Ryan Reynolds spoofs viral video for cheeky holiday ad

Source:AFP Published: 2019/12/8 15:53:39

Ryan Reynolds Photo: VCG

Actor Ryan Reynolds is winning hearts and praise with a cheeky new holiday ad for his Aviation Gin brand.

The commercial opens on a woman staring straight ahead, her eyes blank. Two concerned friends sit on either side.

As her friends assure her that she's "safe here," the unnamed woman seems to break free of her stupor. The three toast to "new beginnings" before she begins chugging her drink, a martini made with Aviation Gin.

"You look great, by the way," one friend comments as the camera fades out.

While the ad may seem confusing, the central actress is instantly recognizable to US viewers as the woman in a spectacularly unsuccessful ad for Peloton stationary bikes.

In that ad, released in mid-November, she plays a young mother whose husband gives her a Peloton for Christmas.

After documenting her transformation over the course of the commercial, she emotionally thanks her husband.

Outraged internet users said the woman looked like a terrified hostage and called out Peloton for seemingly encouraging body-shaming. 

When Reynolds released his gin ad Friday night, it came with a mischievous caption: "Exercise bike not included."

The video quickly went viral.

"Whichever of your marketing people [thought] of this deserves a raise," one person tweeted.

This is not the first time Reynolds has capitalized on a viral internet moment.

In June, the actor released an Aviation Gin ad spoofing the infamously failed Fyre music festival.

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