Bradley Blankenship
Bradley Blankenship is a Prague-based American journalist, columnist and political commentator.
  • Draconian anti-vagrancy laws exacerbate homelessness problem in US

    As the global community grapples with human rights issues, the treatment of unhoused individuals in the US raises significant concerns. An increasing number of homeless people are losing access to outdoor spaces as states and municipalities enact anti-vagrancy laws aimed at clearing out homeless populations. This punitive approach exacerbates the hardships faced by those already struggling, highlighting a severe lack of emphasis on human rights.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2024/5/28 17:13:08
  • Polarization in the US fuels 'prepper' movement

    Growing political polarization within the US is increasingly serving as a potent catalyst propelling the burgeoning "prepper" movement forward, reflecting a broader societal disquietude regarding the nation's political and economic trajectory.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2024/4/1 20:07:31
  • Rising pet surrenders in US reveal economic inequality

    The economic strain felt by average working individuals in the Western world, particularly in the US, has reached a critical juncture, compelling many to reassess fundamental aspects of their lives, including decisions about family and pets. As inflation continues to surge, the financial burden on households has become increasingly untenable, leading to difficult choices and heartbreaking consequences.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2024/2/29 17:05:14
  • US troops unwelcome, time to leave Syria, Iraq and respect sovereignty of nations

    The US military is fundamentally unwelcome in the Middle East, and if the US government truly “does not seek conflict” as it claims, it should withdraw its troops from the Middle East.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2024/2/8 16:51:31
  • The West should acknowledge China's carbon emissions accomplishments, and learn from it

    The West should acknowledge China's accomplishments and work earnestly with Beijing for the common good.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/10/31 16:58:24
  • US, NATO's role in invasion 12 years ago cannot be forgotten in Libyan floods

    Libya flood is described as a humanitarian tragedy. But there's another element to this that's not being discussed, namely the role of NATO during its invasion 12 years ago.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/9/17 20:39:54
  • 'Wonder weapon' myth is military-industrial complex PR scheme to profit from death

    It would be extraordinarily naive to believe that defense contractors and the people they fund have incentives that supersede the profit motive.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/9/11 18:11:45
  • Hawaii fires expose US government ineptitude

    The US possesses the most advanced and abundant disaster response and warning system, yet the rescue efforts for the Hawaii wildfires did not reflect a level that matches US national capabilities, resulting in an escalation of casualties.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/8/15 18:10:34
  • Beautiful China as a case study for developing nations

    The situation in Beijing serves as a microcosm of why China is considered a model for the world. This is not only due to its ambitious climate goals and pioneering green sector but also because of the significant efforts and changes the country has made.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/7/19 23:04:08
  • War crimes committed by US show its evil foreign policy

    Under numerous banners – ranging from democracy to human rights and anti-terrorism – the US has launched numerous wars. The terrible crimes the US committed in the wars show just how evil the country's foreign policy is.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/5/26 21:20:00
  • Ten years after Snowden leaks, dangers of US spying continue

    The age of unilateral regime change operations must come to a hard end as we enter a decade past the heroic efforts of Edward Snowden. It's high time that the international community says no to Washington's unending global surveillance.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/5/18 21:43:10
  • We should call out the Dalai Lama's behavior for what it is

    We must be brave enough to call it as we see it. No one should be above the law, not even the people we care about or idealize the most.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/4/17 19:14:15
  • Why is the US losing scientists while China is attracting global talent?

    China is not a wasteland of destitution that lacks opportunity; China is growing at break-neck speed, and with it too is the standard of living of the population.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/4/11 20:04:15
  • It is ridiculous to insinuate China is one-sided in respect to Russia, Ukraine

    China's cooperation with both sides actually makes it even more dependable in terms of brokering a compromise, and that was fully demonstrated in the recent diplomatic breakthrough between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/3/23 16:21:56
  • SVB's collapse reveals deep internal contradictions in the US

    It's not just Treasury bonds that are faulty either, with the US real estate market presenting a major unrealized challenge.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/3/17 15:59:11
  • Ohio train explosion reveals extreme corruption at highest levels

    The entire issue surrounding the Ohio train derailment appears to be a massive corruption scandal, whereby corporations are dictating policies that impact the lives of millions of people – and put them at significant risk.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/2/14 11:56:24
  • Western media focus on China's potential COVID-19 caseload serves American hegemony

    Chinese New Year has arrived, kicking off the weeklong Spring Festival holidays in China. Unfortunately, well wishes from the West have been hard to come by. Western media has even suggested that holiday travel in China, now with the lifting of most COVID-related restrictions, could cause a tsunami of cases and even deaths.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/1/24 14:12:43
  • Combating multipolar order diminishes US power

    There's a new viewpoint that's emerging in recent days that the US and its Western allies are uneasy about the prospects of a multipolar world. In fact, the US hardly recognizes this unavoidable fact while, at times, its European allies do pay some lip service to it. The US only has one viable option to combat this trend, with military force, which will inevitably weaken the US in every other sphere: economically, diplomatically, politically and in trade relations.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/1/16 23:57:11
  • Republican Party's deep contradictions driving speaker dilemma

