Li Hao
Photographer, Beijing
Li Hao is a photographer covering China’s social transformation and its impact on different groups, such as migrant workers.
  • Themed exhibition on coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region kicks off in Beijing

    The highly anticipated themed exhibition on the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region was launched at the Beijing Grand Canal Museum on Saturday as part of the 2024 Beijing Museum Month, which also kicked off on the same day. A ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/5/18 15:41:45
  • Beijing blossoms with Chinese roses in urban greening efforts

    In May, the Beijing roses are in full bloom. Along the main ring road of Beijing, various types of Chinese rose flowers bloom, adding vibrant colors to the streets. This "rose necklace" remains beautiful from early summer to late autumn. ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/5/16 23:20:18
  • Tanzanians celebrate China-Tanzania Year of Culture and Tourism in Beijing

    Tanzanians in Beijing deliver traditional dance and drum performances to celebrate the China-Tanzania Tourism and Culture Year, as Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Angellah Kairuki and Minister of Culture, Arts, and Sports Mohamed Mchengerwa are on a two-day ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/5/16 22:26:33
  • Buddha's birthday celebrated in Beijing

    The Buddhist Association of China held a commemorative event to observe this year's birth anniversary of the Buddha at the Guangji Temple in Beijing. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this year Buddha's birthday falls on May 15. The National Religious ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/5/16 16:48:47
  • Living alongside Asian elephants: a harmonious coexistence

    Residents of Tangdaoqing Village are embracing eco-friendly, low-carbon practices as they coexist with an expanding elephant population and habitat. Recently, 24 Asian elephants were spotted near the village in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, on May 12, ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/5/13 21:25:43
  • 8th China Science Fiction Convention to kick off in Beijing

    The 8th China Science Fiction Convention will be held at Beijing's Shougang Park from April 27-29. The convention will present a professional, authoritative, and internationally influential science and technology event to the public, further promoting the construction of a science ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/26 16:44:14
  • 278 Types of NEVs Showcased at China's Largest Auto Show as NEVs Take Center Stage

    In the first half of April 2024, the market share of new energy vehicles (NEVs) in China surpassed that of traditional fuel passenger vehicles for the first time. New energy vehicle models became the main focus and highlight of the ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/26 13:31:10
  • Busy browsing

    Visitors take photos of the Hongqi Golden Sunflower Premium model at the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on April 25, 2024. Photo: Li Hao/GT

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/25 23:06:57
  • Cutting-Edge auto parts and technology displayed at the 2024 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition

    The component parts exhibition area of the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is situated in the Chaoyang Hall of the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. The exhibition centered around three major themes: auto parts and components, electronics and systems, ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/25 22:22:43
  • Highlights of the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

    The 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition kicked off in the Shunyi District of Beijing, the capital of China, on April 25. The exhibition features 117 new cars from well-known domestic and international brands, along with 41 concept cars and 278 ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/25 21:34:36
  • 'Great Footprints' exhibition in Beijing celebrates China-France ties

    A new exhibition showcasing the ties between the de Gaulle family and the Chinese people opened on Wednesday at Beijing's He Art Museum.

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/24 20:22:44
  • Hobby Expo China 2024 is held in Beijing

    Hobby Expo China 2024 is held in Beijing on April 19. Covering an area of 16,000 square meters, the exhibition features over 1,500 new products from hundreds of manufacturers. Over the past 20 years, the expo has gained recognition as ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/19 20:38:05
  • Book fair opens in Beijing

    A book fair featuring a wide range of exquisite publications and cultural products kicks off in Beijing's Chaoyang Park on April 19, 2024. With over 270 exhibitors, including publishers and bookstores, the 11-day cultural extravaganza offers visitors a variety of ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/19 18:15:11
  • 14th Beijing International Film Festival opens with red carpet gala

    The red carpet for the opening ceremony of the 14th Beijing International Film Festival has taken place in Beijing's Huairou district. Hundreds of celebrities and filmmakers attended. In terms of the films at the festival, a total of 4,273 were ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/18 23:49:37
  • 14th Beijing International Film Festival kicks off

    The opening ceremony of the 14th Beijing International Film Festival has taken place in Beijing's Huairou district. With “Enlightened by Films, United as One” as the keywords, the festival began with an opening ceremony featuring over 200 celebrities, including director ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/18 23:47:43
  • BJIFF kicks off

    Director Zhang Yimou (second from right) poses for photos with the main cast members of his film Article 20, Liu Yaowen (left), Ma Li (second from left) and Lei Jiayin, during the red carpet gala for the opening ceremony of ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/18 22:02:15
  • Divine Granary of Altar of the God of Agriculture opens to public in Beijing

    Visitors attend the opening ceremony of the Divine Granary of the Altar of the God of Agriculture (Xiannongtan Temple), which is now also the Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum on April 18, 2024. It makes the first public opening of the ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/18 16:34:13
  • Ethnic opera 'Liu Liuzhou' premieres in Beijing, showcasing Guangxi culture

