China’s ‘Queen of Couture’ Guo Pei offers attire for auction

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/31 16:08:40

Gold Traditional Bridal Dress Photo: Courtesy of Rose Studio

The first dress to appear at auction by the celebrated Chinese couturier, Guo Pei will be offered at Sotheby's in its New Bond Street saleroom in London, United Kingdom, later this month. 

As a number of the first generation of trained couturiers in China, Guo shot to fame in the international stage when musician Rihanna chose to wear one of her designs to the Met Gala in 2015 - a dramatic trailing yellow gown which managed to capture the attention of the global media. Gold and Yellow have remained a signature design element of Guo's work, colors that were previously reserved for the emperor during the Qing dynasty.

This exquisite piece of couture design was meticulously crafted over the course of five years and is hand sewn with gold thread in-laid with the precious metal. Carrying an estimate of $620,000-870,000, the 'Gold Traditional Bridal Dress' comes to auction direct from Guo's atelier in Beijing, presenting a rare opportunity to acquire a piece from one of the designer's significant couture collections, normally only available for purchase when commissioned. 

"The partnership with Sotheby's is very special for me. Sotheby's is known for its high caliber auctions of quality antiques and masterpieces previously owned or worn by legendary individuals or part of a rare collection. Our gold traditional bridal piece selected for the auction, however, is a brand new piece of work released for the first time at an auction. It may not be an antique but it is a work of art. Its value lies in the traditional craftsmanship and culture it brings forth. I feel our partnership is an answer to Couture's future - Couture will be considered an art form in the future and this partnership has paved the way for this possibility," said Guo.

Designed as a wedding dress, the couturier employed around 30 stitching techniques adapted from across the globe to create this piece, forming a three-dimensional effect by embroidering over sheepskin, which gives the fabric different heights.

Auspicious clouds float across the surface of this beautiful dress, conveying harmony and embodying a significant symbol of marital bliss in Chinese culture. Gourd fruits are woven within the pattern, the word for which is phonetically similar to 'Fu Lu' -- a concept representing wealth and good fortune. Peonies can also be found in this piece of endearing attire, regarded by the Chinese as a important symbol of wealth, auspiciousness, happiness, and prosperity. A delicately knotted bow signifies the love of the couple to be married, entwined in utter happiness. Finally, the pattern incorporates the image of the Dragon and Phoenix - believed to be the undisputed 'match made in heaven' as per Chinese culture and mythology.

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