Western pride and prejudice must stop

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/17 21:58:41

Susan Rice Photo: IC

Zhao Lijian, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, posted several tweets Saturday in response to the 37 countries' support for China's governance in its Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, denouncing the mud which the 22 Western countries threw at China. Zhao pointed out that southeast Washington DC is a district where "the white never go" because "it's an area for the black and Latin." 

His tweet triggered a furious response from former US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice. She called Zhao a "racist disgrace" who is "shockingly ignorant." Rice even urged Cui Tiankai, Chinese Ambassador to the US, to "send him home." But Zhao is based in Islamabad. 

BBC published an article, saying China is trying out "wolf warrior" diplomacy. The opinion piece listed several other Chinese diplomats who criticized Western governments and politicians, saying that Chinese diplomats' language style is getting direct and tough. 

It is a representative view in the West. Many hate to see Chinese diplomats' sharp criticism of Western countries, and believe that being outspoken is Westerners' privilege in the field of public opinion. They prefer Chinese people's forbearance and compromise when being attacked and hesitance when responding. Once the Chinese touch a raw nerve, they would react strongly and put a label on China. 

Zhao didn't criticize Washington's racial inequality for no reason. His remarks were made following repeated US accusations of China's "ethnic persecution" in Xinjiang, and the 22 Western countries' abominable conduct of attacking China at the UN Human Rights Council. Zhao explained China's Xinjiang policy, and pointed out the US weakness. He did everything with reason and restraint. 

But Rice, as a former senior diplomat, lost her manners. She called Zhao "a racist disgrace," which is a personal insult rather than a debate. Never has a Chinese diplomat proactively said "you are a disgrace" to a US official. 

Almost all of Chinese diplomats' criticism of the US and the West is a response or counterattack when being provoked. Never have we provoked a war of words against these countries and their politicians. 

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Republican Senator Marco Rubio also maliciously attacked China. What China did was respond to set the record straight.

US and Western opinion has been demonizing China. Many Western politicians joined in to besiege China. China's forbearance and low-key attitude did not restrain them. Of course we will have our say. China is righteous to unmask Western opinion's lies against China. 

It is not that Chinese diplomats were trying out "wolf warrior" rhetoric. They were just telling the truth and accurately revealing Western politicians' lies. China will not stay silent in the face of groundless accusations from the US and the West. We will not let them abuse their discourse hegemony and spread the fabricated charges against China to the world. 

Chinese media and diplomats will act more actively to make the truth known to all and unmask Western pride and prejudice.

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