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Soccer reforms should put fun of sport first

Repeated defeats in international matches are therefore inevitable, which has prompted the Chinese government to formulate the overall reform plan for soccer players.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/23 15:38:01

China should learn from Hollywood to prevent drug epidemic

Celebrities are public figures, and society places high expectations on them to be role models.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/16 18:03:01

BBC Delhi gang rape film sends wrong message

The documentary should be seen as holding a mirror up to a society that is far from being sensitive to gender issues. Unfortunately, Udwin unwittingly gave a platform to the rapist to justify the rape.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/9 22:18:01

Germany's appeal rests on 'Made in China' shoddiness

Germany serves as a symbolic channel used by many people to vent their disapproval of poor quality and counterfeit “Made in China” products.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/2 15:23:01

Africa's biz culture not so strange for Chinese

Ultimately, those who believe the Chinese and African work ethics are incompatible are wrong. There are too many success stories to disprove this. But there is still a lot of room to grow.
Source: Global Times | 2015/2/24 23:43:01

IS videos should cause second thoughts on social media

In an era when extreme terrorists rely on social media to energize the worst fears of the public, some adjustments to social media platforms should be adopted before it is too late.
Source: Global Times | 2015/2/9 20:03:01

Journalism assistants need clearer legal role and protections

Angela Kockritz, in her attempt to rescue Zhang, accused China of lacking the rule of law, but it is also revealed that Die Zeit didn't register Zhang, a step required by Chinese authorities for foreign media organizations. Press freedom is indeed a concern for many Chinese news assistants, but they are also upset by their lousy status in the news media where they serve.
Source: Global Times | 2015/2/2 20:03:01

Compulsory retirement deprives society of workers' experience

It is a well-known fact that there is a lot of demand for experienced foreign teachers rather than inexperienced youngsters.
Source: Global Times | 2015/1/27 20:28:01

Old towns need protection from growing risk of devastating fires

Every fire is a painful lesson that alerts us to the fact that fire-fighting should be strengthened and fire safety rules implemented strictly, because every old town is a unique part of Chinese culture, which nobody can afford to lose.
Source: Global Times | 2015/1/12 19:58:01

Confucianism needed to help strengthen Chinese society

As a local who has been living in Qufu for 25 years, I would like to offer another perspective to your readers about how to better understand the current campaign in Qufu.
Source: Global Times | 2015/1/6 0:08:01

The life of a hermit comes at a steep price

I came across an article titled “Mountain huts preferable to urban rat race” in the Global Times about China's hermit lifestyle on December 24, reminding people of not blindly chasing after the absolute isolation of the hermit.
Source: Global Times | 2014/12/31 0:28:01

Rule of law can't advance without holding abusers accountable

Huugjilt's tragic death has helped push China's rule of law into a more meaningful and down-to-earth frontier, in which top dogs who wantonly wielded the baton of law will pay.
Source: Global Times | 2014/12/22 20:58:16

HK protesters cannot be considered freedom fighters

That is not justice. That's asking for far too much.
Source: Global Times | 2014/10/13 20:33:01

Students wasted chance in TV debate with Hong Kong government

It is a shame that students apparently didn't perceive the importance of the chance they have been given.
Source: Global Times | 2014/10/26 18:28:12

Film regulators should create healthy stage for creativity

Within the country, calls for reform of the movie censorship system and for the establishment of a rating mechanism are getting louder.
Source: Global Times | 2014/12/14 22:38:01

Online suicide should prompt self-reflection from watchers

Many Net users who noticed Zeng reposted his messages and wrote him tens of thousands of comments to encourage him to live on and not to give up easily, trying to bring him back.
Source: Global Times | 2014/12/7 20:23:01

Facts, not bias, must determine verdict in murder case

Nian could remain a suspect, but the risks are much higher as the police are now at a disadvantaged position in public opinion.
Source: Global Times | 2014/12/2 0:23:02

Electronic police can provide supervision for Chinese officials

The solution to many minor social problems such as jaywalking and bad driving habits does not lie in a rearrangement of the whole system.
Source: Global Times | 2014/11/24 19:33:01