Public’s enthusiasm for Peng mirrors brightness of new political scene

By Shan Renping Source:Global Times Published: 2013-3-25 20:18:01

Glamorous first lady Peng Liyuan has emerged as one of the highlights during Chinese President Xi Jinping's debut official visit abroad.

Her elegance and fashionable style have not only advanced her into the international limelight once again, but also caused an instant sensation back home.

Her hit status is completely spontaneous and rolls up an irresistible buzz of enthusiasm. Standing beside her husband and waving to the people, Peng has charmed the public with her every gesture since she and Xi stepped off the aircraft arm in arm in Moscow.

What's more, back home, her dress and handbag even become popular search items on the Internet.

In the meantime, considering Peng's years of popularity as a celebrated singer, netizens have also compiled a lot of video clips of her performances and interviews.

Before she was honored as first lady, Peng was well known as a singer, whose works have been mostly recognized as classics. Peng was born to an ordinary family, which makes her journey to becoming a popular singer and then first lady well-respected.

However, her shift of status does not keep her away from the people. On the contrary, Peng has managed to transform the potential remoteness into further closeness.

People's affection for the first lady is being expressed in the most popular way. Although not being given too much space because of Chinese political traditions, the populace have made most of the information available and pieced together a complete image of the first lady. This gives them an opportunity to discover her life story.

The Chinese public hasn't heard any remarks by Peng in the past few days, but her hit status has prevailed dramatically. It can be predicted that this is just a fascinating start, and the first lady will be in the spotlight more frequently.

The families of Chinese political figures are becoming better known to the public. Peng's unique identity as a well-known singer has perfectly connected with the process. The advancement achieved by the coincidental connection will be evaluated by history.

As for China's public, many positive emotions cannot be expressed and spread due to the lack of outlets. China's top leadership looks mysterious and solemn, but the public needs liveliness and tenderness. This constitutes the cultural background of the recent wave of enthusiasm.

The public's enthusiasm for Peng is not only a cultural phenomenon, but also a reflection of the real sentiments of Chinese people. The natural expression of these sentiments shows that Chinese society is getting more open-minded and confident, so that some rigid constraints have been lifted and new spaces are about to be exploited, which will bring forth a new round of development.

Referring to the roles that first ladies play in different countries, it can be assumed that China's first lady will develop her own characteristics to echo the international culture of first ladies and respond to the needs of social development. Peng's first appearance has proved her special strength in influencing society. And China's soft power, which is often mentioned by world media, will increase.

In an information age, interactions and public interests and expectations are having more influence on national affairs. And people's love and respect for the first lady will always be one of the major sources of maintaining a harmonious society.

The author is a commentator with the Chinese edition of the Global Times.



@Jiang Yaojin

Unlike many other countries, the term "first lady" has not been emphasized in the past in China.

However, in the new era when Chinese people can receive increasing information about first ladies from other countries, they will naturally have expectations about our own first lady.

A first lady who is respected and loved by the public will be great benefit to China's image, both internally and externally.


@Xue Yang

It is a matter for congratulation that China's own first lady goes on the international stage. Our first lady is beautiful and generous, which makes people feel proud and elated.

@Yike Damaizi

Top leaders in China have often been mysterious and serious in the public's eyes, but the public has a growing demand for transparency, vividness and tenderness, which is the cultural background of the current enthusiasm for the first lady.

China has formed its own cultural standards about the first lady. It matches current China's social development and international status and shows China's soft power.


After the current enthusiasm for the first lady, we will have our own political stars.

Hopefully, from then China will further boost democracy and prosperity, and move toward our "China dream."


Peng's dresses and handbags are all made-in-China.

In a peaceful era, people's patriotism in some degree depends on whether they use domestic products and support domestic brands.

From this perspective, our first lady has set a good example for those officials who pursue foreign luxuries and run after famous brands.


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