Pompeo’s futile efforts to discredit CPC

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/27 17:48:40

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once again launched direct attacks against the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Tuesday, claiming that the Party has engaged in "systematic repression of Uighurs and members of other Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang." This US State Secretary has been constantly peddling his clichés.

Radical political elites in Washington are adjusting their strategy of a public opinion war against China. They are increasingly focusing their efforts on discrediting the CPC, in an attempt to make their large-scale attacks on China less abrupt in the Western context, rouse Westerners' memory of the Cold War, and disguise their frantic geopolitical siege against China as an ideological battle in the face of "the threat posed by the CPC."

Pompeo and his likes have another malicious purpose: They are attempting to reduce the Chinese public's resentment against them by shifting their attacks on China to mainly on the CPC. They try to drive a wedge between the Chinese people and the Party, and solicit Chinese domestic endorsement for their criticism. This adjustment is undoubtedly carefully plotted, but only wishful thinking.

Pompeo and his likes must have read some Chinese online posts attacking the CPC gathered by their intelligence agencies, which were written by a tiny minority of Chinese people. Based on past Cold War experience, they thought they had a chance. The US has collected quite a bit of information about China, but they are overly-subjective to make judgments - they always try to rationalize what they wish.

The CPC has led Chinese people to be truly independent, realize great economic growth in the past decades, fundamentally reshape people's livelihood, and regain dignity in the world. The CPC has dedicated itself to the great rejuvenation of China. This is a consensus of Chinese people, and many Westerners cannot imagine how unshakable it is. 

The CPC is a political party unlike any of those in the Western political systems. It is the builder of the country and it has integrated itself with the country. With parties coming in and leaving office, Western political systems in fact offer every political party exemptions of liability. Hence, the most important ability of Western political parties is to explain and defend themselves. However, shouldering numerous responsibilities for China, the CPC has nowhere to shift liability, but the only option is to lead the country forward. 

The CPC, as well as the entire China, has always been busy solving problems. China's system is oriented to tackling problems. The Party's governance may have some flaws, and problems may appear in various places. But Chinese people will criticize the flaws and express dissatisfaction. If it weren't for such high-profile attacks launched by Pompeo and his likes, the Chinese people would not stop to ponder over the question: What differences and significance does the CPC have, which triggered their smear? It is because the CPC's leadership over China has brought Pompeo and his likes a deep sense of crisis, and because it is the Party that guarantees the country's strong cohesion and a reliable mainstay. Despite US launch of an unprecedented and comprehensive trade war and mobilization of all kinds of political means to pressure China, its efforts seem in vain. Pompeo and his likes have figured one thing out: To contain China's rise, it is a must to weaken the CPC's authority and leadership, otherwise anything they do will be futile.

However, they are pursuing an unreachable goal. The CPC's leadership is earned through hard work. It has become an important source of China's national strength and a pillar of the country to resist pressures and challenges.  

There are nearly 90 million members of the CPC in China, which means an extremely solid mass base and the integration between the Party and the country. If anyone hopes to crack down on the CPC, it is impossible to "break through the vulnerable spot," as the confrontation is with the whole of China.

Washington will lead the US to a futile path, because it refuses to treat China realistically and to implement a practical China policy. The CPC places great emphasis on self-revolution. It is carrying out political and organizational construction in accordance with the reality and its own problems. Such process is highly coordinated with China's progress, and injects new impetus into its advance. But US elites are sticking in the mud and even going backwards.

Most importantly, their groundless accusations against the CPC are a monstrous lie. China has come out on top of the global development competition. This fact speaks louder than any lie. China has not gone to war for decades. It has been coexisting with the rest of the world peacefully. This fact cannot be wantonly distorted by people like Pompeo. Their lies will not last long.

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