Greece's first underwater museum opens ancient world to dive tourists

Emerging from the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Hans-Juergen Fercher has just returned from his fourth dive to where mounds of 2,500-year-old wine pots mark the site of an ancient shipwreck - and Greece's first underwater museum.

Lost Buddha head statue returns home to Shanxi Province

After drifting around for nearly a century abroad, a large stone Buddha head finally returned home to Taiyuan in North China's Shanxi Province on Saturday.

  • New M. Night Shyamalan horror flick 'Old' tops N.America box office

    New M. Night Shyamalan horror-thriller Old aged to perfection at the top of the North American box office in its debut weekend, taking in an estimated $16.5 million, industry watcher Exhibitor Relations reported Sunday.

    By AFP-Reuters | 2021/7/26 18:48:40
  • 'Purified': Japan's hikers return to Mount Fuji

    For a year, the peak of Japan's iconic Mount Fuji has been off-limits because of coronavirus disease, but now hikers are flocking back to catch the spectacular sunrise above the clouds.

    By AFP | 2021/7/26 18:43:40
  • Cultural sites in four countries win UNESCO World Heritage List

    Four sites in China, India, Iran and Spain have been inscribed on the World Heritage List, announced the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Sunday.

    By Xinhua | 2021/7/26 18:43:40
  • Second book in 'The Three-Body Problem' trilogy wins Japanese Seiun Award

    The Dark Forest, the second novel in Chinese science fiction trilogy The Three-Body Problem, won Best Translated Long Work at the Seiun Awards, Japan's answer to the Hugo Awards, getting applause from Chinese science fiction fans on Thursday.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/23 0:47:39
  • Chinese animated film 'Green Snake' to debut on Friday

    Green Snake, the sequel to the hit 2019 Chinese animated film White Snake, is scheduled to hit theaters in the Chinese mainland on Friday.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/22 19:11:50
  • LVMH takes majority stake in Virgil Abloh streetwear label Off-White

    French luxury conglomerate LVMH said Tuesday it intends to take a majority stake in the luxury streetwear label Off-White created by Virgil Abloh, the first black American creative director of a top French fashion house.

    By AFP | 2021/7/22 18:43:40
  • Cannes fashion: The good, the bad, and the plain weird

    With so few red carpets to walk this past year, stars, celebs and the world's sharpest-elbowed influencers piled onto the "tapis rouge" at the Cannes film festival.

    By AFP | 2021/7/22 18:33:40
  • Pop star Kris Wu's suggestion in previous interview about sending teenagers abroad sparks another wave of controversy

    "Many parents want to send their children abroad for high-quality education. I think they should do this before children's values are formed," says Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu, who has been accused of having sex with underage girls, in a 2015 interview that was dug up and then condemned by Chinese netizens on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/21 23:12:58
  • Diao Yinan produced crime film to compete at 69th San Sebastian film gala

    The 69th San Sebastian International Film Festival announced on Monday that Moses on the Plain, a crime film executively produced by Chinese indie filmmaker Diao Yinan, will screen in competition at the annual film gala in September.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/21 19:03:22
  • Chinese netizens offer advice to Indians on how to prevent deadly selfie accidents

    Has taking selfies become a deadly extreme sport? The answer is yes.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/20 20:44:15
  • Kris Wu, the beginning of the doom of China's streaming stars

    In just two days, the career of Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu has been turned upside down.

    By Gong Qian | 2021/7/20 19:48:40
  • China has enemies who do not even understand why they are against China: UK Oscar-winner

    Malcolm Clarke, an Oscar-winning UK filmmaker, came to China once again to film a documentary about China's path to achieving xiaokang, or a moderately prosperous society. His third visit to the country, Clarke has remarked that each time he arrives he has seen for himself China's great breakthroughs: reforming and opening up, building the Chinese Dream and the completion of moderately prosperous society.

