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Modi's Nixonian pragmatism refreshes ties

Though it joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a founding member, there are suspicions among some Indian scholars that the bank will serve as an instrument of Chinese foreign and strategic policy.
Source: Global Times | 2015/5/14 23:23:01

Economy a dilemma for globe-trotting Modi

Modi is trying hard to attract foreign companies to invest in India. Wherever he goes, he emphasized how favorable India's environment is for foreign investments in the field of manufacturing.
Source: Global Times | 2015/5/17 22:23:01

Modi-Xi summit offers chance for shift to regional partnership

What all this means is that the ruling establishment of India does not wish to leave any stone unturned to ensure the positive environment for the Xi-Modi summit, which is expected to usher in a subtle “reset” in China-India relations marking a beginning of a gradual shift from bilateral-centric to regional and global
Source: Global Times | 2015/5/13 22:58:02

Can Modi's visit upgrade Sino-Indian ties?

Due to the Indian elites' blind arrogance and confidence in their democracy, and the inferiority of its ordinary people, very few Indians are able to treat Sino-Indian relations accurately, objectively and rationally.
Source: Global Times | 2015/5/11 23:53:01

Dragon-elephant rivalry should be rejected

I reject this idea that China and India are natural rivals. Yes, there is competition in many areas, but that is not to be afraid of. Competition does not mean confrontation or conflict.
Source: Global Times | 2015/5/12 23:03:01

Be rational toward current state and future development of China-India ties

The nature of major country relations is cooperation and competition, which is also the norm for future China-India relations. Against the backdrop of China upholding an active and pragmatic policy towards India and India following a two-track policy of strategic balance for economic cooperation, the theme of China-India relations will surely be actively promoting cooperation.
Source: CCTV.com | 2015/5/11 11:46:31

Modi sells India's modern image abroad while colleagues push medieval ideas

This has been lapped up in India where the public has grown up with leaders being understated on international platforms.
Source: Global Times | 2015/5/10 23:03:01