    Without a speaker, the third-highest constitutional officer in the US, the House of Representatives is not essentially useless – it is completely useless.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2023/1/6 13:58:54
  • Smearing China won't help restore Washington's diminishing prestige

    No matter how China relaxes its controls, it is safe to say that this has been conducted much more thoroughly and objectively than the outright disregard for human life demonstrated by countries like the United States.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/12/19 21:12:26
  • Absence of red wave in midterms not a vote of confidence in Biden's agenda

    It is hard to square this reality with the general attitude emanating from the White House, that somehow Democrats actually won anything. They outperformed expectations relative to the most recent polls that came out prior to the election but they still lost the House. This does not legitimize the president or his agenda but indicates sufficient disagreement with it to change the power dynamic in Congress.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/11/18 13:15:04
  • US plutocracy: elections can be bought, do not reflect true public opinion

    The way the so-called democratic system is currently conceived in the US leaves much to be desired, to say the least. What is clear-as-day corruption in most comparable Western countries is the standard working order in Washington.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/11/6 16:39:29
  • US pandemic handling hits its competitiveness on international stage

    Educational outcomes and public health are not either/or; they are, in fact, inexplicably tied.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/10/28 15:21:14
  • Developing countries to benefit from China's peaceful rise

    China's success and prosperity will be brought about without plundering other nations. It will be brought about because of peaceful development. It is no exaggeration to say that the Chinese people's success and prosperity mean the same for people around the world.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/10/21 17:00:04
  • Are Russia and China destined for competition as Moscow pivots East?

    Are Russia and China destined for competition as Moscow pivots East? Russia is welcome to turn to the entire Global South – not just Asia – for economic opportunities in the future. The growth potential in South-South cooperation is so lucrative.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/9/20 17:29:56
  • A deeper look at US' declining life expectancy: US failed to implement human-centered public health and social policies

    US life expectancy continued its decline for the second straight year. Without a serious reversal of failed US policy to a more human-centered direction, we can expect to see continual drops in life expectancy and compounding years of life lost.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/9/5 14:16:30
  • China, and the world, are losing their rose-tinted glasses for America

    People from all over the world who have witnessed countless American war crimes, lies and irresponsible management of its great power are fed up. As a power that draws from its global image, this can only harm US' interests.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/8/18 20:21:13
  • Congress is destabilizing an already erratic US foreign policy

    That Congress can have such an outsized influence on foreign policy undermines established political norms within the US.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/8/7 17:47:52
  • The G7 is a big club… and you are not in it

    The Group of Seven (G7) summit kicked off this week in Germany and already the format has revealed itself to be an exclusive club of rich countries, not only because of the fact that it literally used to be the G8, having excluded Russia in 2014, but because of the toxic and fundamentally out-of-touch policies.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/6/30 23:09:53
  • Specter of white supremacy haunts the US

    The past few weeks have seen America rocked by multiple mass shootings, including a horrific attack on Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 children.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/6/8 12:04:00
  • Abortion rights debate in US belies deep class contradictions

    The fact that motherhood is so difficult and that Americans lack the social programs necessary to sustain biological reproduction demonstrates without a doubt that American society is in terminal decline.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/5/13 14:56:27
  • Good governance inspiring China's youth

    Editors Note: May 4 marks the Youth Day in China. Year 2022 also marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China. This generation of Chinese youth not only have more opportunities than their predecessors, but have interacted more with their peers elsewhere across the world.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/5/3 18:31:24
  • Persistence of mass shootings shows a fundamental failure of US domestic policy

    The fact that mass shootings are such a daily occurrence in US despite the country's go-to tactic of jailing offenders, disproportionately black people and people of lower-income, dispels the notion that more people in jail meant more safety.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/4/24 18:10:05
  • Why are American teens the most depressed they've ever been?

    Young Americans are becoming worse off than their parents and they know it. The promise of the American Dream is proving to be unattainable – and that is a depressing prospect for teenagers and young adults.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/4/15 15:05:01
  • Ruble's rebound shows de-globalization is impossible

    There is certainly a story out there somewhere about some monetary wizardry by Russia's central bank but the important piece of why the ruble has stabilized is that de-globalization has been proven to be impossible. It is a permanent feature of the global economy.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/4/7 14:48:24
  • Ukraine crisis a convenient excuse for Russophobia

    It feels like Europe has learned nothing from its long bouts with nationalism and that we could be heading for a more dangerous outcome if these nationalistic tempers aren't cooled.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/3/8 21:31:02
  • Beijing Olympics to give zero-COVID policy due credit

    Just as the international community rejected the politicization of the Olympics this year, so too should the international community reject the politicization of the pandemic.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2022/2/5 19:40:43
  • US and its allies are to blame for global democracy backslides

    As US global hegemony continues its inevitable decline, this is naturally leading to the expansion of political rights across the Global South. It means that US influence has been the thing actually holding back democracy for the majority of the global population.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2021/11/26 18:01:21
  • US appeal in Assange case deters the truth

    Washington, still not satisfied with the dystopian kidnapping ring it's firmly established among its vassals, is intent on taking personal action against Assange in order to make an example of him.

    By Bradley Blankenship | 2021/10/27 13:43:40