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Social transformation, reform and opening-up bring all kinds of problems, and we must face them. But the terrorism and violence in Xinjiang are probably not China's most serious challenge. We have adequate resources to eliminate them.

--Global Times Editorial

These violent forces may bring pain to society, but in terms of the political situation they will eventually represent nothing more than passing annoyances.

--Global Times Editorial

Latest riot

Time: 5:50 am on June 26, 2013
Location: Lukqun township of Shanshan county, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
Attack targets: A government building, a local police station, a nearby construction site and more than 10 government vehicles; police officers and civilians
Casualties: 35 dead (including 11 attackers); Han victims were all migrant workers at a construction site 
Attackers: Mostly Uyghurs, the only rioter at large captured

Xinjiang attackers nabbed
Last fugitive of Xinjiang attack captured
Official urges 24-hour patrol in Xinjiang after terror attacks
China to strike hard on violent terrorist attacks
Riot toll rises to 35 in Xinjiang
Xinjiang posts most-wanted terror suspects

      Anti-terrorism efforts

d Transparent information 

We call on local authorities in Xinjiang and relevant central departments to inform the public more about the details of the incidents, and further allow real public feelings to be released. 
r Ethnic solidarity 

Yu Zhengsheng, China's top political advisor, called for greater efforts in improving people's living conditions and promoting ethnic solidarity and social harmony.

At the moment, while decisively fighting against terrorists, we must encourage local police, unite people from different ethnic groups, and boost their confidence that the macro situation in Xinjiang is stable and under control. 

We call on Xinjiang residents from various ethnic groups to stay safe and work with local police. 
, Political strategy 

China has been strengthening its strategic power. The geopolitical network surrounding Xinjiang is almost unbreakable. 
x Strike 

China will impose severe punishment on those taking part in violent crimes. 

Armed police in Xinjiang:
h 24-hour patrol on all weather conditions,
h cooperate with local public security organs,
h precautionary and preemptive measures
x Resisting force abroad 

China hopes the United States will avoid using a double standard when discussing terrorism.

Western public opinion, standing upon Western interest, may make use of the incidents to try to fan the flames of trouble. We should ignore those noises.

d Cooperation 

China's national legislature adopted two pacts on anti-terrorism cooperation among Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members:
h on the procedures of organizing joint anti-terrorism drills among SCO members;
h on the procedures of carrying out joint anti-terrorism actions in the territory of SCO members


Terrorists can't stop Xinjiang's development
Xinjiang riots won't shake overall stability
Xinjiang riots futile in face of united Chinese power
New round of riots brings fresh violence to Xinjiang
Public awareness of terrorism necessary for China
Xinjiang terrorism may take another turn
Xinjiang despises violent extremism


Gathering for anti-terror efforts in Xinjiang

A gathering aimed at mobilizing anti-terror efforts was held in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, on June 29, after Xinjiang was hit by violent terrorist attacks in the past few days. 

Soldiers from armed forces marched in People's Square, vowing to guarantee the safety of local people.

    Riots in Xinjiang

July 5,
The homes of 633 families were damaged and 627 vehicles were smashed and torched.
Casualties: 197 people were killed and about 1,700 others injured
Rioters: 5 were sentenced to death and 2 to life-imprisonment
July 18 ,
Several rioters attacked a police station in Hotan city.
h Casualties: 4 people were killed, and 1 severely injured
h Rioters: 14 rioters were gunned down 
July 30,
Thugs hijacked a car in Kashgar after stabbing its driver, and rammed into several pedestrians on their way to escape.
h Casualties: 7 dead and 28 were injured
h Rioters: 4 attackers were shot dead, 4 others were caught
December 28,
Police opened fire and killed kidnappers in a hostage rescue.
h Casualties: 2 hostages were freed 
h Rioters: 7 kidnappers were killed, 4 suspects were wounded
February 28,
A group of assailants with knives went on a killing spree on Xingfu Walking Street in Yecheng county of Kashgar.  
h Casualties: 15 were killed and 14 were injured.
June 29,
Six people tried to hijack Tianjin Airlines' flight GS7554 after it took off from Hotan Airport, 1,400 kilometers away from its destination, the regional capital Urumqi.
h Casualties: 10 people were injured
h Rioters: Hijacking was foiled, 2 hijackers dead in hospital, 3 sentenced to death and another to life imprisonment
April 23,
Dozens of thugs armed with knives and incendiary devices attacked the township governmental building, a police station, a station of auxiliary police and a construction site.
h Casualties: 35 dead (including 11 attackers)
h Rioters: 11 attackers were shot dead, 4 were caught at the scene 

Timeline of the riots in Xinjiang before 2009

News vocab

恐怖袭击 kǒngbù xíjī 

terrorist attack

The violent terrorist attack case in Shanshan county, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region was solved on June 30.

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