China must stay firm for negotiations

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/19 22:23:41

Amid an impasse between the two countries, US President Donald Trump on Tuesday called Chinese President Xi Jinping. The leaders agreed to meet next week during the G20 summit in the Japanese city of Osaka, bringing signs of a potential movement in the logjam. China, upon request, held a telephone conversation with the US. This is rich information.

Negotiation outcomes are not often obtained through talks, but through fights. If desiring a good negotiation result, China must persist and not fear.

China's fearless attitude of over a month will not be in vain. It has sent a clear signal to Washington: China can never be daunted. If the US imposes unfair conditions on China, it must be prepared for a protracted trade war and bear the consequential losses together with China.

In the past month, there have been broader objections in American society against an escalating trade war. The negative impact on the US economy caused by the trade war is becoming more and more evident and US elections are approaching. While pressuring China, the US is experiencing pressure too. The key lies in willpower. The principle that the fearless side will win has begun to dominate the China-US game. 

The trade war will not smash either of the two countries, but it will make trouble. US difficulties are self-imposed, while China's are a hurdle for the country's further development that cannot be bypassed. We should be prepared with abundant moral resources.

The US should answer a fundamental question: Why did it launch the trade war in the first place? What benefits will it bring to the American people? 

As the war grinds on, China has had increasingly clear and sufficient reasons to fight: China is fighting for the country's sovereignty, for further development and for the better life of the Chinese people.

China-US negotiations will have twists and turns. Negotiation and war coexisted through the second half of the Korean War (1950-53), and the arduous battles on Sangkumryung, known as Jane Russell Hill in the US, provided strong support for negotiations. 

As trade between China and the US is highly likely to continue, the two countries may eventually reach an agreement. But China will not be impatient or afraid of setbacks.

The fierce confrontation of the last month will exert wider influence. The US is aware that China cannot be threatened or bullied easily, which will make Washington refrain from challenging Beijing's interests.

China is tough not only in its attitude. The past month has further verified China's great strength and its ability to support national will. Facing aggressive US pressure, China has remained in good order.

China is highly united politically and its economy runs smoothly. The exchange rate of China's renminbi experienced a small decline. Most other countries' exchange rates would plunge 50 percent or more if they had to deal with US sanctions. 

The renminbi has not risen beyond 7 against the US dollar as some had expected. This proves that China has enough stamina to start a strategic game with the US.

China has the strong leadership and political core of the Communist Party of China, which guarantees the country a strategic focus at a critical juncture. Cowardice would trigger capitulationism, force China to accept US conditions and enable the US to act arbitrarily against China. But with a strong collective will, China has not backed down. The US government and society have seen this.

We should do our own things well and unite like a fortress. Persist in our stance and victory will be our only destination.

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