Shanghai International Dance Center celebrates 3rd anniversary

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/10 18:48:39

Dancer Tan Yuanyuan (right) Photo: Courtesy of Shanghai International Dance Center

A series of dance activities took place at the Shanghai International Dance Center on Sunday to celebrate the center's 3rd anniversary.  

The Dance for 12 Hours program included public lectures, classes and shows featuring well-known dancers such as Xin Lili, Tan Yuanyuan, Han Haiyan, Huang Doudou, Zhu Jiejing and Wang Jiajun.

The program's first commissioned work, ballet dance Creations, co-produced by Shanghai Ballet and Yen Han Ballet Company, was staged by local young and promising dancers. 

The key message behind the program is the importance of public involvement and participation in dance. The program seeks to provide the public the answer to questions such as "How were these stage works created?" and "How did dancers and directors work together to make these things happen?" 

The program also included live stream talks by dancers, who explained how to appreciate classic dance works.  

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