Canada's 'Indo-Pacific Strategy' is overambitious, full of confusion: Global Times editorial

The voices of Canada were originally diverse, but are now becoming increasingly imbalanced, and Ottawa's radical attitude toward China is engulfing Ottawa.

When NATO officials admit Europe's difficulties in aiding Ukraine, NATO may sharply drop its aid to Ukraine. Subsequently, NATO or European countries may start negotiations with Russia, in a bid to appease the crisis and return to a normal life. ...


If NGOs meddle in national security, that's a red line. It is within the right of a government to investigate whether these NGOs are there for the purpose of undermining the social order in the country.

Global South's era for fair governance has come

Be it as it may, the development brings to an end the thorny issue that has been one of the most contentious on the negotiating table. It has also brought to the fore the question: Is Africa, Asia and South ...