Hong Kongers rally to support local police

By Yang Sheng Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/30 23:48:56

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents joined a rally on Sunday to support local police as they face mounting criticism for their use of tear gas and rubber bullets on radical activists protesting the extradition bill earlier in June. 

Rally organizers said there were over 160,000 people at Sunday's rally, Hong Kong-based media Mingpao.com reported. 

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), demonstrators wore white or blue and held a Chinese national flag or the Five-starred Red Flag and the Hong Kong SAR flag, along with banners featuring slogans that read, "Sir, Madam, we support you!"

Tang King Shing, a deputy to the National People's Congress in Hong Kong and former police commissioner said, "Hong Kong police are still at their posts, and remain professional and fulfill their duties in the face of challenges and insults."

Observers noted the rally was proof the violent and unlawful protests earlier in June had angered many Hong Kong citizens who now wanted to help safeguard stability and order to create a foundation for Hong Kong to develop.  

Sunday's rally was intended to show support for officers, including those accused of using excessive force while breaking up the anti-extradition bill protests. 

On June 12, police units used pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets on demonstrators as they attempted to storm Hong Kong government offices, according to SCMP.  

Protesters countered on June 21 with a 12-hour demonstration at police headquarters in Wan Chai where they threw eggs at law enforcement officers. 

Sunday's demonstrators told Mingpao.com that violently storming the offices of the Hong Kong SAR government, Hong Kong Police headquarters, and the Legislative Council was unacceptable as opinions should be expressed peacefully and reasonably at all times.

"The police protect the city and the people, but now they are faced with insults, so we want to support them," one demonstrator said. 

Younger people were misguided, which is truly sad, so today we are here to support the police and how they enforce the laws, said some middle-aged demonstrators, Mingpao.com reported.


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