CALT, China's largest organization for research, development and production of missiles and carrier rockets

Staff members work on a rocket, Oct. 27, 2016. China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) was established in 1957 and is China's largest organization for the research, development and production of missiles and carrier rockets. (Photo: Xinhua)

Uber unveils IPO terms that are well below expectations

Uber Technologies, the world's largest ride-hailing company, plans an initial public offering that values the company as much as one-third below what the startup's insiders had hoped for, between $80.5 ...

Samsung retrieving all Galaxy Fold samples

Samsung Electronics is retrieving all Galaxy Fold samples distributed to reviewers, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said on Tuesday, as the firm smarts from the reputational blow ...

NASA's Curiosity rover captures 2 solar eclipses on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover has captured two solar eclipses on Mars over the past few weeks caused by Phobos and Deimos, Mars' two moons, according to a NASA release on Thursday. ...
Source: Xinhua | 2019/4/5 19:15:23

China to further pilot medicine procurement program

A State Council executive meeting concluded Wednesday has called for benefiting more people when they seek medical care.
Source: Xinhua | 2019/4/4 20:56:09

China's commercial carrier rocket finishes engine test

China's first carrier rocket for commercial use, the Smart Dragon-1 (SD-1), has finished its engine test, paving way for its maiden flight in the first half of 2019, according to ...
Source: Xinhua | 2019/4/3 15:29:28

NASA plans to land astronauts on Mars by 2033

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine announced at a congressional testimony on Tuesday a plan to put human to Mars by 2033 and would request more money to fund the ambitious plan. ...
Source: Xinhua | 2019/4/3 8:54:23

China's new relay satellite to help video calls possible with space station

A new relay satellite launched late Sunday night will allow videos calls to be made between China's future space station and the ground and provide data transmission and control services ...
Source: Xinhua | 2019/4/1 19:33:29

China launches new data relay satellite

China sent a new data relay satellite into orbit from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province late Sunday night.
Source: Xinhua | 2019/4/1 9:19:41

Cuba, China to strengthen cooperation in biotech, pharmaceuticals

Cuba and China plan to bolster their strategic cooperation in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical areas in the coming years, a high-ranking Cuban official said following the conclusion of a two-day ...
Source: Xinhua | 2019/3/30 15:35:30

Two astronauts complete another 6.5-hour spacewalk this year to swap batteries

Two flight engineers of the United States space agency NASA completed the second spacewalk of this year out of the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday to upgrade the space ...
Source: Xinhua | 2019/3/30 9:17:13

5G real-time broadcast used in 11 surgeries at a Boao hospital

A total of 11 surgeries have been successfully broadcast in real time using 5G at the Hainan-based Boao Super Hospital, an employee at the hospital told the Global Times.
Source: Global Times | 2019/3/29 20:08:40

Cuba, China plan to accelerate, expand cooperation in biotechnology

Cuba and China plan to expand cooperation in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical sector after collaborating in different projects for more than a decade, said authorities from both nations on Thursday ...
Source: Xinhua | 2019/3/29 15:30:34

WMO report sounds alarm over global warming

Global warming has accelerated and brought about grave socio-economic challenges to the world, a report of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) showed.
Source: Xinhua | 2019/3/29 11:09:50

Third MC-21 Airliner Begins Flight Testing Despite US Sanctions

Earlier, the Russian government estimated that an additional 2.7 billion rubles (about US$40.7 million) in funding would be necessary for the creation of domestic composite wing materials for the MC-21 ...
Source: | 2019/3/29 9:39:36

Russia's Vostochny Cosmodrome Ready for Space, ISS Launches - Roscosmos

One of the routes opened for launches of Soyuz-2 carrier rockets from the Vostochny space center can be used to launch manned and cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station ...
Source: | 2019/3/29 9:36:44