Western aid no help to Xinjiang terrorists

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-7-1 0:18:01

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Western public opinion has once again stood against facts and the feelings of the Chinese people. Media in the West have spread claims from the World Uyghur Congress that "continued suppression and provocation" is the reason for the recent conflicts in Xinjiang, depicting violent terrorist riots as "ethnic conflicts."  This external environment indulges the views of these violent terrorists, who are in fact a small, isolated group.

These terrorists have no other choice except totally transforming themselves or being destroyed. Extreme Islamism backed by the West has come to a dead end in Russia, which proves these links won't succeed. Those violent terrorists in Xinjiang are doomed to failure.

Western public opinion is fooling these ignorant extremists through cheap support. If China was a tiny country, violent terrorism, fuelled by the West, would stir up big political problems. However, given China's colossal size and the fact Xinjiang is a part of China, the core interests of which are closely related to the country. Violent terrorists are deadly enemies to the majority of both the Xinjiang people and their compatriots. These violent forces may bring pain to society, but in terms of the political situation they will eventually represent nothing more than passing annoyances.

It's useless to argue with the West. They won't change their attitude toward Xinjiang. But China's ability to dissolve the West's political offensive is being strengthened. The tools that the West previously used to influence China have been degraded and can no longer disturb China's development. Those hostile forces are not optimistic about their prospects.

The Xinjiang people and all other Chinese should be encouraged to speak out in public. Chinese public opinion should overwhelm public opinion of the West, deterring the Xinjiang violent terrorists.

Violent terrorism is an unacceptable evil. China's unity can not be permitted to be challenged. The outside world should understand this.  

China is confronted with a daunting task in combating terrorism, but it's notable that governing violent cases is not the most difficult one.

There will be still more debates over the governance of Xinjiang in the future, which should be distinguished from combating terrorist forces. Some hostile forces try to mix them up.

Since the public is highly united in the fight against violence and terrorism, crackdowns on them won't cause controversies, but will be only a matter of mobilizing resources and tools.

China is entering a period of conflicts and problems, which is related to the activities of violent terrorists. But China's endurance and stability are being enhanced, which will have profound influences on Xinjiang.

Chinese public opinion is well mobilized to focus on the Xinjiang riots. Terrorism will come to an end. External forces won't provide them practical support and they won't become a force that could shake Xinjiang.

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