    By Ji Yuqiao | 2021/7/20 0:30:50
  • China Artists Association launches art exhibition in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

    A sketch art event will kick off on Wednesday in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to capture the unique cultural landscape of the region.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/19 19:00:34
  • 'Quirky taste' of fashion show competitor sparks Chinese netizen discussion on 'self-respect'

    Deliberately blurred out facial features and dyed silver hair with heavy vampy lipstick; this is the style young fashionista Chui Chui sported Sunday on the fashion and lifestyle-oriented Chinese TV reality competition China Trending Now 2021, which focuses on exhibiting the tastes and creativity of China's Generation Z. By confusing viewers with her dark aesthetic, Chui Chui's design became a hot online topic that has inspired discussion about the subject of "self-respect."

    By Global Times | 2021/7/19 18:36:53
  • 6th Jackie Chan International Action Film Week to kick off in August

    The 6th Jackie Chan International Action Film Week will be held in North China's Shanxi Province on August 6-8 and a new selection of global classic action movies called "Top Ten Classic Actions" will be revealed at the event, it was announced on Monday. While the news sparked excitement in the star's fans, some Chinese film observers were dourer, saying that the golden age of Chinese action films have passed and need a reform in order to better fit in with today's mainstream tastes.

    By Chen Xi | 2021/7/19 18:28:55
  • Black American chefs want credit for legacy of innovation

    Black Americans have played a crucial role in shaping the nation's cuisine and yet they have rarely been given credit for their contributions - some of which are considered among the country's most iconic dishes.

    By AFP | 2021/7/19 18:08:40
  • Exhibition about Chinese immigrant architecture launches in Italy

    An architecture exhibition focusing on traditional Chinese enclosed houses launched in Italy on Friday as one of the highlighted exhibitions at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/19 17:20:40
  • S.Africa tourism on edge with virus, riots

    Graced with rolling vineyards, bountiful big game, the iconic Table Mountain, endless sandy beaches and vast cultural riches, South Africa would have expected to cash in on a post-virus travel boom.

    By AFP | 2021/7/19 17:13:40
  • Brands announce termination of contract with pop star Kris Wu over controversial claim that he lured an underaged girl for sex

    Several brands in China deleted or hid their advertisement with pop star Kris Wu, while cosmetics brand, Kans, announced the termination of their contract over the controversial claim that he lured an underaged girl for sex on China's Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo on Sunday.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/19 3:10:53
  • Chinese animation earns praises for its new IP themed on one of the eight wonders of the world

    A new animation movie inspired on one of the eight wonders of the world and World Heritage Site, the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, China's original film Realm of Terracotta was praised by Chinese moviegoers. Film experts said Chinese cultural heritage was a rich inspiration for the creators.

    By Chen Xi | 2021/7/18 23:33:11
  • Swiss Architecture Month launched in Hebei Province to focus on 'sustainability' and 'art'

    A cultural forum on Swiss architecture and art kicked off on Saturday at Aranya, a trendy artsy tourism-oriented community space in Qinhuangdao, North China's Hebei Province, as the first chapter in space's Swiss architecture month that is set to run until mid-August.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/18 19:08:36
  • Chinese international boy band INTO1 cheers on Tokyo Olympic Games in song

    Into the fire, a new EP single from hot Chinese boy band INTO1 was performed in Beijing for the first time on Friday to cheer on Tokyo Olympic Games, the upcoming intentional sport gala that has captured global attention. The newly released song excited fans as it marked a preview of sorts for the band's plans for the next two years of their star journey.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/18 18:39:24
  • Crossing the line: Chinese netizens furious with fans caught invading idol's privacy

    Making unwanted phone calls, installing vehicle trackers and even causing car crashes - Chinese netizens are more fed up than ever with the behavior of maniacal fans with the news that two people have been detained for illegally tracking a celebrity's car. The two suspects were detained for secretly installing a tracking device on a Chinese actor's car and illegally selling the actor's location for profit, said a notice issued by Beijing police on Saturday.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/18 18:37:28
  • Jazz echoes again in Montreux, Switzerland amid pandemic

    The legendary Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland wrapped up its 55th edition on Saturday, an event showcasing up-and-coming young talent and celebrating world music while defying heavy rainstorms and pandemic restrictions.

