Summer Davos 2019 participants eye world beyond trade war

By Li Qiaoyi in Dalian Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/30 20:28:39

Forum participants walk into the conference venue of the Summer Davos 2019 in Dalian, Northeast China's Liaoning Province on Sunday. Photo: Li Qiaoyi/GT

China has world-class technology producers, an executive of the World Economic Forum (WEF) told the Global Times on Sunday at the venue of the WEF's Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2019, where multiple 5G use cases are being showcased.

A 5G-enabled smart sand box grabbed plenty of attention at the annual meeting, also known as Summer Davos, that's to be held in Dalian, Northeast China's Liaoning Province from Monday through Wednesday. The box provided a mixed reality hands-on experience, with visitors wearing virtual reality headsets becoming instantly immersed in the sense that they're in a virtual world that changes simultaneously as the sand gets reshaped in the box.

The 5G rate exceeded 560 MB per second on a ZTE 5G smartphone during a test run at the conference venue on Sunday. 

5G-powered handsets can readily access the 5G network covering the venue, according to a forum employee.

Stating that there are also brilliant technology producers in Europe, Oliver Cann, head of strategic communications of the WEF, urged that technology be used in ways that bring different segments of society together, rather than drive them apart. 

"This year is a really special year for us ... We have more government ministers than ever before," he told the Global Times, and 70 percent of the meeting participants come from outside China.

Also worth noting is that the US is only after China in the attendee rankings, despite bilateral trade tensions.

The trade war is also a highlight at this year's Summer Davos, with a session scheduled for Monday afternoon themed "Going Beyond a Trade War" to be attended by panelists including Charles Li, chief executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing.

The trade war is among the topics of interest for Amy Bernstein, the editor of Harvard Business Review, who is also keen on corporate leadership and cybersecurity.

Noting that China's economy will remain be one of the powerhouses of the world, she told the Global Times that "trade wars are never good for anyone." 

Cann also called on people to look beyond the trade war. "We've really got to work together so as to solve the problems we face, whether it's global economic growth, the environmental challenge, or the building of a fairer society," he said.

People are here because they want to see strategic cooperation actually put into practice, according to Cann.

Judging from the numbers, the Chinese economy is undergoing a smooth and resilient transition to consumption-based growth. He went to say, "I have nothing to fear about China's economy."


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