Zhang Hui
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  • EU FMs to only 'verbally' support Lithuania over China policy at Friday's meeting; Vilnius may 'backfire domestically with govt instability'

    Despite a whirlwind of interviews given by the Lithuanian foreign minister to render a "China pressure" atmosphere in the bloc, Friday's EU foreign ministers' meeting will only come up with "verbal" support for Lithuania, rather than any tangible outcomes to appease the "little brother," as being kidnapped by the Baltic country will only exacerbate the bloc's internal disputes and harm its own interests, Chinese analysts said.

    By Zhang Hui | 2022/1/14 18:21:17
  • Lithuanian govt faces growing domestic opposition over anti-China policy

    Growing opposition among Lithuanian politicians is tearing apart its government over the country's wrong move of allowing the opening of a "Taiwan representative office," with the opposition party leader urging its foreign minister to step down, and Chinese observers said that the opposition will dominate politics in the Baltic country and may eventually change the name of the office.

    By Zhang Hui | 2022/1/13 0:11:34
  • Chinese FM wraps up visit in Sri Lanka that boosts trade, while Western media unfairly hypes debt issue

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi successfully wrapped up his first New Year trip on Sunday in Sri Lanka, the last leg of a multinational trip that also took him to three African countries and the Maldives, with deepened mutually beneficial pragmatic cooperation, which Chinese observers said cannot be shaken by some noise from Western media that labeled such cooperation "debt trap" or "white elephant projects" in order to smear China and sow discord between China and other countries.

    By Zhang Hui and Qi Xijia | 2022/1/10 23:40:37
  • Discovering 500 new, China's FAST telescope becomes world's most efficient facility for discovering pulsars

    Chinese scientists have identified over 500 new pulsars using the 500-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), known as China's Tianyan or "Sky Eye," making it the most efficient facility for discovering pulsars in the world since its operation started on January 11, 2020.

    By Zhang Hui | 2022/1/6 21:51:35
  • Taiwan island 'sponsors premeditated riots' in Solomon Islands: nation's media

    Local media in the Solomon Islands recently reported that Taiwan island allegedly sponsored the "premeditated" anti-government riots in Honiara with the purpose of trying to pull down the government of the Solomon Islands and sabotage relations between China and the Solomon Islands.

    By Zhang Hui and Fan Lingzhi | 2022/1/4 18:50:00
  • Xi hails 2021 as 'year of exceptional significance' and a 'resilient & dynamic China' on way to great rejuvenation in his new year speech

    Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday night delivered his 2022 New Year Address, the ninth straight annual speech since 2014, in which he hailed the 2021 as a year of "exceptional significance." Xi thanked the hard work of countless unsung heroes, stressed China's all-round achievements and the determination of China's complete reunification, and called for global solidarity.

    By Wang Qi and Zhang Hui | 2021/12/31 22:58:21
  • Beijing tightens controls amid resurgence and Omicron, 'to ensure safe Winter Olympics”

    Facing dual COVID-19 risks from a domestic flare-up and the raging Omicron variant overseas, Beijing on Friday tightened epidemic prevention and control measures and vowed to strictly adhere to a dynamic zero policy as Chinese New Year and the Beijing Winter Olympics approach.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/12/24 22:13:23
  • Japan's Winter Olympics decision a 'failed balancing act' displeasing both China and US

    After a month of indecision, Japan announced it would not send a government delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics, but will send three heavyweights with ties to the Olympics, while not daring to use the term "diplomatic boycott." Chinese analysts said Japan's decision was a failed balancing act that is unlikely to satisfy either neighboring China or its US ally, as Chinese netizens called Japan "biting the hand that feeds it," citing China's support of the Tokyo Olympics, but the US might not be pleased since Japan did not firmly follow the US move of "diplomatic boycott."

    By Zhang Hui and Wang Qi | 2021/12/24 21:10:57
  • Biden reveals 'placebo-like' Omicron plans ahead of bleak Christmas with soaring prices and fears of new variant

    For many Americans, their dream of a white Christmas this year might turn out to be a black one, with fears of an Omicron storm and inflation reaching a 40-year high despite US President Joe Biden's new Omicron plans, and to some Chinese observers, Biden's "placebo-like" plans reflect his biggest governing feature of inaction, which is likely to make him the first US president who "so failed in the first year in office."

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/12/22 23:04:48
  • Will COVID-19 pandemic truly come to an end in 2022?

    After the World Health Organization (WHO) chief on Monday sounded the alarm over the fast spread of the Omicron variant while stating the world must end the pandemic in 2022, Chinese observers said the precondition for ending the pandemic lies in whether the WHO can play a leading role in ending vaccine inequity and developing more effective vaccines, truly unite member states and global scientists, and abandon politicization.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/12/21 22:30:21
  • HK LegCo candidates gear up for 1st election without threats and provocations; residents prepare to defend new normal by voting

    It has been a very busy week for candidates running for the Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) election, to be held on Sunday, as some of them have a packed schedule for campaigning, attending forums to mobilize the public to vote, and using all kinds of social media platforms.

    By Chen Qingqing and Zhang Hui | 2021/12/17 20:04:20
  • Closed loop management for Beijing Winter Olympics participants confirmed in 2nd Playbook, necessary to fend risks amid Omicron spread

    With the release of the second and final version of the Beijing 2022 Playbook on Monday night, the requirements for Beijing Winter Olympics participants from their departure to entering and leaving China such as vaccination and closed loop management have been confirmed.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/12/15 1:00:35
  • Canadian ambassador to China resigns amid growing US pressure, criticism for his stance of developing positive China ties

    Canadian Ambassador to China Dominic Barton's resignation was seen by Chinese observers as coming amid growing domestic criticism for his stand of developing positive ties with China and pressure from the US, and observers said that the premise for improving China-Canada ties was that Canada abandons its political bias against China and drops any potential thought of following the US' "diplomatic boycott" of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

    By Zhang Hui and Shen Weiduo | 2021/12/7 22:33:39
  • Russia, India eye finalizing S-400 deal as Putin visits Modi

    India is expected to move forward with the delivery of a Russian S-400 missile defense system despite possible US sanctions as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met on Monday in New Delhi. According to Chinese observers, this reflects India's growing uncertainty and confusion over its pro-US policy while highlighting the unbridgeable gap between India and the US, as the latter wishfully attempts to force India to completely cut off its tradition of non-alignment on national security and turn it into a vassal of its China policy in the Indo-Pacific region.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Yelu | 2021/12/7 0:23:39
  • Team China Olympic heroes inspire national pride in HK as Lam welcomes 'favorable environment' for unleashing patriotism

    When an all-star Olympic delegation of 29 Team China athletes arrived in Hong Kong on Friday for a three-day visit to the Chinese city, the victory lap of Tokyo 2020 medalists, which is also part of the tradition for Chinese Olympians to visit the city since its return to the motherland in 1997, is expected to arouse strong repercussions, echoing rising patriotism in recent months following a number of activities in Hong Kong such as local youth talking with taikonauts, an exhibition of lunar soil and the screening of The Battle at Lake Changjin.

    By Chen Qingqing, Zhang Hui and Bai Yunyi | 2021/12/3 21:04:12
  • Strict control, vaccine research give China edge on Omicron

    With the world reporting more cases of Omicron variant on Tuesday and more Western countries hastening to close their doors, China, where so far only Hong Kong has reported cases, is calmly and confidently responding to possible challenges with vaccine research and the experience gained from China's dynamic zero-COVID policy.

    By Zhang Hui and Cui Fandi | 2021/11/30 23:19:23
  • China to chart path for stronger ties with Africa for next 3 years at upcoming forum

    Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend a forum on China-Africa cooperation via video link next week and is expected to put forward new measures for cooperation with Africa for the next three years in key areas including trade, investment and climate change as well as help the continent fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, senior officials from the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Friday when the country's first white paper on cooperation between the two sides in the past decades was launched.

    By Liu Xin and Zhang Hui | 2021/11/26 22:23:07
  • Chinese researchers allay fears of new COVID variant despite finding infection cases in HKSAR

    Several countries and regions including Israel, South Africa and China's Hong Kong have identified cases of what some Western media called the "worst" or "horrific" new variant of COVID-19, known as B.1.1.529, which carried an unusually large number of mutations and raised public concerns on its transmission capacity and possible ability to escape vaccine-induced immunity.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/11/26 21:33:39
  • China releases white paper China-Africa cooperation in new era

    Ahead of the upcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Senegal, China on Friday released its first white paper on China-Africa cooperation, documenting the successes of China-Africa cooperation in the new era and offering a perspective on future cooperation between the two sides.

    By Liu Xin and Zhang Hui | 2021/11/26 10:04:26
  • Europe likely to be hit more severely by COVID-19 in December, January

    Hurling fireworks and setting fire to vehicles, thousands of people have taken to the streets in Europe recently to protest against reinforced COVID-19 measures as a new wave of the virus sweeps through the continent. Worse may yet be to come as winter and the Christmas festive season could boost infections, Chinese observers warned.

    By Zhang Hui and Wan Hengyi | 2021/11/25 0:29:51
  • China, ASEAN expected to upgrade ties to comprehensive strategic partnership at special summit, as US provocation fails in region

    China and the ASEAN are expected to officially upgrade their relations to tap into more high-quality cooperation potential - including COVID-19 vaccine research - at the upcoming special summit commemorating the 30th anniversary of ASEAN-China dialogue relations on Monday, Chinese observers said, after the two sides deepened mutual interests through "Asian means" of mutual respect, friendly negotiation and win-win cooperation throughout the past 30 years, creating the most successful example of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

    By Zhang Hui and Wang Wenwen | 2021/11/19 18:15:35
  • Update: Xi, Biden to hold virtual meeting, 'positive sign' for improving fraught ties

    Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet with US President Joe Biden via video link on the morning of November 16 (Beijing Time), Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Saturday.

    By Liu Xin and Zhang Hui | 2021/11/13 9:10:43
  • Key plenum stresses CPC leadership with strong core key to leading nation toward rejuvenation

    The just-concluded sixth plenary session of the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has highlighted the significance of the Party's leadership, which is key for the CPC to overcome challenges and to achieve historic goals, said senior CPC officials on Friday.

