Regular patrols send warning to provocations by Taiwan authorities
Published: Feb 20, 2024 08:55 PM
A view of the Taiwan Straits is seen from Xiamen port, in East China's Fujian Province. Photo: IC

A view of the Taiwan Straits is seen from Xiamen port, in East China's Fujian Province. Photo: IC

On Monday afternoon, mainland coast guard personnel boarded a Kinmen tourist boat in the Xiamen-Kinmen waters for the first time to conduct an inspection, causing a sensation within the Taiwan island and among the international public opinion. The so-called Taiwan's "minister of national defense" Chiu Kuo-cheng stated on Tuesday that to avoid a further rise in tensions the military will not "actively intervene" in the incident. The mainland coast guard announced the launch of regular law-enforcement patrols in Xiamen-Kinmen maritime area, and actually boarded the boat for inspection. Taiwan has no choice but to accept this reality. 

On February 14, Taiwan authorities forcibly drove away a mainland fishing boat in the Kinmen-Xiamen waters, resulting in the deaths of two people and causing great anger among people in the mainland. Both sides across the Taiwan Straits belong to one China, and since ancient times, fishermen from both sides of the Straits have been operating in the traditional fishery zones of the Straits and that there has never been such a thing as "off-limit" or "restricted" waters in the zones. Taiwan's arrogance led to this vicious incident. The mainland's regular law-enforcement patrols in the Xiamen-Kinmen maritime area are the right and necessary response, immediately softening Taiwan's arrogant attitude. 

This incident serves as a warning to the Taiwan authorities. Apart from making empty threats, they simply do not have the capital to cause trouble in the Taiwan Straits. The mainland's counteract capability is overwhelming, and every time there is friction and conflict, Taiwan's only ultimate choice is to retreat. 

Through this incident, the mainland public can also see that the Taiwan authorities do not have the ability or courage to engage in high-intensity confrontation under the high pressure exerted by the mainland's strength. Mainland's strength restricts their actions, giving us the strategic initiative to solve the Taiwan question. Therefore, we should have confidence in the handling of the Taiwan question by our national professional team. In dealing with regional issues and international issues such as China-US relations, we should have the same confidence and fully authorize the national professional team to calmly deal with various frictions.

We must understand that although there are often provocative voices, our country's strategic situation is stable, and our response capabilities are very abundant. The main focus of Chinese society at present should be on promoting economic development, continuously improving people's livelihoods, and enhancing the overall national strength. The stronger our economic and technological capabilities, the more initiative we will have in the Taiwan Straits and international competition.

This year is crucial for China to consolidate post-epidemic recovery and growth momentum, and to rebuild strong driving forces. The Spring Festival tourism and box office have delivered good results, providing a good start for the Year of the Dragon. Following three consecutive days of gains before the holidays, the stock market has also started the Year of the Dragon with two consecutive days of gains, and various provinces and cities have continuously sent strong signals of emancipating the mind and prioritizing economic development. These pieces of information will definitely reinforce each other and boost social confidence.

We should work together to promote and support the certainty of China's peaceful development, encourage innovation, and create a relaxed and free atmosphere conducive to the prosperity of the socialist market economy under the constitutional order. Let us reach a consensus: Those who support the national political system, improve their lives through legal efforts, create wealth, and contribute to China's economic growth are all part of the patriotic army.

Our internet should promote unity in diversity under the leadership of socialist core values. This orderly and relaxed atmosphere is the fertile soil for economic growth and technological innovation, and is essential for the full release of grass-roots wisdom. The logic of the internet should be about contention, not condemnation and domination. It should bring about social vitality, rather than creating a stifling atmosphere that silences entrepreneurs and individuals from all walks of life.

Currently, the country's policies to encourage economic development are very firm, our potential is vast, leading to relative stability in the turbulent international environment. The development of the Chinese economy appears to have a new frontier, with clear skies and the scent of the internet discourse in the air. Let us work together to promote the freshness and fragrance of the air on this new frontier.

The author is a Chinese media professional. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn