How will mainland stars meet their Taiwan lovers after travel suspension?

By Wang Wenwen Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/1 16:21:37

Chinese mainland fans are hotly discussing on social media how dating star couples, comprised of one from the mainland and the other from the island of Taiwan, will meet after mainland authorities temporarily suspended issuing travel permits for individual mainland travelers to go to the island. 

On Sina Weibo, a topic hashtag "How can Li Ronghao go to Taiwan" has been generating some amusingly funny posts.

Li, a mainland singer, made a high-profile proposal to Taiwan singer Rainie Yang on July 11, but they are not yet married. 

"Book a group tour," wrote a netizen, noting that tourists are still able to travel to Taiwan when they travel as a group. 

"But what if the tour guide insists Li visit Taipei 101?" another replied suggesting that Li isn't likely interested in visiting typical tourist attractions like Taipei's tallest building.

A pilot program allowing residents of 47 Chinese mainland cities to travel to the island of Taiwan on individual trips was suspended starting Thursday due to "the current cross-Straits ties." 

However, group tours and married couples are not affected by the ban on individual travel to Taiwan, leading some commentators online to give Li and Yang advice to marry as soon as possible.  

Not understanding that the travel restrictions don't applied to married couples, netizens also came up with travel suggestions for Wang Xiaofei and Barbie Hsu, Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen, and Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi. 

"Let Chen Xiao and Li Ronghao book a group tour and then have Wang Xiaofei and Liu Shishi join them. They can fill out their tourist group with their agents," a Weibo user wrote.

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