FedEx business ethics in China questioned

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/18 22:30:44

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According to official Chinese sources, a sportswear company in East China's Fujian Province received a package with a gun in it from a US customer delivered by FedEx. Private ownership of firearms is strictly forbidden in China. This is obviously a serious incident.

More than 10 articles are prohibited from mailing in China and all kinds of arms and ammunition top the list. Undoubtedly, delivering a gun from the US to China is seriously against Chinese law. The Chinese public security authorities will definitely launch an investigation of the incident.

FedEx is obligated to abide by Chinese law and prevent weapons and other dangerous contraband from being delivered to China. 

Technically, FedEx should be capable of finding a gun in a package for delivery to China. It would be horrible if FedEx lacked such an ability. That would fail people's expectations of the world's largest express transportation company. 

Some people may ask, is it an imitation gun in the package? First, it is obviously a real gun. Second, even delivering an imitation gun to China is a serious violation of Chinese law. FedEx cannot shirk its responsibility from the perspective of law.

Since this year, FedEx has already made a series of mistakes concerning Huawei, seriously violating industry ethics and rules. FedEx arbitrarily diverted several Huawei parcels to the US and refused to deliver a Huawei smartphone between two non-Chinese customers. Now it is delivering a gun to China. Is FedEx muddle-headed, or is it playing a role in a conspiracy against China? 

FedEx's performance toward Chinese customers this year is shocking. It is unbelievable that the world's leading express transportation company is rotten inside. Can all the problems be explained by carelessness? Either or both of FedEx's professional ethics standards and technological standards are seriously incomplete. FedEx has disappointed Chinese customers and triggered global customers' vigilance.

Based on repeated odd incidents, we have good reason to suspect that FedEx's business in the Chinese market is interfered with by the US government, especially US intelligence department. Some others are using FedEx to harm China's national interest. FedEx lacks the backbone or ability to refuse such interference. 

The US has been accusing Huawei and other Chinese telecom companies of collecting intelligence instructed by Beijing. But they have not found any evidence to support such an accusation. However, there are many incidents of the US using domestic law and other secret ways to manipulate US companies to harm China's national interests. Many big US companies' economic activities publicly serve US security policy. FedEx is suspected of secretly following the same instruction.

The US operates the world's largest national security body, and its economic units are all components of the body. 

In the US government's opinion, even importing more automobiles or steel becomes a national security issue. By accusing Huawei and other Chinese enterprises, the US is judging others by itself. US companies always work for the US intelligence department and Washington suspects that Chinese companies would do the same.

The incident of FedEx delivering a package with a gun in it to China is still under investigation. We hope the vicious clues can be fully exposed. Whoever violates Chinese laws needs to pay the price.

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