    By Xinhua | 2021/7/18 17:48:40
  • French shocker 'Titane' grabs Palme d'Or as Spike Lee slips up

    Shock-fest Titane took home the top Palme d'Or prize at Cannes on Saturday, revealed early at the closing ceremony in an embarrassing slip-up by jury president Spike Lee.

    By AFP | 2021/7/18 17:38:40
  • Poly Culture and Tianjie unite to run Beijing Comedy Theater

    Two cultural giants, the Poly Culture Group and Tianjie Group, united together on with the aim of building the Beijing Comedy Theater into one of the most characteristic theaters in the country.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/18 16:57:35
  • Beijing Central Axis seeks to become World Heritage Site before 2035

    The Beijing Central Axis, China's unique cultural and historical core, is expected to be listed as a World Heritage Site before 2035, officials said at the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Fuzhou, capital city of East China's Fujian Province, on Saturday.

    By Chen Xi | 2021/7/18 16:28:16
  • Chinese web celebrity, 33, dies of serious infection after cosmetic surgery

    Chinese netizens again called for stricter regulations in the cosmetic surgery industry after news began making the rounds that a 33-year-old web celebrity living in East China had died of serious infection on Tuesday after undergoing liposuction.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/15 20:20:12
  • Britney Spears wins right to new lawyer in battle to remove dad

    An emotional Britney Spears scored a victory in her bid to end her father's control of her affairs Wednesday, as a judge ruled she could appoint her own lawyer to help end a guardianship that the pop superstar slammed as "cruelty."

    By AFP | 2021/7/15 17:53:41
  • 48,000 meals a day: Tokyo tackles feeding an Olympic Village

    Even under ordinary circumstances, feeding an Olympic Village is a mammoth task, with chefs preparing tens of thousands of meals a day for elite athletes from around the world.

    By AFP | 2021/7/15 17:33:39
  • Beijing to bring novel adaptation depicting 20th century society to theater stage

    A classic novel reflecting social problems from the 1940s to 1980s will be brought to the theater stage in August. The adaptation will run for three consecutive days in Beijing, showing viewers typical family life at the time.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/14 23:42:18
  • New drama from Chinese director Feng Xiaogang criticized for forgetting the 'common woman'

    Crossroad Bistro, a new TV drama directed by one of China's most well-known film directors Feng Xiaogang, hit Chinese streaming platforms on Sunday. As the new show marks a return for Feng to TV after an absence of more than 25 years, it captured the attention of netizens. However, the first nine episodes have also garnered a fair share of criticism from netizens who say they find the show's characters unrelatable as they are rich characters living "ivory tower" lives.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/14 19:41:53
  • 'Black Widow' release delayed to avoid patriotic film-watching month:observers

    The delayed release of Black Widow in the Chinese mainland might be due to the negative word-of-mouth over Marvel's controversial films Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Eternals on Chinese social media, Chinese film observers said on Wednesday, adding that July is not a good time due to competition from patriotic films.

    By Chen Xi | 2021/7/14 0:02:06
  • Hong Kong TV station to air PLA Rocket Force TV drama everyday

    A TV series about China's PLA Rocket Force titled The Glory of Youth that just ended in the Chinese mainland is set to air on Channel 31 of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) at prime time from July 19.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/13 23:45:44
  • Sequel to Chinese sci-fi blockbuster 'The Wandering Earth' to begin shooting this fall

    The sequel to 2019 Chinese sci-fi movie The Wandering Earth, the fourth highest-grossing film in the Chinese mainland at $700 million, is set to start filming in October and be released in 2023, according to a post on Monday by Chinese ticketing platform Taopiaopiao on Sina Weibo.

    By Ji Yuqiao | 2021/7/13 23:06:19
  • Design in culture: Chinese architecture big winner at Architizer A+ Awards

    Architizer A+ Awards, a globally recognized architectural annual award, recently revealed its list of winners following rigorous selections over more than 5,000 building designs worldwide. Accounting for 47 out of 179 winners, the "architecture of China" is beyond all doubt the new prominent among the finalists with its unique culturally inspired design ethos and ingenuity.

