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Gaokao case shows honesty losing value

In today's China, a variety of weird phenomena partly result from the public tolerance of dishonesty.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/17 0:03:41

Fair understanding of the Belt and Road initiative

Is the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) a strategic tool of Beijing or a geopolitical lever to confront the West? Is BRI comparable to the old Marshall Plan, the US-led project at the beginning of the Cold War to confront the Soviet Union?
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/16 23:38:31

Trade war contradicts American spirit: philosopher

Why does philosophy matter in understanding the world? How can Chinese philosophy and Chinese wisdom contribute to solving current problems?
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/16 22:24:32

Chinese voters make a difference in US

So far, neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party has paid much attention to this largely untapped political constituency. Not a surprise. Asian voters only make up 4 percent of the American electorate and 7 percent in New York. Chinese voters make up even smaller numbers.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/16 20:48:40

Hard for Turkey to walk away from US

If extraordinary measures – Ankara is now forced to take – work, Turkish-American relations will possibly return to relative normalcy despite the existing disagreements.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/16 20:43:40

Raising children is no child's play for Chinese families

In China, even if the restriction on birth is completely done away with, a majority of people will be reluctant to have a second or third baby.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/15 19:23:40

How to deal with China's severe population problem

China is indeed undergoing a severe population crisis, yet we need not be too pessimistic. China will experience an extremely important transition in the next 10-15 years, and it is believed that the crisis will end during this period.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/15 19:18:40

Governance woes behind US trade war

If Trump can make more efforts at boosting the real economy instead of waging a trade war, he may get closer to “Make America Great Again.”
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/15 19:08:40

Controversy over unleashed dogs needs a sane solution

Dog owners who disregard leash-laws are somewhat like an illness in the neighborhood. But when you face a patient, even if he is very sick, would you recommend the right medicine, or pass him a poison pill?
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/14 18:53:39

Dog killing advice shows gravity of the problem

It must, however, be made sure that the campaign shouldn't go overboard and become an animal welfare crisis. It will be a tough test for Chinese city administrators.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/14 18:48:40

China needs to catch up in discourse power

The world order may seem like an anarchy, a zero-sum game or a community of shared future. That's up for professional debate and verification. Whatever it really is, it's not, and will never be, a Trump estate.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/14 15:58:39

Will Sino-US trade war turn into a negative-sum game?

What are the prospects of the trade war? What should China do to move forward? Chinese scholars exchanged their views on these issues at a forum hosted by The Charhar Institute and the publicity department of Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, on Saturday.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/13 18:23:40

Film lifts the veil on Japanese social ills

While developed countries scratch their heads to resolve conundrums facing the world, developing nations may have better recipes. This realization should not be missed.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/12 17:38:40

Twins' death: No kidding with responsibilities

A parent should be extra careful as there are safety hazards and lax management at many places. A parent can never treat safety issues lightly. After all, a moment of carelessness may bring about a lifetime of pain.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/10 0:03:42

For Chinese, a changing American Dream

What about those who don't have proper documents to live in the US? They'd consider themselves lucky not to be arrested by immigration officers who may suddenly show up on their doorstep.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/9 20:58:40

Futile US bid to pit Russia against a rising China

Kissinger is a practitioner of the “balance of power” theory. The success of his strategy of working with China to contain the Soviet Union has a specific historical background. The same won't work in a changed environment.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/9 20:53:40

Misuse of religion hides bright side

Any idea that associates religion with humanity or with political, social and economic development will only end up using it to achieve its ends. Religion is not necessarily a good thing for humanity. But instrumentalized religion is certainly bad.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/8 20:43:41

Post-Brexit UK may lose its charm as business destination for China

A lot will depend on the kind of Brexit. Let's hope that if Brexit cannot be avoided, at least the best possible deal for all the parties involved is reached.
Source: Global Times | 2018/8/8 20:43:40