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Competition, cooperation and friendship, 5th Sino-Nordic Cup held successively

A total of eight teams from the embassies of the five Nordic countries—Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, China Football Association, and Beijing Sports University were divided into two groups and performed in China Agricultural University's Olympic-level stadium.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, bedrock of the Beat Generation, dead at 101

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the last great poet of the Beat Generation who helped to establish the counter-culture movement of 1950s US through his City Lights bookshop and publishers, has died, the ...
Source: AFP | 2021/2/24 16:53:39

China-S.Korea agreement set to boost cultural exchanges

China's CCTV and South Korea's public television network KBS signed an agreement on Monday to cooperate in various aspects of the cultural industry, which Chinese experts said is a significant ...
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/24 3:36:12

Crossword for teabreak

Crossword for teabreak
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/23 18:23:39


Happy birthday: While a goal you have sought after is now out of your reach, you can still use your time and energy to help others reach their's. This will ...
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/23 18:18:40

Obstruction and irony cannot stop young celebrities from Taiwan and Hong Kong paying tribute to Chinese mainland PLA martyrs

Young celebrity Ouyang Nana from the island of Taiwan forwarded a Sina Weibo post from the People's Daily that paid tribute to the PLA martyrs killed in the Galwan Valley ...
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/23 17:58:39

Rare Israeli Bedouin audio archive sheds light on nomadic society

Leading Bedouin scholar Clinton Bailey has amassed hundreds of hours of recordings about the nomadic society's poetry, history and legal system, in a career that began while jogging through Israel's ...
Source: AFP | 2021/2/23 17:43:40

Online investment forum becomes popular dating corner among young Chinese

"Location Beijing, engineering course masters degree, a liquor-type girlfriend," reads a post from a 27-year-old netizen on a Chinese financial investment forum who is looking for a partner with the ...
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/22 19:24:09

Sour Instagram comments, Hong Kong female idol takes firm patriotic stance, gets Chinese netizens' support

Hong Kong idol Elkie, also known as Chong Tingyan, reposted a message on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo on Friday that got firm support from Chinese netizens as it pays homage ...
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/22 18:53:45

Crossword for teabreak

Crossword for teabreak
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/22 18:28:40


Happy birthday: Follow your intuition today and it will allow you to avoid some hidden pitfalls. A career opportunity will enable you to make more by doing the same amount ...
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/22 18:28:39

PLA military cooks impress Chinese audiences with tasty meals made in the field, proving Chinese military's logistical support capabilities

Chinese military program Junwulingjuli (lit: military force zero distance) captured the attention of Chinese netizens with its latest episode, which focused on food preparation for Chinese soldiers in the field. ...
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/22 18:08:39

Tibetan New Year draws more tourists to Northwest China

For the first time, Guo Yuchao, a 33-year-old programmer, had the chance to experience the unique Tibetan culture of Losar, or the Tibetan New Year.
Source: Xinhua | 2021/2/22 17:08:40

Shark attack survivors find solace in unity

The first rule of Bite Club is you talk to Dave Pearson, a shark attack survivor who connects hundreds of people from around the world to support each other "beyond ...
Source: AFP | 2021/2/22 16:58:39

Hot Chinese brand Sexy Tea raises netizens' ire with sexualized advertising

Sexy Tea, a popular Chinese beverage brand also known as Modern China Tea Shop, has recently become the target of netizen anger due to an inappropriate advertisement suggesting women are ...
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/21 19:06:58

Crossword for teabreak

Crossword for teabreak
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/21 18:03:39


Happy birthday: Although the changes taking place in your life may have thrown you for a loop, but in a month or two you will realize that things have actually ...
Source: Global Times | 2021/2/21 17:58:39

Arturo di Modica, sculptor of the Wall Street 'Charging Bull,' dies

Italian sculptor Arturo di Modica, who created the famous Charging Bull statue which has become a symbol of New York's Wall Street, passes away overnight at the age of 80, ...
Source: AFP | 2021/2/21 17:43:40

Shanghai book sales jump during Spring Festival

Reading was a major source of popular entertainment during the week-long Spring Festival holiday in Shanghai, with sales of many bookstores registering robust growth, according to the books and periodicals ...
Source: Xinhua | 2021/2/21 17:38:40