    By Li Yuche | 2021/7/13 19:51:24
  • Wes Anderson doubles down on his unique schtick with 'The French Dispatch'

    Self-obsessed guys with daddy issues, maps, models and handwritten letters, probably some 1960s rock and definitely Bill Murray deadpanning - you know immediately whose universe you're in.

    By AFP | 2021/7/13 18:18:39
  • Chinese netizens call for a sequel of 'Lost and Love', sending congratulations to the father who found his abducted son after 24 years

    Chinese netizens on Monday sent congratulations to the man who found his abducted son after 24 years and called for a sequel of Lost and Love, an adaption from this child trafficking case. However, netizens want to add this happy ending to the story.

    By Chen Xi | 2021/7/13 1:00:16
  • Egypt's biggest book fair sees high visitors' turnout despite COVID-19

    The two-week 52nd Cairo International Book Fair (CIBF) attracted so far about 1 million visitors despite the challenges imposed by COVID-19 pandemic and the relevant strict implementation of precautionary measures, said the fair's chief organizer Haitham al-Hajj Ali in an interview with the Xinhua News Agency.

    By Xinhua | 2021/7/12 18:33:39
  • Anti-pandemic drama 'Chinese Doctors' tops mainland box office

    Domestic anti-pandemic movie Chinese Doctors continued to lead the Chinese mainland box-office chart on Saturday, China Movie Data Information Network reported Sunday.

    By Xinhua | 2021/7/12 18:28:40
  • Xiamen University hosts abstract painting exhibition

    More than 100 abstract paintings went on display at Xiamen University in Xiamen, East China's Fujian Province, on Saturday to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the university itself.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/12 16:28:48
  • The eight-year marathon to bring Anne Frank to the big screen

    After making one of the most successful adult animated films of all time in Waltz With Bashir, Israeli director Ari Folman vowed never to tackle the mind-bending complexity of such projects again.

    By AFP | 2021/7/11 18:28:40
  • Chinese movie depicts couple's patriotic 32-year guardianship of nation's islet

    For more than 30 years a husband and wife team guarded a tiny island in the Yellow Sea. Every day, they raised the Chinese national flag high in the sky no matter what the weather is to demonstrate China's sovereignty.

    By Ji Yuqiao | 2021/7/11 18:13:40
  • New footprints of carnivorous dinosaur found in SW China named after famous Doraemon character

    A set of footprints of carnivorous dinosaurs that were found in a stream in Gulin county in Southwest China's Sichuan Province have been identified and given a name, the Chinese research team investigating the prints announced on Tuesday. The team decided to name the footprint species after the popular Japanese cartoon character Nobi Nobita from the Doraemon franchise to reflect the friendship between Japan and China.

    By Ji Yuqiao | 2021/7/9 0:02:30
  • 'Chinese Doctors' salutes Wuhan medical workers against COVID-19

    The pandemic-themed movie Chinese Doctors is set to hit cinemas in China on Friday. The film pays tribute to Chinese medical workers and ordinary people, especially those who worked at the Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, by focusing on their fight against the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan in early 2020.

    By Ji Yuqiao | 2021/7/8 19:03:16
  • Marvel returns to cinemas with 'Black Widow'

    Two years ago, after a blistering and unprecedented streak of billion dollar grossing movies, the Marvel superhero films took what was meant to be a short hiatus.

    By AFP | 2021/7/8 18:13:40
  • What's a ghost kitchen? A food industry expert explains culinary trend

    While the phrase "ghost kitchen" may conjure up images of haunted houses, the reality is a bit more mundane.

    By Reuters | 2021/7/7 10:23:39
  • Israeli cultured meat company aims to redefine industry

    Israeli cultured meat foodtech company SuperMeat has been piloting a farm-to-fork restaurant that serves a chicken menu based on meat cultivated on-site in a futuristic kitchen.