    By Yang Sheng, Zhang Hui and Zhang Han | 2021/11/12 21:20:22
  • China, US arranging top leaders' meeting: FM

    China and the US are maintaining close communication on arrangements for President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden's meeting, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told a routine press conference on Friday.

    By Liu Xin and Zhang Hui | 2021/11/12 20:54:56
  • China to join Pakistan-hosted meeting on Afghanistan, skips India's parallel conference

    A Chinese representative will attend the Pakistan-hosted meeting on Afghanistan on Thursday, along with representatives from the US and Russia, and Chinese analysts believe that the four countries which could play a comprehensive role in addressing the plight of Afghanistan are likely to discuss the urgent needs and next step for Afghan Taliban in forming an inclusive government and cracking down on terrorism.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Caiyu | 2021/11/10 22:04:01
  • China committed to maritime cooperation, tackling climate change in South China Sea amid US' coercion of ASEAN

    China made it clear at Tuesday's maritime cooperation symposium that it is committed to working with countries in the South China Sea region to expand maritime cooperation, protect global maritime supply chains and tackle climate change to build the South China Sea into a sea of peace, friendship and cooperation.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/11/9 21:28:30
  • China to offer own approach at G20 summit, COP26, inject hope in solving common challenges post pandemic

    The G20 summit, which brings together most of the world's largest economies, will start in Rome, Italy on Saturday with high expectations of pushing for coordinated efforts to boost global economic recovery and achieve outcomes to facilitate the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), which opens in Glasgow on Sunday.

    By Liu Xin and Zhang Hui | 2021/10/29 9:18:02
  • Exclusive: US health organization protests against big drug makers, calls for sharing surplus COVID-19 vaccines ahead of G20 summit

    Ahead of the highly expected G20 summit in Rome, Terri Ford, Chief of Global Advocacy and Policy at US-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), said the organization is launching rallies against US big pharmaceutical companies for making money while people are dying and called for the world's big powers to stop weighing the political pros and cons of suspending vaccine patents and share surplus COVID-19 vaccines with developing countries.

    By Cao Siqi and Zhang Hui | 2021/10/28 23:09:02
  • China plans to build more national parks in key ecological areas like Xizang, Yellow River basin

    China will build more national parks in important ecological areas, including the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau, the Yellow River basin, the Yangtze River Basin and the sea, after considering China's ecological security needs and public concerns, Tang Xiaoping, chief of the Institute of National Park, said on Thursday.

    By Zhang Hui and Zhao Yusha | 2021/10/21 22:01:14
  • Mutually-beneficial science plan under BRI helps global biodiversity cause

    China announced it would establish a Kunming Biodiversity Fund and take the lead by investing 1.5 billion yuan ($233 million) to support biodiversity protection in developing countries during the just concluded first part of the COP15 summit, which injected much hope and confidence into the global biodiversity cause.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/10/20 18:18:27
  • Fresh COVID-19 flare-up in seven places likely 'imported through ports in Inner Mongolia'

    Virus that has triggered new outbreaks of COVID-19 linked to a tour group of seniors from Shanghai that have affected several regions of China likely stemmed from overseas, Chinese health experts said, as more than 20 positive cases linked to contacts of the group have been reported so far.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Caiyu | 2021/10/19 22:43:39
  • First part of COP15 closes with 'broad consensus' on post-2020 biodiversity framework

    After the adjournment of the week-long COP15 meeting on Friday afternoon, representatives and scholars attending the meeting said they expected the second part of the meeting next year to deliver a feasible global post-2020 biodiversity framework built on the political commitment and momentum formed this week.

    By Zhang Hui in Kunming | 2021/10/15 23:39:22
  • First part of COP15 exceeds anticipations; post-2020 framework will be better implemented: CBD executive secretary

    The first part of the COP15 meeting in Kunming has met and exceeded expectations and is expected to provide a roadmap for the effective further negotiations of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, executive secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) said on Friday, noting that with China taking the presidency of the conference, she looks forward to China's leadership as the world prepares for the second part of the conference next year and negotiates for the post-2020 framework.

    By Zhang Hui in Kunming | 2021/10/15 18:26:32
  • 'Elephant runners' recount epic trek of mammoth stars in S.W China

    During the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, the herd of wild Asian elephants that had been on an exodus once again becomes the center of attention, with those sharing their journey recounting details and international delegates praising China for its proper handling of the matter.

    By Xu Liuliu, Zhang Hui in Kunming and Cui Fandi in Beijing | 2021/10/14 23:48:40
  • Plateau photovoltaic bases pushed to achieve carbon emissions targets

    China needs to vigorously develop photovoltaic power station projects in the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau to achieve its double targets of carbon peaking and neutrality, and to track, detect and assess the impact of photovoltaic projects on the ecological environment on the plateau, a senior Chinese scientist said on the sidelines of the COP15 on Thursday in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan Province.

    By Zhang Hui in Kunming | 2021/10/14 20:48:40
  • China takes lead on global biodiversity solutions with ecological civilization: UNESCO representative

    China is taking the lead in the world and is an excellent example to provide solutions on global biodiversity with the concept of ecological civilization, and there are no boundaries in bringing good concepts to the world which needs good ideas more than ever amid the global crises of biodiversity loss, climate change and land desertification, a UNESCO representative said Tuesday on the sidelines of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) being held in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan Province.

    By Zhang Hui in Kunming | 2021/10/14 20:06:11
  • COP15 adopts Kunming Declaration, a message of unity to facilitate future negotiations on biodiversity

    A declaration on joint efforts and momentum to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity was passed on Wednesday in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15).

    By Zhang Hui in Kunming and Zhang Han in Beijing | 2021/10/13 22:47:47
  • China to promote ecological 'red line' program to countries along BRI

    China's ecological "red line" program, widely hailed by foreign representatives at the COP15 meeting, is expected to help with global biodiversity conservation if applied to other countries, as China is ready to share its experience elsewhere, initially to countries along the routes of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a senior official of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) said Wednesday.

    By Zhang Hui in Kunming | 2021/10/13 21:23:00
  • Exclusive: UK, China share 'unique opportunity' to work together to protect planet, says UK envoy to China

    With the UK hosting COP26 and China hosting COP15 this year, the UK and China have a unique opportunity to work together to protect our planet, our economies and our livelihood, and we will play an active role in negotiations and use COP26 to deliver solutions that also support biodiversity, Caroline Wilson, the British Ambassador to China, told the Global Times in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

    By Chen Qingqing and Zhang Hui | 2021/10/13 20:51:37
  • China pledges $233m for biodiversity fund, 'won't bow to external pressure on domestic goals'

    China vowed to strengthen its own biodiversity protection and release implementation plans for peaking carbon dioxide emissions while investing 1.5 billion yuan ($233 million) to support biodiversity protection in developing countries at the biggest biodiversity conference in a decade on Tuesday.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Liuliu in Kunming, Zhao Yusha in Beijing | 2021/10/12 23:21:27
  • Danish envoy hails China's handling of wandering elephants

    The political leadership of China, the presidency of the COP15, takes the biodiversity issue seriously so that it's important for the rest of the world to follow suit amid insufficient efforts to achieve the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, set up 10 years ago, the Ambassador of Denmark to China said at the sidelines of the COP 15 conference in Kunming on Tuesday.

    By Zhang Hui in Kunming | 2021/10/12 19:43:00
  • China's ecological red line system, BRI to help countries achieve post-2020 targets

    China expressed a strong ambition to further strengthen biodiversity protection at the first global meeting convened by the UN on ecological civilization on Monday, and analysts who highlighted China's achievements in and contributions to the global biodiversity agenda believe many of China's practices, such as its ecological red line program, could help the world better achieve post-2020 targets for biodiversity conservation.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Liuliu in Kunming | 2021/10/11 22:52:41
  • No evidence proves 'wildlife trade caused pandemic': British zoologist

    A British zoologist who has long been engaging in bats researches refuted scapegoating China for the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying there is no evidence to show that wildlife trade did play a role in causing the pandemic and that bats are found in multiple regions including Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Liuliu | 2021/10/11 18:08:01
  • China releases 1st biodiversity white paper, highlighting achievements, policy experience

    China on Friday released its first white paper on biodiversity conservation to showcase the country's efforts and achievements on biodiversity conversation and share its ideas with the international community as well as its practice in upholding multilateralism and deepening global cooperation.

    By Liu Xin and Zhang Hui | 2021/10/8 20:46:49
  • Exclusive: China has taken reciprocal countermeasures against UK Parliament's ban on ambassador, source says

    China has taken reciprocal countermeasures regarding the UK Parliament's banning of Chinese ambassador from attending events in the Parliament last week, a source close to the matter told the Global Times exclusively on Friday.

    By Zhang Hui and Fan Lingzhi | 2021/9/24 22:32:15
  • 102 examples of US interference in HK signal 'urgency of Article 23 legislation'

    The 102 detailed examples of US' blatant interference to China's Hong Kong affairs since 2019, issued for the first time by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday, served as a strong counterattack and warning to the US, and also signaled the urgency for legislation of Article 23 of the Hong Kong SAR Basic Law which is likely to be put on the legislative agenda after December, Chinese analysts said on Friday.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/9/24 13:52:09
  • Quad 'incapable of inflicting substantial harm to China'

    The Quad summit, scheduled to take place on Friday, which will likely mention marine security concerns for the purpose of containing China and demonstrate that the Indo-Pacific is the current strategic center of the US, was at the stage of forging verbal consensus rather than signing substantial deals, Chinese analysts said on Thursday, noting that US typical practice of abandoning its allies like dumping trash in front of its interests will make Quad become another NATO which is existing only in name.

    By Zhang Hui and Yan Yuzhu | 2021/9/24 0:43:39
  • TTP's enmity toward Pakistan creates risk for Chinese projects: analysts

    By claiming it has close ties with the Afghan Taliban and no hostility toward China, the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is hoping to improve its circumstances following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, analysts said. But they warned that the TTP may continue its attacks in Pakistan and cause damage to China's projects and personnel in the country.

