HK violence reveals hidden agenda fueled by evil intentions

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/13 8:10:36

China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region international airport was forced to cancel almost all departures and arrivals on Monday after violent protesters ransacked one of the world's busiest commercial airline hubs. Nothing so shameful has ever happened in the history of Hong Kong's aviation business. A spokesperson with the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council said the protests were similar to acts of terrorism. The remarks were set a new precedent and so far, are the strongest ever made by China's central government since the demonstrations started.  

Crippling the airport is a slap in the face of an international hub like Hong Kong. Its place among the global air freight industry has served as a pillar for the city, and contributed significantly to the city's high standing as a world financial center. The protesters have resorted to using makeshift weapons to attack the police. They have revealed their fierceness and desire to challenge Hong Kong's rule of law to the very end. To be frank, they are nothing more than street thugs who want Hong Kong to "go to hell." 

The violent behavior of the radical protesters does not make sense. Although some protesters were misguided when they joined the anti-extradition bill protests, at least their actions were not without logic. Since the protests have escalated, threatening Hong Kong's rule of law and core values, a city where people live and work, it is hard to fathom such violence.

Some people in Hong Kong hold negative feelings. It is understandable they cannot resolve their emotions overnight. However, it is hard to imagine how ordinary Hong Kong citizens could resort to throwing flaming petrol bottles at police and become pioneers in destroying order and the rule of law without hesitation. Such behavior runs entirely counter to their fundamental interests. If they were not ignorant or insane, they would at least hesitate, and then reflect upon and restrain their actions. 

While the number of protesters is shrinking, some have made up for the losses by exerting more violent behavior.  For this group, their goal is to cripple the Hong Kong government and smash police authority. By doing so, they are determined to be recognized as an enemy of Hong Kong and the entire country. The Chinese government will make a clear division between peaceful and violent protestors. The latter will be punished severely just as any enemy would who threatens national security.  

As an open port, Hong Kong is sophisticated. Many permanent residents are foreign passport holders and not Chinese citizens. They have the right to vote and run for office. However, their emotions have been influenced by other factors, not to mention their loyalty to China. As Washington pointed out, Hong Kong is home to more than 80,000 US citizens. It is also likely that the same number of UK citizens reside there. The international diversity of the city's residents increases the complexity of reaching a consensus to restore order.

Media reports have indicated that some of the extreme protesters have been paid to create such chaos and destruction during the demonstrations. It would be easier for the public to pick out those "mercenaries" in an orderly society. However, due to the ongoing chaos that has gripped the city, this could be a difficult task. For those who have voluntarily stripped themselves of their national identity, they have treated the protests as an "exciting" game where they are happy to be a paid participant. In this case, the morale of such radicals will hinge on the cash benefits as the protests continue.  

In a pragmatic community, a group who protests daily will make trouble. How many students and employed people can continue behaving in such a fashion? Their actions are harmful to Hong Kong and their future. The raging mobs have shown such diligence and to the point that they must be receiving support through nefarious political gain or financial stimulation. They are, without any doubt, similar to terrorists.

The very nature of the demonstrations is unlike the characteristics associated with armed robberies, and have since become more organized and strategic. Protesters have upgraded their weapons while focusing on attacking the police. It would be an insult to the public if such violent acts were labeled as spontaneous. 

Those responsible for orchestrating such violence have combined criminal behavior with protesting so they can destroy Hong Kong. However, their evil intentions have been revealed. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. The time has come to single them out and strike, and make sure they pay for their actions.

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