    By Xinhua | 2021/7/7 10:13:40
  • Shanghai Astronomy Museum showcases humankind's unremitting efforts in space exploration

    The Shanghai Astronomy Museum, the world's largest of its kind, has started trial operation to showcase humankind's unremitting efforts throughout history to explore the universe and China's latest achievements in space exploration.

    By Du Qiongfang | 2021/7/7 0:59:40
  • The Chinese animation industry is booming but more risks must be taken: experts

    The Chinese animation industry, including TV and film productions, has been growing after a string of successes like the 2019 animated film Ne Zha. More than 200 animated TV series and 10 animated movies will be released during the summer season.

    By Ji Yuqiao | 2021/7/7 0:08:23
  • Oscar-winning Russian director Vladimir Menshov dies of COVID-19 at age 81

    Russia's Oscar-winning film director Vladimir Menshov died on Monday aged 81 after testing positive for coronavirus.

    By AFP | 2021/7/6 20:02:16
  • Downsized glitz

    The red carpet has been halved in size and many of the after-parties have been postponed until the after-COVID-19 era, but the French city of Cannes was feverish with anticipation Monday ahead of the return of its famed film festival.

    By AFP | 2021/7/6 19:52:03
  • 'Superman' director Richard Donner passes away at the age of 91

    Richard Donner, a prolific filmmaker who directed the first Superman movie, The Goonies, and other blockbuster hits, died on Monday at age 91, US media reported.

    By AFP | 2021/7/6 19:46:00
  • Avignon masks up for return of feted French theater festival

    One of the world's biggest theater festivals gets underway Monday in the southern French city of Avignon after a year-long hiatus caused by COVID-19, with masks compulsory for audiences but organizers relishing a return to relative normality.

    By AFP | 2021/7/6 19:46:00
  • Japanese manga faces boycott for referring to the island of Taiwan as a country

    Kengan Omega, a sequel of the Japanese manga series Kengan Ashura, sparked outrage among Chinese manga fans after its story referred to the island of Taiwan as a country. Chinese observers emphatically pointed that creators should have a baseline in facing and respecting history.

    By Chen Xi | 2021/7/6 0:45:26
  • New art museum focusing on Chinese contemporary art launched in Hangzhou

    The Cang Art Museum, an art institution that focuses on exploring the incorporation of the fine arts into society, recently opened in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang Province, with a maiden exhibition that focuses on the development of international contemporary art.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/5 17:35:17
  • Hong Kong shines with its nature and advanced changes after National Security Law

    Two years ago, the Pearl of the Orient- Hong Kong was still in a social turmoil after protesters took to the streets and used the public's misunderstanding of the Communist Part of China (CPC) to incite hatred. Now after a year-long implementation of the National Security Law, the city continues to shine with its unique charm and has started to absorb more advantages and modern elements to make it better.

    By Chen Xi and Ji Yuqiao | 2021/7/5 17:26:11
  • Chinese animation is leading a unique road

    Masako Furuichi, a Japanese teacher at the Foreign Languages School of Peking University, was shocked when she saw the headline of her student's dissertation: Japanese anime has begun to decline. She felt that Chinese anime has shaken the status of Japanese animation in China.

    By Xing Xiaojing and Chen Xi | 2021/7/5 0:45:04
  • Fans mark 50 years since Jim Morrison's death

    Rockers old and young cried, shared a drink and perhaps even a joint in a stylishly overgrown cemetery in Paris on Saturday, marking 50 years since the death of 1960s icon Jim Morrison.

    By AFP | 2021/7/4 18:13:39
  • Open Studio reveals results of Hongkun Museum's artist residence project

    Three artists taking part in the Hongkun Museum of Fine Art's first Artist in Residence project revealed their latest works at a small town in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, on Friday as part of the museum's Open Studio event.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/4 18:03:39
  • The wartime protection of the Palace Museum's imperial collection

    During a time of war 90 years ago, as Chinese soldiers fought against Japanese invaders, a group of people did their duty and risked their lives to move ancient Chinese relics from Beijing to the south. This is the unprecedented relocation of the Palace Museum's collection to the south during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1931-45).