    By Liu Xin, Zhang Hui and Bai Yunyi | 2021/9/18 1:25:21
  • India warned not to be 'poison' for SCO cooperation, as it seeks influence on Afghan issue

    Chinese experts on Friday warned India not to be "poison" for cooperation under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), as New Delhi has shown a keen interest in using the SCO, which has become the most important platform on the Afghan issue, to maintain its interests in Afghanistan.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Xin | 2021/9/17 16:23:00
  • Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Dushanbe expected to focus on Afghanistan issue

    The Shanghai Cooperation Organization's (SCO) council summit, to be held on Thursday and Friday amid the 20th anniversary of its founding, is expected to address SCO's past success in security and development of the region, membership expansion, as well as Afghanistan issue, including urging US-led Western countries to perform their duties, properly handle the refugee issues and manage the risk of terrorism spillover, analysts said.

    By Zhang Hui and Hu Yuwei | 2021/9/15 21:57:25
  • Experts slam foreign media criticism of China's 'zero COVID-19' strategy as Fujian registers 150 infections in 4 days

    China's "dynamic zero COVID-19" strategy has successfully helped the country fend off the fast-spreading, highly contagious Delta variant twice this year, and is capable of taming the fresh outbreak in East China, Chinese analysts said, following the latest flare-up in Fujian Province that has seen nearly 150 cases in four days as more than 7 million residents in two cities were given nucleic acid testing on Tuesday.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/9/14 20:43:40
  • China and ASEAN expected to expand cooperation in vaccine, digital economy and investment, despite US' efforts to split the region

    Amid the 30th anniversary of China-ASEAN dialogue relations, the 18th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit kicked off on Friday to further explore cooperation in digital economy, epidemic and investment and trade, and Chinese analysts said the deepened bilateral relations which was the most successful in Asia-Pacific region will see the two become the first to rebound in people-to-people exchange in the world with mutual vaccine recognition and experience the fastest post-pandemic economic recovery.

    By Chi Jingyi and Zhang Hui in Beijing, Zhang Dan and Zhao Juecheng in Nanning | 2021/9/10 22:26:58
  • Another radical HK group disbands; more to follow but 'cannot evade legal liabilities'

    Another anti-China group in Hong Kong, Civic Passion, disbanded on Friday, after its chairman was removed from the Legislative Council (LegCo) more than a week ago, following the disbandment of HK's largest opposition alliance Civil Human Rights Front and Hong Kong teachers' union last month.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/9/3 20:18:39
  • $46 million fine on actress Zheng Shuang's tax fraud in line with common prosperity goal as China tightens regulation on tainted celebrities

    China ordered actress Zheng Shuang to pay 299 million yuan($46 million) in fines, taxes and penalties for tax evasion on Friday, a move aimed at tightening tax supervision of high-income celebrities and ensuring tax fairness for society, Chinese observers said, noting the tax supervision will be further tightened as China ushers in common prosperity, a national goal.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/8/27 22:11:35
  • CPC to reinforce anti-graft, ensure no safe haven, no tolerance to corruption following 8 officials probed, 13 punished in 1 week

    The Communist Party of China (CPC) will reinforce its ability to resist corruption, allowing no safe haven, leaving no ground unturned and showing no tolerance in fighting corruption, a major publication on the CPC's mission and contributions said on Thursday, as the anti-graft campaign continued to gain momentum in China with 8 officials being probed and 13 punished in one week this month.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/8/26 21:13:39
  • 3rd-child policy written into Chinese law; expert projects 10% of GDP needed to raise birth rate

    China on Friday passed a law amendment which allows each couple to have three children and stipulates supportive policies for childbearing, with observers believing it indicates China has officially moved from restricting births to encouraging births, paving the way for not only the third-child policy's full implementation across the country, but also potentially encouraging even more births.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/8/20 20:43:24
  • New paper shows pandemic likely caused by animals susceptible to bat coronaviruses, rejects 'lab-leak' theory

    The COVID-19 pandemic was probably caused by trading of animals susceptible to bat coronaviruses, and to locate the virus origins we need to sample over wider geographical areas including China, Southeast Asia and Japan where horseshoe bats inhabit, a new paper said while rejecting the Wuhan "lab-leak" theory.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/8/19 23:08:37
  • With records of 'lab-created coronaviruses' incidents, supervision loopholes, and audacious germ researchers, what really happened in US' UNC and Fort Detrick labs?

    Some biological laboratories in the US, including the infamous Fort Detrick lab, and a lab at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill, led by well-known US coronavirus disease expert Ralph Baric, have become the focus of public suspicion in the search for the origins of COVID-19, with many observers pointing to their poor safety record and unwillingness of researchers to speak publicly.

    By Huang Lanlan and Zhang Hui | 2021/8/18 20:23:10
  • China penalizes 70 derelict officials amid Delta resurgence

    South China's Guangdong Province penalized 20 local officials on Thursday for dereliction of duty in dealing with the local COVID-19 outbreak in May and June, making it the latest province to punish officials for their poor performance in the coronavirus fight, which is seen as an important part of China's dynamic and flexible epidemic prevention and control strategy that has proven effective in the country's fight against the virus. Besides Guangdong, about 50 officials were punished in places which saw flare-ups connected to the Delta variant, including Nanjing, Yangzhou and Zhengzhou — the highest amount and most intense handling after Hubei in 2020.

    By Zhang Hui and Wan Lin | 2021/8/13 0:38:39
  • China verifies effective virus control with 0 infection in Chinese delegation to Tokyo, reassures Beijing Games

    China's record 777-member delegation for the Tokyo Olympic Games returned safely with 'zero' COVID-19 infections, and many netizens believed China's strict epidemic measures contributed to the Chinese team's best results in an overseas Olympics.

    By Zhang Hui and Wan Lin | 2021/8/11 21:28:39
  • Successful Tokyo Olympics cheers up the world, inspires Beijing Winter Games to house domestic audience

    There are only two days left in this summer's major event - the Tokyo Olympic Games. Overcoming the obstacles and opposing voices under the shadow of the unprecedented pandemic, the Olympics turned out to be a huge inspiration to athletes, spectators and the world.

    By Cui Fandi, Zhang Hui and Wan Lin | 2021/8/6 20:48:33
  • Could white-tailed deer in US become a future reservoir of COVID-19?

    Forty percent of the white-tailed deer in four US states in 2021 have been found with SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, which indicates that they have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2, according to a new study. Experts warned that large number of deer population infected with the virus may make deer population a host to the virus which can then pass the virus to humans, triggering a new wave of the pandemic.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/8/5 19:02:06
  • Wuhan Institute of Virology never contacted, preserved, designed, made or leaked the coronavirus: WIV professor

    Chinese health authority and official from Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) slammed the "lab-leak" theory on Thursday, stressing that no staff of WIV have been infected with COVID-19, and WIV has no viruses that can directly infect human beings.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/7/22 12:00:14
  • Family planning policy shift to guarantee demographic dividend

    Despite the downward trend in the number of newborns and fertility rate amid a deepening aging problem, China will still maintain its advantages in population size in the long run, where the demographic dividend will continue to exist and the talent dividend will become more dominant, state authorities said on Wednesday.

    By Fan Anqi and Zhang Hui | 2021/7/21 22:13:40
  • South China's Guangdong issues 50 weather alerts, cancels nearly 1,000 flights as double typhoons to hit the area

    Over 50 typhoon alerts went into effect in South China's Guangdong Province on Tuesday, and several coastal cities raised their alert levels to the highest, as double typhoons including Typhoon Cempaka, the first typhoon making landfall in China this year, were barreling toward the region with torrential rains, strong waves of up to 4.5 meters, and strong winds expected on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

    By Zhang Hui and Lu Yameng | 2021/7/21 0:46:27
  • WHO chief succumbs to US-led West's pressure in virus origins remarks

    World Health Organization (WHO) head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has succumbed to US-led West's multiple layers of political pressure, calling on China to be transparent and open in further COVID-19 origins studies, Chinese observers said, which cannot replace majority scientific views of the natural origins hypothesis and will question WHO's credibility and professionalism.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/7/16 20:40:57
  • China urges unity, announces $3b aid at APEC; US eyes splitting region

    The Biden administration would attempt to turn Friday's informal leaders' meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) into a geopolitical competition platform serving its purpose of securing regional leadership through Indo-Pacific strategy, instead of caring about people's livelihoods in the region, Chinese observers said, when leaders of the Asia-Pacific region are expected to jointly fight against the pandemic that has been exacerbated by the more transmissible Delta variant, and recover the economy of the 21 members which represent approximately 60 percent of world GDP.

    By Zhang Hui and Zhang Dan | 2021/7/16 14:13:42
  • Xi honors outstanding CPC members to mark Party's centennial

    At a great historic moment of inheriting the past and forging ahead into the future, the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee for the first time presented the highest honor in the Party to outstanding CPC members in different development phases of the country, with Chinese observers believing it is telling the world that the CPC with a spirit accumulated from hardships and achievements in the past century will lead the Chinese people to create more glory in the next 100 years despite rising hostility from the West.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Caiyu | 2021/6/29 21:50:17
  • Xi confers highest Party honor ahead of CPC centenary, 'spirit to drive 2nd centenary goal'

    At a great historic moment of inheriting the past and forging ahead into the future, the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee for the first time presented the highest honor in the Party to outstanding CPC members in different development phases of the country, with Chinese observers believing it is telling the world that the CPC with a spirit accumulated from hardships and achievements in the past century will lead the Chinese people to create more glory in the next 100 years despite rising hostility from the West.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Caiyu | 2021/6/29 21:48:40
  • GT investigates: Why Fort Detrick lab should be investigated for global COVID-19 origins tracing

    The lab-leak theory, that COVID-19 was leaked from a laboratory, has once again caused a clamor since the beginning of this year, months after the argument was thrown into the trash can of conspiracy theories by an overwhelming number of scientists.

