Futile for Washington to play HK card

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/15 23:35:54

Photo: VCG/Xinhua

Washington in recent days has ratcheted up rhetoric on the Hong Kong issue and grossly interfered in China's domestic affairs. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanded that the Hong Kong chief executive and Legislative Council accept the conditions raised by the extreme opposition. John Bolton, US national security adviser, warned the Chinese government against any potential crackdown on the Hong Kong protesters, saying "it would be a big mistake" to create a new memory like the June 4th political incident in Hong Kong. US politicians are blatantly pointing their fingers at China. It's obvious that they fail to understand the era they are living in.  

Washington has the ability to fool Hong Kong's radical protesters and incite them to stage a color revolution. But it is unable to influence Beijing's attitude on the Hong Kong issue. US politicians themselves know best that their rhetoric against Beijing is merely a bluff. US President Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday that "Of course China wants to make a deal. Let them work humanely with Hong Kong first!" Western media outlets widely interpreted it as the White House's intent to link the China-US trade talks to the Hong Kong issue. However, such an interpretation reflects the wishes of those who are hostile against China in the Western media. 

Those tweets didn't show the White House intends to link the two issues, as it would be a futile effort. After the US launched its trade war and exerted enormous economic pressure on China, Washington has had no additional cards to play on China. All US sanction threats on China are empty shouts now. 

Beijing hasn't decided to forcefully intervene to quell the Hong Kong riots, but this option is clearly at Beijing's disposal. The People's Armed Police assembling in Shenzhen has sent a clear warning to the Hong Kong rioters. If Hong Kong cannot restore the rule of law on its own and the riots intensify, it's imperative then for the central government to take direct actions based on the Basic Law.

The Hong Kong issue is China's internal affairs that cannot be interfered by external forces, not only because it's a matter of sovereignty but also because China is the only one which is truly responsible for Hong Kong's future. The US and the West eulogize the radical protesters as they won't get hurt from Hong Kong's turmoil. 

Worse still, the US would rather mess Hong Kong up, using Hong Kong as a new bargaining chip in its strategic competition with China. What those politicians are doing and will do with Hong Kong is to turn things more unfavorable to China. This is China's perception of the US attitude. 

Under such a situation, the US can neither win the trust of China nor intimidate China. Its frequent statements on Hong Kong affairs are political bubbles that can only bewitch radical protesters. They cannot increase US influence on the Hong Kong issue. 

Washington is becoming increasingly selfish. It refuses to give in any of its profits and hopes to grab more from the world through rogue tactics - mostly political pressure and intimidation. Fewer countries are viewing Washington as a constructive player. 

The incident in Hong Kong won't be a repeat of the June 4th political incident in 1989. Washington will not be able to intimidate China by using the turmoil 30 years ago. China is much stronger and more mature, and its ability to manage complex situations has been greatly enhanced. 

It is hoped Hong Kong society can recognize Washington's attempt to ruin the city, and actively restore the rule of law under the leadership of the HKSAR government. 


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