    By Chen Xi in Chongqing | 2021/7/4 17:48:40
  • Golden Globes reform foreign language film requirements

    The embattled Golden Globes on Wednesday announced changes that will allow foreign language and animated films to contend for the Hollywood award show's top prizes.

    By AFP | 2021/7/1 19:03:40
  • Singer Britney Spears' father to stay on as guardian, US court rules

    A Los Angeles court denied Britney Spears' request to eject her father from a guardianship arrangement that gives him control of her affairs, US media reported on Thursday.

    By AFP | 2021/7/1 18:58:39
  • EU revives bloc-wide travel with COVID-19 pass but Delta poses threat

    An EU-wide COVID-19 certificate for easier travel comes into force on Thursday, just in time for Europe's busy summer vacation period, but the more-infectious Delta variant is already threatening to curtail its use.

    By AFP | 2021/7/1 18:43:39
  • New diverse art-oriented cultural center launches in Nanjing

    A new diverse cultural center in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu Province, is scheduled to open to the public in October. A merging of different artistic spaces, the new cultural center is special as it is particularly focused on promoting the arts.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/1 15:59:45
  • Chinese actor's '50 years of glory' medal post goes viral

    As the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) approaches, a photo of a commemorative medal posted on Tuesday by Chinese actor Pan Yueming on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo has become a trending topic earning more than 200 million views.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/30 19:12:16
  • Picasso painting recovered from Greek gorge years after heist

    Greece on Tuesday said it had recovered a Picasso painting personally donated by the Spanish master to the Greek people, almost a decade after it was stolen alongside two other artworks in an audacious heist at the National Gallery.

    By AFP | 2021/6/30 18:33:40
  • La Scala seeks new audiences with outdoor concert series in Milan

    Milan's La Scala theater is venturing outside its hallowed walls to offer free, open-air concerts at venues around the northern Italian city in mid-July, director Dominique Meyer announced Tuesday.

    By AFP | 2021/6/30 18:23:40
  • Taiwan academician becomes fan of mainland spy drama, criticizes KMT using character in the drama

    An academician on the island of Taiwan obsessed with the hit Chinese mainland TV series The Rebel has gone viral after he compared a shifty and cowardly character on the show to the members of present Kuomintang (KMT) party on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/29 22:48:11
  • Beijing students put on musical show on Great Wall to commemorate 100th anniversary of CPC

    A renowned Chinese musician and students in Beijing played the classic Chinese song My Motherland and I on the Great Wall on Sunday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), prompting many tourists passing by to clap and sing along.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/29 19:53:00
  • Thriving Chinese language learning boosts careers of young Ethiopians

    Remedan Alemar, 24, is busy interacting with Ethiopian and Chinese coworkers at a landmark construction project site in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

    By Xinhua | 2021/6/29 18:13:39
  • South Africa's 'Biking Bandits' reclaim Soweto streets

    Letting out exhilarated howls in the light of a full moon, young cyclists barrel down a steep hill on their "fixie" bikes, sound bars blaring out music, in South Africa's Soweto township.

    By AFP | 2021/6/29 17:43:40
  • 'F9' leaves rival films choking on dust at N.American box office

    Universal's new F9: The Fast Saga not only lapped all other films in North American theaters this weekend, it pulverized them with an estimated take of $70 million, industry watcher Exhibitor Relations reported Monday.

    By AFP | 2021/6/29 17:38:40
  • Chris Pratt battles future aliens in 'The Tomorrow War

    With a top Hollywood star, a dark Terminator-esque sci-fi premise and a reported $200 million price tag, The Tomorrow War would ordinarily be shaping up as one of the summer's biggest and smartest blockbusters.

    By AFP | 2021/6/28 19:38:40
  • Burberry chief Marco Gobbetti moving to Salvatore Ferragamo

    Marco Gobbetti is stepping down as chief executive of British luxury fashion house Burberry to take up the reins at Italian peer Salvatore Ferragamo, the companies announced Monday.