    By Fan Lingzhi, Huang Lanlan and Zhang Hui | 2021/6/28 0:16:55
  • China launches first facility exploring Earth system interactions, improving the country's right to speak in climate negotiations

    China on Wednesday launched its first virtual Earth laboratory for the simulation of climate, environmental, ecological, Earth and space weather systems, which can predict climate and environment variability, prevent and mitigate natural disasters more effectively and improve China's right to speak in international climate negotiations.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/6/23 15:08:45
  • Qinghai-Tibet Plateau summer rainfall in next 2-10 years can be predicted; scientists to share data with S. Asian countries for reference

    Qinghai-Tibet Plateau summer rainfall for the next two to 10 years can be predicted by climate models, according to a new study by Chinese scientists, revealing the predictability of decadal variations of the plateau's summer rainfall for the first time.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/6/10 2:19:03
  • China, ASEAN to explore elevating ties to comprehensive strategic partnership

    China and member countries of ASEAN have expanded and deepened their mutual interests by properly managing differences over the past 30 years, creating the most successful example of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region with many groundbreaking projects that demonstrate the mutual desire to maintain regional peace and stability while resolutely objecting to West's interference and provocation, Chinese observers said after the first in-person meeting of foreign ministers between China and ASEAN since the pandemic began.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/6/8 21:23:39
  • China-ASEAN ties 'most successful and dynamic' in Asia-Pacific; FMs agree to resume S. China Sea code of conduct talks

    China and ASEAN countries have expanded and deepened their mutual interests by properly managing differences over the past 30 years, creating the most successful example of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region and demonstrating the mutual desire of the two sides to maintain regional peace and stability while resolutely objecting to interference by extraterritorial countries, Chinese observers said after the special foreign ministers' meeting between China and ASEAN countries on Monday.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/6/8 11:33:39
  • China's response to 1st community transmission of variant found in India serves as guide to control virus

    Mutated virus strains first identified in India triggered community transmission for the first time in China in recent COVID-19 infections in South China's Guangzhou. The city expanded areas subjected to stay-at-home orders on Thursday, locking down two more streets in Liwan district covering nearly 140,000 residents.

    By Zhang Hui and Leng Shumei | 2021/6/4 12:35:14
  • WHO works with Italy to retest samples of COVID-19 study, indicating 'intl experts start tracking down virus origins outside China'

    The World Health Organization (WHO) and some of its scientists confirmed to the Global Times on Wednesday that the agency is working with researchers in Italy and a reference laboratory to retest the samples of a study that suggested the coronavirus may have been circulating in Italy since autumn 2019, earlier than in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province.

    By Zhang Hui and Chen Qingqing | 2021/6/2 20:41:56
  • Grass-root Party members honored for first time on CPC centennial

    The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee will for the first time honor July 1 Medals to Party members whose names may be not that well known but have made outstanding contributions and created valuable spiritual wealth, as the CPC marks the 100th anniversary of its founding.

    By Wang Qi and Zhang Hui | 2021/6/1 0:53:39
  • India-detected variants rage through Asian countries

    While India is still slothful in handling its domestic virus surge caused by a highly transmissible mutated variant, COVID-19 variants that were detected in India continue to be exported to neighboring countries, triggering a wave of epidemic resurgence in more Asian countries.

    By Liu Caiyu, Lu Yameng and Zhang Hui | 2021/5/31 22:50:30
  • Taiwan-based Sun Yat-sen school head urges DPP authority to approve donation of 5m BNT and 5m Sinopharm vaccines ASAP

    Chang Ya-chung,Sun Yat-sen School President in Taiwan island, said on Saturday that the school has accepted the first batch of vaccine donations of 5 million doses of BNT COVID-19 vaccine from Shanghai's Fosun Pharma and 5 million vaccines from mainland Chinese developer Sinopharm, coming from a Beijing-based culture company.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/5/30 0:41:25
  • China urged to increase sea-based nuclear deterrent amid US intensified strategic threat

    Facing a serious strategic threat from the US, China was urged to increase the number of nuclear weapons, especially its sea-based nuclear deterrent of intercontinental submarine-launched ballistic missiles, to deter potential military action by US warmongers, Chinese military experts said on Friday, after reports that the US' new defense budget will modernize its nuclear arsenal to deter China.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/5/28 20:45:29
  • China's 1st published report on COVID-19 vaccines shows 'extremely rare' adverse reactions; experts hail 'remarkable' safety

    China on Friday for the first time released the adverse reactions data for massive inoculation of COVID-19 vaccines, and rates of normal and severe adverse reactions were lower than other common vaccines, which further proved the safety of the vaccines and will boost vaccination willingness worldwide, experts said.

    By Zhang Han, Zhang Hui and Zhao Juecheng | 2021/5/28 19:51:41
  • Battling behind the scenes: US pressuring WHO on coronavirus origins tracing

    Upholding the true spirit of science, valuing facts and advocating for solidarity rather than confrontation in face of the pandemic should be a major lesson learned from the past year and shared at the ongoing 74th World Health Assembly (WHA), however, the US, exploiting its return to the WHO under the Biden administration, is turning the pivotal meeting, supposed to summarize the virus-fight experiences, into a battleground between science and politics.

    By Leng Shumei, Zhang Hui and Chen Qingqing | 2021/5/26 23:52:06
  • Follow-up studies on COVID-19 origins needed in countries reporting virus sequence in 2019 including northern Italy: WHO scientist

    A Dutch virologist of the World Health Organization (WHO)-China joint study team said on Wednesday that the next-phase studies on coronavirus origins, which are based on recommendations in the WHO-China joint study report, need to include countries reporting viral sequences as early as 2019 such as Italy.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/5/26 19:58:39
  • China to offer $3b to developing countries for COVID-19 response: Xi at Global Health Summit

    China will provide an additional $3 billion in international aid over the next three years to support COVID-19 response and economic and social recovery in other developing countries, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday.

    By Zhang Hui and Li Aixin | 2021/5/21 20:17:34
  • China, EU join global health summit despite halt of investment deal

    Major EU members and China jointly participated in the Global Health Summit of the G20 on Friday, just one day after the EU parliament froze the ratification of the China-EU investment deal, called a major "deterioration" of China-EU relations by some Western media.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/5/21 15:48:36
  • EU plan to freeze deal with China shows politicians' courtship of US, may not rule out ratification

    The European Parliament reportedly plans to pass a motion on Thursday to formally "freeze" the China-EU investment agreement, which shows the split in opinions in the EU and would damage mutual trust with China. But despite the motion, the investment deal may still be ratified, at a later date, Chinese observers said.

    By Zhang Hui and Ma Jingjing | 2021/5/19 20:48:40
  • US' new vaccine donation pledge receives cautious welcome in China, believed to aim at 'weaponizing doses to contain China, Russia'

    After snapping up some 2.6 billion doses of vaccines and leaving hundreds of millions of unused vaccine doses piled up in the warehouses, the US has finally decided to donate 80 million of them to the world, while China has been offering vaccines and medical supplies to developing countries for nearly half a year.

    By Zhang Hui and Leng Shumei | 2021/5/18 21:47:12
  • From Trump's all-out support for Israel to Biden's no concrete action, the US has 'undeniable responsibility' for today's conflict

    When a Palestinian girl wept out her tears in the ruins of her bombed home, asking "why do we deserve this? What did we do for this? They just don't like us because we are Muslims," the US continued to obstruct the UN Security Council (UNSC) to issue a statement on the Israel-Palestine conflict, ignoring the human rights of civilians in Palestine and the international community's call for a ceasefire.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/5/18 0:32:27
  • US' China relations fact sheet may 'pave way' for the release of Biden's review of China policy in 'late May or early June'

    The China-US relations fact sheet recently published by the US Department of State could be seen as Washington's factual overview of its China strategy, and may pave the way for the release of the Biden administration's review of the US' policy toward China, which may be released at the end of this month or early June, Chinese observers said.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/5/14 17:20:27
  • Is China's birth rate low enough to cause population crisis?

    Now that the 30-page seventh national population census communiqué which contains thousands of figures has been released, what is behind the data and what does it reveal about the true picture of China's demographic changes? How strong should China's population policy adjustment be to cope with the trend? How low is Chinese couple's willingness to have more children, could it be low enough to result in a population crisis a few years from now? And should China reward couples with 1 million yuan ($155,400) for every child they have, as advised by some demographers?

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Xin | 2021/5/13 0:08:40
  • Delay in result release of latest census was due to more abundant info; population undercount rate lower than intl standard: NBS

    The figures released at China's seventh national population census are more abundant compared with that from the sixth census, requiring a longer preparation time, and China's population undercount rate is lower than international standards, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Tuesday, as the outcome of the latest census was one month later than its previously-scheduled release period.

    By Zhang Hui and Cui Fandi | 2021/5/11 12:01:39
  • Chinese mainland's population grows to 1.412 billion in 2020, but likely to 'decline as early as 2022'

    The population of Chinese mainland grew to 1.412 billion in 2020, up from 1.4 billion at the end of 2019, according to the results of its once-a-decade population census, which were released when China's population development entered a critical turning point with a rapidly aging population and population growth soon ending a five-decade trend of growth.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/5/11 10:06:24
  • WHO approves emergency use of China's Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine

    WHO gave Emergency Use Listing to Sinopharm Beijing's COVID-19 vaccine, making it the sixth vaccine to receive WHO validation for safety, efficacy and quality.

    By Zhang Hui and Leng Shumei | 2021/5/7 23:32:18
  • Economy of India' neighbors in South and Southeast Asia may need 'two decades' to return to pre-pandemic level amid new wave of COVID-19

    India's close neighbors in South and Southeast Asia, home to more than a fourth of the world's population with high population density and a great number of people living in poverty, have been overwhelmed by India's deepening coronavirus crisis.

    By Zhang Hui in Beijing and Li Bingxin in Myanmar | 2021/5/7 20:50:14
  • China to host Winter Olympics on time; IOC chief opposes politicization of Olympics

    Chinese President Xi Jinping talked over the phone with IOC President Thomas Bach on Friday. Xi said China is confident about hosting the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing as scheduled.

