Time for HK pan-democrats to build consensus

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/26 22:23:41

Photo: VCG

The 2019 Hong Kong District Council Elections were held successfully on Sunday with the opposition capturing more than half of the 452 seats. The result was confirmed and respected. This has shown the central government's sincerity in sticking to the "one country, two systems" principle.

Pan-democrats gained more influence through the ballot, which requires them to be more responsible to maintain order in Hong Kong. No matter what pan-democrats pursue, they must not do it at the cost of the rule of law, which is a core value of the city. The newly elected pan-democrat councilors should contribute to guiding the Hong Kong society to reach the consensus. 

Being loyal to the Basic Law should be the prerequisite for every Hong Kong politician. This requires them to express political appeals through channels specified by the Basic Law, and respect its purpose.

The Basic Law assures the high degree of autonomy in Hong Kong, and solidly defends the "one country" principle in the city. Pan-democrats of Hong Kong need to be aware of and responsible for promoting coordination between the "two systems" and "one country" principle in the city. They must not lead the city to confront the central government. It's believed most pan-democrats have the awareness of "one country" and won't allow Hong Kong to become a bridgehead for the West to pressure China. This is the basic political ethics they should adhere to.

It is a wise choice for pan-democrats to promote democracy in Hong Kong while simultaneously safeguarding national security rather than undermining national security. Only after they straighten out this logic will they enjoy a broad and sustainable prospect. 

Some Hong Kong radical opposition figures have colluded with the US and other outside forces in recent years. In the long run, those radicals will pay the price for temporary gains. 

"One country, two systems" means to let Hong Kong people, not Westerners, rule Hong Kong. Beijing highly respects Hong Kong's autonomy, and won't allow Western forces to meddle in Hong Kong affairs. Whoever helps Washington intervene in Hong Kong affairs is putting their political career at risk. 

Amid tensions between China and the US, Hong Kong pan-democrats should steer their political position well, keeping it in line with China's national security. They should keep this in mind rather than covet short-term petty benefits and lose themselves.

Dozens of elected district councilors gathered near Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Monday to show solidarity with radical protesters, a move which highlights their political label. District councils typically focus on community issues, but some newly elected district councilors have acted as if they are members of the Legislative Council. It will go against the Basic Law if they want to turn themselves into the most active political force in Hong Kong. 

Democratic development in the city should be strictly in line with the Basic Law and coordinated with national security. Both Hong Kong and the central government need to figure out how to make it as "one country, two systems" is still a new thing. 

As the world has deeply changed, to sustain "one country, two systems," Hongkongers and mainlanders should seek truth from facts to solve various problems they face. Hong Kong will have a bright future only when they more closely join hands.

Pan-democrats gained more seats, but they should maintain political sobriety. The young newly elected, in particular, should keep a distance from those who betray the country and Hong Kong, and have the courage to explore a new political path in accordance with the "one country, two systems" principle. Hong Kong is a part of China, and never will it belong to the US or the West. Only by keeping this in mind and acting accordingly will they have a solid political career.  


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