Fallout from Olympic data theft widens
Xinhua | 2012-9-24 9:29:23
By Agencies
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Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Olympic Organizing Committee will reportedly have limited access to data from this year's London Games as the fallout widens over the theft of internal documents.

Rio officials last week revealed 10 employees had been sacked for stealing computer files relating to the organization of the 2012 London Olympics.

Brazil's Estadao reported on Sunday that London organizers were now less inclined to help Rio in its Games preparations.

"It's incredible to think that the Brazilians were responsible for this," an unnamed London official was quoted telling Estadao.

"This is a question of having faith. We were willing to help Brazil with everything they needed but maybe we were naive."

The sacked employees downloaded internal files without permission while working alongside London staff during this year's summer Olympics and Paralympics.

A Rio 2016 statement said the actions of the staff members were "contrary to the principles governing mutual trust between the two organizations".

"Those involved were identified and the leadership of Rio 2016 and LOCOG acted jointly and quickly to repair the situation," the committee said.

A London spokeswoman said the issue had been satisfactorily dealt with.

"We reported it to Rio management. They acted quickly to resolve the issue and return the files," the spokeswoman said.

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