    By Wang Wenwen and Zhang Hui | 2021/5/7 19:55:28
  • US takes subtle moves to rope in G7 allies against China

    With China topping the agenda of the Group of Seven (G7) meeting as foreign ministers of member states have been urged to coordinate and form a common stance in addressing the “challenges” posed by China, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken rejected claims of a “Cold War” between the US and China, signaling that rather than making all-out efforts to form an anti-China choir, the Biden administration is making subtle moves to align its allies, Chinese experts said, noting that in return, EU officials' mixed signals on the ratification of its most promising investment deal appear to be a gesture of echoing the “alignment sentiment” in the face of growing domestic pressure.

    By Chen Qingqing and Zhang Hui | 2021/5/6 0:09:59
  • COVID-19 cases imported from India 'unlikely' to spark cluster infections in China

    China has reported at least 18 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases imported from India or involving Indian citizens as of Wednesday, and a source from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that China may continue to see new cases imported from India, but they are unlikely to result in further domestic infections due to China's effective and strict entry rules.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/5/5 22:32:15
  • Update: China's population grew in 2020, statistics authority says, contrary to FT report

    China's population continued to grow in 2020, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Thursday. The statement came after an earlier Financial Times report claiming the country's population began to shrink.

    By Zhang Hui and Cui Fandi | 2021/4/28 22:29:33
  • Beijing population to drop in 2022 as newborns hit decade low: demographer

    The number of newborns in Beijing hit a new low in a decade in 2020, decreasing by 32,000 to 100,368 compared to the previous year, according to official data the capital city released on April 9, which caught public attention on Tuesday as people also expect the results from the seventh national population census.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/4/27 22:00:59
  • China issues report on Diaoyu Islands to 'reaffirm sovereign rights, warn Japan and US collusion'

    China released a report on the topography and geography of the Diaoyu Islands on Monday amid Japan's growing desire to make the US back it up on the topic. Chinese experts saw the latest report as a strong message that reaffirmed China's sovereignty over the islands to the world with facts, openness and transparency, and warned Japan and the US that their collusion will face consequences if they fail to respect China's stance on the issue.

    By Zhang Hui and Xing Xiaojing | 2021/4/26 20:23:40
  • Devastating epidemic 'may drag Indian economy back to 20 years ago'; China stands ready to help

    As India suffers its worst humanitarian crisis amid the devastating second wave of COVID-19 with the fastest rise in new daily cases any country has experienced since the outbreak, the Chinese government and enterprises have made goodwill gestures by offering help or donating medical supplies despite sour bilateral ties.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/4/24 19:31:08
  • GT investigates: Getting closer to early COVID-19 cases: Why the joint WHO-China report included hypotheses of cold chain and the world military games

    Many unanswered doubts need further global investigations, such as tracing the imported food supply chain during the military games. Prominent scientists from the joint WHO-China study and Chinese health authority believe that tracking down these hypotheses was a process for the world to know possible early circulation of the disease and get closer to possible COVID-19 patient zero.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan, Chen Qingqing in Beijing | 2021/4/14 23:53:40
  • Wuhan's Huanan market 'won't be demolished soon'; no more valuable info on virus origins available in it

    Plans for Wuhan's Huanan seafood market, which was closely linked to the first batch of Chinese patients infected with COVID-19 and has been sealed off for more than a year until now, have not yet been issued, the local government said, denying claims that the market was to be demolished soon.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/4/13 18:27:41
  • From hard-hit city to vaccine hub: Sinopharm's Wuhan institute aim to increase vaccine production to 1b doses a year

    One year after lockdown has been lifted in Wuhan, the Chinese city hardest hit by the coronavirus is speeding up production of its locally produced COVID-19 vaccine and building new facilities to expand capacity, to inject more confidence into the country and the world in the battle against the disease.

    By Zhang Hui in Wuhan | 2021/4/9 22:33:40
  • GT investigates: One year after Wuhan restarts, CPC shows strength, firmness in crisis despite West's demonization, slander

    The Chinese people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), have won the tough battle against COVID-19 in Wuhan, the hardest-hit Chinese city, as well as in the whole country. This great achievement has brought great changes to people's fundamental understanding of China's system. As this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding in 1921 of the CPC and Thursday witnesses the one year anniversary after Wuhan's coronavirus lockdown was lifted on April 8, 2020, Global Times reporters Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue visited hospitals where frontline doctors fought, including the Center Hospital of Wuhan, where Dr Li Wenliang sacrificed his life, and talked to frontline doctors and community workers who were CPC members to learn what CPC members had done in the frontline and what the CPC's real role had been in the battle amid the West's smears and demonization of the CPC.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/9 0:56:22
  • Wuhan city returns to normalcy after a year

    On April 8, 2020, Wuhan city reopened from a strict lockdown to stifle COVID-19 spreading. One year later, GT reporters re-visited Wuhan Central Hospital, and found the hospital has returned to normalcy, where doctors remain busy but their work is orderly. The vaccination in the city is progressing well. (Photos: Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue/GT)

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue | 2021/4/8 17:21:57
  • GT investigates: Wuhan bounces back one year after restart, clears its name from West's slander

    One year ago, Wuhan, the Central China city that was hardest hit by the novel coronavirus, ended a 76-day lockdown. The scars of the epidemic are fading in Wuhan, but the stigmatization of the city by the West lingers. What does Wuhan look like now? What are the feelings and regrets of the people of Wuhan? Global Times reporters (Zhang Hui) and (Xu Keyue) explored and experienced the city.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/8 0:08:14
  • Wuhan residents brush off West's smear after joint report release

    Wuhan, the city that was hardest-hit by the coronavirus, has returned to the same hustling and bustling metropolis it was pre-pandemic one year after the lockdown was lifted. However, this return is tinged with caution and regret as COVID-19 is still plaguing the rest of the worldwhile the stigmatization of Wuhan by some Western politicians is strongly refuted by local people.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/7 21:32:42
  • Wuhan gets stronger one year after its restart

    Standing on the pedestrian overpass near Tongji Hospital on Tuesday morning watching the crowds, listening to people talk, hearing the sound of car horns in the rush hour, smelling the aroma of baked sweet potatoes from street vendors, one can easily portrait a normal business day in April in Wuhan, capital of Central China's Hubei Province.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/7 21:28:54
  • Wuhan on fast track to recover in catering, tourism and employment

    One year after the lockdown was lifted, Wuhan's economy is on the fast track of recovery with crowds lining up at food streets, more tourists coming from other provinces and cities, and the number of jobs greatly surging.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/7 21:28:40
  • Wuhan tourism rebounds one year after lift of lockdown

    Almost a year after its lockdown was lifted, Wuhan, the coronavirus hard-hit city in Central China's Hubei Province, has witnessed a travel blowout. The just-passed three-day Qingming Festival holiday saw the city rank among the top 10 domestic tourist destinations, a scene few would have imagined a year ago.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/6 20:53:40
  • China to face 'protracted war' on human rights with US

    In the week that saw the commencement of the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer accused in the death of George Floyd, which triggered sweeping nationwide protests in the US in the summer of 2020 over deeply rooted racial inequality, the US Department of State released its annual "country human rights" report, lambasting other countries' human rights records including China's Xinjiang policy.

    By Zhang Hui and Zhang Han | 2021/3/31 23:48:39
  • BBC reporter John Sudworth hides in Taiwan island after Xinjiang individuals plan to sue BBC for fake news: source

    BBC's Beijing correspondent John Sudworth, who became infamous in China for his many biased stories distorting China's Xinjiang policies and COVID-19 responses, has left the Chinese mainland and is now believed to be hiding in Taiwan island after Xinjiang individuals said they plan to sue BBC for fake news, sources told the Global Times.

    By Cao Siqi and Zhang Hui | 2021/3/31 12:42:45
  • Foreign enterprises welcomed to visit Xinjiang cotton fields, textile companies to 'make wise choice'

    Foreign enterprises are welcomed to visit local Xinjiang cotton producing areas and textile companies, talk to cotton growers to make a wise choice, the local Xinjiang government said on Monday, while denouncing Western countries putting “genocide” label on Xinjiang as the “biggest case of a frame-up in human history.”

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/3/29 22:54:44
  • China-US Alaska dialogue 'could still be meaningful' despite tough opening

    The China-US high-level strategic dialogue in Anchorage, Alaska started intensely due to the US behavior without hospitality and diplomatic etiquette, and China's chief diplomats' tough response that impressed observers worldwide shows that China is not there to compromise on key issues and hear lectures, but to point out the US problems face-to-face and find solutions with sincerity.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Hui | 2021/3/19 21:10:16
  • Europe seen as new virus epicenter amid eroding vaccine confidence

    The public's eroding confidence in the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, short supply of vaccines, relaxing restrictive measures too soon led to the third wave of coronavirus in Europe, Chinese observers said, warning Europe could become a new epicenter and result in the new global wave of COVID-19.

    By Zhang Hui and Chen Shasha | 2021/3/19 20:28:40
  • Sinopharm to help Serbia produce Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

    Chinese COVID-19 vaccine developer Sinopharm said it will help Serbia manufacture Sinopharm's vaccine locally and provide more high-quality Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment products and services, making Serbia the first European country to produce the Chinese vaccine.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/3/19 18:50:25
  • Chinese diplomats deal vigorous counterblows to condescending US representatives; common ground hard to reach on contrasting logics

    Unsurprisingly and without any greetings, the world closely watched the China-US Alaska talks turn into an intense back-and-forth within minutes of opening, but the two sides' hardline stances were still beyond the expectations of observers.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/3/19 11:29:32
  • UK tilting toward Indo-Pacific to counterweight China 'immature' decision

    The UK issued its biggest review of foreign and defense policy since the end of the Cold War on Tuesday, in which it vowed to cement the country's presence in the Indo-Pacific region and challenge China where necessary. Yet the “immature” policy decision, originating from London's fantasy of reviving its past glory as a world superpower, not only downgrades itself as a toady of the US, also exposes the UK's over-optimism of its current international status, observers opined.

