China slams countries for criticizing Xinjiang policies, slandering nation

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/11 17:15:37

China on Thursday issued a stern response to countries which signed a joint letter to the UN criticizing China’s Xinjiang policies, calling the accusations a disregard for the truth and groundless slander and attacks on China, a spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry said at a press briefing on Thursday.

Human Rights Watch released a joint letter signed by 22 countries at the United Human Rights Council, urging China to “end its mass arbitrary detentions and related violations against Muslims in the Xinjiang region”  

Responding to questions on the issue, Chinese FM spokesperson Geng Shuang said China has made solemn representations to these countries and invited members of the UN Human Rights office of the High Commissioner to Xinjiang. 

China strongly opposes the 22 countries that politicize human rights issues and urges these countries to abandon their biases and cease interference with China’s domestic affairs on the pretext of Xinjiang-related issues, Geng said. 

“The Chinese government and people have the right to speak in terms of the Xinjiang policies. In the face of terrorist and extremist threats, Xinjiang has taken a series of measures, including the establishment of education and vocational training centers, which help improve the security in the region,” Geng said.

He noted that there has been no violent attack in Xinjiang for more than two years, and local residents’ sense of security and happiness have greatly improved. And they sincerely support the government’s measures, Geng added.  

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