Tibet, 60 Years of Progress: Freedom of religious beliefs

Freedom of religious beliefs in Tibet is well protected and respected after Democratic Reform
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/27 23:22:43

Tibet, 60 Years of Progress: People's living

Tibet has achieved decisive advance in poverty alleviation over the past 60 years. In 2018, 180,000 people were lifted out of poverty, bringing the region's poor population down to 150,000 from 860,000 six years ago.
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/27 15:52:08

Tibet, 60 Years of Progress: Infrastructures construction

More than 800 key projects including railways, hydropower stations and high voltage transmission lines have been implemented.
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/27 15:48:50

Tibet, 60 Years of Progress: Tibet leads China's GDP growth

Among the 31 provincial-level regions that had revealed their 2018 economic achievements, Southwest China's Tibet ranked first with 10% GDP growth on a y-o-y basis.
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/27 15:42:48

Xinjiang's efforts in fighting terrorism and extremism

Northwest China's #Xinjiang has prioritized preventive anti-terrorism and taken multiple measures, including setting up training centers and improving residents' livelihoods, to protect people from the harm of terrorism and extremism: White Paper
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/19 22:25:51

Questions Premier Li Keqiang answered at the annual press conference after the two sessions

17 questions raised, China's economy and foreign relations highlighted at Premier Li Keqiang's press conference after the two sessions
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/15 14:35:32

Highlights of Chinese Foreign Minister's press conference

Our friendship and cooperation will surge ahead like the Yangtze and the Ganges, giving strong and sustained impetus to our relationship, Chinese FM Wang Yi said on China- India relations. More highlights of his two sessions press conference.
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/8 21:10:56

China's defense budget 2010—2019

China's defense budget 2010—2019
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/5 18:18:45

China's new created jobs

China to create over 11 million new urban jobs in 2019.
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/5 18:11:35

China's tax reduction

China to reduce nearly 2000 billion yuan tax burdens in 2019
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/5 18:09:24

Trend of China's consumer price index

China to keep consumer inflation at around 3.0% in 2019.
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/5 18:06:48

China's rural population in poverty

China to reduce rural poor population by over 10 million in 2019.
Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2019/3/5 18:03:34