    By Zhang Hui and Zhao Yusha | 2021/3/16 22:15:00
  • Europe advised to expand vaccine procurement to Chinese doses after halt of AstraZeneca amid blood clot concern

    Health experts called on the World Health Organization (WHO) and related organs to temporarily suspend the distribution of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine through COVAX vaccine-sharing initiative, and issue an inoculation warning to all countries that use the AstraZeneca shots, after some 15 European countries halted the vaccine over blood clot concerns.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/3/16 18:49:53
  • Senior Chinese officials vow countermeasures against West's interference in HK electoral reform

    After a small number of countries, mainly the anti-China axis Five Eyes countries, expressed their so-called severe concerns over the electoral system reform of Hong Kong, which was approved by China's top legislature in a landslide vote, senior Chinese officials, once again, clearly stated their unshaken determination to fix the loopholes in the Chinese city which have been exploited by anti-China forces, and resolutely fight back with countermeasures if those Western countries continue meddling in China's internal affairs.

    By Chen Qingqing, Zhang Hui and Xie Wenting | 2021/3/12 20:39:24
  • Government suggested to improve policies supporting agriculture sector: NPC deputy

    China should improve its supporting policies in the agricultural sector to better connect its domestic policies and WTO rules, Zhu Jing, a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress who is also the dean of the College of Economics and Management under Nanjing Agricultural University, said during this year's two sessions.

    By Wang Bozun and Zhang Hui | 2021/3/10 19:03:39
  • Youth from HK, Macao and Taiwan should be allowed to join PLA: deputy

    Young people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan should be allowed to join the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to contribute to the development of national defense, as some of them have voiced such expectations, a Taiwan deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) proposed during this year's two sessions.

    By Zhang Hui and Shan Jie | 2021/3/8 20:33:39
  • Chinese govt work report realizes birth rate has 'fallen short of expectations,' birth restrictions expected to be fully lifted in 5 years

    Chinese government work report, for the first time in recent years, mentioned working to achieve an appropriate birth rate, which experts believe indicates that the government is concerned that the birth rate has fallen short of expectations amid the critical window of adjusting China's family planning policy. Experts said China is expected to lift all birth restrictions in the next five years.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/3/5 14:03:18
  • Central govt should help HK schools design courses in national defense, foreign policy, Constitution: proposal

    Central government organs, including the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of National Defense, should send a team annually to Hong Kong's schools to organize forums and provide course materials to deepen teachers' and students' understanding of China's Constitution, national security and foreign policy, a two sessions proposal read.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/3/4 18:43:02
  • Political advisor proposes legalizing human challenge study in China for vaccine research

    A political advisor suggested that China legalize human challenge study, a controlled human infection trial, for novel coronavirus and pathogens that have not been found in the country to enhance early research and development capability of vaccines, following the UK's plan to run a COVID-19 human challenge study.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/3/4 17:43:39
  • Australia urged to correct racism as survey reveals level of discrimination against Chinese

    Calls for Australia to act and correct its discrimination against Asians are increasing, as netizens and analysts advised the Chinese government to reassess the country's multicultural tolerance and issue fresh alerts on traveling to Australia out of safety risks, after a report from an Australian think tank revealed serious racial attacks against Chinese.

    By Xu Keyue and Zhang Hui | 2021/3/3 20:45:12
  • CDC expert proposes China, US mutual vaccine recognition, lifting of travel restrictions

    The chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Wu Zunyou proposed that China and the US should work jointly to lift mutual travel restrictions in August or September when the US is expected to reach herd immunity, suggesting the two countries seek mutual recognition of vaccinations and give priority to official, business travel and overseas study.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/3/2 19:11:08
  • China's upcoming report on US human rights violations shows 2020 'a declining point' of American democracy

    China will issue a report on US human rights violations as Washington's failed anti-epidemic efforts in the past year worsened the social division, aggravated political chaos and racial discrimination.

    By Zhang Hui and Yang Sheng | 2021/3/1 22:13:40
  • UK forcefully pushes for UN resolution to sabotage visit to Xinjiang, 'pure political manipulation'

    The UK knew that China invited the High Commissioner for UN Human Rights to Xinjiang. However, the UK still called for the UN to pass a resolution to have "urgent and unfettered" access to the region, which was pure political manipulation aimed at pressuring China; it would severely undermine the cooperation between China and the High Commissioner for UN Human Rights if some countries pushed forward the resolution, Chinese observers said on Friday.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Xin | 2021/2/26 23:36:48
  • EU's summer vaccine passports plan 'infeasible,' may trigger new wave of coronavirus

    Chinese health experts believe the EU's plan of digital vaccine travel certificates or "vaccine passports" was more political for economic recovery but not feasible scientifically at a time when emerging new variants of coronavirus raise doubts on the efficacy of vaccines, warning that the reckless move may trigger a new wave of pandemic in Europe.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/2/26 19:28:40
  • Pfizer vaccine's clinical trials in pregnant women trigger controversy over health risks and ethics

    News that Pfizer-BioNTech is enrolling pregnant women for clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine triggered discussions in China on whether pregnant women should be included in such trials.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/2/19 19:33:40
  • US is losing leadership, attempt of 'Western unity' through G7 hard to tick off: experts

    The Biden administration takes another step in repairing allies and consolidating the West, as the Group of Seven nations (G7) virtual meeting kicks off on Friday, in which, however, a sense of "strange bedfellows" has been caught by international affairs pundits.

    By Wang Qi and Zhang Hui | 2021/2/19 16:38:40
  • China unveils details of 4 PLA martyrs at Galwan Valley border clash for first time, reaffirming responsibility falls on India

    China on Friday unveiled, for the first time, names and detailed stories of four martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the border confrontation with India in the Galwan Valley in June 2020, to commemorate their sacrifice for defending national sovereignty and territory.

    By Liu Xin, Guo Yuandan and Zhang Hui | 2021/2/19 7:59:36
  • China's box office starts the Year of the Ox breaking daily world record post COVID-19

    China's box office on Friday, the first day of the Chinese New Year, set a new record for the daily box office of China's film market and broke the single-day box office record for a single market in the world, as people flocked to cinemas while many chose to stay put for the Chinese New Year holidays to avoid a sudden flare-up of COVID-19.

    By Zhang Hui and Zhang Han | 2021/2/12 20:16:07
  • China-CEEC summit charts course for post-pandemic cooperation, signaling ties 'won't be affected' by political changes in US

    Tuesday's summit of China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs), which was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, signaled the full recovery of cooperation between China and CEECs and will chart the course for economic development of the two sides in the post-pandemic era, Chinese analysts said.

    By Zhang Hui and Ma Jingjing | 2021/2/9 11:43:07
  • Hong Kong set for widespread COVID-19 vaccine coverage by late 2021

    Hong Kong is expected to be in the first batch of countries and regions in the world to get widespread COVID-19 vaccine coverage among its citizens by the end of 2021, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) forecast recently, despite the relatively low public confidence in the vaccines, experts noted.

    By Chen Shasha and Zhang Hui | 2021/1/29 21:47:53
  • Has WHO mishandled pandemic in the year since declaring global emergency?

    Exactly one year ago when World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a global public health emergency to alert countries of the risk of the disease, China had reported more than 9,000 cases, while outside China, there were only 83 cases reported in 18 countries and regions, including one in the US.

    By Zhang Hui and Zhao Juecheng | 2021/1/29 21:31:08
  • Field visits in Wuhan  'righteous and helpful' for WHO experts' better understanding of COVID-19

    The WHO experts are going to the right places for field studies on the origin of the COVID-19 in Wuhan, including the Huanan Seafood Market, hospitals where the early patients were treated and the Wuhan virology lab, which will be helpful for them to get a better understanding of the virus, Chinese experts said, as the team of 13 international scientists officially started their investigation work on Friday.

    By Chen Qingqing, Zhang Hui and Liu Xin | 2021/1/29 20:28:40
  • 'US can't partner, confront China at the same time'

    Senior US officials' most recent remarks on China, which showed a puzzling stance mixed with hostility, bias and demands of cooperation, have brought no surprise to China, said Chinese experts on Thursday, adding that the US can't partner and confront with China at the same time.

    By Yang Sheng, Wang Cong, Zhang Hui and Xie Wenting | 2021/1/28 22:53:39
  • Biden administration to continue Trump's Indo-Pacific strategy: analysts

    The Biden administration is likely to continue its predecessor's Indo-Pacific strategy with containing China at its core, analysts said, as US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke to his counterparts in Japan, Australia and India less than a week after assuming office.

    By Zhao Yusha, Zhang Hui and Guo Yuandan | 2021/1/28 21:01:17
  • New dataset with improved coverage indicates increased global warming trend since 1850s: research

    An international team lead by Chinese scientists using a newly merged temperature dataset which is able to cover almost the entire surface of the globe found that there has been a consistent trend of increased global warming since the 1850s, indicating that the previous datasets underestimated global temperature anomalies between 1998 and 2012.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/28 18:28:40
  • China cautious to give seniors vaccine as provinces skip plan and await trials data for elderly

    As China planned to vaccinate 50 million people before Spring Festival, some Chinese cities started registering people from 18 to 59 but suspended the registration for elderly people, considering data of vaccine clinical trials for their age group has yet to be released, in sharp contrast to some Western countries that have been vaccinating seniors even though the Pfizer vaccine they used included very few seniors during clinical trials.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/27 22:08:54
  • India could turn into virus 'base camp'

    While India media was "relieved" by the high rate of coronavirus antibodies found in the New Delhi population, seeing it a step closer to "herd immunity" and almost victory for the city in the battle against coronavirus, Chinese experts believe it indicates the country's in adequate virus control capacity, warning that India may even become a global "base camp" for the virus if the situation continues after the borders reopen.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Caiyu | 2021/1/26 22:27:24
  • Egypt begins inoculation as at least 4 African nations secure Chinese vaccines; more in talks

    At least four African countries have given its citizens Chinese vaccines or secured vaccines from Chinese developers as of Tuesday, with talks on cooperation underway in more countries. Despite the challenges involved, observers noted that China is striving to help the continent fill the immunity gap rather than hoard doses.

    By Zhang Han and Zhang Hui | 2021/1/26 19:45:56
  • Global coronavirus cases hit 100m, can humanity really learn from the apocalypse-like pandemic?