    By AFP | 2021/6/28 19:38:39
  • Commemorative film '1921' depicts CPC founders' belief and determination

    Even though I was familiar with the story of how the Communist Party of China (CPC) was founded in 1921 through textbooks, TV series and movies, I still couldn't contain the excitement as I watched the delegates of the CPC's first national congress sing "The Internationale" in the movie 1921.

    By Ai Pang | 2021/6/28 19:32:11
  • $4 Bowie painting sells for $90,000

    A painting by British pop icon David Bowie recently discovered and purchased for about $4 at a Canadian store that resells donated goods, has been sold at auction in Toronto for nearly $90,000, the auction house said Friday.

    By AFP | 2021/6/28 19:23:39
  • Documentary series 'Daughter of the Party' reveals political might of female CPC members

    A documentary series called Dangdenüer (lit: Daughter of the Party) will begin airing on Monday. Each episode of the 100-episode series, will focus on an outstanding woman in the Communist Party of China (CPC) who has made great contributions to the growth of the country and the Party.

    By Ji Yuqiao | 2021/6/28 1:21:25
  • Chinese short film 'Lao Huang' shortlisted in the 74th Cannes Film Festival

    Chinese short film, Lao Huang, was shortlisted in the short film category of the 74th Cannes Film Festival, according to media reports.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/28 0:06:37
  • Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts launches online Chinese sculpture exhibition

    The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts has launched a sculpture-oriented online art exhibition to explore how digital technologies have influenced the development of contemporary sculpture.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/27 19:34:32
  • Tiniest dinosaur footprint discovered in Southwest China's 'dinosaur home'

    A 10.2 millimeter dinosaur footprint, so far the tiniest such discovery ever found in China, has been discovered in the city of Zigong, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, the Zigong Dinosaur Museum announced on Saturday.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/27 19:21:30
  • Cyberpunk theater work turns warehouse into futuristic party zone

    It is a normal day at the club in the future year of 2099. Everyone is waiting with high anticipation to see who will be chosen to spend the night with the AI queen.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/27 18:13:40
  • Nigerian artists and entrepreneurs bank on crypto art

    At only 29, Nigerian pop artist Osinachi has sold paintings on Microsoft Word for several thousand dollars, or the equivalent amount in ether, a cryptocurrency often used to buy digital art.

    By AFP | 2021/6/27 17:43:40
  • Polish drama master Lupa gives Western interpretation to Lu Xun's classics to commemorate Lu's 140th anniversary

    How does a Western drama master interpret the leading figure in modern Chinese literature, Lu Xun, and his depiction of the bygone China of the 1910s? The European theater giant and drama master from Poland Krystian Lupa gives his answer, with latest drama masterpiece of "A Madman's Diary" - an influential short novel by Lu Xu - which impressed Chinese young theater fans at the recently concluded drama festival in Aranya, a resort community known for its innovative architectural and cultural offerings.

    By Hu Yuwei | 2021/6/24 23:39:07
  • Chinese TV hostess strikes back at 'chubby mom' body-shamers in viral post about physique positivity

    Zhu Dan, a 39-year-old TV hostess, spoke up on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo on Wednesday to address comments concerning her "chubby" figure following the birth of her second child.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/24 18:42:49
  • Lost parts of Rembrandt masterpiece saved by AI

    It's one of the great acts of art vandalism. In 1715 large chunks of Rembrandt's masterpiece The Night Watch were cut off in order to fit the colossal canvas into a new home.

    By AFP | 2021/6/24 18:18:40
  • Paris fashion houses make tentative return to the catwalk

    France's fashion houses are tip-toeing back on to the catwalk this week after more than a year of crisis that has upended the industry and left many wondering if the traditional calendar will ever return.

    By AFP | 2021/6/24 16:13:39
  • From '1.0' to '3.0', the evolving road of Chinese commemorative films

    Chinese theaters are welcoming a special film schedule – a “red film” or “commemorative film” season – in July as the first of the month marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Chinese films 1921 and The Pioneer have locked in the date for their releases and they will not be the only patriotic films to be released in the rest of the month.