    The ethnic opera "Liu Liuzhou" premiered at the China National Opera House during Guangxi's "Double Third Festival." Focused on the life of Liu Zongyuan, one of the "The Eight Great Masters" (eight literal masters in the Tang and Song dynasties), ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/13 0:32:16
  • Festival for trendy toys opens in Beijing

    The Beijing Pop Toy Season opened on Friday at the Pop Mart City Park in Chaoyang district, Beijing, allowing visitors to buy trendy toys, exchange ideas, and watch performances. This international toy festival will span two weekends, featuring 26 autograph ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/12 23:55:03
  • Xinjiang holds regional development event with foreign diplomats

    While Muslims in China are celebrating Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, the regional government of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held an event in Beijing on Wednesday to introduce to the ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/10 22:28:13
  • Muslims gather at Niujie Mosque in Beijing to mark Eid al-Fitr, end of Ramadan

    Beijing's Niujie Mosque is buzzing with joy today as Muslims gathered from around the world to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. The festive atmosphere was filled with greetings, blessings, and the aroma of traditional dishes. Families came together, dressed in their finest, ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/10 18:43:09
  • Ming Dynasty Culture Festival starts in Beijing's Changping district

    A culture festival kicked off on Thursday in Beijing's Changping district. The Ming Dynasty Culture Festival, a public festival that recreates cultural scenes from the ancient Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), started with a grand royal ceremony in the morning. Ming culture ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/4 18:45:04
  • Beijing honors body and organ donors at memorial service

    The Red Cross Society of China Beijing Branch held the 18th "Tribute to Life" memorial service for body and organ donation volunteers at Changqing Life Memorial Park on April 3. To date, nearly 30,000 individuals in Beijing have registered as ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/4/3 19:24:06
  • Cherry blossoms in full bloom at Beijing's Yuyuantan Park

    Cherry blossoms at Beijing's Yuyuantan Park are now in full bloom on March 29, 2024. Yuyuantan Park, renowned for its cherry blossoms, is a must-visit destination in Beijing during spring, drawing visitors to take photos and admire the floral beauty. ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/29 16:33:59
  • Clean energy innovation takes center stage at CEEC2024

    The 2024 Clean Energy Expo China takes place from March 26 to 28, 2024, at the China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Hall) in Beijing. Since its inception in 2009, it has served as China's pioneering expo focusing on clean energy ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/26 17:16:43
  • Revisit the old revolutionary route to Beijing

    The opening ceremony of the revolutionary cultural relics theme tour was held at the site of the old Qinghuayuan Railway station on Monday. This is to commemorate the historical route that the Communist Party of China (CPC) took to arrive ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/25 20:43:27
  • An art exhibition exploring the aesthetics of the Song and Yuan Dynasties held in Beijing

    An art exhibition named “See You Again, Huizong” displaying various types of artworks of the Song Dynasty (960-1127) and Yuan Dynasty ((1279-1368) was held at Beijing's China Millennium Monument Museum on Saturday. Visitors fully experienced the cultural and artistic connotations ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/23 16:16:35
  • New exhibition tells stories of China's cultural beauty

    A new exhibition hosted by the China Academy of Art – The Song of the Earth: Artistic Documentary for a Better China – opened on Wednesday at the Beijing World Art Museum of the China Millennium Monument.

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/20 21:32:02
  • Power of the sun

    A man takes a photo of an exhibit at the 2024 China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition in Beijing on March 19, 2024. The exhibition is expected to attract the participation of more than 110 renowned domestic and international companies and ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/19 23:02:00
  • 'Nuclear Energy Development for A Net-zero World' exhibition kicks off in Beijing

    The 2024 China international nuclear industry exhibition, themed "Nuclear Energy Development for A Net-zero World," is being held at the Beijing Exhibition Hall from March 19 to 22, 2024. The exhibition is expected to attract the participation from more than ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/19 18:16:40
  • Sculpture Exhibition Reliving China's Aerospace History Held in Beijing

    A sculpture exhibition themed on China's aerospace historic achievements was recently held at the China National Arts and Crafts Museum. This exhibition, using sculpture as a medium, captures the touching moments of the progress of China's aerospace industry, remembering the ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/16 15:58:12
  • Humanoid robot competition kicks off in Beijing; top domestic industry companies gather and compete

    A humanoid robot competition hosted by the Chinese Institute of Electronics kicked off in Beijing on March 13. More than 120 projects participate in this competition, covering domestic leading enterprises, universities and research institutes in various fields, including complete humanoid ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/13 22:30:42
  • Sanitation workers in Beijing get free haircuts on Dragon Head-Raising Day

    Today is the traditional Dragon Head-Raising Day, which falls on the second day of the second month in Chinese lunar calendar. Many Chinese believe that having their hair cut on this day can bring good fortune. Hair salons in Beijing ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/11 11:23:37
  • Beijing Baoguo Temple second-hand book fair kicks off

    On March 2, Beijing's Baoguo Temple Second-hand Book Fair kicked off, focusing on the recycling of old books and enriched with intangible cultural heritage activities. This event offers a unique platform for citizens to freely exchange books, promoting a blend ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/2 21:14:43
  • Pet Expo opens in Beijing