    It's beyond anyone's imagination that the world would be living under the shadow of COVID-19 for so long when the virus pushed it to "hit the pause button". Now, almost a year after the WHO announced the emergency status at the end of January 2020, global confirmed cases have topped the 100 million mark, indicating that one person in 70 worldwide is infected with the coronavirus.

    By Chen Qingqing, Zhang Hui and Zhao Juecheng | 2021/1/26 14:03:49
  • Beijing eyes antibody tests on overseas arrivals to the capital from 40 days ago to trace source

    Beijing will conduct serum antibody tests for all inbound overseas travelers who have entered Beijing since December 10 to find out the transmission chain in the latest cluster infections in the capital's Daxing district, the Beijing government said on Friday.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/22 22:18:39
  • Wuhan virus outbreak film released on lockdown anniversary

    A Chinese documentary on how medical staff raced to rescue patients and ordinary people watched for each other to survive the Wuhan's outbreak in early 2020 was released on Friday, a day before the first anniversary of Wuhan's COVID-19 lockdown.

    By Zhang Hui and Chen Qingqing | 2021/1/22 21:58:40
  • Longest-serving Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming 'sets fine example' to confront West's bias head-on

    Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming, who will soon leave his post, has been the longest-serving Chinese ambassador of all time, which analysts believe shows that he has successfully pushed China-UK relations to their highest point in years and made great contributions in letting Western countries see China equally despite the West calling it "wolf warrior" diplomacy.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/22 20:08:39
  • Port cities vulnerable to viral rebound: CDC

    Recent clusters of coronavirus infections in China were mainly caused by inbound visitors and imported goods, and port cities that are at constant risk of exposure to such sources are prone to see the resurgence of the disease, a senior Chinese official said on Wednesday.

    By Zhang Hui and Chen Qingqing | 2021/1/20 22:11:21
  • Chinese health experts advise Australia to halt approval for Pfizer vaccine following Norwegian deaths

    Countries like Australia, which is expected to soon give the green light to Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine for use in elderly people, need to suspend their approval procedures to wait for the World Health Organization (WHO) and Norway to investigate deaths in Norway, Chinese health experts said.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/19 21:05:07
  • Mink may be host of coronavirus' origin: China's 'Bat Woman'

    While the World Health Organization's expert team is in Wuhan to investigate how the coronavirus jumped to humans from animals, China's "Bat Woman" Shi Zhengli said in an article that mink could be a possible host of the origin of the novel coronavirus, and called on the world to investigate samples from more susceptible animals to determine when the virus moved to humans.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/15 21:22:34
  • Chinese health experts call to suspend Pfizer's mRNA vaccine for elderly after Norwegian deaths

    Chinese health experts called on Norway and other countries to suspend the use of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines produced by companies such as Pfizer, especially among elderly people, due to the vaccines' safety uncertainties following the deaths of 23 elderly Norwegian people who received the vaccine.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/15 13:58:36
  • Chinese netizens bombard US consulate's COVID-19 event as 'inciting gender confrontation, violating epidemic rules'

    An invitation to a panel discussion on women's role in COVID-19 control by the US Consulate General Guangzhou has sparked wide criticism and ridicule from Chinese netizens who stormed the commentary section of the consulate general's social media account, questioning how it "has the nerve" to launch such an event to incite confrontations between men and women in China, when the US has failed in controlling COVID-19 and seen the deaths of nearly 400,000 Americans.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/14 22:03:40
  • At least 17 countries have purchased China-produced COVID-19 vaccines

    More countries announced they would purchase China's COVID-19 vaccines or start mass inoculations using them, as senior officials of various countries stressed the safety of the Chinese vaccines despite some Western media questioning their efficacy and safety.

    By Zhang Hui and Hu Yuwei | 2021/1/14 21:24:23
  • Loudspeakers, banners, excavators: Chinese villages fight smart as epidemic flares up

    Loudspeakers in villages started blasting, long alert banners were hung on walls, excavators and metal gates were set up to examine vehicles and visitors…Chinese villages are fighting the novel coronavirus in its own way as virus resurgence occurs in multiple Chinese cities.

    By Liu Caiyu and Zhang Hui | 2021/1/14 21:13:00
  • Ocean temperatures hit record high in 2020: report

    Despite the small dip in global carbon emissions due to restrictions on travel and other activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global ocean temperatures continued breaking records in 2020, with a recent study reporting the highest ocean temperatures since 1955 from surface level to a depth of 2,000 meters.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/13 17:23:38
  • US State Dept scraps overseas trips as world realizes Trump administration's 'destructive nature'

    The cancellation of all US State Department travel, which was not unexpected, was due to the Trump administration being unwelcome both domestically and internationally, as American political parties and the international community, including Europe, have fully realized its extreme destructive nature, especially that of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Chinese analysts said, adding that Pompeo citing the Biden transition as the reason for the cancellation was only an excuse.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/13 12:19:27
  • Chinese vaccines slower than Pfizer in WHO validation, but 'intl orders unaffected'

    The World Health Organization is reportedly reviewing Chinese COVID-19 vaccines for possible emergency listing, and Chinese analysts believe that if Chinese vaccines, including CanSinoBIO's vaccine, is approved by WHO, it would significantly improve the confidence of developing and Western countries in Chinese vaccines.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/8 22:23:39
  • Trump is fading on social media: Chinese netizens

    Descriptions that US President Donald Trump is "half-dead, or dying on social media" were widely shared by Chinese netizens on Friday, who believe Trump's Twitter and Facebook accounts will eventually be permanently banned after he turns over power to Joe Biden.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/1/8 22:13:40
  • China may tell US consulate in HK to slash staff, register with Chinese authorities: analysts

    China may require the US Consulate General in Hong Kong to slash staff, register with the Chinese authorities, and restrict its activities, and it may also consider investigating some Americans or American enterprises, if the US imposes more sanctions over Hong Kong, Chinese analysts said.

    By Zhang Hui and Chen Qingqing | 2021/1/7 20:52:19
  • More gatherings, celebrations will be held in Wuhan; West should get used to it

    More big gatherings like the New Year celebrations, sports events and live concerts will be staged in Wuhan, which was the hardest-hit city in China by COVID-19, during 2021, and the world had better get used to it, Wuhan residents said, calling on some Westerners to save their fellow countrymen following Chinese experiences rather than attacking Wuhan's gatherings with prejudice and hostility.

    By Zhang Hui and Wan Lin | 2021/1/3 19:48:40
  • When and how can China make COVID-19 vaccines free to its general public?

    Chinese health officials said on Thursday that China will make COVID-19 vaccines affordable to all Chinese residents and eventually offer them free of charge to the public as a premise, a pledge which analysts said would be realized next year when China's production capacity of the vaccine increases to cover the entire population.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/12/31 17:06:32
  • China grants conditional market approval for its first homemade COVID-19 vaccine

    China on Thursday officially issued approval for conditional mass use of the first homemade COVID-19 vaccine, which was developed by Sinopharm, marking a monumental step in the battle against the pandemic that has killed 1.79 million globally.

    By Leng Shumei, Hu Yuwei and Zhang Hui | 2020/12/31 10:11:56
  • UK's poor handling of COVID-19 responsible for piano master Fou Ts'ong's death: netizens

    Chinese social media was filled with posts and candle emojis on Tuesday as netizens mourned legendary Chinese-born pianist Fou Ts'ong, who died on Monday in the UK from COVID-19, with some sadly commenting that he probably would not have died if he had been in China.

    By Chen Xi and Zhang Hui | 2020/12/29 20:14:44
  • China's 'ghost towns' come to life thanks to urbanization and policies

    High-rise apartment blocks, lakes, parks and long, straight roads but no people: These were typical post-apocalyptic Chinese "ghost towns" described by some Western media, but they could be the start of new cities and development miracles.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/12/28 21:20:03
  • High-level CPC delegation's Nepal visit eyes issues of common interest, upholds noninterference principle: Chinese FM

    The visit of a Chinese Communist Party of China (CPC) delegation to Nepal was to conduct exchanges with Nepal on epidemic control, governance and other issues of common interest, and the CPC upholds principles including non-interference, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, after some media claimed the official visit to Nepal by Chinese officials was interfering in Nepal's politics.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Hui | 2020/12/28 18:08:39
  • China ramps up COVID-19 restrictions ahead of two major festivals

    Western countries have been gripped by the coronavirus nightmare since before Christmas with mega-cities being locked down, flights halted and daily new cases continuing to break records, a familiar scene to many Chinese who experienced the nation's early COVID-19 outbreak during its largest festival in 2020. With the Spring Festival holidays fast approaching, Chinese officials, health experts and residents were confident that China, with its sufficient experience, preparation and strict measures in viral control, will not see the coronavirus nightmare repeat again during the Spring Festival holidays in 2021.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/12/25 10:45:48
  • WHO intl team studying coronavirus origin to visit China in Jan, may also visit other countries: team member

    Wuhan may not be the location where the coronavirus made the zoonotic jump from animals to humans, with the transmission chain in the city potentially originating from humans, Chinese analysts said regarding the World Health Organization (WHO) international team's scheduled visit to Wuhan, noting that the team needs to investigate visitors, both Chinese and foreign, who came to Wuhan before the outbreak began, including foreign athletes attending the Military World Games held in Wuhan in October 2019. Chinese analysts believe the WHO team probably will not discover that the virus' zoonosis began in Wuhan.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Caiyu | 2020/12/17 21:53:38
  • WHO intl team studying coronavirus origin to kick off China visit in Jan., may also visit other countries: team member

    A team of international experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to visit China in January as part of their global study on the origins of the novel coronavirus. One team member believed the China trip will start from Wuhan, where COVID-19 cases were first reported, but may also extend to outside the country.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Caiyu | 2020/12/17 10:18:40
  • WHO team to study virus jump to human

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has set up a 10-person international team on the global study of the origins of the novel coronavirus to visit China soon to investigate what one team member said was "where the virus first jumped from animals to humans."

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Caiyu | 2020/12/16 23:43:40
  • Turkey shows 'independent diplomacy' by purchasing Chinese vaccine, opposing politicizing counterterrorism

    Turkey on Monday spoke highly of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines and expressed willingness to strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation with China and push the bilateral relations to a higher level, which Chinese analysts believe showed that Turkey has been increasingly independent in its diplomacy rather than being bound by some coalition such as NATO or blindly following the US, and that its perception of China has become more balanced and objective.

