Hong Kong riots in one day: Timeline Aug 31

Hong Kong protesters started demonstrations Saturday noon even though the police had rejected their plan. Violent protests took place at several places in Hong Kong Island, and some rioters tried to lay siege to the government and police headquarters.

The 10 most liked and disliked overseas brands in China: survey

The 10 most liked and disliked overseas brands in China: survey

2017/3/14 18:30:34

US-SK joint military drills of 2017

US, SK continue annual military drills Key Resolve, Foal Eagle

2017/3/13 19:33:22

Members of TPP, FTAAP and RCEP

China is considering attending the TPP meeting in Chile next week. See who else is slated to attend ...

2017/3/12 18:20:13

How will new techs transform the future of jobs?

Robin Li, founder of Baidu, has proposed to apply AI to more industries. In what ways will AI ...

2017/3/9 19:00:45

What's new in the 2017 government work report?

New phrases like AI, online education and “Hong Kong independence” debut in this year's government work report.

2017/3/6 17:41:05

Key figures highlighted in China's government work report

Premier Li Keqiang set China's GDP growth target for 2017 at around 6.5 percent, which is expected to ...

2017/3/5 11:44:44

China's defense budget 2011-2017

China's defense budget 2011-2017

2017/3/5 11:34:22

10 hottest topics at China's 2017 Two Sessions

Fighting corruption, social insurance and health care reform the hottest topics at China's Two Sessions: survey

2017/3/3 17:54:53

Two Sessions by the Numbers: China's contribution to countries along the B&R initiative

China has paid $1.07 billion in taxes ($570 million in 2016) and created 177,000 jobs in B&R countries. ...

2017/2/28 18:04:12

Two Sessions by the Numbers: B&R initiative kicks off in 20 countries

China is currently building 56 cooperation areas in 20 countries along the Belt and Road initiative.

2017/2/27 18:29:17

Oscar Award winners 2017

La La Land the darling of the Oscars, winning 6 awards from its 12 nominations

2017/2/27 18:01:38

Two Sessions by the Numbers: China's anti-corruption drive overseas

Since 2014, a total of 2,566 people, including 37 fugitives on China's '100 most wanted' list, have been ...

2017/2/27 16:41:06