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Sixty-year-old actor Liu Xiao Ling Tong to return to Monkey King role, South Korean singer and actress Jeon Hye-bin to get married, soccer player Lionel Messi acquires his sixth Golden Ball Award

#Liu Xiao Ling Tong is the Monkey King#

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Liu Xiao Ling Tong Photo: VCG

Zhang Jinlai, 60, better known by his stage name Liu Xiao Ling Tong, was the best Monkey King in the eyes of a lot of Chinese who grew up watching the 1986 TV series Journey to the West and its later 2000 sequel. The star recently announced on Sina Weibo that he will return to the role for an upcoming movie version of the classic story, causing droves of Chinese netizens to wax nostalgic on social media. 

"My happiest time in the day was when I could sit in front of the TV and watch Journey to the West with my parents after dinner," commented one netizen on Sina Weibo. 

Zhang's compelling performance in Journey to the West was greatly praised by critics and helped him win the Best Actor award at the sixth Golden Eagle Awards in 1988. 

#Jeon Hye-bin is getting married#  

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Jeon Hye-bin at a press conference at Busan International Film Festival on October 10, 2019 Photo: VCG

Chinese netizens congratulated and gave their blessings to South Korean singer and actress Jeon Hye-bin after the news that she would be getting married on Saturday hit the internet. 

"Congratulations! Hope you will be happy all the time," a Sina Weibo user commented. 

Not all fans, however, were ecstatic. 

"I hope she can find her own happiness, but I really don't want to accept the reality that she will be married."

The actress's performance in Real Romance Love Letter, a South Korean television game show broadcast over three seasons from October 2004 to October 2006, earned her numerous fans in her home country and China as well. 

#Messi wins sixth Golden Ball Award

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Lionel Messi reacts after winning the Ballon d'Or France Football 2019 trophy at the Chatelet Theatre in Paris on December 2, 2019 Photo: VCG

Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi, who plays as a forward and captains both Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentina national team, was awarded his sixth Golden Ball Award on Monday, setting a new record for a player with the most number of wins.

Chinese netizens congratulated Messi and said he deserves the award. 

"Messi, a man like a god," "Congratulations! Please stay healthy and continue to play brilliantly," Sina Weibo users wrote congratulating the star athlete. 

Besides his fame in the field of soccer, Messi has also been praised for his humble nature and showing love for his family. 

"His reputation comes naturally from his real distinction. He is my model both professionally and in life," posted one netizen on Sina Weibo.

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