Li Hao
Photographer, Beijing
Li Hao is a photographer covering China’s social transformation and its impact on different groups, such as migrant workers.
  • National Natural History Museum of China opens in Beijing

    The National Natural History Museum of China, which officially opened to the public in Beijing on June 5, 2023, held its first open day on June 6, attracting numerous visitors. The museum's new exhibition, "Curator's Choice Collections, Preserving the Past ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/6/6 17:44:07
  • Digital exhibition of ancient rhino-shaped bronze wine vessel on display at National Museum of China

    After nearly a year of preparation, an exhibition featuring a rhino-shaped bronze wine vessel through digital means is opened to the public at the National Museum of China. The Western Han Dynasty rhino-shaped bronze wine vessel, made of gold and ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/6/5 17:08:10
  • Exhibition showcasing cultural relics of ancient Roman civilization to open in Beijing

    The "Light of Ancient Roman Civilization" exhibition is set to open in Beijing, featuring treasures from Italy's National Archaeological Museum of Naples. This exhibition highlights the cultural exchange between Eastern and Western civilizations and will be available for viewing throughout ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/6/3 0:09:12
  • Sci-fi exhibition kicks off in Beijing

    The China Science Fiction Convention (CSFC) 2023 is being held in Beijing from May 29 to June 4. As an important part of it, a science fiction exhibition is taking place in the Zhongguancun Science Fiction Industry Innovation Center

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/31 0:14:27
  • New frontiers

    A boy goes through the exhibits at China Science Fiction Convention 2023 in Beijing on May 30, 2023. A range of latest technologies and products are showcased at the exhibition.

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/30 23:50:11
  • China Sci-Fi Convention showcases new technologies, products

    China Science Fiction Convention (CSFC) 2023 will be holding an exhibition of new technologies and products from May 29 to June 4 at the Shougang Park in Beijing's Shijingshan District. The exhibition focuses on the latest achievements and innovations in ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/30 15:17:08
  • Play combining cultural relics and performance staged at National Museum of China

    The first domestic play combining cultural relics and performance is staged at the theater of the National Museum of China in Beijing on Saturday. The play features the ceramic figure "Pottery Storyteller Beating a Drum" and combines artistic forms from ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/28 0:06:03
  • Hard-tech carnival held in Beijing at 2023 Exhibition of ZGC Forum

    A hard-tech carnival, one of the supporting events for the 2023 Exhibition of Zhongguancun Forum, was held in Beijing on May 26, 2023. The carnival featured a global launch night for hard-tech products and an immersive experience of groundbreaking technological ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/27 0:29:07
  • Buddhist Association of China celebrates Buddha's Birthday at Guangji Temple

    The Buddhist Association of China held a celebration for Buddha's Birthday at Guangji Temple in Beijing on May 26, 2023. Representatives from the Han, Tibetan, and Southern Buddhist communities across the country, as well as diplomats from Cambodia, South Korea, ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/26 20:12:30
  • Cutting-edge tech products showcased at 2023 Exhibition of ZGC Forum

    2023 Exhibition of ZGC Forum kicks off on Friday with an area covering 27,000 square meters. The exhibition, which will be held from May 26-30, has attracted over 650 exhibitors. Visitors will be amazed by a large number of cutting-edge ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/26 16:31:58
  • 2023 ZGC Forum to kick off with six exhibition areas showcasing latest tech advances

    The 2023 ZGC Forum is set to open Thursday, with the exhibition covering an area of 27,000 square meters.

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/25 14:06:32
  • Listen to history: Sound Art Museum opens in Beijing

    For every visitor who has been to Beijing, do you still remember the vibrant symphony of sounds resonating through its bustling city center? From the melodious whistling of local pigeon breeders to the energetic calls of kitchen knife vendors in ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/24 22:27:32
  • InPics: Red carpet ceremony of the 18th and 19th China Huabiao Film Awards

    The red carpet ceremony of the 18th and 19th China Huabiao #Film Awards kicked off at National Indoor Stadium in #Beijing on Tue. Over 50 films and their creators were revealed as nominees, and the winners would be announced on ...

    By Chen Xi and Li Hao | 2023/5/23 21:43:32
  • Exhibitions mark 60th anniversary of National Art Museum of China

    The National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) kicks off a series of exhibitions to mark the museum's 60th anniversary on May 23, 2023. The Beauty in the New Era includes not only its large collection of Chinese traditional masterpieces but ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/23 14:59:46
  • Children's congenital heart disease screening aid medical team brings warmth to Xinjiang region

    To help more children with congenital heart disease receive treatment and help support rural revitalization, from May 9 to 21, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation launched the "Angel Journey - Xinjiang Congenital Heart Disease Screening and Assistance Action." The medical ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/22 19:39:50
  • Soccer integrated into life of people in Xinjiang

    Soccer has become an inseparable part of the lives of many people in Xinjiang. In the winding alleys of Kashi's old town, one can always spot children playing soccer, whether it's the early hours of the morning or the twilight ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/18 22:57:07
  • Soccer oasis on Silk Road: Sport long been part of Xinjiang region's societal fabric, nurtures talent under robust support

    If you seek an oasis of soccer enthusiasts along the Silk Road, look no further than the Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Here, from rural lanes to vast grasslands and even the desolate desert, Uygurs revel in the joy ...