    By Gong Qian | 2021/6/23 23:18:02
  • Hit TV dramas help CPC revolutionists' thoughts gain ground among young Chinese

    The five-volume Selected Works of Mao Zedong, which collects the thoughts and experiences of the late chairman Mao, gained more fans among young Chinese after the most recent episode of TV drama The Rebel, a hit on China's streaming platform iQIYI and China's Central Television. Physical copies of the book have even sold out on an e-commerce platform.

    By Ji Yuqiao | 2021/6/23 19:18:39
  • 100 Chinese rappers celebrate centenary of CPC with patriotic cipher

    100%, a new hip-pop single created by 100 Chinese rappers from all over China, such as the Xinjiang Uygur and Tibet autonomous regions, hit the internet over the weekend. The new cipher not only excited rap music fans, but also allowed netizens to see how pop culture can arouse young people's patriotism in China.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/22 19:55:09
  • Spielberg signs major streaming deal with Netflix

    Steven Spielberg will produce multiple new films for Netflix every year, the company said Monday, in a major deal that highlights how fully Hollywood has embraced streaming platforms.

    By AFP | 2021/6/22 19:33:40
  • Placido Domingo: We cannot rewrite our past

    Two years after sexual harassment accusations that cost him his career in the US, opera legend Placido Domingo is back on stage in Europe, determined to salvage his reputation.

    By AFP | 2021/6/22 18:48:40
  • 24th SIFF's 'hybrid' event comes to a close

    Self-taught Chinese filmmaker Geng Jun on Saturday won the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival's Golden Goblet for best feature with his dark comedy Manchurian Tiger, a film which looks at how people can resolve their differences when they share life's struggles. Geng's black comedy follows the path a collection of offbeat characters take as their fates cross, and they go from conflict to friendship. The Golden Goblet jury highlighted the way the film depicted "ordinary people" and their "aspirations for the future."

    By AFP | 2021/6/21 19:03:39
  • Chinese music fans call for boycott of US singer Billie Eilish after racist clips surface

    A recent TikTok video featuring a compilation of undated clips of globally famous singer Billie Eilish's has engulfed the "Bad Guy" singer in controversy since she appears to mock Asian accents and use the racist slur "c***k," the latter in particular has upset Chinese fans.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/21 18:19:01
  • Chinese movie a highlight of Athens Open Air Film Fest

    The open-air cinema in the yard of the Greek capital's Technopolis cultural center was filled to capacity - with social distancing - for the screening of Chinese director Wong Kar-wai's movie In the Mood for Love.

    By Xinhua | 2021/6/21 17:28:39
  • Intangible cultural heritage related to Confucianism treasured and carefully preserved

    People in Jining, East China's Shandong Province believe their intangible cultural heritage is their genetic code.

    By Shan Jie in Jining | 2021/6/20 19:16:22
  • Five sculptures in Beijing depict a century of CPC history

    Five sculptures marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) went is displaying in Beijing on Saturday.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/20 19:13:10
  • Sad dads go viral on Father's Day in China

    Sunday marks Father's Day, an occasion that is supposed to be a counterpart of equal importance to Mother's Day in May. However, with posts from "humble" fathers who say they've had to buy gifts for their children on Father's Day or grumbling about being ignored going viral on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo, it seems many fathers have been left out in the cold this holiday.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/20 18:00:40
  • Fantasy romance 'Ancient Love Poetry' big hit at home and abroad

    China's xianxia dramas, inspired by Chinese mythology, folklore, martial arts, Taoism, Buddhism and more, continue to be popular among young audiences in China and even countries like Thailand and Malaysia. The success of dramas like The Untamed, Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach and The Romance of Tiger and Rose has inspired an increasing number of studios to explore the beauty of Chinese culture from the perspectives of young people.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/20 17:46:00
  • Museum responds to the public announcing that 'fur' grown on pottery figurines is soluble salt precipitate

    After two pottery figurines in a museum in Xianyang, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, were found to have grown "fur" in an exhibition and went viral on social media, the museum responded to public concerns on Wednesday night, saying the "fur" is actually soluble salt precipitation.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/18 0:27:56