    The 3rd Pet Fair Beijing will be held at the Beijing International Convention Center from March 1 to 3, 2024. This fair, the first of its kind in the Year of the Dragon, is a vibrant marketplace showcasing adorable pets, ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/3/1 17:03:39
  • Beijing's Mentougou District holds cultural event to celebrate Lantern Festival

    The Qianjuntai & Zhuanghu Village Fan Hui is a nationally recognized intangible cultural heritage event, which is held every year on the 15th and 16th day of the lunar calendar. With a history spanning centuries, it aims to pray for ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/25 0:11:57
  • Folk activities held in Beijing to celebrate Lantern Festival

    Folk activities celebrating the Lantern Festival are held at the Longfu Temple in Beijing from February 23 to 25, 2024. Local residents experienced traditional sports and crafts such as archery, pitching pot, painting fans, and making handcrafted lanterns. Attendees also ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/23 18:39:16
  • Beijing residents queue up to buy glutinous rice balls for Lantern Festival

    Beijing residents queue up to buy glutinous rice balls, also known as yuanxiao, in front of time-honored stores in Beijing ahead of the Lantern Festival. This year's Lantern Festival falls on February 24. (Photos: Li Hao/GT)

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/23 16:46:01
  • Tourists enjoy the beautiful snow in Beijing

    Beijing welcomed its first snowfall of the Year of the Dragon on Tuesday night. Today, numerous tourists flocked to the Temple of Heaven, taking photos and reveling in the stunning contrast between the pristine white snow and the park's iconic ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/21 18:05:21
  • Museums experience a surge in popularity during Spring Festival holidays

    During the Spring Festival holidays, museums across China have launched themed exhibitions and cultural activities for the Year of the Dragon, making them popular tourist destinations. Major museums in Nanjing and Xuzhou, in East China's Jiangsu Province, sold out their ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/15 17:09:22
  • Spring Festival holidaymakers crowd attractions

    As Spring Festival celebrations continue, crowds flock to scenic spots such as the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and the Ming Tomb scenic spot in Nanjing, and the Baolian Temple in Xuzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province. Evenings come alive with enchanting lantern ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/14 21:33:46
  • Temple fairs held in Beijing during Spring Festival

    Temple fairs are being held in Beijing during the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival. At Shougang Park, industrial heritage seamlessly blends with cyberpunk China-chic, offering a unique experience that merges folk customs with fashion trends. Dragon-themed sculptures adorn the ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/10 17:30:29
  • Festive vibe at Beijing's Qianmen Street as Spring Festival approaches

    This year's Spring Festival falls on February 10, 2024. As the Spring Festival approaches, Beijing's Qianmen Street is decorated with red lanterns and the Chinese character “Fu" or "blessing" in English. Visitors are flocking to Qianmen Street, Beijing's vibrant hub ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/9 19:36:15
  • Cultural exhibition about dragons opens at National Natural History Museum of China

    On the occasion of Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon, the exhibition "Jia-chen Year of the Loong Zodiac Culture" opened on Tuesday at the National Natural History Museum of China. Through pictures, videos, and precious artefacts, the exhibition comprehensively showcases ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/6 23:09:37
  • National Museum of China launches Year of the Dragon cultural exhibition as Spring Festival approaches

    On the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dragon, the National Museum of China has selected over 200 cultural relics for an exhibition titled "A New Year Guarded by the Dragon." This exhibition interprets the totem and ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/5 21:48:43
  • Beijing Olympic Museum reopens to the public on Second Anniversary of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

    On the second anniversary of the hosting of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the upgraded Beijing Olympic Museum reopened to the public on Saturday. The museum is located in the south of the National Stadium (Bird's Nest), with a ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/4 15:39:08
  • Upland Buzzard released to wild after rehabilitation in Beijing

    The Beijing Raptor Rescue Center (BRRC) released an Upland Buzzard, a nationally second-level protected animal, in the suburbs of Beijing on February 2, 2024. The bird was discovered by birdwatchers near a reservoir last December. Due to its extremely weakened ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/2 23:24:34
  • New exhibition at NAMOC sees treasures from the country's top art museums

    The National Art Museum of China kicked off a new exhibition on Thursday, which includes paintings and prints from 15 museums. Most of these art pieces are from China's top artists like Li Keran, Guan Shanyue and Fu Baoshi. The ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/1 21:29:29
  • Chinese painting exhibition unveiled in Beijing

    An exhibition called Painting a New Chapter: Academic Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Painting opened at the National Museum of China in Beijing on January 31, 2024. Jointly organized by the National Museum of China, the China Artists Association, and the ...

    By Li Hao | 2024/2/1 0:21:15
  • Festive color

    Amid a lively and vibrant atmosphere filled with red colors, residents shop for Chinese New Year goods in a shopping mall in Beijing's Fengtai district, before the arrival of the Spring Festival, which falls on February 10 this year.

    By Li Hao | 2024/1/28 20:42:00