Not a job well done!

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/8 23:18:40

Illustrations: Peter C. Espina/GT

What would be your reason for leaving your job? That "I want to be as free as the wind" was how one Chinese lady born in 1998 put it. People's Daily reported that generation Z quits their first job in seven months on average. Some even resign days after being recruited, with various causes, ranging from lack of passion or interests to complex interpersonal relations. Unlike the older generation, young people tend to attach more importance to their own feelings, especially concerned if their heart is in their work. They hardly value stability and prospects. However, it is quite normal that the work you do may not interest you. Even if one likes the work, one's interest may wear away with time. While looking for a job or searching for another, youngsters should be careful in making decisions. Job-hoppers may reduce the chances of finding another job as employers like employees who are stable at the workplace. Meanwhile, on the other hand, employers had better make adjustments to help keep employees stay. If they neglect diverse requirements of the young, job-hopping will continue, adding to the cost of recruiting and training staff.

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