1/15 23:13:38
  • Can Washington transcend cold war narrative and avoid 'decoupling' with China?

    The China-US relationship has gone through three phases. It's at a more positive phase than it's been in the past, there's much more appreciation and there are many win-wins to be had.

    By Peter Walker | 2024/1/15 22:17:27
  • US, West's double-faced Taiwan policy to backfire

    Nor does it represent a victory of "democracy over authoritarianism." It is more likely that Lai, this "dangerous friend” of the US, will jeopardize peace in the Taiwan Straits.

    By Zhang Hua and Zhang Qiru | 2024/1/15 21:56:18
  • Chinese economy still retains vitality: Nobel Prize laureate

    This vitality is manifested in the great leaps China has made in developing innovations in various fields such as hypersonics, underwater drones, finance, artificial intelligence, space technologies and biotechnology.

    By Li Aixin and Guo Yuandan | 2024/1/15 21:46:09