    By Lin Xiaoyi and Li Hao in Kashi | 2023/5/18 22:56:38
  • The National Museum of China celebrates International Museum Day with a special event at the Cultural and Creative Experience Zone

    International Museum Day is celebrated every year on May 18, and this year's theme is "Museums, Sustainability and Wellbeing.". This theme emphasizes the positive role of museums in meeting people's diversified needs for a better life and realizing people's ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/18 19:04:13
  • Xinjiang's thriving soccer training sessions become playground for youth

    Nowadays, playing soccer, joining a professional team and playing more games has become the goal of countless children in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. In recent years, the relevant departments in Xinjiang have given strong support to the development ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/17 23:31:10
  • Night markets in Xinjiang's Kashi embrace hustle and bustle

    With the optimization of COVID-19 management, the night markets in Kashi Prefecture, one of the important tourist destinations in NW China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, embrace the hustle and bustle again.

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/16 19:58:52
  • Local dance party unfolds at Xinjiang's food bazaar

    The love for music and dance runs deep within the Uygur people in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. When the evening descends upon Shache county in Kashi Prefecture, a food bazaar comes alive, offering not only the unique food ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/15 1:33:33
  • Lively market day in Xinjiang

    Shache county in Kashi Prefecture, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was once again bustling with activity on Sunday. On this day, Uygur men in doppa and women in brightly colored dresses flock to the local village market, the Misha ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/15 0:47:02
  • People visit themed exhibition at the "Red Building" of Peking University in Beijing on China's Youth Day

    On May 4, 2023, China's Youth Day, many citizens and tourists visit the themed exhibition at the "Red Building" of Peking University in Beijing. The "Red Building," once the main campus of Peking University, has witnessed several of China's major ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/5/4 19:23:17
  • National Museum of China conducts comprehensive safety drill

    The National Museum of China conducts a comprehensive safety drill on Thursday, involving museum staff, firefighters, and police officers. The exercise includes simulated scenarios such as vigilance and evacuation, on-site rescue, emergency command, and departmental coordination. The drill effectively enhances ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/27 23:48:30
  • Beijing students showcase first-aid skills in knowledge competition

    168 students from grades 6 to 8 in Beijing showcase their first-aid skills in a competition aimed at promoting knowledge of first-aid on Thursday. The event consists of quizzes and skill demonstrations on topics such as bone fracture fixation and ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/27 23:33:43
  • Exhibition of self-portraits from Uffizi Galleries collections

    The National Museum of China and the Uffizi Galleries of Italy jointly launched an exhibition on self-portrait masterpieces from the Uffizi Galleries collections on April 26, 2023. The exhibition will be open to the public from 10 am on April ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/26 21:38:06
  • Beijing Capital International Airport said on Wednesday that it expects 831,900 passenger trips during the coming May Day holidays

    Beijing Capital International Airport said on Wednesday that it expects 831,900 passenger trips during the coming May Day holidays. The daily passenger flow is expected to peak between April 29 and May 3.

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/26 20:56:52
  • Traditional gouache peony paintings in Shandong turn farmers into artists

    Artists paint traditional claborate-style peony paintings in their studios in Juye county, East China's Shandong Province on April 20, 2023. Many of these artists come from a farming background. In Juye, over 20,000 people are involved in the creation of ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/22 18:11:43
  • Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr in Beijing

    Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, on Saturday in Beijing. Chinese and foreign Muslims attended a grand prayer at the Niujie Mosque and tasted delicacies at Niujie street in Beijing's ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/22 13:39:45
  • Peony industry drives rural revitalization in Heze, Shandong

    From peony bud tea to peony seed oil, tourism, and livestreaming… In Heze, East China's Shandong Province, more and more people are engaged in industries related to peonies. As a distinctive industry in the city known as China's "City of ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/21 20:33:54
  • Blooming Peonies attract tourists in Heze, E China's Shandong

    Tourists enjoyed blooming peonies at the peony gardens in Heze, East China's Shandong Province on April 20, 2023. Heze is known as the "City of Peonies" and hosts a Peony Festival every spring when peonies are in full bloom. Photos: ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/21 15:10:35
  • People enjoy leisure time buying books at the Beijing Book Fair

    The Beijing Book Fair, held from April 14 to 24 in 2023, is a book fair with history of more than 40 years. This year's fair has simultaneously launched online and offline sub-exhibitions. It has set up eight theme areas, ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/16 11:38:37
  • Construction of Hainan FTP speeds up

    A number of domestic and foreign jewelry companies have set up processing and manufacturing plants in the Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone in S China's Hainan Province, taking advantage of relevant free trade port policies. Hainan aims to realize independent customs ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/12 19:13:08
  • Plain sailing for Hainan yacht market

