Violent protestors damage Hong Kong, their own futures

By Mu Lu Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/21 20:28:40

Violent protests, with the extradition bill as the pretext, continue to escalate in Hong Kong, although Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said that "the bill is dead."  Some young people arbitrarily vented their violent feelings and hurt policemen, the rule of law in Hong Kong and their own futures.  

What do those young people want? They attempted to achieve freedom of speech and rule of law by means of street politics - violence and challenging the bottom line of law. This is ridiculous. 

Many countries have witnessed street political activities. The participants were mainly young people, but none of these actions have come to fruition. This is because they refer to violence to achieve their so-called legitimate goal, which is impossible. 

Those young protestors in Hong Kong tried to have their appeal accepted by using violence. Their extreme actions have deeply damaged the Hong Kong they love. They must pay the price for their extremism. This is the unchallengeable bottom line of society with the rule of law. They must learn a lesson to take responsibility and get the punishment they deserve. Hong Kong must not concede anymore in terms of the rule of law: the basis for the city's civilization. 

Young Hongkongers are aspiring and active to contribute to Hong Kong's development and in the meantime, facing pressure from the wealth gap and economic transition. Dissatisfied with the current situation but lacking rational thinking, they didn't find or didn't want to find an effective way out for their problems. 

It is sad to see those young people overlook the strong advice of history but insist on following the wrong track. They would put Hong Kong's and their developments at risk rather than admit to the proven right route for Hong Kong.

Those misled young people attribute their problems to the central government, but actually, both the development of Hong Kong and the future for young Hongkongers are closely linked to the mainland. Young Hongkongers should properly recognize the central government's beneficial policies and understand them with a higher-level vision.

To address Hong Kong's problems and create opportunity for Hongkongers, the central government launched a series of active measures including the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. These measures aim to consolidate and improve Hong Kong's status as pivot for international finance, shipping, commerce and aviation, as well as to promote regional integration and personnel exchanges. This will guarantee Hongkongers a wider space and bigger platform.

If young Hongkongers can put aside their prejudice and take a real look at the mainland, they will find it totally different from the "abyss of suffering" described by some Western media outlets but rather a place full of opportunities for them.

For example, part of the Greater Bay Area, dynamic Shenzhen - the city surpassed Hong Kong in GDP in 2018 - can be an ideal stage for technical personnel from Hong Kong to fulfill their ambitions. 

The future of Hong Kong is in the hands of young Hongkongers. As the economic advantages of Hong Kong are declining, young Hongkongers should more rationally think about how to make full use of the huge mainland market to pull Hong Kong out of its dilemma. 

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