    By Zhang Hui and Liu Xin | 2020/12/15 20:16:08
  • China's fertility rate falls below warning line, population may decline

    Comments by Chinese Minister of Civil Affairs Li Jiheng that the nation's total fertility rate has fallen below the warning line and the population development has entered a critical turning point have sparked wide public discussion, with Chinese demographers warning that China's population will start to decline in the next few years, with little chance of reversing the trend.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/12/2 20:37:40
  • US harassment of Chinese crew 'McCarthyism,' may ruin America's Christmas

    Recent US moves to raid and harass Chinese ships and question ship and air crew members on their Communist Party of China (CPC) membership could face China's reciprocal countermeasures and ruin America's Christmas, as Chinese shipping companies may reduce the number of ships to the US, Chinese analysts warned.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/11/30 20:13:40
  • More flu-COVID-19 cases expected, causing detection dilemma

    China has reported four cases of dual infections of flu and COVID-19, and more such cases will occur as the country enters winter flu peak season, China's top respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan warned on Friday.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/11/27 22:33:40
  • Bruce Lee's 80th birthday commemorated globally, legacy continues to inspire many

    As the late Chinese martial arts superstar Bruce Lee would have turned 80 on Friday, his fans around the world celebrated his birthday through online and offline activities.

    By Xu Xuan and Zhang Hui | 2020/11/27 18:43:40
  • FM's Japan visit paves way for better ties, regional stability

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to Japan, one of the rare high-level bilateral exchanges to yield important and substantial results, laid a good foundation for the further stability and improvement of China-Japan relations as well as regional stability and economic integration against the backdrop of the US' intensified anti-China policy bringing great strategic uncertainty to Northeast Asia, Chinese analysts said.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/11/25 15:28:40
  • As US enters Biden era, China looks to restore ties

    The US is entering the Biden era as the formal transition process begins and a slate of top foreign policy and national security nominees are picked, which Chinese experts said are familiar faces to China who will bring a rational and pragmatic approach for the future of China-US ties, but challenges remain.

    By Liu Caiyu and Zhang Hui | 2020/11/24 11:54:03
  • Sanctions, granting asylum – West's waste HK cards won't deter China

    Some Western countries, especially the US, UK and Canada, appear to have reached a consensus to pressure China on the Hong Kong issue on Thursday, with the US vowing to hold accountable people responsible for "eroding Hong Kong's autonomy," and the others announcing plans to interfere in China's affairs.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/11/13 20:18:40
  • China hopes new US govt to get ties back on track: FM

    Right ahead of the unveiling of the US presidential election results, remarks by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng that he hoped the new US administration will uphold the spirit of non-confrontation and win-win cooperation to jointly push the China-US relations onto the right track are viewed by analysts as a positive megaphone, sending messages to the new US administration that China is willing to take past irrational and hostile moves by the US as intended to serve the interests of the election, and would love to thaw the relationship with the new US administration.

    By Wang Qi and Zhang Hui | 2020/11/5 21:48:41
  • SCO meeting to highlight economic, pandemic cooperation, multilateralism

    Amid the internal and external challenges, the summit of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) next week is likely to highlight strengthening practical economic and COVID-19 cooperation, and the importance of multilateralism to tackle the impact of hegemony and unilateralism, Chinese analysts said.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/11/5 21:48:02
  • Lam may seek help from central govt on LegCo chaos, education policymaking

    The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) may seek the central government's support in strengthening its finances and transport between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland when the global financial hub's economy was battered by social unrest and then by the coronavirus, Chinese analysts said on HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam's ongoing mainland visit from Tuesday to Saturday.

    By Zhang Hui and Shen Weiduo | 2020/11/4 0:37:33
  • China's new hybrid rice yields 10-20% more, breaks world record

    China's third-generation hybrid rice on Monday broke the world record to become the highest-yielding double-cropping rice, which serves as a strong response to speculations of a "food crisis" in China amid the threat of COVID-19, floods, and pests this year.

    By Fan Anqi and Zhang Hui | 2020/11/2 21:58:40
  • China sticks to opening despite self-reliance push

    Chinese officials reiterated Friday that the country's long-standing opening-up policy will remain intact, although it would adopt new development strategies that put heavy emphasis on boosting the domestic market and pursuing indigenous innovation in the next five to 15 years.

    By Wang Cong, Zhang Hui and Huang Lanlan | 2020/10/30 20:48:41
  • China's opening up will continue despite self-reliance focus: officials

    Chinese officials on Friday reiterated that the country's long-standing opening-up policy will remain intact, although it would adopt new development strategies to ensure economic and technological self-reliance by focusing on the domestic market and innovation.

    By Wang Cong and Zhang Hui | 2020/10/30 12:55:35
  • Effects of China's forests in mitigating CO2 emissions underestimated

    An international team led by Chinese scientists found that the effects of China's forests in mitigating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have been seriously underestimated in previous studies.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/10/29 23:02:52
  • Infection through cold-chain industry prompts speculation over sources of Wuhan outbreak

    China has detected novel coronavirus on the packaging of frozen food, indicating that live coronavirus can be imported through long-distance transportation and infect cold-chain food industry workers, following recent outbreaks in Beijing's Xinfadi market and Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province.

    By Zhang Hui and Zhao Juecheng | 2020/10/28 17:21:23
  • India's acceptance of US patronage a deduction of traditional influence, won't increase its chances in border standoff

    Amid the prolonged standoff with China in the border region, India, which used to seek a balance between China and the US, moved to cozy up to Washington, with the two signing a satellite intelligence pact and vowing to jointly counter the threat of China during Tuesday's India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/10/27 22:18:40
  • Indian weapons may be 'incompatible' with US satellite-intelligence pact: observer

    India and the US are likely to finalize a satellite-intelligence pact that is supposed to improve the accuracy of Indian weapons, drones and missiles, during Tuesday's India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/10/26 20:49:18
  • East Europe hit with new COVID-19 wave as Polish, Bulgarian leaders test positive

    East Europe is facing a grim resurgence of COVID-19 as Polish President Andrzej Duda and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov have tested positive for the coronavirus

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Yelu | 2020/10/26 20:18:41
  • China, Russia see 'no need for military alliance' amid high-level cooperation

    The military cooperation between China and Russia has been at a high level in recent years, but the two countries do not need a military alliance, as cooperation based on the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination is more conducive for the two sides to jointly participate in global governance to safeguard regional and global security, Chinese analysts said, as a proposition of China-Russia military alliance has become a heated topic.

    By Wang Wenwen and Zhang Hui | 2020/10/23 21:33:40
  • HK urges Taiwan to grant murder suspect entry a year after his release

    One year after Hong Kong murder suspect Chan Tong-kai, whose case led to the proposed extradition bill that sparked months of social unrest in Hong Kong last year, was released from prison for money laundering, he still has not been able to get a visa to Taiwan to surrender.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/10/23 19:03:40
  • China sends stern warning via commemoration of war it won against the US 70 years ago in Korea

    Almost at the same time when the world was focused on the "theatrical" presidential debate in the US, across the Pacific Ocean, at a grand ceremony Friday to celebrate China's victory in a war against US aggression in Korea 70 years ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping mounted a scathing denunciation of forces that seek to contain China's development, and issued a stern warning that the Chinese people were not to be trifled with and any aggression against China would be dealt with head-on.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Hui | 2020/10/23 15:52:29
  • China, N.Korea stand together 'for self-protection against US hegemony' like 70 years ago

    As China commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) army entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-1953), the DPRK, or North Korea, also held a solemn memorial event to express its gratitude and respect to China's contribution in the 1950s to save the country from being destroyed by the US.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Hui | 2020/10/22 21:21:31
  • Netizens reject label of school principal as 'China's Mother Teresa'

    Chinese netizens have blasted media that called a school principal in Southwest China's Yunnan province "China's Mother Teresa," saying the West is not the beacon of morality, and the faith of the principal, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC), is the CPC, not any religion.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/10/22 13:28:40
  • PLA's hypersonic missile to target 'foreign military intervention' in reunification-by-force Taiwan operation

    Media reports in and outside Taiwan have been hyping that the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is preparing to strike the Taiwan island with new weapon deployment, and Chinese military experts believe weapons like hypersonic missile, the DF-17, should actually target foreign military forces if they intervene in PLA's reunification operations, and that targeting the island would be a waste.

    By Zhang Hui and Yang Sheng | 2020/10/19 21:58:40
  • Largest African delegation seeks vaccine offer in visit to Chinese developer

    Fifty-one African diplomats and senior representatives visited the Beijing manufacturing workshop of China National Biotec Group (CNBG) on Thursday to get an in-depth understanding of China's research and development of COVID-19 vaccines, clinical trials and production.

    By Hu Yuwei and Zhang Hui | 2020/10/16 13:44:33
  • Blocking surrender of HK murder suspect Chan a 'DPP political maneuver'

    The Taiwan authority continues to let political maneuvers override justice, given its latest attempts to impede the entry request from a murder suspect, whose case triggered Hong Kong's extradition bill and months-long unrest last year, seeking to surrender, observers said, after a reverend helped Chan Tong-kaithe suspect apply for a visa to the island, and reportedly failed.

    By Chen Qingqing, Bai Yunyi and Zhang Hui | 2020/10/15 23:24:30
  • FBI new film smears China on espionage, poisons bilateral relations

    A film released by the FBI and National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), allegedly based on a real case, fabricates a Global Times website article and smears China for recruiting former US intelligence officials to have access to classified information.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/10/4 19:30:57
  • Trump's hospitalization highlights COVID-19 treatment for people aged 70 and above

    That US President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 and his subsequent treatment has highlighted COVID-19 treatments and cure rate of people aged 70 years and older, with Chinese doctors saying that although older people face higher risks of severe illness and death related to COVID-19, early intervention, timely and effective treatment, and stable personal health conditions could contribute to a speedy recovery.

    By Zhang Hui | 2020/10/4 14:24:43