    The yacht club for the third China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE) was unveiled in Haikou, capital of South China's Hainan Province, on Tuesday. Over 130 brands from 12 countries and regions are displayed at the expo. It is expected ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/12 16:26:28
  • A view of the national pavilions at the Hainan expo

    A number of countries including, France, Italy, Japan, Canada and Afghanistan have set up national pavilions at the ongoing third China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE) in Haikou, capital of South China's Hainan Province. The six-day expo kicked off on ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/11 19:57:03
  • Premium products on display at Hainan expo

    The third China International Consumer Products Expo kicked off in Haikou, the capital of South China's Hainan Province, on Monday. The event features a range of high-end products, such as coffee, wine, glassware, crystal, and jewelry, which have drawn in ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/10 22:36:16
  • Fashion week kicks off at Hainan expo

    The third China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE) commenced its fashion week in Haikou, South China's Hainan Province, on Monday. The runway show featured designs by Grace Chen, showcasing Chinese culture and oriental beauty.

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/10 22:12:28
  • Tourists head for peach blossoms in Nyingchi, Xizang

    Tourists enjoy their visit in the pink sea of peach blossoms in Gala village, Nyingchi prefecture of SW China's Xizang Autonomous Region on March 26, 2023. The annual Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will officially open on Tuesday.

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/9 20:17:53
  • 'Central Axis' exhibition to begin in Beijing, showcasing essence of Chinese philosophy

    Starting on Tuesday, the “Beijing Central Axis” exhibition is going to be held at the Capital Museum. Following the evolution of the concept of “central axis” during the thousands of years old Chinese civilization, the exhibition reveals the essence of ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/9 20:15:13
  • Cherry blossoms at Yuyuantan Park in Beijing attract a large number of visitors

    Early-blooming cherry blossoms in Yuyuantan Park attract a large number of visitors in Beijing.

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/9 20:08:50
  • Memorial held to pay tribute to organ donors in Beijing

    The Red Cross Society of China Beijing Branch held the 17th Life Memorial Service in commemoration of organ donors at the Changqing Life Memorial Park in Beijing on April 8, 2023. The cumulative registered number of donations in Beijing has ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/8 16:23:23
  • Tribute to martyrs

    People stand in silence and pay tribute to martyrs with flowers at the Museum of the War of People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in Beijing on April 4, 2023, at an event to honor the country's martyrs on Qingming Festival. ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/5 23:54:59
  • Parents with children sweeping graves for extinct animals on Tomb-Sweeping Day in Beijing

    On April 5, 2023, the Tomb-sweeping Day, many families with children came to sweep the graves for extinct animals in Beijing Nanhaizi Milu Park, which is a traditional event held by the park every year during Qingming Festival, or Tomb-Sweeping ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/5 22:03:09
  • Memorial activity paying tribute to revolutionary martyrs kicks off in Beijing

    Memorial activity paying tribute to revolutionary martyrs began at the Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in Beijing on April 4, one day ahead of the Qingming Festival, or the Tomb-sweeping Day. Over 600 representatives ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/4 15:07:19
  • World Autism Awareness Day charity auction dinner held in Beijing

    On World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, 2023, a charity auction dinner was held in Beijing, co-sponsored by China Charities Aid Foundation for Children and Beijing Stars and Rain Education Institute for Autism. The event aimed to raise funds for ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/3 1:05:59
  • Festival showcasing culture of Ming Dynasty held in Beijing

    A festival showcasing the culture of the Ming Dynasty takes place at the Juyongguan Pass scenic area in Beijing from April 1 to 9. Visitors can watch a performance depicting the Ming army's battle against Mongol troops. (Photos: Li Hao/GT)

    By Li Hao | 2023/4/1 23:04:38
  • Severe sandstorm hits Beijing

    The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow alert for sandstorms at 5:40 am on March 22, 2023. A sandstorm has swept across the city, with a steep increase in PM10 concentrations and a minimum visibility of less than 1,000 meters ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/3/22 16:56:55
  • Pandas at Beijing Zoo attract numerous visitors

    The panda house at the Beijing Zoo has recently seen numerous visitors, as people share great concerns over the giant panda Ya Ya's upcoming return to China from the US. Many visitors wait outside the panda house ahead of opening ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/3/21 16:58:45
  • A brand-new Gongti

    Located in downtown Beijing, the Workers' Stadium, known by its Chinese abbreviation Gongti, has been labeled as a symbol of the history and progress of Chinese sport. After two years of redevelopment, the stadium is expected to open to audiences again ...

    By Li Hao | 2023/3/16 22:27:58
  • Pakistani art at Palace Museum

    The largest exhibition of Gandhara art ever held in China, showcasing the diverse cultures of Pakistan and the long history of China-Pakistani relations, kicked off at the Palace Museum in Beijing on Wednesday, receiving widespread attention at home and abroad.

    By Lin Xiaoyi and Li Hao | 2023/3/15 23:54:28