Xinhua strongly condemns vandalizing of its Hong Kong office by rioters

Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/11/3 0:07:13


A spokesperson for Xinhua News Agency on Saturday evening issued a statement expressing strong condemnation against the savage behaviors of rioters vandalizing and setting fire to its Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau office building in Hong Kong.

On Saturday afternoon, a number of rioters destroyed the building's security facilities, spray-painted insulting words on the walls and smashed the front gate and some of its windows. They also threw firebombs and paint bombs into the lobby and committed vandalism in it after trespassing.

Xinhua expresses strong indignation and condemnation against the rioters' savage behaviors and hopes that Hong Kong police will launch a serious investigation into the incident, the spokesperson said.

Xinhua, as China's state news agency and an international wire service with global influence, is committed to providing authoritative, truthful and comprehensive news coverage for audience at home and abroad.

The behaviors of the black-clad rioters once again demonstrated that the most important and pressing task for Hong Kong at the moment is to bring violence and chaos to an end and restore order, the spokesperson said.

"We resolutely support the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and police in stopping violence and chaos in accordance with the law. We also believe that this illegal act will be condemned by all sectors of Hong Kong society," the spokesperson added.


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