Residents sort trash, make cash

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/14 19:33:40

A man is throwing a bottle into the plastics trash bin of a residential community in Beijing's Xicheng district. Photo: Pear Video

A residential community in Beijing's Xicheng district has caught public attention due to its use of high-tech in garbage sorting and the benefits it offers to the local residents. 

Local residents can use facial recognition technology to open trash bins after they register and upload their profile on an applet called Qingyunfu on WeChat. Those who have not registered online can discard their rubbish by pressing a button on the trash bin, according to a video from the China Internet Development Foundation on Saturday. 

Users can also earn points if they sort their garbage successfully, and these points can be exchanged for daily necessities. 

In addition, foldable recyclable garbage can be converted into money after being weighed. 

Waste in the community is divided into six categories - kitchen waste, metal, textiles, paper, plastics, and other waste, according to the video. 

Pear Video


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